The Aininyë, better known to others as "Elves" are a race of humanoid like creatures found in the Quadrant Galaxies. There might and days of glory has long been gone, but their presence and influance is still seen throughout the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Aininyë have differant kind of subspecies, but all began with the Noldialtica, the first born and oldest of all Aininyë. They came into existence a long time ago, created and given life by an entity called the Ultimate One. Over the course of history various subspecies of the Aininyë came into excistance, some more powerful than others, and some not even found in the Quadrant Galaxies anymore. Yet all have a connection to the entity called the Ultimate One and honor his wishes and views upon life.

Main Races of Aininyë[]

The Noldialtica are the fairest of all Quadrant creatures and resembled the Ultimate One in spirit. They have leaf-pointy shaped ears and from a distance can be mistaken for humans. Though do not let them hear this, as they feel themselves superior to humans.

The Noldialtica are slende,r graceful but strong and resistant to most climate extremes. Their senses are much keener than most creatures, especialley their sight and hearing. Though the Noldialtica need sleep, they can go without it for months.

Their abilities are impressive, as the Nodlialtica posses holy abilities, from creating things from nothing, controlling gravity to shooting lightning from their hands or channeled through their weapons. To others, it would seem magical abilities. Their advanced abilities made them immortal to the sense of that they couldn't die from age or disease. Though they can be slain or killed by the use of poison.


The Noldialtica are the most ancient race in the Quadrant Galaxies. Coming into existence around 200.000 BQF by the grace of the Ultimate One. Under his guidance they became the first space faring civilization of the Quadrant Galaxies. Further more under orders of the Ultimate One the Noldialtica began seeding the five galaxies with life and ruled over them like they saw fit.

Soon they constructed portals at the Serindia homeworld and a large temple with a portal at a planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The quadrants florished under their guidance and they constructed cities and expanded their influance and even met with the Oikoumene in the Cyrannus Galaxy. At the same time the Noldialtica met other species and banded together to further fill the Quadrants with life and glory. Due to their alliance and working together with other ultraterrestial species the citizens and creatures of the Quadrants began calling the Noldialtica the Atlantica, the ancient and great ones. However around 149.000 BQF the Atlantica entity known as Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë (Forgotten Dark Lord) constructed the fortress of Barâd-Nâzg in Quadrant 82 and used it as his stronghold. Enslaving Lesrekta, the entity that lived there she became his primary energy supply to prived energy for the planetary shield. Yet he later vanished once more and the planet was removed from the Atlantica Archives and was lost to history for years.

Atlantica wage war

During the same time those who did not wish to become Atlantica left the Noldialtica civilization for their own purposes and were lost in time, or so it was believed.

Around 86.000 BQF the Thirteenth Tribe vanished for unknown reasons, though an era of peace and prosper arrived for the Atlantica, but their title as the only space faring civilization in the Quadrants came to an end around 22.500 BQF as unknown crab like species from Quadrant 82 also reached space and advanced fairly quickly using left behind technology of the Atlantica. Soon they had a large fleet and they discovered the ancient stronghold Lesrekta and the fortress of Barâd-Nâzg. Using it as their bastion they wanted to challenge the Atlantica, and challenging they did. The crab like species soon conquered large parts of Quadrant 82 and the Atlantica were forced to withdraw from Quadrant 82. This all happened within half a year and the crab like species continued to rule over Quadrant 82, trying to settle themselves at the various planets. They witnessed other species to evolve and advance to civilization stages and vowed to protect them from Atlantica influance, as in their eyes all were allowed to evolve and advance as they wanted, without influances from the outside. However, around 15.000 BQF both the Atlantica and the crab like species ceased to excist and left the Quadrants without space faring civilizations for years.

Clash of the Gods!

The Atlantica left the mortal world to live in the Realms of the Gods, close to the Ultimate One and looking over those who perished and went to the supernatural realms. Yet the decline of the Atlantica began and over the years many Atlantica were killed by unknown means.

What later turned out was that the fallen Atlatnica known as Artmyris had claimed himself a god and began attacking the other Atlantica to bring down the Ultimate One. Though defeated once, he soon rose again and began the Clash of the Gods around 0 BQF. Yet the Ultimate One defeated him and sealed him in a secret prison, though for the remaining Atlantica troubles were far from over as the Mornûnendur rose again under guidance of the evil Tyrómairon.

Further more, the last remaining Atlantica managed to save the Quadrant Galaxies from the Annihilation, though many perished by doing so. As of 05 BQF only 25 Atlantica remain alive of the once promising civilization, and only 7 of them were Noldialtica!

Known Noldialtica[]

The Urindalë Aininyë are proud and stubborn Aininyë, though still resemble the Ultimate One in spirit. Having leaf pointy shaped ears they distance themselves from other races and dislike to be mistaken for humans, as they feel themselves far superior to humans.

The Urindalë are slender, graceful but strong and resistant to the extreme cold in the Northern Region of Koldenwelt. Though they are smaller in appearance and look more weaker than the Noldialtica. Having keen sight and keener hearings the Urindalë use these traits to scout the Nortern Regions for danger and these senses also alert them of danger when they are sleeping to recover their strength.

The Urindalë posses limited magical abilties, capable of shooting small gravital bolts and fire from their hands. However instead on focusing on their magical abilities, the Urindalë have perfected their archery skills, and they are unsurpassed. Their advanced abilities made them immortal to the sense of that they couldn't die from age or disease. Though they can be slain or killed by the use of poison.


