A member of the Ultanos household, Alessa is one of Uriel's intermediate clutches. Characterised by her pleasant demeanor, youth and optimistic view of the universe, she is a kind-hearted soul who shares her father's tolerance and passion for lifestyles and society beyond the borders of the Draconid Imperium. Her humility has made her an exellent choice as a diplomat and while her career is still relatively fresh by the standards of her people, she has already made waves within the political circles of the First Gigaquadrant. Gaining both friends and unfortunately enemies along the way.


Early Life[]

She was born into the Ultanos line shortly after her father's coronation and grew up in the expansive grounds of the imperial palace. At first she was shy - her brothers would tell scary stories of the Blood Dragons and what they did to lone little girls (all of which were false) - avoiding the dragons and sometimes not entering a corridor they were posted in. This period ended when a brother-captain had heard of this and asked Uriel to set things straight; Uriel visited his daughter and told her the whole reason the blood dragons were there was to keep the house safe and that nothing bad is supposed to happen when they are around.

Uriel and several others offered to boost her confidence and she developed into a calm young girl. Not keen on actively fighting she was tutored in finer arts along with self-defence classes. When she was in her late 20s she would often visit the markets, forever intrigued by both the variety of alien life that bought and sold and the beautiful jewelery and clothing on offer. Her days would be spent not just observing the plethora of life but studying these same aliens in books and exonet articles. When she reached 40 she asked if she could be excused from military service. Although the lord admiral protested, stating that military service is what kept the empire standing, Uriel disagreed. Feeling that her self-defence classes were enough he felt she should spend a decade travelling and meeting other cultures. Sometimes she would join her father on expeditions and on first-contact missions. She learned from experience and many - both inside and outside the empire - wondered if she was of the same blood as the rest of the draconis.

Galactic Politics[]

When analysts had finally translated stray transmissions from the Confederacy of Allied Systems it was decided that Alessa would personally meet with them. Until now the draconis had not encountered a civilization as expansive as theirs but this was to soon change. After analysts organised the translations into a primer, Alessa spent a year studying some of the translated languages and what aspects of their culture were found in the transmissions. A week ago she joined an expeditionary team and boarded the gloyhunter-class TNSS Micas. The expedition was tasked with making first contact and headed through a wormhole in the Tholfame-5 Sector which led to an inner-rim exit point at the borders of Andromedan CAS territory.

Due to events at the time, Alessa spent a brief visit in Cyrannus where contact was mrely made with the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Alessa spent the next few years touring the empire until in 2787 when she organised a meeting between her father and Captain Lorrelas to repair relations after the Andromeda War's Firestorm Crisis. She grew fond of the captain and they talked fondly as she escorted him to and from the docking bay. A year later, Alessa was picked as part of a diplomatic envoy tasked with exploring the largely-unknown Segmentum Umbra. Originally filling her head with idealistic visions of dining with alien leaders and meeting crowds, her experiences were completely different. While visiting the Solarites she spent time in a prison while Admiral Jahric partook in a rebellion movement to free the poulation of the Solarite empire, and in vissiting Il'larion she experienced a kind of xenopohobia among the local Tertanai, eventually gaining their trust while Jahric fended off an attack by the Crystalline Hordes. When news reached her that the nations she had visited had formed the New Tertamian Alliance, she felt proud that she had helped form a new collective in Andromeda to further unite the galaxy in the name of peace.

New Dawn Era[]

Alessa's journeys as a diplomat led her to meet with several foreign dignitaries including the royal family of the Indoctrinate Collective, Medusa Heimdall and other lesser dignitaries. In 2791 Alessa joined Uriel on a visit to Tropicana in the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation in order to repair relations after Uriel had decided to accept a potential alliance with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus only for the offer to be redacted two months before the visit. Alessa accompanied uriel where she met Captain Lorrelas again as well as his sister CHncellor Lorrelas. Leaving Uriel to make the confession alone, she welcomed him back out of the room with open arms before they returned to Andromeda.

Unfortunately her deals with Medusa in 2792 led to increasing aminosity between the two of them, it became clear to Alessa that her interfering actions meant Medusa desired ehr suffering. Later that year, she was kidnapped by Admiral Kaios who was under payment by Medusa. After her capture, Alessa was shipped to the Arika nsystem where she was made a brothel slave by the Arikanians, sapient arachnids of a minor empire. Under the Arikanians, her wings were severed, her claws and horns were ground down to stubs and she was forced to live in a cage that was barely big enough to fit her in a cramped state. She spent time living this way for a month, not just as a dancer but forced to do the cruelest of chores such as shovelling animal excrement with her hands alone. A month after she arrived, she was caught in the middle of a raid on the brothel by Kaios and his crew, who did their best to capture her and return her to Uriel along with the head slave who had been following Medusa's orders under a hefty bribe.

