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Fire and blood. Both red, both strong.

- Comrade Commander Vlad Kolkoze.

The Algolurn Popular Republic's military is mainly affected to the Iron Navy. The Strategos of the Iron Navy are in charge of both space operations and land forces.

Iron Navy's StarshipsEdit

The Iron Navy ships are designed around the doctrine of Resistance. The designers chooses hulls thick and very hard to pierce, even if that mean higher production costs or manoeuvrability sacrifices. Their weaponry mostly consist of lasers and plasma cannons, which are also used for orbital bombardments, while missiles are still used, but not as much. None of the Iron Navy's ships are available on the arms market.


The Vassilief-class BattleShip. The main battleships in use by the APR. Original model by Fufurreal.

Crew - Between 1.000 and 3.000;
Role - Battleship/Dreadnought (anti-frigate and anti-battleships/dreadnoughts) and planetary bombardment;
Armament - Multiple turbolasers batteries, multiple missiles pods (partly equipped with Plasma-Burning Mk. 1), 12 ghost torpedoes launchers, 12 railguns and a small hangar capable of launching fighters and bombers;
Defences - Laser Point Defence System, phasic shields, magnetic shields, cloaking devices, ultra heavy hull and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 4 km long, 750 m wide (at widest point; back), 1 km high;

The Vassilief-Class Battleship (named after a province of the APR) is a heavy battleship/dreadnought that saw services through most major wars of the Popular Republic. It's hull and shields toughness made him a legend amongst the Algolurns military. The ship is of course decorated with the Popular Republic's symbolism. The battleship is also well known to excel in orbital bombardment, using it's heavy plasma weaponry and even missiles to level bases and cities and it's lasers for tactical support of ground troops. The Vassilief-Class were first produced on Nastavnik, a important industrial Core World of the Popular Republic.

Kur-Class Fregate

Kur-Class Frigate. Designed to destroy medium and small sized ships. Original model by Glumych.

Crew - Between 500 and 1.000;
Role - Frigate (anti-destroyers) and planetary bombardment;
Armament - 1 giant dual plasma turret, 1 giant dual laser turret, multiple missiles pods (partly equipped with Plasma-Burning Mk. 1);
Defences - Laser Point Defence System, phasic shields, magnetic shields, cloaking devices, heavy hull and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 1.6 km long, 500 m wide (at widest point; back), 850 m high.

The Kur-Class Frigate (named after a province of the APR) is smaller than Vassilief-Class and more lightly armoured, even though it's hull is still considered heavy for a frigate. The frigate has been equipped with lighter armaments, but it's giant dual turbolaser battery is deadly accurate. The Kur-Class Frigate was designed to destroy other frigates and destroyers (medium to small ships). As for the Vassilief-Class, the Kur-Class is used for it's extraordinary capacities at orbital bombardments.

Rurikov Class Heavy Destroyer

Rurikov-Class Heavy Destroyer. Used for anti-fighters and anti-bombers roles among the Iron Navy.

Crew - 150 and lower;
Role - Destroyer (anti-fighter and anti-bombers);
Armament - Multi-Directionnal Laser System and hidden missile pods (anti-fighters missiles);
Defence - Laser Point Defence System, heavy hull, magnetic shields and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 275 m long, by 80 m wide;

The Rurikov-Class Heavy Destroyer (named after a province of the APR) was designed for anti-fighters and anti-bombers purposes. The Multi-Directionnal Laser System it use is unique to this class and can fire almost at 360 degrees in all directions. It is specially classified as an "Heavy Destroyer" rather than simply a Destroyer because of it's abnormally strong and resistant hull, in the Algolurns' tradition of manufacturing resistant ships.

Stanis-Class Fighter

The Stanis-Class Fighter. Better equipped for fighter purposes.

Crew - 1 (sometimes 2);
Role - Fighter (anti-fighter/bomber);
Armament - 2 dual laser cannons and 2 torpedoes;
Defences - Light/Medium hull, magnetic shields and some nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 6m long, 8m wide;

The Stanis-Class Fighter is heavily armoured for a fighter. Very fast and manoeuvrable, it is too heavy to be able to operate in suborbital environments. The crew tends to prefer the laser cannons and rely on the torpedoes in last resorts.

