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"United in the hopes of a better future..."
Chairman Vostok wishes you welcome in the people's republic!

From this day, and for as long as we exist, we shall seek inequalities wherever it is hiding. Injustices are vile trees, which can only bear rotten fruits of oppression. We shall not abide them to exist anywhere and for this therefore, we must burn them to the ground with the Holy fire of the Revolution.

- Comrade Soykuz Tremere, in his speech in Soyuzgrad after the victory of the Kevalve Revolution.

The Algolurn Popular Republic (abbreviated APR) is a medium sized communist technocratic[1] federation situated in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Norma Arm. Renowned as famous (or infamous) across the civilized empires for their unorthodox ways, the APR value Equality above everything else. The Popular Republic is rising on the galactic stage under the ferule of it's leader, Comrade Chairman Krasna Vostok.

The APR is considered as being in the New Cyrannian Republic's sphere since it signed the Mou'Cyran Accords. The Popular Republic maintains tight relationships with the New Cyrannian Republic, the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Talven Empire.



The Red Quarter, the district where most of the government buildings on Kevalve are situated. Two Kirov Airships are stationed above the Supreme Council Parliament.

Because of the way the Algolurn Popular Republic is, the state is of course the main actor in the political life, economy and social affairs. The government of the Popular Republic is at it's core a technocracy even though the Republic's enemies call it a Proletarian Dictatorship, a term which the Comrade Citizens don't necessary reject. The three main body of the State are the Major Assembly, the Assembly of the Executive and the Supreme Council.

Major AssemblyEdit

The Major Assembly is the short name for the Major Assembly of the Planetary and Systems Governors. This is the less important of the three main organs of the State. This Assembly is where the Comrade Planetary Governors and Comrade Systems Governors (depending of the case) or their representatives reunite to submit their request to the Major Assembly and the Supreme Council, manage the resources granted to a planetary and systems level and making the point of the state of their territory under their jurisdiction to give other the other organism a clear portrait of the situation of the Republic.

Assembly of the ExecutiveEdit

The Assembly of the Executive is the reunion of the Departments' Comrade Directors or their representatives. The mandate of the Assembly is to coordinate their efforts in each of their tasks to meet the objectives settled by the Supreme Council. For example, the Supreme detected they wants to expand in the Marvos system. The Assembly of the Executive assemble. The Department of Foreign Relation will buy the system, the Department of Economy and the Department of Social Affairs have to agreed at the Assembly about where to establish the cities and the Department of Transport establish the spaceports and links between the new colony and the republic.

Soviet Supreme V1

The Supreme Council Parliament on Kevalve. The Comrades Senators and the Comrade Chairman have their offices there.

Supreme CouncilEdit

The Supreme Council is the ultimate power in the APR. Directed by the Comrade Chairman, all the members, the Comrades Senators, have to decide the objective of the Republic, their foreign relations, the military decisions and new major decisions within the APR. The senators are chosen amongst the governors, the directors and technicians of a specialist sector. Specialists of a certain domains (economy, military etc.) have more decisive power about decisions concerning their specialty.

Secret Services - PreshtiaEdit

The Preshtia is both the foreign and domestic intelligence agency of the APR. Click here for more information.

Departments vs MinistriesEdit

Departments are under the direction of the Assembly of the Executives (which is under the control of the Supreme Council). Departments are attributed a general aspect of the society or government, like the Department of Foreign Relations and the Department of Economy. Ministries are under the control of a Department and are attributed a more specific sector of activities. For example, the Ministry of Biological Researches and Industries and the Ministry of Electronic are both under the jurisdiction of the Department of Economy. The Ministry of Commerce is under the control of the Department of Foreign Relations.


Major planets and systems


The Algolurn Popular Republic is divided in several regions, which gouvernance may differs.

Core WorldsEdit

The very heart of the Popular Republic, the Core Worlds are the most populous region and where the vast majority of the institutions and production facilities. The gouvernance of these ultimately lay in the hands of the Supreme Council, with the Assembly of the Executive and the Major Assembly exercing their normal roles. The region of the Core Worlds is not that huge, but is one of the most develloped sectors of the First Gigaquadrant, with it's production capacities far exceding those of entire empires. Finding a planet not deeply settled by the Algolurns in the Core Worlds is pretty much an impossible task.

Trukaris RegionEdit

The Trukaris Region is the new colonial region opened in 2585 by the, now deceased, Comrade Chairman Volkof Trukaris. The region was subject to heavy colonization by the Popular Republic and was the first one opened to colonization for a very long time, since before the reign of C. C. Volkof Trukaris, the APR's policy was to concentrate it's assets as much as possible. The TR is administrated like the Core Worlds, with the Assembly of Executive supervising the development, guided by the Major Assembly and both of these under the direction of the Supreme Council.

The Trukaris Region's economy, like the Core Worlds, is mostly driven by it's sprawling industries and scientific laboratory and is pretty similar overall to the Core Worlds, with almost (if not all) all the planets in the region occupied.

