Flag ASO Flag
Founding empire The Screebles
Creator Sporesauce 95
Ruling Body ASO Council
Capital Lore
Side Neutral
Allies See Below
Enemies See Below
Extent 100.000 Empires and Growing.
Phase Space Stage
Military millions of warships from different empires
State Controlling the whole Orion Arm. In War with the Grox.


The Allied Species of Orion is a large group of allied species, they where founded by the Screebles one of the earliest spacefaring empires, it was crippled and forgotten about when the Screebles dissapeared, until recently 20 years ago, the Gablinus-Avis re-founded it.


The ASO exists to help empires, members of the ASO must either have colonies or have their homeworld in the Orion arm of the Milkyway. Anyone can join and live peacefully under the many worlds of the ASO.


See here: Fiction:Allied Species of Orion/Member list

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