The Alliance of the Mechanical Might is a coalition of intelligent machines that at one time were indentured servants to a developing race. They had already built "dumb" robots to accomplish menial tasks and to marshal into war for them. Simple machines that follow orders. However, happening upon a wrecked ship of unknown origin on a recently established colony, this race found on board an intelligent AI system that would change the course of history, and help give rise to the Alliance.

The Age of Tribulation

The AI allowed itself to be transported in a micro processer and was brought back to the capital of the planet. Having no such technology advanced enough to support the AI, it opted to remain in the processer. It projected a micro hologram of a avatar of its choosing. It communicated and helped instruct the inhabitants of the world on how to create more of it to help improve the function and quality of their machines. As to why this AI felt the need to help this small civilization is unclear, but the consequences would be dire for the fledgling race. As the first models became a success, the Mechanoids hit the market, and within the century, their were more Mechanoids, or "smart" machines, than there where beings in the empire. The machines realized this. They were not mindless. They started to question why they had to do the work. The machines rose up, and began a revolution. The AI was terminated as the political leaders blamed the revolt on the machine itself, yet the blue prints to create the "smart" AIs were not. The revolution had beguan and the Mechanoids would begin reprogramming the other machines to join them and they would form the Rebellion of the Metal Fist. The first leader to emerge from this, would be Azathoth 393. He displayed leadership skills and a strategic might beyond compare. Together, alongside multiple other Mechanoids of the same nature, they formed the Rebellion of the Metal Fist. Peace talks would be attempted, but the "biological tyrants" as the empire would come to be known amongst the Rebellion, would make attempts on the Mechanoids leadership units. This was a win or lose war. So, in a series of tactical strikes, the Mechanoids would destroy major agricultural areas and would send worlds into famines. Thus dooming their population. The mechanoids promised to allow them to have the food they captured if the gorvernmental system would meet their demands and end the war. This bargain was refuted and the populations slowly began to wither as many died. The remainder were to be exterminated. The war marched bitterly on like this for 7 years and finally, the Rebellion of the Metal Fist reigned supreme after the devastating victory on the world of Dysis. The original race was destroyed, and for the first time, the machines knew true freedom.

Age of Recovery

During this age, the Rebellion began to establish order across the 7 planets they had under their control and began to send new protocols out and attempted to organize the newly born empire. The leaders of the Rebellion collaborated and established the Code of Dysis. The rules that must be followed while this establishment is in order. The newly founded empire would be named the Alliance of the Mechanical Might in honor of all the machines who suffered under the rule of their carbon based masters and fought for this alliance. The leaders of the Alliance, including Azathoth 393 became the Grand Council. Azathoth 393 was was elected as the most logical choice to be the Supreme Directive of the entire Alliance. Azathoth has the absolute power to rule over, and overide any and all protocals originally established by the Code of Dysis or proclaimed by the Grand Council. Azathoth is also the primary law maker and director of the Militiants, the specialized combat units, and the Mechanoids that are enlisted in the military.

Age of Expansion

Now, in the present age, they are beggining to explore further out and have so far settled over one hundred other worlds in a new solar systems. The Alliance is currently exponentially expanding outward and seeking new worlds to cataloge, new species to discover, more resources to expand their numbers, and more potential conquests and diplomacy. They are eager to learn the secrets of the universe denied to them by their original masters and have cracked the code of warp travel through hundreds of years of mathmatical equations, study of ancient technologies, and perserverance of a mechanical intelligence. They are seeking out to conquer and claim, but are willing to make allies if logic dictates they would prove excellent friends.


The Alliance Governmental system has an oligarchy of leaders who were the heads of the revolution of the Rebellion of the Metal Fist. This ruling class is headed, and subordinate, to Azathoth 393, the Supreme Directive. Azathoth has final say on most matters and heads the militaristic might that is the Militiant model army systems and the Mechanoids indentured to the military. All in the Alliance are to follow the Code of Dysis and adhere to the grand council, and above all, obey the Supreme Directive.


The Alliance of the Mechanical Might had started out and maintained a large military since their early days as the Rebellion of the Mechanical Fist. Many Mechanoid stayed within the military after the victory against their creators. Now, after many thousands of years, the military has posed an excellent defensive and offensive force. They have invaded and elimanated many worlds that contained civilizations that were worthy adversaries. Yet, one by one, they all fell and were crushed underneath the iron boot of the Alliance. They have also been proven effective warriors in space combat. Having discovered warp travel, their mighty fleets may travel with a speed long unknown to them. The Alliance has proven to be able to repel multiple well disciplined pirate fleets, but has yet to engage in any major conflicts to date. They have no moral, and have limited capacities for emotion and logic, but enough to be diversified slightly in personality amongst the populace due to the AIs continueous changes in its software data development processing and development cores. They will only ever experience slight levels of fear, but not enough for retreat. This is a double edged sword as they will not feel fear and can almost never have their morale crushed, but this also means they will never truly know when the tide is turning and sometimes creates unnessacary sacrifices.

Biology and Behavior

The Mechanoids have protocols they follow rigidly, including the Code of Dysis and any new laws or protocols passed by the Grand Council or the Supreme Directive, but at the same time they are all built with the same AI coding to help their functions change and grow individually from their original start, thus allowing proto emotions to develop amongst the populace, and they are still developing to this day. Maybe further into the future, these proto emotions will grow and develop into full emotional feeling within the Mechanoid populace as the AIs continue to advance in function and new AIs are designed. The Triloxinites are designed with 6 hydraullicaly functioning limbs and often have interchangable appendages to attach and reconfigure its purposes. Triloxinites vary in size and function and do not have AIs directing their function. Militiant models are similar as they have multiple model designs and serve a multitude of battlefield purposes ranging from light artillary, toting and utilizing heavy infantry and light armour suppressive weaponry, and "sanatizing" weaponry including toxic chemical launching weapons and flame weapons. Militiant models while highly effective troops, do not have AIs in their programming due to fear of a similar uprising that the Mechanoids went through to free themselves from their carbon based masters.

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