Algolurn Cyrannian Settlement Space (ACSS) Algolurn Cyrannian Settelment Space ACSS FlagEdit

A special zone of the Popular Republic, the ACSS is ruled by special measures known as the Republican Colonial Measures or more simply the Measures. The Measures created a new institution, the Soviet Minor or Cyrannian Soviet Minor, which takes care of most several of the Supreme Council's normal responsibilities, even though the real power is still in the Supreme's hands since it can intervine at will in the Minor's decisions.

The ACSS was the first Algolurn colonial adventure outside the Milky Way and was intended to be Settlers Colonies[2]. Future APR colonies would either be of this kind or more "imperialistic style" with some native populations in assimilation or assimilated.

Popular Protectorate of Andromeda (PPA) Algolurn Andromeda Colonial FlagEdit

Established in 2801, the Popular Protectorate of Andromeda is also subjected to the Republican Colonial Measures. With andasium as it's main economical assets, the Soviet Minor of the PPA also industrialised and assimilated the natives they encountered, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse. Recently, aercheological searches in the region put in evidence that a Precursor race might have lived there, which further increased the Algolurn's interest this Andromedean sector.

Eschaton Colletivity of Mirus or the Eschaton CompanyEdit

The Eschaton Collectivity of Mirus (called the Eschaton Company in the French Empire), is a special entity of the Popular Republic with juridiction over the Eschaton space in the Mirus Galaxy. It was ceeded to the popular republic June 22th of 2805. following the ratifictation of the Treaty of Kevalve by both the French Colonial Empire and the Supreme Council. The Eschaton space is a former province of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, which was conquered 2795 during the Great Tyranny War. Filled with derelict drakodominatus facilities, the Eschaton Collectivity established presence in the populated planets in the sector, assembled a network of space stations and hyperlanes in the sector and restored the former facilities of the Tyranny to working conditions. Along the important industrial benefits of the Collectivity for the popular republic, it is also a known fact that several research expeditions are sent by the algolurns to explore the most hidden Tyranny installations in order to find rare relicts that might be of use for the Iron Navy.


Although the Popular Republic contains many species, all with citizenship, the Algolurns and the Murglbrgs compose more than 85% of the population combined.



Officiers' suits for Algolurns.

Algolurn (2)

The typical Algolurns comrade citizen.

The Algolurns are the original creators of the republic. Native from Kevalve in the Chal system, they are specialized in electronics, computer sciences and pharmaceutical researches. They compose around 60% of the republic's population alone. Even though the Algolurns are omnivores, they no longer eat meat, since the republic doesn't provide meats to it's comrades citizens, for ecological and economical efficiency purposes (unless necessary). For a more complete look on the Algolurn specie, click here.


The Murglbrg specie was one of the first specie met by the Algolurns. Unfortunately, their home world was forgotten through time. They are of humanoid form, walking on two legs and with two arms. They are omnivore by nature, even though the republic's regime doesn't provide them with any meat. The Murglbrgs are the second most populous specie among the republic, with around 25% of the population. The Murglbrgs are strongly adapted to harsher environments and use this ability to pre-colonize systems before being officially integrated within the Popular Republic. This system is the precursor of the Murglbrg Interlocate. The Murglbrgs in the APR are well known for their gunsmithing abilities, being the inventors of the famous Klak gun serie.


The republic's economy rely on it's pharmaceutical, genetic and biologic industry. The two second most important sectors are the electronics/computer and the manufacturing industries. Being a orthodox communist state, all economic sectors are controlled and managed by their respective ministries, which are all depending of the Department of Economy, meaning everything is highly centralized. The department is one of the most powerful one amongst the Assembly of the Executive.

Biological, Genetic and Pharmaceutical SectorEdit

Centered around Brikarda and the whole Ruka System, pharmaceutical and genetic laboratories spread through the Core Systems are the economical backbone of the Republic. Being the most important economic activity of the Algolurn Popular Republic, the ministry in charge of it, the Ministry of Biological Researches and Industries, wields a tremendous amount of power among the Department of Economy. Although genetic manipulations on sentient species and cloning them is strictly prohibited within the republic, the development of genetically modified creatures (mainly for combat purposes) is allowed. The Algolurn are also leaders in pharmaceutical research, not only for them, but for almost every sentient species in their galaxy and beyond. It is very common to find Algolurn designed medicines in every medics' pack. Even if "natural" death itself has been eradicated, like most high tier civilization, it is still possible to die after being shot for example or from some diseases. Therefor, the existence of pharmaceutical sector is still useful, even in the interstellar context.

The APR is the original designer of the RI-1 virus used by the Naakjian Confederation. The virus was genetically designed to suit the Aemonkians's DNA. The Algolurns originally called the RI-1 as the Ruf-Lashda virus, which mean "Empty Bones" in Classic Tovlak. The APR also designed several biological weapons used through the galaxies.

The Popular Republic also got access to several unique subjects through unorthodox ways and under covert mission, such as Operation Forbidden Abyss.


