For Order do we fight, for Wisdom do we teach, and for Peace do we live!

- President Skex Arlon

The Alliance of Wisdom is an alliance in Mirus.

General InfoEdit

The Alliance of Wisdom, sometimes shortened to AOW or Alliance, is a union of several Mirusian empires. Its goal is to ensure peace and order in the galaxy, and encourage trade between the empires.


The flag consists of two dark blue horizontal bars with a light blue bar between them. In the middle of the flag is a green circle with a light blue anchor in it.

The dark blue indicates wisdom, while the lighter blue indicates peace. The green circle means joy and harmony and the anchor stands for hope.

Membership Edit

There are certain requirements that must be followed before an empire can join the Alliance:

  • The candidate must have at least above average civil rights for its citizens, unless this is made impossible, for example by the aftermath of a war.
  • The candidate must have low or decreasing crime rates, and a good economy.
  • The candidate must have democratic elections.
  • The candidate may not be allied with dictatorships or fascist organizations.
  • The candidate may not enforce a certain religion.
  • The candidate must elect a spokesman to join the semi-annual meetings.

Government Edit

Allied Committee Edit

The Committee is the lowest of the two councils, the other one being the Allied Council. The Committee's sole purpose is electing the President.

Allied Council Edit

The Council is the highest of the two councils, the other one being the Allied Committee. It is tasked with proposing and voting on laws. It consists of the spokesmen from each member empire.

President Edit

The President is the leader of the Alliance of Wisdom. The President is democratically elected by the Allied Committee. While the President doesn't have any special tasks, their vote counts as two votes when voting on laws.



Green faceTogether will we fight for order, peace and unity!

  • None so far

Good relaltionEdit

Blue faceYou can help us in our quest.

  • Ark'hazar Union - What happened to our Seltian colonies? Did they flourish? Did they fall? We will likely never know, but we will welcome them with open arms if we'll ever see them again.


Yellow facePerhaps we should learn more about each other.

  • None so far

Bad relationEdit

Orange faceYou are likely an obstacle on the road to glory.

  • None so far


Red faceThe forces of Chaos cannot remain in Mirus for any longer. Prepare to face the Alliance's wrath.

  • None so far
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