Alessandra Zoe Cretacea is a female Libertus, living and serving within Rambo Nation. After she joined the Rambo Acadamy, she graduated as petty officer and was assigned to the USS Enterprise-A under command of James Rambo.

She is a family member of Proconsul Apollo and admiral Cretacea. Even though she is honored to be a family of both of them, their famous status sometimes makes her a bit uneasy among others and she doesn't openly speak about it.

Around 20 AQF, Zoe was promoted to Master chief petty officer, the highest non-officer rank and was asked by recently promoted captain Ramickon Ramglover to serve as his chief engineer onboard the Constitution-Class, USS Constitution.


Early HistoryEdit

Zoe was born at Capricaerón in 22 BQF in the Cyrannus Galaxy. With Willelmus Cretacea as her uncle, and Apollo as her nephew she was born in a foremost and influential family. In her youth she had all she wished for, friends, a great family and a great room.

Zoe never aspired to become a diplomat or politician, she instead hoped to get a living in writing books and poets. However her point of view at life changed drastically when the Great Cyrannus War broke out between the Confederacy and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Shocked by the many deaths the conflict brought, and the fear of being hunted down as a family member of the president, her nephew Apollo, Zoe decided to fleet to the Quadrants. There she was given refuge by Rambo Nation and began living at the Rambo Capital in silence. After a few weeks she decided to join the Rambo Acadamy as she wished to explore the Cluster and as such graduated two years later as a petty officer.

Service onboard the EnterpriseEdit

As Zoe graduated in 03 NE/06 AQF, Zoe was assigned to the USS Enterprise-A under command of James Rambo. The Enterprise was preparing to leave to investigate the NX-Region, where New Cyrannian Republic captain, Helo Roslia had vanished. Honored to serve onboard the Enterprise, Zoe gave her full efforts and energy into her duties. During her early service the Enterprise came under attack by the Congregation, a lone cruiser appeared from an anomaly from the past.

Night shift at the change of the year!

During the attack the cruiser send boarding parties, and Zoe got injured during the ensuing battles though managed to recover shortly after. Later on, when the crew of the Enterprise continued it's sensor sweep of the NX Region, the vessel was drawn into a wormhole, that led them to a dangerous adventure into the future. After returning and recieving repairs at spacedock, the Enterprise continued it's voyages and Zoe continued her daily duties onboard.

At the last day of 06 AQF, Zoe was assigned to take over her offices position during the night shift, first sceptical she was welcomed by Tania and Codoberia. Together they ran the vessel during the night shift and change of year, managing to watch a movie and eating snacks as well.

Service onboard the USS ConstitutionEdit

Around 20 AQF, Zoe was promoted to Master chief petty officer by Rambo Command in recognistion of her skills and service onboard the Enterprise-A. Zoe was quite proud as she reached the highest non-officer rank and a fairly young age, on top of that she was asked by the recently promoted captain Ramickon Ramglover to serve as his chief engineer onboard the Constitution-Class, USS Constitution. A position she eagerly accepted.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Zoe, as a Libertus is a kind and gentle person, smart and eager to learn new things. She is also often described as dreamy and imagenative due to her love of poet and writing.

As Zoe is assigned to the operations division during day shift, she has various crewmembers working under her. Zoe specialises in services onboard the ship and is responsible for the maintaince of the ship service systems (-in example: power outlets, water drainage etc). Zoe is a niece of Apollo who she greatly admires, and calls Willelmus Cretacea uncle Will.

Onboard the USS Enterprise, she is one of the few non humanoids onboard, and rather small for a Libertus in length and that makes her a bit shy and unsure. Yet she is very kind and can get along with most of the crew. She is an excellent poker player as well.


Alessandra Zoe Cretacea

Zoe in her original appearance


LoveRelationFamily means a lot to me!


Green faceMy friends and those I trust!

  • James Rambo - One of my commanding officers! A great explorer and secretly I admire him!
  • Jolene Adams - The head science officer onboard the Enterprise
  • Tash Hannity - A bridge officer onboard the Enterprise


Yellow faceHmpf


Red faceFear the wrath of the Cretacea!


I am honored to have a crewmember of the venerated Cretacea family serving onboard my ship!

- James Rambo

I am proud of you, little Zoe. Your parents must be very proud.

- Willelmus Cretacea



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