Another consequence of the APR's high competences in biology are their infamous Reproduction Vats also known as Vat-Reproduction (the process' name). The prototypes were first built and tested on in the Ruka system, on Brikarda. This sector of activity isn't under the control of the Ministry of Biological Researches and Industries, nor controlled by the Department of Economy. It is the charge of the Department of Social Affairs. Birth control is a matter of the State in the Republic. At their young age, female citizens are operated to remove their ovaries, to send them to labs for analysis. If any of them present genetic damages, they are discarded. It is important to understand that labs (or the state) isn't selecting them on eugenic criteria, but only searching for genetic damages (Alzeihmer, cancer predispositions, hemophilia etc.). The viable ones are stocked in until they are require. Then, they are combined with male sperm cells (males too are operate, but at a older age). The feconded cell is then placed in a Vat which, with the help of electronic and computer machinery, take care of all it's needs. Once done, the baby is "given birth" and the child will spent his life in a Education Colony. If, for any reasons, the baby present a problems while growing, a toxic component is injected, killing it instantly. The vat is then purged and the process restart. All sentient species of the republic are "created" this way.

Spore 2014-08-11 19-12-16

The Reproduction Vats.

Electronics and Computer SectorEdit

This sector is the third most important economic sector of the APR's economy (although it's the second for exportation). The responsibility of these activities fall to the Ministry of Electronic, which is also a sub-creation of the Department of the Economy. After the formation of the Murgbrgl Interlocate, the Department of Economy wanted to develop a new industry that require very little materials to export (the Algolurns hate exporting more matter than they are importing). The electronic and computing industry was perfect for that. The Republic's programmers and electronic designers are famous for their spy-devices, energy devices and of course, bio-related devices. The backside of this are their poor capacities to create high quality navigation systems, since none of the Republic's sentient species are naturally talented pilots.

Manufacturing sectorEdit

The famous Industrial sector, this sector under the direct control of the Department of Economy. Second most important economic activity in the APR, it's place amongst exportation, along with natural resources, is pretty low (11th or 12th rank, depending of the year). Being a communist state, there is no financial sector in the Republic, therefore freeing a lot of workforce that has been redirected mainly to the industry. The concentration of all activities under the rule of one ministry or department also prevent a excessive bureaucracy that comes with a economy driven by several companies and corporations.

Rift Collector

Rift Collector, an unmanned robot. Equipped with some missiles in cases of emergencies.

APR Rift Mining Station

An APR Rift Station. Contrary to Rift Collectors, these are actually manned. Collectors delivers their collect to these stations, spread through the Intergalactic Rift.

The Popular Republic is also conducting mining operation in the Rift (space between galaxies). Reports indicated the presence of rare materials in there and the absence of major gravity wells make scanning easier. Some artificial wormhole have been formed and automated mining machines are harvesting raw resources in there, bringing them to manned space stations before being send to the APR.

Weapons IndustryEdit

Klak L. 25

Klak L. 30, the emblematic assault rifle of the APR.

The Murglbrgs population is well known through the Republic for their skills in gun smiting. The Klak rifle serie, the standard weaponry among military ranks, was first designed by Dassil Klak, a Murglbrg. In Classic Tovlak, the main language in the APR, "Klak" even mean "Laser". The Klaks serie is exported to several nations and is a common weapon to find within revolutionary groups, rebels and pirates, even though several professional armies use it too. The Murglbrg' weapons earned a name of reliability and efficiency for itself and the exports of it, both commercially and to support rebels groups, count as a good part of the APR's exportation.



From left to right: A supernova remnant, where andasium is most commonly found, an APR Void Harvester mining andasium, crystaline ansite, a liquid ansite container.

Unfortunately, because of the extreme concentration of it's population and industry, APR is a great importer of andasium, even though the Popular Republic is also a very important miner. The Popular Republic's refining capacities, that said, are amongst the strongest in the First Gigaquadrant, only overpassed by those of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Indoctrinate Collective, Draconid Imperium and France. To paliate to the lack of raw andasium input, the Department of Foreign Relations concluded deals with the Sovereign Republic of Gradesia which is providing tons of resources to the APR. The imported andasium is mostly used by the military, for the Iron Navy's ships and emergency ground forces.

Society and CultureEdit

This new organization, the Murglbrg Interlocate, will allow the Popular Republic to integrate other species more easily by putting them in contact with it's laws and culture. Equality cannot be reached if sentient beings follow different rules, nor if any specie as special rights over another.

- Comrade Soykuz Tremere, in his speech after the creation of the Murglbrg Interlocate on Allettet in the Aublas system, capital world of the Interlocate.

As stated, it is of utmost important in the eye of the Supreme Council to unify every species within the Popular Republic under the same laws and institutions of orders.

APR national anthem.


It is the duty if the Department of Justice and Order to see that the laws of the Supreme Council are respected within the republic, no matter the specie or the rank of the people. Stealing is a very important offence and is strictly punished, sometime with force labour in penal colonies. Responsibilities within the government aren't a good protection for criminals either. In fact, the 4th Comrade Chairman, Kavon Tralyk, was incarcerated for life because of it's brutal repression against the revolt in the penal colonie of Gemonto. Ironically, it was also the penal colony he was sent to.


