This story follows the tales of Grijm, a self-absorbed Jovar who thinks extremely highly of himself, living happily on his massive fortune. Unfortunately for him, nothing lasts forever...

My fellow citizens, our great nation has recently defeated the Grox in a major battle in the Core Region, thanks to the help of the might DCP..., the holotape announcement blared. Only a few days ago had the Jovar Empire began to split apart, and now it was at war with the Grox! Times were hard, inflation was everywhere, leaving a planet cost more than a solar system itself!

But, Grijm knew, money was no issue for him. He already had it all, why would he need to worry? His mansion was the size of a typical Human city, and in it was him and his thousands of servants. His own personal Ardent waited eagerly for use in the massive house's hangar bay. No one in the entire empire's house was as big as his own, not even the Chancellor's!, he boasted to himself constantly.

On this particular day, Grijm was to leave the planet and make a business deal with a certain someone. His company, Dlinwe Insurance, was one heck of a large insurance monopoly, having absorbed so many smaller companies. And now, he was about to strike a deal with T.S.O.I.B! "With this deal, I will surely be the richest man in the Gigaqudrant!"

Grijm walked over to one of his maids, asking her, "Do you mind if I get a cup o' Joe?"

"But sir," she replied, "that would be your sixth for the day! You know how bad that is for your health."

"Oh, forget the doctors. I bet you that I insure nearly half of them! I requested my coffee, and I expect to have some about..." he paused for five seconds. "Now!" And there it was, sitting right in front of him. The maid gave Grijm a very stern look, and walked off.

"Sir, your items are all packed up!" a butler told him, trying to catch his breath. "And you've been cleared to leave the planet in twenty minutes."

"Why, thank you Jimn. You have been a very good worker for me lately. I have been considering to raise your pay for some time."

"Oh sir, please do so! My family... we're so poor, and with the current economic situation sir, there are almost no jobs to be found. This was the only one available. My children are starving, and my wife is expecting another one soon. I do ever-dearly need a raise! I would be most grateful if you would."

"STOP your bickering," Grijm interrupted. "Seems like you only took this job because you had to, no because you wanted to, like my other servants. That is not good, not good at all. I regret to inform you that I have repealed my initial offer. You aren't getting a raise."

"WHAT?!?! That's so unfair and untrue! Not one of the people that work here want to serve you! You treat all of us like complete garbage! Remember Horuys? The servant you told to clean out your Reprakis's cesspool? Well, he died from all the toxic chemicals in there."

"Hmm, I was unaware of that tragedy."

"Because you didn't care. You don't care. But I promise you, sir, one day, you WILL care." With that, Jimn ripped off his blue uniform, and stormed out of the room.

"Meh, I don't need to worry about his foolish self. I have many more 'slaves' at my disposal. Hehe," Grijm chuckled. Hegrabbed his belongings and began his treck to his Ardent.

It took Grijm nearly 20 minutes to walk to other side of the mansion to reach he starship, and it was indeed perfect timing. As soon as he entered the bulking mass of metal, it took off, and left the atmosphere of the little planet, with its course having already been chose: Osion.

About halfway through the voyage, Grijm suddenly felt lightheaded. He decided to lay down, but it only got worse by doing that. Then, his stomach began to wretch inside, and he succumbed to the pain, throwing up in the nearest garbage receptacle.

"Are you alright, sir?" one of his servants asked.

"I am fine, thank you. "

"Hmm, if I had to guess what caused you to feel sick suddenly, I would have to presume it was all of that coffee you had this morning. Of course, that's just me."

Grijm looked up, and nodded in a rather unpleasing fashion. So that maid had been right, he thought to himself. Nonsense! It was nothing more than a coincidence!

He walked into his study, and sat down next to his desk. "Well," he said, "if this deal goes well, Dlinwe Insurance will soon be a part of T.S.O.I.B! Then I will be able to have a say in its operations. Not to mention the extra money that tags along with it all..." He chuckled, and began to sort through various papers and files, mostly useless to him.

The Jovar's Fiction
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