I shall not let my heart's desires cloud my judgment. I must defend my friends with my all, and pull any heads off of those that threaten them.

- Ajaar'Magnos

Ajaar'Magnos is the Supreme Military Arbitrator of the Mirusian Church, and one of the most feared figures among Spode worshippers. Not because he is necessary evil or malevolent, but merely because he is somewhat crazy. However, he is a loyal, devote Spode worshippers, who promotes all of it's ideals.

Strong, loyal, and brash, Ajaar respects and admires any foe, but will always crush any in his path. He respects his troops, from lowly Utuno, to the powerful Tugian, and treats them as their rank deserves. He finds speciesism and racism a primitive concept, and seeks to make and treat all before him equally. Many find his astute nature to be surprising, given his often brutish nature, but Ajaar is not to be seen as a stupid brute. Straight forward, after all, does not mean stupid or idiotic.

He is a close friend and comrade to Barda Clett, a warrior he once thought a demon.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Ajaar was bron on the homeworld of the Gardeili, Gardeiolos, born in the State of Salirmis, a small state between Aathanpia and Sarpatia, and was raised to be a warrior. His disdain for complex strategy landed him in the frontlines, especially when he threatened his superior officer by ripping his head off for sending their Utuno into a snip zone/mine field to clear out the hostiles. Ajaar was tasked with leading troops into the most dangerous combat zones, intended to teach him a lesson, that he never learned, or kill him, which never happened. His disdain for authority was matched only by his raw skill, and, despite his brutish nature, he was elevated to command, using simple but brutally effective strategies to defeat his foes, known for his bravery and zeal. This zeal was outmatched only by his disdain for military protocol, and hated "stiffs" who emphasized books on military theory and following rules over the lives of their soldiers.

The Nations of Spode expanded throughout the years, coming into conflict with the newly arisen Zarbanians, who sought to carve out an empire, and denied Spode. Ajaar lead many military campaigns against the future empire Gridlock himself, and although Gridlock acknowledged him as a great leader and commander, Ajaar could not defeat his foes, and was routed by the soon to be Emperor of all Zarbania and it's provinces. After this, he would serve under the Loda'Gadem, at the time a young drunkard, under the command of his uncle, the short, fat ugly Gardeili known as Shrk'Gadem, the two developing a strong friendship, despite their differing views.

They soon met the Brotherhood of Spode, which where their genetic cousins. However, Ajaar and other Gardeili considered them too pacifistic, and went on with their war-like ways.

War with the Ugandalorians Edit

Ajaar, with orders from the Prophets of Han'gora, lead the Nations into war alongside many other commanders of the Nations, with the Ugandalorian Empire and their allies. The war was devastating to both sides, and Ajaar frequently clashed with The Hunter/Demon, Barda Clett. The 2 often fought each other in very pitched battles, often almost killing each other. Despite his disdain for command and protocol, Ajaar remained in high rank, even though the Prophets and many other Gardeili tried to dispose of him or get him demoted.

During one battle, he bombarded the enemy fortification until the Ugandalorian settlement was reduced to rubble. Ajaar went down the surface to find a young Ugandalorian, clinging to life, who tried to kill him with a knife. Ajaar, after disarming the boy, was impressed by his tenacity and will, and, not wanting to kill an innocent, adopted the boy, even after his kinsmen showed distaste. He cared little, and even gave him a Gardeili name; Gelu'Magnos.

Finally, when the dictatorial rule of the Prophets of Han'gora became too much, and it was revealed they where in league with the Bachyeon, Loda'Gadem lead the others into an uprising against the Prophets.

The Prophet loyalists where killed, and the survivors where assimilated into the Bachyeon Hivemind.

Ajaar and Lorca then worked to re-establish the Nations as a peaceful organization.

Friendship with the Hunter Edit

During their time of redeeming themselves, Ajaar and Barda grew close in friendship, and often could be spotted hunting down beings Bachyeons agents, Cyber Collective assimilated, or Bio-Morphling imitations. While at first they could not stand each other, only working together because both superiors said so, they soon became close brothers in arms, and cared for each other deeply.

Helping the Brotherhood Edit

During the Enlightenment War, a group of Brotherhood Heretics, lead by an individual called Ghetsin, and his bodyguard Maccasin, split from the main brotherhood, and began to try and take over the main brotherhood. Ajaar, a group of UNOS Spec Ops troops, and Brotherhood Infiltrators, attacked the main fortress of the Heretics, and killed some of them, but Ghetsin, Maccasin, and most of his men escaped.

During the war, the Collective launched an attack, with their servants, against the planet Ugandalore. The Nations and the Brotherhood made their way to aid their allies in the Federation, and fought off the invaders.

When the Dead Watchers accidently reawakened the Enlightened Ones, the battle turned, and soon, the Collective where pushed away.