The education is the responsibility of the Department of the Education. Education isn't only free, it is mandatory. The youth start their education at a young age, although some specie may start latter, depending on their maturation period. During the early years, once the basics as speaking, writing and calculating are learned, the education program focus heavily on mathematical skills and understanding of biological concepts. Then, the young follow a long political, philosophical and ideological class to understand the reason of why the Popular Republic exist. For the Algolurns, the search for a "ideological compromise" such as democracy is unacceptable. It is the duty of every sentient beings to aim for utopia. Then, the youth is directed toward a discipline depending on their skills. Leaderships roles are special. The Comrade Senators and other leadership roles are attributed in functions of competence and the background of the candidates, not because of their relationships or their families.


Although most of the population is atheist, some missionaries expedition from the Eldarisian Empire have been authorized and some comrades citizens have converted to Cuth's worshipping. Temples' honouring Cuth can also be found on vacation worlds. The Green Church of the Okyno Expanse is has also gained a small following during and after the Upstart war. The worlds on which Green Churches can be found tend to be rural; the more rural the world, the greater the chance the Green Church has of establishing itself.


The concept of family isn't something considered valuable among the republic. Children are born in reproduction vats and live together in the Reproduction Colonies. They are educated there and when done, they are assigned to a world to live in, where they live the vast majority of their life.


Every comrade citizen within the Popular Republic are supplied with what they need. Nobody get more or less than anybody else, not even the government's members. The education program is teaching the values of equality and sharing and for anybody, wanting to get more supply than somebody else would be a blasphemy and a total shame. The use of currency isn't required within the republic. Internal commerce isn't a thing and the supplies are all distributed by the Department of Economy, depending of the needs of the people. Finances are nonexistent. Medical care are totally free of access for everybody and are of exceptional quality, thanks to the advanced knowledge generated in this sector by the economy.

Housing is distributed according to the workplace of the comrade citizens. Each comrade citizen lives in their own dormitory. Vacations are possible. In fact, the Republics has established some "vacation-planets" for this purpose. Each comrade citizen can take his vacation when he wants to, be must inform the Department of Economy at least a week before to prevent his post to be vacant.

Working is more than a duty within the republic. It is almost a "sacred duty" and each comrade citizen understand that. Those who can't support the working effort because of their weak physical condition are exempted from work, although most of them want to anyway. Military service isn't required. The Republic's army is a professional one.

Unfortunately, depression is endemic within the population and suicides are common. The government is, however, massively investing to fight this plague.

The main language of the APR is Classical Tovlak, the original of the Algolurns specie. That said, diplomats and citizens willing to can also learn Plazithian, Mirusian and Cyrannian Basic to be able to travel outside the Republic.


For a more complete look on the APR military, click here

The Iron NavyEdit


The Vassilief-class Heavy BattleShip. The main battleships in use by the APR. Original model by Fufurreal.

Stanis-Class Fighter Pictures

The Stanis-Class Fighter. Better equipped for fighter purposes with 2 dual sets of laser cannons, 2 torpedoes and heavy armour.

Kur-Class Fregate

Kur-Class Frigate. Designed to destroy medium sized ships. Original model by Glumych.

The Iron Navy is the interstellar navy of the APR. It is the first line of defence of the Republic and also it's main mean of offence. The Iron Navy's ships design aren't the best in their galaxy, but their destroyer excel at orbital bombarding with a small-medium hypervelocity weapons (lasers most of the time) for quick and tactical shots to support ground units and gigantic artillery (mainly plasma weapons) for base and city bombardment. Iron Navy's ship capacities for close combat and ship-to-ship fights are decent.

Planetary ForcesEdit

Planetary forces for planets invasions are very effective. As mention before, the Algolurn engineers are experts to design spying technology and, using this, they are able to analyses the whole planet infrastructures and it's underground networks with precision, even seeing where are the enemy soldiers from space.

Apocalypse Walker (Black)

Apocalypse Walker, equipped with a extremely powerful lazer cannon. The main HBA employed in the APR.

APR's Stra-Vurka

Stra-Vurka (Strong Dragon) Spatial and Sub-Orbital Bomber capable of filling Fighter role. The thick armour and defences of the ships makes it ideal to transport VIPs.


A New Republic military force backed up by fellow Mou'Cyran Accords members such as the Brood of War, Algolurn Popular Republic, Indoctrinate Collective, Naakjian Confederation and Rambo Nation.

An invasion from the APR almost always follows these steps:
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1. Infiltrators, supported by orbital spy ships neutralize AA defences, attempt to shut down the power grid and detection systems;

2. Drop ships launch from Carrier ships in space and head down to the planet to pre-selected drop points;

3. Scouts unit aren't needed, thanks to advanced spying technology. Heavy Battle Armours (HBA) are dropped immediately, followed closely by medium tanks which catch them up easily. HBA clear enemy's heavy armours and fortification while medium tanks clears out infantry;

Plasma-Burning Walker (Black)

Plasma-Burning Walker. The vehicle use plasma as a flamethrower. Used for anti-infantry purposes.

