When we fall, Akrom will stand. It will stand the test of war and time. And when it does, Akrom will return our species to where it stood before this awful calamity. I may only hope that the rest of the galaxy agrees so, and that our processes stay pure and prosperity reigns for the Therak.

- Unknown Therak of the Aoshanti Empire

I pity the other races. They will never experience transcendence into life. They will never hear the bells of Akrom chime in their ears. They will never hear her voice whisper to you, tell you who you are: one of her children. We love our mother, our great Akrom. But no one else may. To all of the greedy vultures who think they may bring sacrilege upon our weary mother, remember that if you want to claim her, you must first rid her of her children. And the Therak will not begotten rid.

- Technilith Aünsor

The Akromnik Dominance, otherwise known as the Theraki Stratocracy, is a militarist state founded within the Arrival region of the Aoshtai Galaxy that, unlike the majority of civilizations within the galaxy, finds itself on good, allied terms with the Ascendancy of the Broken Ring, which the Dominance considers to be the true successor to the fallen Aoshanti Empire.

The Dominance is easily provoked into conflict, deploying heavily augmented Therak clone armies en masse against their enemies. They have fought many, including the Ankoran Confederacy, Enclave of the Voidborne, the Inuneridality (which they believe ironically to be mistakes and affronts to Akrom), and at one moment, even the Ascendancy.


Fall of the TherakEdit

The year was 80 A.R. The Nibbairu hordes were in full swing with their barbaric razing of the Galaxy. The Jehol was rising supreme in the Demise. And the Therak were dying because of it. Their small empire within the greater Aoshanti Empire was being eaten at by the jaws of the Voidborne, and the Throneborne could do little to help. So, in a last ditch effort, the remaining Theraki Scientists created a single contingency plan, a plan to rebirth their species in the case of their extinction, and rebuild their empire after the ash had settled and the last embers of the great collapse had died. They called it Akrom, meaning “Womb of Life” in the most ancient of Theraki languages. As the last of the Therak died, Akrom complete, the species known as the Therak would become silent for millennia passing.

Akrom’s AwakeningEdit

Around 11,580 P.R, a strange signal began to churn through the range of the Arrival, where the old ruins of the once great Therak and Aoshanti still stood. A lonely stellar installation had come to life after eleven and a half millennium of stagnation. Strange machinations reverberated once more, and hundreds of thousands of pods revealed themselves, half-grown Theraki fetuses squirming around inside them, attached to numerous wires and tubes. 

The Akrom contingency had initiated. However, it soon found itself a major issue. As the first Therak exited its latticework of vats and machines, its psychology, altered by a single error in the stored genome of Akrom, found itself enamored with the complex, attempting to show its love any way possible. This initial specimen was terminated by the automated systems after the first tests, but when the trait of a mechanized Oedipus complex was found to be a fundamental quality to each and every recreated Therak, the system, unable to remove or repair the aberrant gene, accepted the mistake as a fundamental requirement for a successful clone.

Becoming DominantEdit

When our desires rose from even Akrom’s nurturing bosom, we looked, and found lands that we declared we shalt reap in the name of Akrom and our new Dominance.

- Autonoch Krësedin

As they reclaimed their homelands surrounding Akrom, the deep space arrays showed the Therak that many interlopers had taken what rightfully belonged to them. An Enclave of cultists who praise the space between worlds. A Confederacy from a far away land. A rule of decaying locust and their immortal masters. And most notably, a bloated Ascendancy, claiming itself rightful heir to all. 

All of them disgusted the Theraki people. How could the peoples of Aoshtai have fallen so low? How could they have come to such a degenerate, schismatic function? Then, in their time of most distress, as they looked over their broken home, as a species reborn, they had a joyous epiphany. They had returned for this very reason. Akrom, their bountiful mother, had tasked them with this! Their final importance! Their species return to power, returning to a dominant force of war that the old Therak had never once achieved. And in this momentous group thought, the Dominance of the Akromnik was first conceived.

What followed its creation was a series of wars and conflicts in the attempt of establishing the name, borders, and resource consolidation by the Theraki Stratocracy in the form of the Dominance Wars.

