The Allandium Directorate has already expanded deep into the Milky Way. The inferiors we have faced have fell to our legions of soldiers. Our gods have blessed us this day. Nearly six thousand worlds are under the boot of the Directorate, and our grip will never fail!

- Commandant Esperis Malki

The Allandium Directorate is a religious-based absolute monarchy located in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Directorate spans 5700 worlds on the eastern fringes of the Perseus arm. The Directorate's goal is simply to expand across the galaxy and make its religion known to everyone. While not a powerful superpower, the Directorate is not simply a small, insignificant empire either. Many of the conquered worlds have faced the Directorate's fast moving ships or the strength of the Allandium sharpshooters. No matter what, however, the Directorate will try and complete their objectives, no matter the cost.

A realm with a extensive history, the entire empire is managed by the Emperor and his god-servants in the planet Alium, the capital world of the entire empire. The empire has secrets, however, such as past brutal and merciless treatment of minorites and terrible sacrifices to the many Allandine gods. Despite this, many conquered nations had felt safer in the Directorate than when they were independent due to constant patrols across Allandine space.

Recently however, the Directorate has faced risks. Internal conflict and possible civil war are large risks to the Directorate, as their armies and navies are spread thin across the region, fighting the unending amounts of enemies that raid the Directorate's frontier worlds.



For the past few centuries the Directorate had expanded from Alium, the Allandine homeworld. The Directorate has a firm and devout belief in their own religion, the worship of many gods based on such things like agriculture, war, sacrifice and many other things. In the past worshippers have been going to extremes for their religion, with things such as child sacrifice, murder, dismemberment and many other things now banned by the Directorate's now increasingly secular leaders. Many times have the religious rebelled against authority to continue these practices. The events of the Directorate are part of, as of the present, two eras, with each era consisting of 6,000 years. Much of the Directorates history was filled with religious wars, genocide and rebellions.

Pre-Present dayEdit

The Allandium Directorate has existed for many years. In 9257 BC, what was now the Directorate was divided into factions. These factions, which were headed by their own dynasties, each with tens of systems each, stopped their petty feuds and conflicts and unified into a 'Directorate', headed by a Emperor. The first, Emperor Alkazar, expanded successfully into the other independent alien civilisations in the eastern fringes. After then, the Directorate gradually expanded, following the objectives of total subjugation of the entire arm. That's when they learned of other aliens outside of the Fringes. Potential new members to the Directorate. Despite the success, The Directorate temporarily collapsed into civil war after the death of Alkazar, leading to a violent succession war in the Directorate. The Directorate reunified under the Malki family, who stopped expansion in favour to boost culture and the arts. For the next few thousand years, the Directorate expanded slowly across the Eastern fringes, subjugating any civilisations that stood in the way, while also promoting science and the arts amongst the people. This was not a easy task, however, because the Directorate was subject to almost-daily wars before the 2560's.

Present dayEdit

As of the end of the second era, the Directorate spans nearly six thousand worlds surrounding the capital world of Alium. Recently, the Directorate had turned away from its extremely warlike past. The present government under the Emperor Aitus IV had realised that war was not completely the way to go, and increasingly used diplomacy to broker treaties with potential partners. Allandine space had extended to nearly six thousand worlds surrounding the capital world. The Allandium religion is still practiced by about 98% of the population, and religion still has a firm hold in the government. Despite the incresing attempts to use diplomacy, the Directorate still declares war and subjugates many species across the fringes.

But the Directorate is waning. Years of misrule and ill-content has lead the population to borderline rebellion on some worlds, believing that the Emperors have betrayed the Directorate and the people. Factions within have presented themselves to the government, demanding change, lest they will enforce it. If change doesn't happen soon, then the Directorate will yet again fall and battle itself, just as it has done hundreds of years ago, and compromise itself to the countless amounts of vermin waiting at the gates, presenting themselves to the Directorate's forces.


Religion is important to the Allandine people. Much of their history depended on their religion, which consisted of many gods. Gods included Romera, the god of harvest, and Aida, the godess of sacrifice. The religion was the source of many of the Directorate's wars of conquest to unify the galaxy under their religion. As of the present day, the government is mostly secular; however wars are still waged to spread the Allandine religion across the stars, as it still remains a prime goal of the Allandine people and is part of their holy destiny. Any other religions are stamped out, with the exemption of some of the more bigger subjugated races. In almost every world, there is a city-sized mega-temple devoted to one or all of the gods. Criminals, and sometimes prisoners of war are brutually killed atop of these huge structures which dwarf even the highest commercial buildings and residences. Such types of sacrifice include but aren't limited to beheadings, decapitation, and even ripping out hearts and brains.


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Allandine tanks are built to use hit and run tactics against the Directorate's enemies

When diplomacy fails, the Directorate deploy the military. The Directorate's military is part of the core of the Empire itself. Many of the Emperor's enemies have been killed by the bullet of a Allandine sniper. The Allandine Royal Army is the jewel of the Directorate, with countless billions of soldiers that serve in its ranks. It is the military who ensured the Empire's survival against the barbarian and hostile threats across deep space. Billions have served in the army, but countless more have died in the Directorate's history in the name of the Emperor. The army is usually made out of fast-moving soldiers and tanks that attack and destroy their enemies, and then leave, before any major reinforcements show up. After these raids, the major, large fleet arrive to clean up reinforcements as they take over the planet. Inside this wave is the top-class snipers, whose job is to pick off enemy commanders and other key targets.


After the Allandium Royal Navy find a enemy planet, drop pods are sent down, filled with scouts to survey the terrain before sending in the first wave. After the scouts conclude a landing site, the Navy send in the first wave of soldiers, usually to soften up the enemy before the main wave arrive. The first wave usually includes light ground forces to cause enough havoc. If reinforcements do arrive, the fleet reacts by sending in the main invasion force, made up of the Directorate's most zealous and hardened soldiers. The enemy at this time are usually defeated and the Allandine soldiers storm over the planet, taking it over by force before moving over to the next planet.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Allandium race had always been, at the very least, wary of outsiders. Before the formation of the Directorate, outsiders were hunted down and slaughtered. After unification, however, the government realised that change was needed due to the fact they needed to expand desperately to quench their age-old thirst of territory. As long as there is territory not conquered by the Directorate, they will continue to expand. The Directorate, despite this, are still trying to establish relations with the other sentient races in the galaxy, in order to survive against the terrors of the galaxy. Recently, the Directorate has decided to be more tolerant and accept other alien races into its ranks, however distrust still reigns between the Allandine majority and the tiny xeno minorities.

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