4. Infantry are deployed to secured the territory conquered by the armours. Algolurn infantry transport AA weaponry and therefor needs to be deployed quickly to protect the tanks from the airforce;

5.Light armours are then deployed. Being able to move quickly, they can easily reinforce flanks that needs it;

Sickle Walker - APR Medium Armour

Sickler Walker, the main Medium Armour employed by the APR. Equipped with a AA battery at the back, dual lazers for anti-infantry at front and dual lazer cannons on top for anti-vehicles. Smaller and with an lighter armour than Apocalypses.

Spore 2014-09-13 14-04-50

Hyperfighter Hurricane Verkut.

Airforce can be deployed, following the needs. Heavy airlifters (Kirov Multi-Purpose Airships) are the most commonly employed craft. They are employed to move back damaged HBA or medium tank and to allow infantry squadrons to catch up to the front lines. This technique has proven effective in most invasions by the APR. In the events of the recent multiple war the Popular Republic had been involved in recently, the Strategos of the APR bought French-made Hyperfighter Hurricane to reinforce their air support capacities. The version the APR used have been named HH Verkut.

Desolation of the Bisistar- Dark Battle

A Sickle Walker in combat during the Desolation of Bisitar, the Dark Battle.


The Algolurn's expertise in bio-technologies and genetics allowed them to create a new type of weapon: Monsters! In exchange for the cheap delivery of up-to-date weaponry to the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato, Nakeimato scientists shared an equivalent amount of their superior knowledge in hybridisation with with their Algolurn equivalents. The result was the creation of several genetically modified creatures for the APR to deploy in battle. From flyers to heavy fighter, from small infesting creatures to supporting ones that use acid like artillery, these creatures are "cultivated" in special military laboratories through the Popular Republic. These creatures are either used when the Strategos' looses evaluations are too high to allow regular troops to be sent in or when the planet's conditions are very bad, which allow to easily eradicate or recapture the creatures after the invasion. Of course, if the planet's conditions are really too bad (T0), the creatures will not even be able to survive. In such case, the Strategos (high commander) can choose to simply level the enemy's infrastructures to the ground with orbital bombardment.

An earlier outcome of the Republic's bio-warefare programs are the Men of Steel, affectionally known to the comrade citizens as the Red Sons. These vat-grown Algorlurn supersoldiers are created on the basics of Transmogrification, gleaned from the vivisection of Overseer Tormentor in the aftermath of Operation Forbidden Abyss. The APR retains the Drakodominatus Tyranny's individualistic approach to supersoldiers from the Mirus Campaign onwards, ensuring that the Red Sons are essentially one-man armies. They are thus nearly invurnable to small-arms fire, possess strength that is much greater than average, and are equipped with speedy anti-gravity pads for flight purposes. In addition, their weaponised heat vision and freezing breath is much feared by the enemies of the Popular Republic, as they are devastating towards vehicles and infantry respectively. However, the Men of Steel remain the only supersoldiers in employ of the APR, as attempts to engineer a superior version, known as the Superior Men, created only mutants.


Klak L. 27

Klak L. 27, the standard rifles with in the APR's troops.

The APR military mainly use energy weapons such as lasers and plasma cannons. The main rifle serie in use is the famous Klak series with the Klak L. 27 being the standard weapons in the infantry and Klak L. 30 equipping elite troops. Weapons from the APR are spread through the Quadrants and the Murglbrgs are highly specialized in the conception and fabrication of arms. Since the beginning of the Great Schism, the weapon manufacturing industry in the republic keeps taking more predominent place.

The principal weapons of the APR (on the arms market at least) include:

Super Weapon - Iron Fist CoilsEdit

With the GigaQuadrants Conflict emblazing the universe and the threat of the Dominatus still a fresh memory, the Strategos of the Supreme Council approved several researches programs on weaponry. The most interesting one is without doubt the Iron Fist project. For more information, click here.


The Red CrusadesEdit

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Little has been revealed yet about the early story of the APR. The first galactic records speaking of the Popular Republic are about the Red Crusades. The Red Crusades were two military conflict that opposed the Algolurn Popular Republic and the Murglbrg Interlocate to the power-hunger Holy Klingaling Empire, a zealot theocracy (from there the term "crusades") who also wanted to eradicate or at least weaken and destabilize the atheist republic

The First Red CrusadeEdit

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The Murglbrg Interlocate is in fact only a organization colonizing worlds before their integration within the Algolurn Popular Republic. The Interlocate control vast quantities of systems and the APR keeps integrating them one-by-one. On the other hand, the Interlocate's territory is also right next to the Holy Klingaling Empire who hunger for rare resources. They started to aggressively appropriate Interlocate's worlds, despite the APR's warnings. After 3 years, having acquire several systems from the Interlocate, the Holy Klingalings Empire demanded the Interlocate to seceded them the Bies-2 sector, a very rich system containing purple and pink spices. The Algolurn Popular Republic, at the demand of the Murglbrg Interlocate, sent a ultimatum that was later known as the First Ultimatum to either abandon their plans of taking Bies-2 or to face the consequences. The High Templar, leader of the Klingalings, refused. After 5 years of intense "trench-like" battles concentrated, but still very bloody, the Algolurn Popular Republic finally got the upper hand after the First Battle of Bies-2. 3 months later, the Holy Klingaling Empire surrendered, signed the Orange Treaty, abandoned several of their systems to the Murglbrg Interlocate and collapsed after the High Templar resigned. The conflict lasted 5 years and a half, ruined the Klingalings' economy and resulted in a liberal regime known as the Klingaling Republic.