First Voidborne-Dominance WarEdit

The first known conflict the newly-founded Dominance has began was with their closest, and seemingly most aggressive, neighbors, the barbarous Enclave of the Voidborne. The Nibbairu-based church-state was all the more ignorant of the Dominance's initial existence, believing the Arrival to be a place of mere ruins of those who opposed the Void and found their punishement through it. This misconception was quickly mended with the tactical invasion of thousands of Theraki ships breaching through their weakly defended 'southern' borders, bringing with them an unending tide of four-armed warriors with a fanaticism close to that of the Enclave's when it came to pure combat and bloodshed.

This conflict went on for eighteen long, deadly years, until in 12,435 P.R, when the Dominance initiated its next war, consolidating its retreat from the Voidborne's space by torching their worlds to nothing but ash. The Enclave soon reinforced its southern borders with many more patrols, defensive stations, and anything else that may have proven useful if the Dominance decided to turn their horrible eyes back upon the Enclave. But to the Enclave's benefit, the Dominance eyed further, but fresher, harvests for the reaping.

First Confederacy-Dominance WarEdit

In 12,435 P.R, the frontier edges of the Ankoran Confederacy, idyllic and calm, but defended fiercely, faced the serpentine tide in all of its wrath. A still strong Dominance, slightly weakened after extended warfare against the Enclave, plowed through several dozen systems with ease, taking their resources, both biomass and weaponry, back to Akrom in continuous raids, sieges, and assaults. The Ankorans and their Droids, having defended their territory for thousands of years, knew how to effectively fend off conventional enemies. But an enemy with seemingly no end in sight? Even the battle droids could not halt the Dominance, as it inched closer and closer to Aether over the course of nine years.

However, the Theraki warriors, only months away from their victory, halted. Their numbers, looking seemingly infinite, could not be replaced by Akrom at the rate they were being depleted. The Dominance, for the first time in its existence, was forced to halt its war, and reconciliate, rebuild its numbers, and ready for their next combative moment. The Ankorans could breath a sigh of relief; They had proven to the Dominance that their defense was too much to overcome, and could be deemed too risky to attack oncemore. But, after two hundred years of self-imposed isolation and preparation, the winds of domination blew once more, the vanguard of a great storm.

Second Voidborne-Dominance WarEdit

First Inuneridality-Dominance WarEdit

First Khanbaqir-Dominance WarEdit

First Ascendancy-Dominance WarEdit

Third Voidborne-Dominance WarEdit



The faith of the Dominance and the Dominance alone, Akromnikism is a religion founded upon the machine it derives its name from.


Akromni Karachh



Akromnik Military

total mobilization time: 1-2 years
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 1 month
total mobilization time: 2 weeks
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED

recruitable population: 18.5 tril.
recruitable population: 125.8 tril.
recruitable population: 850 tril.
recruitable population: 1.02 quad.
recruitable population: 1.205 quad.
recruitable population: 2.5 quad.




Ground ForcesEdit

Therak Combat TroopersEdit

Vat HordesEdit

Theraki CallusesEdit




Fleets of the White StarEdit


Defense of the White StarEdit

Ghosts of the HyperlanesEdit

The WakeEdit



Stem RegenerationEdit



It is a refreshing sight, seeing a people would willingly take their rightful place as our servants, even if bloodshed was required for them to comprehend us. Rejecting their advances would be unwise, their skill in combat was by no random chance. I advise ensuring friendly relations, as they could be useful to us yet.

- 094 Disordered Acceptance, “advising” during a Senatorial meeting.

I pity those that are under the Ascendancy’s heel and enjoy being there.

- Infinite War

We are too weak to fight you so we will only approach with peaceful intentions.

- Tunnekūrā

Damn the Theraki! Damn the Dominance and their countless! Damn their very existence in the Void's name! They will atone for their sins against us with their blood on our blades!

- Unknown Archon of the Enclave of the Voidborne

Akrom is a peculiar device. Its clones specimens, while incompatible for Enforcer units, are also unique in their own, blinded ways. Infertile and dependant upon the machine, they come to idolize and love it. More research is needed to further examine the Theraki psyche, and if it may be overridden to bring a fertile strain of the species for Enforcer usage.

- Council of Overseers of the Convolution of Iyqua
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