Ajaar then lead the fleets into the final battle, fought tone of the Cyber Collective's pawns, the Kashriinox Collective, and helped destroy them.

After the War, he became part of the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, lead by the 3 High Prophets of the Brotherhood, and Lorca'Gadem and his advisors of the United Nations. Ajaar was appointed to become the Church's fleet leader.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

I never abandon my friends. Not on pain of death. Even when my head is being pulled off. Which never happens. Because I always pull heads off, not the other way around.

- Ajaar'Magnos

Ajaar, despite acting like most of the Gardeili at times, can be quite the opposite of the of his well-spoken, and eloquent kinsmen. He can be brunt, a little unstable, and sometimes, crazy. He has a tendency to be somewhat crude, and little too forceful, but also has a tendency to have a soft spot for kids.

He is however, respectful, loyal, and kind to both his friends and enemies. He often threatens to pull his foes' "heads off.". His loyalty is famous around the Alliance, as he has thrown himself at foes that out-do him in terms of powers and ability, and yet never backs down, never ever letting a friend fight alone, even if it means his death. He cares little for how strong his enemy his, and will push at them until either he, or his foe, lies dead.

Ajaar is a loyal Spode worshiper, and respects other religions as well. However, he hides his distaste for other religions so as not to start a fight, not that he doesn't mind a fight.

Equipment Edit

Ajaar often wears traditional Gardeili powered armor, which protects all major parts of his body, and identifies his rank. He often carries a Plasma Rifle, and a traditional Energy Sword. He also carries some Vacuum Mines and Gravity Grenades in case he ever needs them.

Abilites Edit

Other then some elemental power, Ajaar has no special abilities, though is far more agile then any human. Due to his lack of essence abilities, and even below average strength for a Gardeili, Ajaar depends on his valor and skill to get him through, and, as stated above, cares little for his abilities or an enemies'. He will attack the most powerful of essence users if they attack his allies or himself.

Appearance Edit

Ajaar resembles most other Gardeili, except he's a tad shorter, and has 3 scars on his right eye. The rest of his body is covered in thin, but still visible, scars from battle. His most defining trait are his almost luminescent purple eyes, considered beautiful by many, even those not of his kind.

Relations Edit

Green face Friends Edit

I will throw myself as any enemy who attacks you. I never back down on a friend.

  • Loda'Gadem - At your command!
  • Tori'Valdem - I once thought you a demon. Clearly I was wrong.
  • Gelu'Magnos - My son and pupil.
  • Kossi'Valicar - Holy Warrior!
  • Barda Clett - No matter the foe, I will fight for you. Don't tell me otherwise.
  • Forbila Clett - I see why the Hunter likes this one. She is fierce and loyal.
  • Takanuis - A pinnacle of young warriors.
  • Kirta - I will lead you into becoming a great warrior.
  • W'tze - He has his emotions under control, unlike the rest of his race.
  • Queen Si'daal - You are attractive, and deadly. Such a combination is rather rare.
  • Oskel - A fine warrior, and a fine brother!
  • Lavern - We should spare some time.
  • Pulporius - See above.

Blue face Comrades Edit

I'm sure we'll pull some heads, and get to know each other.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

I neither want your head nor friendship, yet.

  • Prophets of the Brotherhood - Too much like the tyrants of Hon'Gora.

Red face Enemies Edit

Maybe you'll feel less like fighting when I pull your head off!

  • Makatus - My heretical foe.
  • Overseer Mortox - Vermin.
  • Overseer Terrox - Do not threaten my friends, or my family again.
  • Ghetsin - An Arch-Heteric with a sharp mind and a dangerously high level of charisma.
  • Maccasin - My greatest rival, unable to understand Spode's word. While blunt and aggressive, he does plays the art of battle fair, something I've grown to respect.

Quotes from others Edit

  • Add your own!

This heretic honorable foe, and a worthy rival. Despite our opposing views on Spode's will, respect has grown between him and me. So, Ajaar, when I will have my final battle with you and finally claim your head, satisfy me and let it be a battle to remember!

- Maccasin

To think, I hated you at one point. Now, we're like 2 brothers.

- Barda Clett

Spode demands you sacrifice flesh for metal and immortality. Just accept it.

- Terrox

Subject hindered us once. Will not again.

- Unknown

I gutted you once and almost killed you. And now we are allies. A little funny, huh "bud"?

- Viscivore of the Pseudopath

Trivia Edit

  • Some of his personality comes from Ajax's appearance in Age of Mythology.
    • This was made, because ZF did not just want an Elite expy of Halo, and wanted to give a Sangheili-based character more individuality.
  • Much of his personality, such as his extreme loyalty and willingness to fight even those that out-do him was based off the Godzilla monster Anguiros.

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