The Second Red CrusadeEdit

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The Second Red Crusade was way more devastating for all forces than the first one. Unable to put the economy back on track and facing more and more revolts because of their secularist and pluralist policies, the liberal Klingaling Republic collapsed on their 16th birthday and the whole government's officials were hanged on top on the Parliament, with "HERETICS" written on them with hot-iron. A new High Templar arose and restored the Second Holy Klingaling Empire.
Red Crusade Battle

Algolurn and Klingaling battleships in combat during the Second Red Crusade.

The new High Templar allied to minor empires to get access to their resources and sometimes annexed them, silenced the medias, rapidly reformed the military and worked tirelessly to restore the new Holy Empire's prestige. But after 7 years, the High Templar launched Operation Conversion to take revenge against the Murglbrg Interlocate and the Algolurn Popular Republic. The new Crusaders Fleet, the navy of the Holy Klingaling Empire, quickly invaded planet Parmet during the Battle of Brelles system, slaughtering the population. The Iron Navy was sent to support the Interlocate at the Bies-2 system, were it originally vanquished the zealots. The Crusaders Fleet faced them there during the Second Battle of Bries-2, but the Second Holy Klingaling Empire took the victory this time, but at the cost of several ships and the lost of their best admiral, Dilton Mir, a talented and patient man who was replaced by Trama Porvo, a zealot who quickly (too quickly) launched the Crusaders Fleet to the Hanvestars system, where the remains of the Iron Navy fled.
Temple Prime sacked 2

The Klingaling holiest place, Temple Prime, sacked.

The Battle of Hanvestars was the nail in the Second Holy Klingaling Empire's coffin. Trama Provo sacrificed every of his ships believing in the almighty power Spode invested them with and failed it's fleeing by jumping in hyperspeed into a gas giant. After the Battle of Hanvestar, the Iron Navy started it's advance, liberating worlds captured by the Crusaders Fleet and invading mains Klingalings' systems, triggering several bloody revolts through the Klingaling's Empire. Temple Prime, the High Templar's palace, was sacked by the Algolurns and the High Templar, captured, was forced to sign the armistice, ending a 8 years long conflict.

The aftermathEdit

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Following the armistice, the Second Holy Klingaling Empire fallen into disarray and in a brutal civil war. The Interlocate and the APR retook their original territory. Most of the systems where the combats took places were burned to the ground, either because of collateral damages during the fights and orbital bombardments or by the retreating Klingalings forces. The integration of the Murglbrg Interlocate into the Algolurn Popular Republic is still going on, while many Klingalings refugees, fleeing the combats of the civil war going on in their former empire, the atrocities committed by the religious factions against any atheists, heretics or infidels or the vengeful genocides committed by the many smaller races the Second Holy Klingaling Empire subjugated before the war. An Algolurn task force is still holding the ancient Temple Prime on Khamourus in the Symus system, the former capital world of the Holy Empires. Even though most of the planet lay in ruins, the relative "safety" of this world is viewed as a oasis of peace by the refugees. Although the Supreme Council clearly stated their good will to integrate said refugees within the republic, some voices are rising to alert the people about the possible danger of spreading the civil war to the republic by integrating them. For the moment, they are accepted, but only after a complete medical checkup and a search of their past to identified possible war-criminals.

The Upstart WarEdit

The Upstart War represented the conflict of the Algolurn Popular Republic, Okyno Expanse and Waptorian Byzan Web against the Kioskstrum Collective, Vectivus Empire, Drenmarr Republic and Nazaycrum Sovereign State.

The war started when the Okyno Expanse attacked the ARP in a terrorist bombing, under the guise of coming from the Kioskstrum Collective. Simultaneously they bombed the Vectivus Empire under the guise of the Waptorian Byzan Web. When the two sides demanded that the Drenmarr Republic support them and it refused to take sides, both alike declared war on it. The Waptorian Byzan Web would quickly come to the aid of the APR while the Kioskstrum hired the Nazaycrum Sovereign State to do the dirty fighting. The Vectivus Empire, seeing their arch-capitalist way of life threatened by the APR, also joined the Kioskstrum. The Waptorian Byzan Web eventually discovered the Okyno deception but at that time, the Nazaycrum has already massacred a number of their worlds and peace was off the table. Instead, the Waptoria met with APR and presented their evidence. Both came to the conclusion that war with the Expanse would be disastrous at this time. As the Waptoria were already ecologically-minded, they were free from any danger of an Okyno attack. The APR instad passed a series of ecological regulations that made the Okyno see them as the lesser of two evils. Under the promise that the APR would pass further ecological reforms if the war ended favourably for them, the Okyno Expanse joined the war effort of the APR under the guise of helping the Waptoria.

