Alberen Engineering Corporation is a key military and civilian starship manufacturing corporation based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, headquartered on the Core World Alberensis, in the capital city of Tithonan.

Founded in 16,154 BNE during a golden age of the ancient First Republic, Alberen Engineering Corps established itself as a key supplier of the Republic's naval forces, retaining a level of prestige in the galactic Dark Age after the Second Nagith War and into the subsequent reigns of the Federation of United Worlds and the United Republic of Cyrannus millennia later. Though AEC was nationalised by the Empire after the Great Cyrannus War, its subsidiary Alberen-Coruaan Engineering remained in operation on the independent, and later, New Republic-aligned world Coruaan, where it supplied the bulk of the Republic Navy during its early years. Following the liberation of Alberensis during the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Alberen Engineering Corporation was restored as an independent organisation, albeit closely aligned to the interests of the New Republic.

With influence stretching across Cyrannus, AEC maintains dozens of subsidiaries on worlds across the Cyrandia Cluster, and throughout the centuries has been rivalled only by its primary competitors, Cyroenian System Yards and Scorpiaen Fleet Systems.


The Alberen Engineering Corporation was established following the merger of several Alberensian shipwrights in 16,154 BNE, during the era of the First Republic. Due to the abnormally high number of skilled designers and engineers seen among the Albersauros, the AEC quickly grew beyond the borders of the Core, establishing subsidiaries on dozens of worlds such as Tharasavis during the blazing of the Reach superhyperlane into the Inner and Mid Rim, as well as the pioneer colony of Coruaan on the fringes of the Unknown Regions.

Alberen Engineering has been headquartered on Alberensis since the days of the First Republic.

Though primarily known for focusing on civilian starships, by the outbreak of the Second Nagith War, the Alberen Engineering Corporation was responsible for providing the bulk of the Republic's military forces, including the highly successful and versatile Hammerhead-class cruiser, which remained in active service for millennia. The success of the Hammerhead-class highlighted the emphasis that Alberen Engineering Corps placed on reliability rather than innovation, which would both benefit and disadvantage the company throughout the millennia.

Although the AEC returned to primarily fulfilling civilian contracts following the fall of the First Republic, it continued to provide corvettes and frigates to the governments of the Core and Inner Rim Worlds, while simultaneously developing hundreds of smaller shipyards in the Mid and Outer Rim. By the establishment of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE, the Engineering Corps had entered an intense rivalry with Cyroenian System Yards, which for centuries had concentrated on providing massive battleships for the independent worlds of the Core. However, with the rise of a militarised United Republic navy in the years prior to the Trucinex War, both corporations sought be awarded the lucrative contract to build the next generation of warships.

Ultimately, the Senate awarded the contract to Cyroenian System Yards, which subsequently developed massive new battleships including the first Star Destroyers, which eclipsed any vessel constructed by Alberen Engineering. Nevertheless, the opening of Cyrannus to the wider First Gigaquadrant lessened the impact, with Cyrannian shipyards, including those operated by AEC being instrumental in providing ships to civilizations devastated by the Xhodocto.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Alberen Engineering was disfavoured by the militaristic new government, and was one of the first megacorporations to be imperialised, with the vast majority of its shipyards being repurposed to construct CSY-developed vessels such as the imposing Imperator-class Star Destroyer. Nevertheless, the Coruaan branch of the AEC remained independent of Imperial influence, with most of its top shipwrights becoming loyal to the New Republic following the Coruaan system's ascension to Republic membership. Initially desperate for contracts, Alberen-Coruaan Engineering became instrumental in building the New Republic Navy, spearheading CSY-inspired designs such as the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer and, harkening back to its origins, the highly successful Aether-class corvette, which became the navy's most versatile vessel.

By the end of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 26 NE, the Alberen Engineering Corporation was restored as an independent company following Alberensis' liberation by the New Republic.


The symbol of the Alberen Engineering Corporation.

Since its formation during the First Republic era, Alberen Engineering Corporation has been headquartered in the city of Tithonan on Alberensis, with dozens of smaller subsidiaries on planets such as Coruaan in Coru Secundus and Tharasavis in the Inner Rim. With the exception of the reign of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Alberen Engineering has been an independent company for most of its history, although it is heavily associated with the powerful InterGalactic Bank of Cyrannus—the most powerful of the galaxy's many commerce guilds. Internally, the Corporation is led by a Provost, who in turn reports to an executive board based in Tithonan.

Associated Planets[]

  • AlberensisPlanet.png Alberensis: Headquarters of the Alberen Engineering Corporation since the days of the First Republic.
  • CoruaanPlanet.png Coruaan: Home to the most powerful subsidiary of the AEC, Alberen-Coruaan Engineering. Notable for its allegiance to the New Republic.




  • The symbol of the Alberen Engineering Corporation was remade in Spore by Dinoman82.

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