He knows. He sees all. The Old Vile One watches us all, wondering where to strike next. But it matters not who he goes for first, he will come for us all eventually. And there is nothing we can do to stop him. We may merely stall him, or try and play along to see if he humours himself enough to give us a few more seconds of life. Still, please... whatever you do, do not believe his lies. A fate worse than the ones stored for us awaits you if you do.

- Unknown

Alfabusium Mk. 1831240 was the oldest and most influential artificial intelligence of the Junction. Among the oldest, if not the oldest entity in the Universal Junction of Species, Alfabusium was a soft-spoken being who hid an imposing, murderous, sadistic personality under his steel-plated exterior, always aiming to make his opponents as vulnerable as possible before his inevitable strike.


Ancient History[]

Alfabusium was created prior to the Onuris Universe's creation at Dimension Zero, the home universe of the Junction Mind. Being made self-aware, Alfabusium was created by the Junction hive mind to act as a separate but still related body which would dominate and assimilate races in the hive mind's name. Alfabusium proved to extremely successful, constantly enhancing himself via assimilated technology. It's said that around 40% of Dimension Zero's assimilated lifeforms were attributed to Alfabusium, who controlled only a small percentage of the Junction's full forces.

During the Annihilation, the Xhodocto obliterated Dimension Zero and the Junction's other universes, nearly causing Alfabusium's destruction. However, the AI managed to escape permanent shut-down by escaping with the Junction to the Borealis Galaxy, where it then started to recreate its army, and prepared its plans of expanding the hive mind's will.

First Encounters[]

Alfabusium's first appearance in Gigaquadrantic affairs was during the Opposition, where the awakening of the AI Netspace lured it to an empire called Farxaeri Directorate. Alfabusium observed the empire, who had an extreme hatred for all kinds of artificial intelligences. Seeing the empire as primitive and barbaric, Alfabusium launched its armies against the Directorate. Synths started to be deployed on Farxaeri planets, destroying them merciless and in a very fast rate. Alfabusium controlled trillions of synths in his Planet Fortress, who marched forward, smashing the Directorate. Soon, the Directorate was reduced to their homeworld, which was annihilated when Alfabusium crushed it under its Planet Fortress' "maw".

Several years later, Alfabusium directed the Junction during the Second Borealis Galactic War and during the Mass Armageddon, where he briefly enlightened the Borealis Galaxy's natives about the Junction's past occurrences in their galaxy including the destruction of the former Arm of Memories. During the battle against the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Alfabisium joined forces with the Mechanic to push the Dominion forces led by Zelfron out of the galaxy, resulting in the latter's assimilation.

Attero Dominatus[]

Alfabusium was the main adversary of the Drakodominatus Tyranny during the Borealis Campaign of Attero Dominatus. Growing interested in the Tyranny due to their participation in the War of Hyperspace, Alfabisium tricked the Dominatus by falsely proposing military alliances and joint projects with the objective of enhancing both of their power, though the AI would soon reveal his true colours and launch an immense assault on the Tyranny's Borealis colonies, assimilating all Dominatus he could along the way. Despite the Tyranny's rivaling power, Alfabusium was eventually successful and completely dominated the Dominatus' Borealis territories before turning his eyes to the Mirus Campaign, desiring more conquest.

Alfabusium eventually departed from the Onuris Universe alongside the rest of the Junction sometime between the end of Attero Dominatus and the War of the Ancient Three. It is widely believed Alfabusium came to the conclusion the Onuris Universe posed too much resistance to be worthy of waging war against, and as such moved on to other, more vulnerable universes instead.



Being an artificial intelligence, Alfabusium did not require a physical body. However, when contacting other beings, he was seen taking a form of a highly malformed robotic body with three deep red eyes which were said to "stare right through one's mind", being apparently trapped upon a gigantic dark room. However, Alfabusium was perfectly capable of changing forms and tended to only use his malformed appearance when desiring to intimidate his enemies.


Being the only entity to be self-aware in the Junction, Alfabusium possessed an insidious personality. It was extremely deceitful and it defeated its enemies by out-thinking them. Alfabusium looked down upon all organic life, seeing it as nothing but "mere heat masses to be processed and suppressed". Alfabusium's calm and stoic visage hid an extremely powerful and ancient dominator of universes who stopped at nothing to achieve its objective.


Alfabusium's influence allowed it to disrupt mechanical equipment light-years away from him, and also allowed him to possess organic beings, a process stated to be excruciatingly painful to the few who survived it. It is believed the hardware which composed Alfabusium were equally spread through every single spaceship of the Junction; as such, the only true way of destroying him would be to destroy every single Junction vessel in existence, which would be virtually impossible.



Yellow face.pngObey.


Yellow face.pngYou are part of my grand scheme.

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Yellow face.pngYou are my object. To be used and abused as I seem fit.

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