The Vectivus Empire was the first to fall, followed shortly by the Nazaycrum Sovereign State. Finally, the Kiosktrum Collective annexed the bulk of the Drenmarr Republic, as the APR scrabled to absorb what remained. Finally, the APR and Kiosktrum faced off directly in a Kiosktrum push that nearly led to the downfall of the APR. The Okyno Expanse was almost content to let the APR fall, but were reminded by the Waptoria that information regarding their involvement in the start of the war could easily be send to the Kiosktrum should they do so; this would inevitably lead to the destruction of the Expanse as well. After reminding them of their deal to turn the APR into a more eco-friendly state, the Okyno Expanse finally relented and joined the Waptoria in driving back the Kiosktrum. In this they were successfull, allowing the APR to once more take over and push the collective from the Byrzan Sector.

In the aftermath of the war, additional ecological reforms were indeed passed by the Algolurn, satisfying the Expanse. The Waptoria would leave the Byzan Sector, leaving their territory to the Algolurns, leaving only the Expanse to deal with. Their territory was eventually incorporated into the APR after the Supreme Council threatened to release the evidence that the Okyno were behind the bombing of the APR. The Okyiat species that made up the expanse was allowed to resettle themselves though and relocate the Okyno Expanse elsewhere, a task in which the Waptoria helped. This decision proved to be to the mutual benefit of all involed parties, so to this date Okyno-APR relations remain cordial as the bombing has been blamed on a rogue Okyiat cell working independently from the Expanse.

As the Popular Republic expanded their contact with the Waptoria, they learnt about the fairly recent fall of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, which has left numerous Synthetics and Overseer supersoliders to fend for themselves. Intrigued, the APR made inroads into Sector Ossuarium and launched Operation Forbidden Abyss in 2796. The operation was a success and resulted in the capture of Tormentor, one of the Drakodominatus Tyranny's Harbingers of Agony. Whereas many other governments across the Gigaquadrant sought out the surviving Overseers to use as elite mercenaries and repressive crack teams, the APR saw them as littel more but scientific curiosities. Furthermore, their encounter with Tormentor convinced them that such abominations were singularly unworthy of life. Tormentor, the bane of so many, thus ended his existence on an Algolurn dissection table, sliced open alive in a cruel retribution of the horrors he had inflicted on defenseless others. The remains of the Overseer were thoroughly studied and eventually paved the way for creation of the APR's own supersoldiers.

Great Xonexian ShismEdit

In the year 2803, the Popular Republic pledged to support their Allies in Mou'Cyran Accords with whatever would they need. When the Great Xonexian Schism broke out though, the ARP took a side in the war. As members of the Civilisation, the ARP initially fought against the Xonexi Allies on the side of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. During the Battle for the Milky Way, the ARP accepted suzerainty over the Eldarisian Milky Way colonies. However, an Eldarisian rebellion would occur that the Iron Navy was forced to crush. The APR also took part in the Battle of Katar, convincing the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato to lay down arms and surrender peacefully as fellow allies of the Waptorians. The Popular Republic would go on to heavily fortify Nakeimato space and, to show the Nakeimato their good intentions, set about to upgrade the technology of the Scientific Combine, which like much of the Katar Sector lagged behind the rest of the Milky Way states. The Nakeimato quickly became loyal allies to the APR and DCP, giving the Civilisation a stronghold right on the doorstep of states such as the Drodo Empire and Farengeto Republic. Liberating Nakeimato thus became a priority for the Xonexi Allies in the nothern reaches of the Milky Way, but they could not do this without turning the APR. They thus offered a piece of the industrial might once held by the Drakodominatus Tyranny in Mirus.

After several weeks of secret talks and negotiations with the Xonexi Allies, the Eschaton Collectivity of Mirus was handed over to the APR. Chairman Kransa Vostok officially announced to the people of the republic that they were now at war with the Civilisation and the Delpha Coalition, which was preceeded by the ratification of the Treaty of Kevalve on June 22th, 2805. In the following weeks, Algolurn diplomats, along the director of the Department of Foreign Relations, took part in the Congress of Kelàn in the Katar Sector, which was the first major meeting of the Xonexi Allies the Algolurns took part in. Since 2805, the Popular Republic also became a supporter of the Covenant of Mirus.

Later that year, the Iron Navy joined the Farengeto in the liberation of Nakeimato, which was really just the withdrawal of Algolurn troops from Nakeimato space. This was followed by Operation Dark Waves, which saw the Popular Republic deploy its first Void Hunters to scour the weakened Civilisation from the northern reaches of the Milky Way. The war concluded in 2806 with a Xonexi victory, and the APR returned the rebellious Eldarisian Milky Way colonies to the Eldarisian Empire days later.