Prissil-Class Fighter-Bomber

Prissil-Class Fighter-Bomber. The tiny craft is, like most other APR's vessels, decorated with various symbols representing the Popular Republic.

Crew - 1 or 2;
Role - Fighter and bomber;
Armament - 2 dual laser batteries and 2 turbolaser cannons;
Defence - Light/Medium hull, magnetic shields and some nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 10m long, 4m wide;

The Prissil-Class Fighter-Bomber is a tiny, but relatively strong ship that occupy both roles of a fighter and a bomber. It is able to enter suborbital environments, but best operate in space. The vessel isn't really cost-effective, considering it's heavy equipment, but it's hull is one of the strongest for a fighter, considered a mix between light (standard fighter's hull) and medium.

Gorba-Class Destroyer

Gorba-Class Barge. The ship is decorated with the Popular Republic symbolism.

Crew - 50 and lower;
Role - Barge, transport ships, dropships;
Armament - 1 dual turbolaser battery and 2 hidden missiles pods (almost only Plasma-Burning Mk. 1);
Defences - Laser Point Defence System, medium hull, magnetic shields and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 450 m long by 100 m wide;

The Gorba-Class Barge is used to move troops to planetary level. It can carry up to a 100 Apocalypse Walkers or 7.000 soldiers. It is equipped with some missiles and a dual turbolaser battery to support ground troops if necessary. The ship is highly resistant, in accordance with the Algolurns' tradition.

Popular Republic Void Hunter

Entered service: 2804
Length: 225 meters
Crew: 50
Role - Heavy Void Hunter;

  • Hyperspeed Drive
  • Magneto-Gravitationnal Engine


The Zaitsev Void Hunter was first brought up on the drawing boards in 2798. The project was originally planned to produce a escort ship for the Popular Republic's Void Harvester, but was cancelled in 2799. Brought back to life in 2801 with the idea of providing Harvesters with some kind of protection and prevent either pirates or GXS' participants from targeting the APR mining ships, the first Zaitzev wasn't launched until 2804.

The Zaitzev uses a system of signal emitters to confuse the enemy's radars. These signals are interpreted as a multitude of ship's signatures by the enemy which is unable to determinate which one in the real position of the Void Hunter. Aleatory signal patterns prevents computers from determinating a reliable way of cracking the system.

Heavily armoured and armed, the Zaitzev mainly rely on it's Ghost Torpedoes Tubes for offence, able to punch through the thickest capital ship's armour. On the downside, it's Magneto-Gravitationnal Engine and Hyperspeed Drive are quite slow to activate, making hit-and-run mission a bit risky. For that reason, these Void Hunters usually hunt in pack.

The Zaitzev VH showed it's power during Operation Dark Waves, amidst the Great Schism.


Crew - 11;
Role - Light Void Hunter;
Armament - 6X Ghost Torpedoe Launching Tubes and 2X Hyperlaser Turrets
Defences - Light/Medium hull, magnetic shields and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 56m long, 10m wide;
The Strategos of the Supreme Council also wanted a quicker void hunter to support the heavier and more armed Zaitzev Void Hunter. The Dartan Void HUnter was designed to either quickly destroy isolated cargo and small warship, when a Zaitzev would be overkill and too slow to escape the battle ground before enemy reinforcements could arrive. Therefor was born the Dartan, launched along it's heavier counterpart.

The Dartan is armed with six Ghost Torpedoe Launching Tubes to make short work of the target ships key points (weapons, engines, generators etc.). It is also equipped with two Hyperlazer Turrets to eliminates unarmoured ships and fighters or simply to do wreck avoc even more.

It's unique Gravitak engine is quicker to activate, making the Dartan ideal for hit-and-run missions and to quickly come support any VH Zaitzev that might meet too much resistance.

The Dartan VH showed it's power during Operation Dark Waves, amidst the Great Schism. }}

Land vehiclesEdit

Several designers from the APR are issued from the second most important race of the Popular Republic, the Murglbrgs. They are masters of energy weapons (with emphasis on lasers) and their influences is very visible. The Algolurn Popular Republic's land vehicles can be divided in two categories: Armours and Artillery. The Armours are almost exclusively using energy weaponry, while their Artillery rely on rockets most of the time. The Apocalypse Walker, Hammer Walker and Plasma-Burning Walker aren't available on the arms market, but close allies may ask for it and the demand will be considered.


