The Alissari Ecumene is a confederacy of circa fifty thousand star systems under the rule of the reptilian Alissari. With a storied history that reaches back more than five thousand years, the Ecumene, despite its isolationism, is one of, if not the most, influential polities in their area of the Milky Way galaxy. Its population, primarily consisting of genetically baseline Alissari, as well as a minority of genetic tweaks, hybrid splices, and sentient animal uplifts, numbers at an estimated five hundred trillion, but in reality, thanks to uploading, the population within the reznet is easily a hundred times that. In recent times, however, the Ecumene's historic isolationism has been challenged more and more by events that affected the entire galaxy, such as the wars with the Grox, Xhodocto, and the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Only time will tell if the Arch-Mindlord, in His near-infinite wisdom, will be able to maintain his people's disassociation from the rest of the Gigaquadrant, or be forced to take a more interventionist stance.


Civilian GovernmentEdit

The Ecumene is divided into 200 sectors each containing 100 systems. Sectors can potentially be (unofficially, since it rarely counts in the grand scheme of Alissari politics) further divided down into system-states, planet-states, and even nation-states that control tracts of territory on planets alongside other nations of similar size. All of them, however, are subservient to the wider Ecumene government. This top-down government structure reduces micromanagement on the Sectorlord's part, and allows them to concentrate on other duties. Each sector is governed by a Sectorlord, who dictates policy within their sector and represents their sector in the Sectorlord Congress on Alissar. While Sectorlords can still cast votes in the Congress based on their opinion, most of the time their decisions on what to vote for are decided by online polls that can be easily accessed over the reznet, and in which citizens are encouraged to participate in. Tyranny of the majority is prevented by the Ecumene's hundreds of diverse cultures, each with their own stances.

In practice, the Sectorlord Congress is what governs the Ecumene. However, in its early days (and still, officially and in theory), it was ruled singlehandedly by the Arch-Mindlord, the first Alissari upload and a being of tremendous intelligence and power, his computing substrate conprising the entire inner structure of the moon-sized megastructure known as the Moonmind. The Arch-Mindlord is a lenient shepherd, content to let His people direct themselves to their own goals, but in times of crisis, He will take complete control, directing individual Alissari simultaneously through the reznet, resulting in an incredibly coordinated nation capable of facing any threat to its existence. Sometimes, he will also whisper instructions into the minds of Alissari, subtly guiding them towards the result He desires. A religion known as the Church of the Moonmind worships Him as a divine being, and while he does possess capabilities that less learned sentients would consider miraculous, He does not consider Himself a god.

Ecumene High CommandEdit

The Ecumene High Command (often abbrivated to HIGHCOM) is the military authority of the Ecumene, with control over the Alissari's armed forces. HIGHCOM is overseen by the Lord-Archon, with a cabinet of Lord-Admirals (in charge of the Navy) and Lord-Generals (in charge of the Marines). In peacetime and during small-scale wars, they report to the Sectorlord Congress, but during massive wars or Ecumene-wide crises, they answer directly to the Arch-Mindlord Himself. HIGHCOM also governs its own planets, known as fortress worlds; planet-sized HQs bristling with guns, shipyards, training academies, and nanite reaction mass refineries.


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The most common and recognizable citizens of the Ecumene are the baseline Alissari, who number some 495 trillion total. The remaining organic population of the Ecumene consists of tweaks (genetically modified variants of the Alissari who still belong to the same taxonomic genus), splices (species created from splicing together the genomes of two different species), and uplifts (species of animals (and some plants) genetically uplifted to sapience). In reality, the total population of the Alissari Ecumene, including uploads inhabiting cybercosms in the reznet, is a hundred times that. The most heavily populated planets of the Ecumene are the core worlds closest to the Echen system; Alissar itself has a non-upload population of twenty billion.


Although the Ecumene is host to countless religious movements, three of them dominate: the Old Temple, the Church of the Moonmind, and the Temple of the Ex Machina.

The Feanasi PantheonEdit

The Feanasi Pantheon is the oldest of the three, dating back to the dawn of agricultural civilization, and chief among their pantheon is Alissar, the god of life and the world, for which the homeworld was named and the Alissari named themselves in reverence of who gave them life according to the old texts.

The Church of the MoonmindEdit

The Church of the Moonmind emerged during the Unification Wars, when the Arch-Mindlord waged His struggle to unify Alissar with words, and weapons when words did not suffice. His seemingly godlike power inspired a number of Alissari to worship him and bring His message of unity to the farthest reaches of post-Collapse Alissar.

The Temple of the Ex MachinaEdit

The Temple of the Ex Machina emerged on Dehinnar during the last months of the Collapse. After the Grey Sludge had ravaged their biosphere to near-total collapse, the inhabitants of Dehinnar turned to less efficient but more resilient means of preserving their society, including cybernetically upgrading themselves so as to make their bodies more efficient and waste less resources. Eventually, they began to see technology as a savior, and in this atmosphere, the Temple, once but a minor cult, gained converts rapidly, until they controlled the entire planet and everyone was a cyborg. Their focal god was the Machina, a sort of divine subconsciousness that connected to every piece of advanced technology in existence. To them, creating more technology would bring the Machina closer to consciousness, ushering in a new age of transcendence, and to leave dead matter lying around was a waste, eventually covering the entirety of Dehinnar in industrial infrastructure as well as atmospheric recyclers to maintain breathable air. When the Arch-Mindlord's forces arrived on Dehinnar, the Temple hailed Him as one of the signs that their fervent industrialization was creating results; they had brought about an "aspect" of the Machina, that of the organic desire to transcend flesh. The Temple were thus enlisted by the Arch-Mindlord to manufacture and maintain the Ecumene's technology, in exchange for the right to establish "forgeworlds," Temple worlds devoted entirely to industry.

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