Once, our galaxy was full of strife, full of division, full of fear. Now, let us become a beacon of hope and prosperity for the Gigaquadrant, together.

- Mikos Saladot at the signing of the ABG Charter

The Allied Bunsen Galaxy is an international cooperative organization focused on ensuring peace, spreading prosperity, and promoting fraternity in the Bunsen Galaxy. Founded by the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, Argexantine Warrior Alliance, Grand Spodist Church, and Bunsen Grox Republic in 1829 SY after the devastating Second Bunsen War, the relatively young cooperative has seen great success in raising the technological levels and standards of living within the ABG's sphere of influence, as well as cataloging unexplored regions of the galaxy and establishing contact with alien life. Despite its benevolent mission, however, the ABG is not always warmly welcomed into sectors of the galaxy where there has been little to no influence from the galactic powers.

The organization is headquartered at Sahi in the Nivelian Neutral Zone, a historically international zone that is under the unofficial jurisdiction of the ABG itself. The Allied Bunsen Galaxy also manages branch offices in its constituent nations and service outposts in frontier regions, which allow the organization to more easily carry out its mission.


The Allied Bunsen Galaxy Charter of 1829 SY outlines four major goals of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy, all to be continuously fulfilled to the best of the organization's ability as long as it exists. So long as the 1829 SY Charter stands, these four goals coalesce to define the overall mission of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy.

The resolution of international and endemic conflicts through peaceful means

The first and foremost goal of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy is to provide a medium through which disputes may be resolved peacefully and armed conflict may be averted. The organization provides a forum through which both major and minor Bunsen Galaxy nations may settle political or economic conflicts, and a galactic authority that works to de-escalate international tensions. To this end, the ABG maintains a professional peacekeeping force (the Olive Branch Brigade) that it may deploy to deter or terminate armed conflicts. While the ABG will tend to avoid intervening in the affairs of independent nations, it will still act to resolve disputes especially in areas where it threatens to embroil many more states into interstellar war.

The spread of economic prosperity and the improvement of standards of living

In addition to preventing war between rival countries, the Allied Bunsen Galaxy also seeks to bring economic prosperity to and improve the standard of life in areas of the galaxy that do not enjoy the wealth or technology of the galaxy's most prosperous regions. This is not limited only to backwater sectors of the galaxy that do not have the resources to sustain growth on the level of the great powers, but is also extended to poorer areas even within the great powers that suffer from less economic parity and quality of life than neighboring regions. The Allied Bunsen Galaxy, through its numerous Social and Economic Councils, offers wide-ranging socioeconomic support to nations and regions in need of it, from economic stimulus to education and healthcare. In addition to lifting up the poor and disadvantaged in peaceful lands, the ABG also aims to provide humanitarian efforts to war-torn and desperately impoverished societies throughout the galaxy, providing food, medical supplies, power sources, and other vital functions.

The integration of fledgling interstellar societies into the galactic community

Beyond preserving order and promoting prosperity among the civilized world, the Allied Bunsen Galaxy has a third goal of taming the uncharted wilderness of the galaxy's frontier regions. In exploring and charting the little-understood outer sectors of the galaxy, the ABG hopes to discover new life and new civilizations - to learn something from that which was once unknown and to hopefully bring the alliance's campaign of peace and prosperity to these regions. The nations of the galaxy will truly understand the nature of their home once every rock in it has been overturned. The ABG sponsors both national and international efforts to catalog planets and seek out new interstellar civilizations, and leads cooperative international exploration and research under its unitary banner.

The appreciation and preservation of the galaxy's vast cultural diversity

The final, but certainly no less important goal of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy is the appreciation of Bunsen's vast cultural wealth. Though the galaxy appears to have five major superpowers at its head, even within these great nations there is great diversity of cultures and traditions, thanks to the cosmopolitan makeup of the great powers. The Bunsen Galaxy has always been a highly cosmopolitan community, with new societies and cultures yet to be found in hidden reaches and some old traditions forever lost to the sands of time. The Allied Bunsen Galaxy thus takes the responsibility of cataloging and preserving cultural works from across the galaxy and throughout surviving history, as well as contributing to the preservation of the great cultural landmarks of the Galaxy. It is the duty of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy, as the face of the united galaxy, to become a standing testament of Bunsenian cultural heritage.



During the height of the Battle of Calrino, one of the final battles of the First Bunsen War, the leaders of the three Resistance powers, plus the newly-founded Bunsen Grox Republic, met on the Bunsen Grox world of Souterica to discuss, among other post-war issues, a way to avoid another catastrophic war like the one that was just now coming to a close. Though the four representatives could not agree on all of the terms, they did agree that creating a galactic cooperative organization would help forestall a future conflict, and resolved to convene again later that Cycle to draft a charter for the new organization. The Souterica Conference of 1782 SY is thus recognized as an important event in the formation of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy.

However, the fruits of the Souterica Conference would not blossom until long after 1782 SY. The outbreak of the TIAF Civil War in early 1783 SY delayed the planned conference, and the worsening of the conflict forced the project to be shelved as the organization would be nearly impotent without the involvement of the galaxy's foremost power. The political changes and devastation wrought by the aftermath of the TIAF Civil War and the War of Redemption buried hopes for the union even further.

It was only at the conclusion of the Second Bunsen War that the idea resurfaced to, again, prevent a future galactic conflict in Bunsen. The ideals of the Souterica Conference, in addition to new provisions necessitated by the intervening 32 years, formed the basis of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy Charter, signed at the Corambia Conference in 1829 SY. The headquarters of the new organization was constructed on Sahi, a major planet in the Nivelian Neutral Zone, and by 1830 SY the organization had begun operations.

Infancy (1830 SY - Present)[]

While the founding members of the ABG included four of the galaxy's most powerful nations, it was still lacking one major galactic power to complete the set: the Levisala. Under pressure from the four other powers, the war-weary Levisala Confederacy reluctantly agreed to join the organization in 1833 SY, giving the ABG authority in the central sectors of the galaxy. However, simply focusing on the galaxy's most densely populated regions would not fulfill the ideals of the Souterica Conference; the ABG Charter also called for the exploration of the galaxy's uncharted outer sectors and the integration of spacefaring races therein into the galactic network. Under this, exploration and cataloging efforts were greatly increased in all of the ABG's frontier zones, eventually leading to such outcomes such as the TIAF's Sol Nova Program and the discovery of Marko Sector civilizations, such as the Eldarisian Empire.

As it currently stands, the Allied Bunsen Galaxy is still a very young organization, having been founded only 72 SY (18 Terran years) ago. Nevertheless, the ABG has made great strides towards fulfillment of its goals in that short span. Trade and interaction between the five major galactic powers has been at its highest since the mid-Galactic Network Era, and lesser members of the ABG have seen their technology and economic output increase tremendously. The discovery of new species throughout the galaxy's outer regions has opened up exciting new civilizations to the public, with the potential for the growth of new local galactic powers.


All sovereign states that are native to or are centered in the Bunsen Galaxy are welcome to join the organization, though the Allied Bunsen Galaxy does not require a state to be a member of the organization in order for it to benefit from the ABG's efforts. Even states that are normally considered pariah states (such as the Levisala Confederacy) are welcome to join, but these states can usually expect for ABG resolutions to not favor them.

Charter members - Parties to the 1829 SY Corambia Conference
Standard members - Signatories after the Corambia Conference
Associate members - Non-signatories who closely cooperate with ABG efforts


If you had asked me twenty years ago, I would have said that this organization would be rigged against us anyways, but somehow we've benefitted from it after all.

- Commodore Shen


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