Apocalypse Walker (Black)

Devastating walker equipped with a monstrous laser cannon.

Crew - 3 (chief/communicator, pilot and gunner);
Role - Heavy Battle Armour (HBA);
Armament - Monstrous laser cannon and small automated AA laser battery (hidden in the "head");
Defences - Ultra Heavy armour, nano repair pods and magnetic shields;
Dimensions - 15 m wide, 15 m long, 15 m high;

The Apocalypse Walker is the Algolurn Popular Republic's main Heavy Battle Armour. Very few weapons can pierce it's formidable armour and even less vehicles can withstand a shot from it's laser cannon. Of course, that comes to the price of a very high production cost and lowered mobility, but the Apocalypse, being a walker, can cross almost any type of terrain. A small automated AA battery is hidden inside the beast to protect it from airstrikes.

Plasma-Burning Walker (Black)

P-B Walker. Slightly lighter and smaller than the Apocalypses.

Crew - 3 (chief/communicator, pilot and gunner);
Role - Anti-Infantry;
Armament - Plasma-Burning Thrower;
Defences - Heavy armour, magnetic shields and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 12 m wide, 12 m long, 12 m high;

The Plasma-Burning (P-B) Walker was originally used to clear biological infestations, but the military soon begun using it for anti-infantry purposes, to the damn of several empires. It's weapon work in a similar way to the Plasma-Burning Mk. 1 missile, but instead project it's flame, fed by ignited plasma, to burn to dust infantry and clear vegetation. It can also be used to severely destabilize shields. The armour is lighter than the Apocalypses and is therefor for more mobile.

Sickle Walker - APR Medium Armour

Sickle Walker. Medium Armour employed by the APR, it is highly appreciated for it's versatility.

Crew - 4 (chief/communicator, pilot and two gunners);
Role - Medium Armour/Multiroles;
Armament - Automated AA battery, dual anti-infantry lasers and dual anti-vehicles lasers cannons;
Defences - Medium/Heavy armour, magnetic shield and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 10 m long, 7 m wide, 7 m high;

Equipped with a AA battery at the back, dual lasers for anti-infantry at front and dual laser cannons on top for anti-vehicles. Smaller and with an lighter armour than Apocalypses, but still very impressive for a medium armour. The Sickle Walker is even faster than the P-B Walker and it's cost of production is slightly lower. A larger crew is required to man all the cannons making it's prevalence. In 2804, the Sickle was replaced with the studier Hammer Walker.

Hammer Walker Picture

The Hammer Walker, the more modern Medium Armour of the APR.

Crew - 4 (chief/communicator, pilot and two gunners);
Role - Medium Armour/Multiroles;
Armament - Automated AA battery, dual anti-infantry lasers and Hammer anti-vehicles laser cannon;
Defences - Medium/Heavy armour, magnetic shield and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 10 m long, 8 m wide, 8 m high;

Just like it's predecessor (the Sickle Walker), the Hammer Walker is a medium armour designed and built by the APR's factories. Equipped with even more powerful weapons, the Hammer still uses an AA battery and anti-infantry of the previous design. The Walker's dimension are also a bit larger, but still smaller than the P-B Walker. The first action reports of it seems to be quite positive.



APR Pakli-Draki 2

A small and fast rocket launcher.

Crew - 3 (chief/communicator, pilot and operator);
Role - Artillery (rocket launcher);
Armament - Dual rocket launcher, up to 12 missiles in reserve plus 2 ready to fire on the launcher;
Defences - light armour, some nano repair pods and EMC systems;
Dimensions - 3 m wide, 8 m long, 5 m high;

The Pakli-Draki 2, meaning "Small Volley" in Classic Tovlak, is a fast moving vehicle that uses missiles for artillery bombardment. The launcher can hold 2 missiles and launch them simultaneously, in succession (volley) or individually, It's production cost is very low for an APR vehicle, making it a common sight on the battle field. The vehicle is also stealthy enough to stay hidden for days before firing and retreating. The vehicle can also fire AA missiles to take down enemy's aircraft. For a more complete look on the Pakli-Draki 2, or to buy it (this vehicle is available on the arms market), click here.