Talven CrisisEdit

Though they had changed sides at an agruably critical moment, the Algolurn Popular Republic did not feel it had gained sufficient influence in the ensuring Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States. Chairman Krasna Vostok was thus invited by Balbus Marinus of the Talven Empire to come to Votum. Through multiple visits, Marinus gained the trust of the elder Chairman and secured a Talven-ARP alliance. However, Marinus did not deem the Chairman ripe for inclusion in his plot to scatter the Xonexo Board of Six and instead began to work with Strategos Anasta Viltakion, who he hoped could give the Chairman the final nudge in the appropriate direction. He also successfully worked to get representatives of the Preshtia, Department of Foreign Relations and Iron Command on board with his plan. The situation changed with the sudden death of Krasna Vostok as he was onboard his personal cruiser Poziratel when it was destroyed. Another Okyiat terrorist bombing was initially suspected, but quickly dismissed when Preshtia infiltrators found the leadership of the Expanse in as much shock as the Algolurns themselves. More outlandish theories suggested the Talven Empire or even the Preshtia themselves were behind the Chairman's death, though an unfortunate malfunction seems most likely and nothing could ultimately be proven. After a chaotic interregnum, Strategos Viltakion was sworn in as Chairwoman due to the critical support of Comrade-Commander Vlad Kolkoze, who had become Marshal of the People in the struggle.

Aleady convinced by the benefits of Marinus' ploy, Comrade Chairwoman-Strategos Viltakion was more willing to accelerate the pace at which the APR integrated itself into the schemes of the Talven for their mutual benefit. As she did not want to break with the policies of her successor, Marinus had to wait two more years until Chairwoman Viltakion finally invited Marinus to Kevalve for the final touches of their arrangement. Thus the APR finally joined Marinus' Rebellion in secret during the year 2812. They worked alongside the Talven until they and their allies were finally given the additional influence they craved in the year 2818, a full decade after the Schism had ended.

In 2823, the Iron Navy would partially deploy to the Carina Nebula with the intent of pushing back the Grand Teyan Empire from the Ulter Empire or liberate it if it had already fallen. Luckily, the Teyan Blitz stalled before it could come close to the borders of the Ulter Empire, leading the APR to call back it's assets as the danger had passed.

Department of Foreign RelationsEdit

As stated before, the republic is always open for allies and partnerships, especially for scientific collaborations. The APR is actively sending supplies to any empires fighting the Grox: weapons, medicines, equipments, vehicles and some ships, if necessary. Any communist nations may also request assistance and the APR will send as much as possible. Concerning trade, the APR's economy tend to be highly specialized and therefor trade is open to the exterior. All commercial relations are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce, which is under the control of the Department of Foreign Relations.

For more informations on the Ministry of trade and to see the biggest commercial partners of the Popular Republic, as well as the major commercial trades going on, click here.


An Algolurn diplomat on Mou'Cyran.

Foreign SupportEdit

With the hopes of spreading the ideals of the Algolurn people to foreign nations, the Department of Foreign Relations is authorised to send support to foreign political parties. This support can either be military, political and economical, depending on the needs of said party and the situation of the nation in question. Parties receiving support includes:

Sphere of InfluenceEdit

The APR is considered in the Sphere of Influence of the New Cyrannian Republic since it signed the Mou'Cyran Accords. The APR also joined the UTU, established a themselves among their Wormhole Network (one of the 4 UTU's wormholes in the Milky Way is situated inside the APR's space) and participate in the joint military operations, to further tie themselves to the New Cyrannian Republic. In Mirus, the Eschaton Collectivity of the APR is a part of the Enlightenment Collaborative.
APR Seal of Department of Commerce

Seal of the Ministry of Commerce. The blue gem is a Soul Stone, a commodity obtained from the Eldarisians.


Protectorate ShieldExtents of the Will of the People.


Green faceWe shall stand with you to the last man or rocket!

Good RelationshipsEdit

Blue faceCooperation for the People is our priority.


Yellow faceAll relation have to start somewhere...


Orange faceYou are an enemy of the People!

At WarEdit

Red faceFeel the wrath of the Iron Navy!


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Despite some cultural differences, we are honoured to call the Algolurn Popular Republic allies. I foresee great things in the future for our partnership, both through the Mou'Cyran Accords and joint military and cultural exchanges.

- Willelmus Cretacea of the New Cyrannian Republic

In our time, we have seen tyranny, distrust and evil overall, but the APR have shown to be a new light in the universe. They may be different from us, but in the end they are true protectors and friends of the many.

- High King Ethland of the Eldarisian Empire

These people don't even realize the flaws in allowing a government to have absolute power. Fools.

- Mr. Paloin

A group we are extremely lucky to have met. Not only are they ideologically compatible to our own thought-web, they also rescued a part of it which was stranded in the Byzan Sector and returned them to us.

- Pounam'elo of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

They are...interesting to say the least. As long as the Waptoria consider them an honorable enough group, then so shall I.

- Barda Clett of the Mendel Pact

While their vat reproduction disturbs me slightly, I'am none the less proud to have them as our allies and fellow members of the Accords.

- Empress Besta of the United Persan Descendants.

Keep an eye on the red's. Their message is a dangerous one.

- Commander Marius of the The Hegemony.

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