In 2795 Alessa was the target of another kidnapping attempt. Kidnapped by Oreleva Khaxvis under orders of Volkarus Khaxvis, she was restrained in a lab owned by his second, Pyrak Yannor, who induced her to a ruel and rigorous pain therapy session, forcing her into compliance by exposing her to whr worst nightmares before convincing her of a false truth as to why she was at the enclave she was taken to. Over the course of a week she suffered nightmares and was comforted by a man she came to hold strong feelings for, before eventually returning to the Imperium and announcing her desire to uriel to marry her newfound guardian. only learning at the wedding her "guardian" wa sin fact Volkarus himself after he teleported her to a ship in orbit. Alessa watched helplessly in the grip of Volkarus's senior soldiers as seh watched uriel frantically battle to save her and himself from Volkarus. her attempts to sho how much she cared when Pyrak threatened to injact a pain-inflicting nanomachine serum into her body. After VOlkarus' jaw was split in half, she was saved and pulled by Uriel to a shuttleby where she returned planetside, much to the relief of Tyraz. Alessa was deprogrammed by some of the Imperium's top therapists to avoid a repeat incident and uriel agreed with Tyraz to give Alessa basic self-defence lessons should she ever find herself in the clutches of dubious people once again.

Because of her importance to him as a daughter, Alessa was sent to Forda to train in self-defence under Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va for three months. Hel'Bre'K assaigned her a training group of Fordan Draconis for the purposes of familiarity, becoming solid friends with one Draconis who agreed she could call him "Dan'" due to not having earned an actual name within Fordan culture. During their training she would talk to Dan' often when outside the training grounds and on occasion he visited her in her room, fascinaated by the world in which she came from. The two established a strong fondness between each other and even after returning to the Imperium she still maintaineda high level of contact with him.



A couple of decades into her adult life, Alessa is a slim and smooth-scaled Draconis woman of amber and sandy colouration. Bearing heritage from her father Uriel Ultanos and his consort Alensia Vossas Ultanos, Alessa bears a set of amber eyes and a large set of horns for her age. She often wears elaborate dresses when meeting people which are frequently of Praetoral design owing to her station as one of the daughters of the paragavatus. Like her father she bears a long mane of chestnut hair that gathers around her shoulders. In many cases she can be seen radiating a friendly smile over her snout, representing a pleasant demeanor. Her leck of military training means that her muscles are not well defined, but not does she lack any definabble muscle tone.


The thing that most people notice most when they meet alessa is her warm personality. Educated as a diplomat she is eloquent, soft-spoken and courteous at all times. She generally gives off the imrpession that she is pleasant to all who approach her, although in more recent years due to being targeted she has become shy to certain figures and reacts in horror to the names of Pyrak Yannor, Volkarus Khaxvis and Medusa Heimdall. She has however displayed signs of boredom such as lack of eye contact and glazed eyes on occasion, particularly around suitors who disinterest her.

One quirk that can make her stand out in a conversation is her insistence ot refer to Uriel as "Father" in the form of a formal form of address when referring to him, lacking a translated prefix such as "my" to distinguish who's father. In her free time Alessa prefers walking though palace gardens, vineyards or finding one of numerous short stories to read to herself, often while drinking a cup of tea when in her bedroom or a drawing room. She shares her father's interest in faraway places and half the time these books are either examples of foreign literature or accounts of life within foreign cultures.


Trained by some of the finest philosiphers and envoys available, Alessa is a confident woman in the field of diplomacy. Sharing her father's enthusiasm and interest in foreign culture have made her versed in twelve languages to varying degrees. Less well known is Alessa's interest in not only how spaients across known space think, but the very nuances, studying literature and research journals on xenopsychology as a private hobby quietly supported by Larnus Vontarion.

In order to build up her confidence, Alessa was introduced to meditational techniques comparable to the Chinese art of T'ai chi Ch'uan as well as breathing and workout exercises practiced by athletes and Minosian martial artists. Her versatility with a close-combat weaponhas been bolstered since ID.219503 when she was sent to Forda to train under Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va and improve her skills, becoming versed in the basics of hand-to-hand combat and further improving her sense of confidence.



Green face.pngI hold you all close to my heart

  • Uriel Ultanos - My father. I look up to you eternally for all you have done.
  • Alensia Ultanos - I know she means the best for me with her measures. But I wish to marry for love, not connections.
  • Septis Ultanos - My little brother is growing up fast.
  • Paronus Ultanos - My older brother. We have both been though hard times together but I know he will do anything for me.


Blue face.pngI hold you in high regard!

  • Tyraz - Its hard to say who is always more concerned for my safety. Is it you or is it Davius? I'm still grateful.
  • Captain Lorrelas - I always enjoy our calls together.
  • Dragon Captain Davius - I'm not a timid little girl anymore captain. I can take care of myself.
  • Kezoreg - I think he may be a bad influence on Septis. But other than that he has an odd charm about him.
  • Kithworto - I wish I could hlep him find happiness...
  • Koluap - Half the time he makes me smile, the other half I get a little unnerved. But I still care for you.
  • Renus Kantus - You have a lot of promise. I commend you.
  • Maxios Telvenum - You are certainly full of surprises.


Yellow face.pngPerhaps we can grow closer?

  • Arkarixus - You were very pleasant when we met.
  • Apollo - I'm not sure what his trick to success is.
  • Guolivian - Maxios talks about him a lot, I don't know...


Face threatened.pngS-s-stay back!



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She's a very nice and intelligent person. I would like to know more about her people.

- Windey Spinkarius

Serving you was a pleasant experience, ma'am. And if you know me, you must realise how much does it mean.

- Jahric

A charming woman! I wish her and her family well.

- Apaltar


  • One of her outfits was designed by TheImperios in the spring of 2012


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