APR Artillery M-24

Draki 24 MRLS. Multiple Rockets Launch System. The most employed artillery vehicle by the Iron Navy.

Crew - 3 (chief/communicator, pilot and operator);
Role - Artillery (rocket launcher);
Armament - Dual multiple missiles pods (24 rockets);
Defences - Heavy armour;
Dimensions - 8 m wide, 14 m long, 10 m high;

The Draki 24 MRLS is a rocket launcher used as an artillery piece, It's name can be translated to "Volley" in Classic Tovlak. It is still highly mobile for it's heavy armour. The Draki can launch it's rocket simultaneously, in volley or individually. It is also able to fire AA missiles. The two missile pods can be lowered into the hull for better protection of the warheads and for increased mobility. The Draki 24 MRLS is on the arms market and for more information is available here

NEX Stanza Heavy Launcher picture

NEX Stanza Heavy Launcher, the mobile ICBM and a ground-to-space launcher of the Popular Republic.

Crew - 3 (chief/communicator and two operators);
Role - Artillery (rocket launcher);
Armament - Heavy Launcher (Fission, Fusion or Anti-Matter warhead);
Defences - Heavy armour, light magnetic shield (active) and EMC;
Dimensions - 5 m wide, 24 m long, 6 m high;

The NEX Stanza Heavy Launcher is a serie of land missile launcher designed by the French company of Nemex Corporation. The vehicle itself and the massive rocket it launches are both manufactured by the French corporation, while the warhead itself is made by the APR's industry. The Stanza Heavy Launcher was manufactured in smaller number than any other APR artillery units and is used on very strategic worlds. The charge can be either a fission nuclear warhead, a fusion warhead or an anti-matter warhead, depending on the need of the situation.


Terror Heavy Artillery Walker

Crew - 3 (chief/communicator, artillery operator and gunner);
Role - Heavy Artillery;
Armament - Gauss Cannon, automated AA battery, dual anti-infantry lasers;
Defences - Medium/Heavy armour, magnetic shield and nano repair pods; ;
Dimensions - 14 m long, 10 m wide, 12 m high;

Only APR artillery unit to date mounted on a walker design, the Terror Heavy Artillery Walker uses a powerful Gauss Cannon to fire both explosive or not charges on it's target. At max power, the cannon is able to target spaceships in orbit and assist planetary defences. It is also equipped with anti-infantry weapons to fend off for himself.


APR's Kalimite-Vurka

The Kalimite-Vurka or Carrying Dragon.

Crew - 3 (pilot, gunner and operator);
Role - Aerial Troop Transport and Gunship (suborbital);
Armament - Dual AA and AT missile pods and a Fighter Heavy Laser Cannons;
Defences - Medium-Heavy armour, nano repair pod and energetic shields;
Dimensions - 14 m wide, 10 m long, 2.2 m high;

The Kalimite-Vurka (Carrying Dragon in Classic Tovlak) is an original Algolurn design. The Kalimite-Vurka is a troop transporter and a support gunship able of stationary flight, suborbital flights and limited spatial flights. It is able to carry troopers at extreme speed and with unmatched manoeuvrability to where they are needed the most, as well as being able to grad a armour under it's belly and move it, at the cost of slightly reduced speed. The two adjustable frontal reactors all the pilot to change the craft's direction in seconds. Like all APR suborbital oriented vehicles, it is paint in black-ish colours. It is equipped with 2 missiles batteries able to fend off aircrafts and the enemy's armoured divisions to support ground troops. It is also equipped with an Fighter Heavy Laser Cannon at the front to provide further air support.

APR's Pakli-Vurka

The Pakli-Vurka or Small Dragon.

