The Aldephi Empire (The Aldephi) is a recently interplanetary civilization with 2 planets and a moon to its name. The main species, Promiscerous aldephi, are an alien type of creature most similar to a mix between Earth ants and plant life. They specialize in computing power, and using renewable energy. Aldephi as they are known, run on a direct democracy / communistic system where all goods are shared, and all Aldephi vote on matters.


Promiscerous aldephi are similar to both plant life and ants. An Aldephi adult can range from 1 to 2 meters. A usual adult is brown in coloration, has protective body pads in several parts of the abdomen, and have chlorophyll-filled leaf-like structures on their gaster (lower body segment). The gaster fills up with food from the leaves, and its storage can be used to feed other Aldephi in times of famine. In these scarce periods, Aldephi can use their jaws, usually used for speech and war, to eat flesh and eggs.

Types of AldephiEdit

Aldephi come in several different types. The smaller minor workers in evolution usually cared for pupae and larvae Aldephi. Larger majors, who also have larger jaws, typically defended the colony from invaders. Alate Aldephi are born with wings, which were used in evolution to fly to other colonies, mate, and become queens. Queen Aldephi were the main reproduction of a colony, but majors can also reproduce during the time when a queen has died and no 'alate' ant could replace her.


Before the modern Aldephi Empire, there were multiple, scattered colonies of Aldephi. Like Earth ants, they would function similarly but be hostile to separate species and, sometimes, other colonies.

As a stable political entity, the Aldephi Empire is around 1000 years old. This was when the first intercontinental communications became a reality for the Aldephi. Like Earth's yellow crazy ants, the scattered empires were able to coalesce into a massive country spanning the entire planet of Tierrano.

Around 4-500 years later, the Aldephi were able to land on the homeworld's moon and create the first settlements on another planetary body. Only a century ago, another planet was colonized, and the two outworld colonies were terraformed into pristine gaia worlds.


Aldephi are both communistic and democratic. It has been this way since the evolution of these creatures. All resources are shared in the empire, and private property is unknown. All Aldephi vote on issues concerning the country. This functions by using small electronic devices which all Aldephi carry, as well as a large server/supercomputer to store the results. This supercomputer is usually known as The Queen Computer, not to be confused with queen Aldephi.

Societal Aldephi RolesEdit

Like in evolution, each type of Aldephi has a separate role, but they are different to the biological purposes, mostly. Minor Aldephi are typically the computer scientists, engineers, and caretakers for young. Majors are soldiers, factory workers, and construction. Alates still fulfill reproductive purposes. Without other colonies, though, the alates now use their wings in youth as scouts. Later in life, alates become any role they desire, unlike other Aldephi. Queen Aldephi are still the mothers of the colony, and are kept safe despite not having a better say in government.


Aldephi are usually conservative on resource use, and try to minimize usage as much as possible. Socially, Aldephi are rigid in their hierarchies, which has lead to some discontent in some youth and alates. Aldephi are quite territorial but also inquisitive - they know when to fight and when to learn from those better than them. They are quite friendly when their territory is not being invaded.

Current PlansEdit

As a country, Aldephi are currently planning to expand their empire to more worlds. Terraforming attempts are currently underway on some planets, with colony ships in the process of being created. A SETI-like program has begun communicating using a range of light waves.

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