Pertain our grasp over the night, and the day shall fear the Void. Akharavzund stands.

- Akharavzund motto

Akharavzund (Chaosphere Tongue - Akhárā́vzund - Fortress Upon the Mountain) is a faction lead by the demonic warlord Akharav in the Southern Mountains of Koldenwelt.

History Edit

The beginnings of Akharavzund are somewhat vague; the history of the faction, tied with their leader, Akharav has been erased from the history of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium. It is implied that Akharav's discovery of the fortress some 146,000 years after its abandonment after the phoenix Kinmorunddraver World-Walker had emptied the fortress of its inhabitants and deactivated the the fortress was the main reason behind the beginning of the Akharavzund faction. From what has been pieced together fifteen thousand years after the dissolution of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium, Akharav and his forces were a prevalent and hostile force against the Imperium, second only to the Void Denizens of which Akharavzund was allied to. The defeat of Caliagaduro Provectus had diminished the power of Akharavzund, and per Caligaduro's command, Akharav sought to reactivate the matrices of the fortress by delivering them the blood of the living - Nightshade Clan Vampires possessed the most powerful blood to do so. Having reactivated the matrices, Akharavzund sparked a war against the Nightshade Clan, serving almost as a proxy war between the Simulacrum Zran Kar and Caligaduro.

During the times of their presence in the Orichalcum Elf Imperium, Akharavzund had been a formidable force for the Dawn Wardens, having fought them until Caligaduro's own forces destroyed them close to 20,000 BNA.

Territory Edit

The Akharavzund Vampires call the fortress complex of Akharavzund their home. The complex consists of three incredibly large Void Fortresses constructed by the adherents of the Void some one hundred and ninety thousand years ago. The three fortresses, Akharavzund, Nagravaek and Mitaarek are one of the seven remaining intact Void Fotresses on Koldenwelt, another being Osdaemonis in Abyssus, the largest fortress on the planet.

Akharavzund Edit

Akharavzund is the first of the three fortresses that is marked in a triangular formation on the Southern Mountains. Akharavzund is the largest of the three fortresses, which vaguely resembles an underground citadel. Akharavzund was once known for its vast halls, cisterns and palatial towers. Most of the towers were destroyed by Kinmorunddraver World-Walker, but the largest of the towers still remain. Akharavzund's entrance is situated around 13,000ft (3,962 m) from sea level, in the midst of some of the tallest mountains on Koldenwelt.

The deepest reaches of Akharavzund contain the Akharavzund Void Matrix, which Lord Akharav and his servants bound their souls to. Like other Void Matrices, Akharavzund's Void Matrix contains a consciousness directly linked to that of Caligaduro Provectus - his very presence haunts the halls and controls Lord Akharav's every move like a ghost, delivering each of his commands.

Nagravaek Edit

Nagravaek is the second of the three fortresses. Nagravaek is believed to contain long, deep catacombs of those who once served Caligaduro Provectus. With the probability of Caligaduro's influence returning to Nagravaek through the means of Nagravaek's Void Matrix, Nagravaek has become a dangerous fortress to walk as it is likely that the dead has been raised. Caligaduro has given command of the undead to Akharav, but not even Akharav dares venture there due to the strong presence of Caligaduro himself. Akharav has attempted to bind his soul with Nagravaek's Void Matrix, but has proved futile.

Mitaarek Edit

Mitaarek is the third of the three fortresses. Mitaarek is known as the temple fortress due to it having the strongest presence of Caligaduro within the Akharavzund complex. Mitaarek's Void Matrix is the largest and most magically intense of the three, and Akharav attempting to bind his soul with it would likely result in his annihilation. Upon its activation, Caligaduro's consciousness engulfed the fortress complex completely. The vortex of magic within the highest reaches of Mitaarek is so great that Akharav struggles to maintain his sanity, and Caligaduro's very breath can be felt manipulating the course of the winds that blow through the fortress. As such, Akharav has not entered the fortress in over twenty thousand years. Caligaduro's own magic has cast an illusion over the fortress, hiding its location from the Source.

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