Crew - 1 to 2 (pilot/gunner and secondary gunner);
Role - Fighter (suborbital and spatial);
Armament - Fighter Heavy Laser Cannons and AA missiles batteries;
Defences - Heavy armour, nano repair pod and energetic shields;
Dimensions - 6 m wide, 6 m long, 2,5 m high;

The Pakli-Vurka (Small Dragon in Classic Tovlak) is an Algolurn spatial and suborbital fighter. Equipped with two AA missile batteries and a Fighter Heavy Laser Cannon, along the heavy armour covering it, very few vessels can stand against this formidable foes in dogfight. The Pakli-Vurka is suited with two strong reactors designed specially for the model. The two of them are so powerful, that they can only maintain maximum speed for a couple of minutes before the hull's integrity begins to suffer.

APR's Stra-Vurka

The Stra-Vurka or Strong Dragon.

Crew - 4 to 5 (pilot, operator and 2 to 3 gunners);
Role - Bomber (suborbital and spatial);
Armament - 2 Fighter Medium Laser Cannons, 1 AA missile and the bombing bay;
Defences - Ultra-Heavy armour, magnetic shield and nano repair pods;
Dimensions - 14 m long, 14 m wide, 2,5 m high;

The Stra-Vurka (Strong Dragon in Classic Tovlak) is a class of bomber mostly employed by the Algolurn Popular Republic. It is the heaviest small craft in the Iron Navy's arsenal. Although heavily armed and armoured, most of the Stra-Vurka's weapons are for defensive measures and fend off enemy's fighter. The bombing bay is the only one used for offensive means. A flying fortress in it's own right, the Stra-Vurka uses it's two laser turrets for defences and can launch it's AA missile in last resort. The ultra-heavy armour of the craft made it a favourite among the Iron Navy's officers for VIP transport.

Spore 2014-09-13 14-04-50

Hyperfighter Hurricane Verkut. French bought Fightiner/Omniroles

Crew - 1 to 2;
Role - Multirole Fighter (Suborbital and Spatial);
Armament - Fighter Light Laser Cannons, Fighter Medium Laser Cannons and Omni-Missile Launchers;
Defences - Light-Medium armour, nano repair pod and energetic shields;
Dimensions - 7 m wide, 8 m long, 1,5 m high (all the mesures are for the deployed version);

The Hyperfighter Hurricane Verkut is the Algolurn version of the French bought Hyperfighter Hurricane. The refueling pipe was moved behind the cockpit and the dog-fight weapons changed for Fighter Light Laser Cannons and Fighter Medium Laser Cannons. The Verkut is able of hyperspatial flights and can both operate in suborbital and spatial conditions.

The Iron Navy and the INLAEdit

The Popular Republic's planetary or terrestrial army is known as the Iron Navy Land Armies or INLA for short. Both the Iron Navy and the INLA are ultimately under the command Force Department, with the Spatial Forces Ministry managing the Iron Navy and the INLA Ministry managing the INLA. For precision about the specification of ministries and departments in the APR, click here. The Force Department is under the directive of the Marshall of the People, who currently is Marshall Gorgi Pridespar.

INLA Special DivisionsEdit

Shock ArmiesEdit

With the context of urban warfare in head, the Strategos of the Popular Republic established several Shock Armies. These armies are equipped with the latest APR close quarter fighting weapons, including but not limited to the Kaganov Energy Rifles and Batok Sabes. The Shock Armies are usually deployed on the first line of urban warfare.

The Golden HeartsEdit

Golden Hearts logo

The Golden Hearts' emblem.

One of the oldest division still in activity, the Golden Hearts are an elite divsion, retracing their origins all the way back to the First Red Crusade, during the siege of Dymchaty by the Klingaling Empire. Formed around surviving troopers stuck on the planet and patriotic citizens, the Golden Hearts, when it was little more than a millitia, earned their laurels by succeeding in some of the most daring missions of the siege. Most notably, it was the Heart's efforts that neutralized the ground shield generator protecting the Klingaling mothership above the planet, allowing the Iron Navy to destroy it and definetly break the siege of the system. After the Crusade, the Golden Hearts were officially made a permanent unit, leaving their militian past behind. Members of the Hearts undergo one of the harshest training in the republic and possibly in the gigaquadrant, being train to survive and acheive their objective in almost any environment possible and with any supply they have. They are widely considered as the most elite unit of the Popular Republic, having a reputation to get the job done when everyone else though it impossible. The Preshtia is also employing their services for some high risk operations.
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