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The government of the AFPC is on the surface a democracy run by a congress of elected representatives of the various colonies of the AFPC. The truth is that this democracy is a front and puppet government for a secret organization that manipulates things from behind the scenes through clever use of bribery, black mail, control over political and public entities, as well as propaganda, and other means.

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The AFPC is completely driven by their mission to destroy all forms of genetic engineering, cybernetics, thinking machines, and other forms of technology they deem sinful. They believe that only certain kinds of technology are not an offense against the natural order of things and that all that aren't must be purged. They also believe that any species that uses sinful technologies must either be oppressed, enslaved, or even exterminated depending on the level at which they use such sinful techs. Other than that the general culture is one based around heavy consumerism with the amount of stuff you have and can have being the primary symbol of status. The media is heavily controlled by the government for promoting their agenda via pop stars, advertisement, and general propaganda. The right to worship as one pleases, protest, and make government appeals is also non-existent.

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The AFPC has a government sanctioned religion that is the only one allowed and all other religions are banned by law. If one is caught worshiping a god or practicing another religion, or simply not practicing the sanctioned religion promptly disappears and is never seen again. The religion revolves around the worship of the Rescuer who saved the ancient Promen from extinction at the hands of their genetically engineered cousins who were on the verge of destroying them. The Churches primary role however is promoting the agenda of the government(or rather the secret organization that controls it) and preaching the sins of all heretical technologies and the virtue of technological purity to the people.

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  • Name - Promen
  • Role - Leaders of the Allies, Most Populous Species
  • Leader - President Kronas


  • Name - Eridum
  • Role - Non-Slave Race
  • Leader - Haron Garrus


  • Name - Kronix
  • Role - Partially Enslaved Race
  • Leader - Karnax


  • Name - Arcon
  • Role - Partially Enslaved Race
  • Leader - Vargus


  • Name - Thalorians
  • Role - Slave Race
  • Leader - Hirthetis


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Blue face Your technology is pure and holy, welcome.

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Yellow face You are one are good side, keep it that way.

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Yellow face We have yet to make our decision.

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Orange face Our armada will be coming for you.

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Red face Your technology is heretical, prepare for it to be purged.

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Idiots. The technology they call heretical is the only answer to life.

- Glacier

Suppressing all other religion? Wait until we suppress you.

- Ansar Sabut, leader of the Spodist Brotherhood.

Whatever. I have risen beyond the need for the technology you don't like. Besides, I am the only god anybody needs.

- Captain:Frostbite

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