The Urindalë have had a troubled time in their early years around 120.000 BQF. Being off springs of the more powerful Noldialtica, better known as the Atlantica. Disagreeing with the views of the Atlantica the Urindalë left their newfound world and vanished into the unknown. Though no one knows, the Urindalë managed to create a portal to another dimension and settled themselves in the cold and icey northern regions of the planet known as Koldenwelt.

As such the Urindalë are one of the older races of Koldenwelt and soon became known as the Norterhn Elves. As Elves, they have a decent knowledge about the various species on the world and about magic, though the Urindalë are careful to use it. All of the male Urindalë serve as archers and the females often are specialized in hunting. Since there settling in the North, they have been ruled by King Sindrigal.

An Urindalë Elven Archer of the Nothernn Region are wonderful archers, though they lack in close combat and are one of the best archers of Koldenwelt. Though this trait made them arrogant and often refuse to talk to races whom they deem inferior. Soon after the female Urindalë were considered beautiful by other species, and are also skilled with small swords instead of arrows. When there husbands are at work guarding or hunting, they remain at home for cooking and caring for the animals. When in free time, the Urindalë enjoy there free time with singing and learning the ways of magic and the world, though the Urindalë do not leave the Northern Regions (except exceptions) and have chosen to remain isolated in the Northern Region, staying far away from the events and battles in the south.

War for the Eye

During there time in the north, the Urindalë befriended the Gorublan and the two began living together at Eruburgh, a settlement in the north. The capital of the North is the homecity of the Urindalë, known as Ondiliaë. They remained there for a very long time, living there in seclusion and not wanting to be bothered with.

This however changed when Koldenwelt was hit by the War for the Eye, an evil kingdom known as the Shiarchon. After the war the Urindalë became more open to the other kingdoms of Koldenwelt and even allied the Klaxxa and the Tragnon.

Known Urindalë[]


The Aininyë, better known as the Atlantica or the Urindalë left the Quadrant Galaxies ages ago, though they left descendants behind in the Quadrant Galaxies. Though the descendants of the Atlantica are not as powerful, strong or wise at them, they still had the capability to use magical power when gifted with a special DNA cel. Many of the decendants are also seen as subspecies of the main Aininyë.

Below will list the direct descendants of the Atlantica and the Urindalë!.

Carnthedain Elves 02.png

The Carnthedain elves are humanoid beings, with enchanced abilties like sight, hearing and smell and are even known to be able to use magic. The female and males are easily recognised, as is well known for humanoids. In past times the elves were once a great people, ruling the tundra's with their grand Kingdom. The elves have a height of around 2.0 meters and are pink colored.

Sadly their expansion and force of will made them enemies with both the goblins and the dragaons which eventually resulted in a terrible war with the dragons. With most of their kingdom in ruins the elves eventually managed to defeat the dragons who were lower in numbers but left the elves vulnrable to the following attack by the goblins. After the war the elves scattered and only a few number of them survived. Now living in villages they are shunned by most of the other races of Carnthedain, as they are held responsible for the war with the dragons. The elven king who led the elves into battle was known as Garlboz, but he is believed to have perished during the war. After the war many elves either hide or were enslaved by goblins and dwarves.

Yet the elves manage to live in peace and harmony with nature at the tundra's and still study the wildlife found at Carnthedain. The elves still hope to one day unite Carnthedain under a single banner again, but they fear that the goblins, under guidance of the Sorceror of Carnthedain will conquer the free cities. Sadly the elves are aware of the goblin army but none will hear their pleas. Later on in their history the Carnthedain Elves became a protectrate under Rambo Nation.

Notable Carnthedain Elves:

Chinawkya race.png

The Chinawkya are blue colored skinned humanoids. They originated from the eastern sectors of Quadrant 82. With their blue appearance their capital planet, Ivalaë soon rose out to one of the more dominent planets in the eastern sector of Quadrant 82. Though the Chinawkya can be compared to the humans, they are actually more resistent to extreme colds, and do not need extra cloathing on icey planets. Some of them are also capable of using magics, which is seen as the legacy of the Atlantica to the Chinawkya. Most of the Chinawkya have a slender appearance, which is considered as lovely by other races in the Quadrant Galaxies.

The history of the Chinawkya is filled with peace, and within years after launching their first spaceship; they founded their own empire, known to others as the Chinwakya Republic, which was ruled by an elected Chairman. However the Chinawkya were far from unified, their differant colonies in constant disputes about income, economy or trade they did manage to build one of the more bigger and most powerful ships ever seen in the Quadrant Galaxies, only rivaled by four others (Rambo, Imperials, Xiaans and Atlantica themselves).

When in 03 AQF the Rambo were victories in the Fornaeria campaign the Rambo allowed other races to join them, which was a wish of the Chinawkya for years. The Treaty of Fornaeria was signed by many, including the Chinawkya and they became full members of Rambo Nation, soon rising as one of the more prominent races of the Nation, together with the Serindia, Kloppig and Amiaeria. Upon their joining they were given their own sector, which was represented by the young but promising Senator Chuinaylia.

Notable Chinawkya:


The Oriquendiä are a humanoid species, decendants of the ancient Atlantica, and as such they are blessed with long life, enchanced abilities like reflexes, swift recovery and far sight. Their green skins make them easily overseen in the forests of their home planet, Zevia, as they allow a natural camouflage. Living in harmony with the wildlife, they only fear the brown fire spitting birds, as they seem to take their fellow brother and sisters. They have an average length of 1.80 meters.

The Oriquendiä have reached tribal stage, and discovered fire and make use of spears, though not for hunting but to find fruits high in the trees. Their are natural differences between female and male Oriquendiä, like most humanoids found in the Quadrants. The Oriquendiä have a habit of staying near there villages, not wandering far off and not liking adventure, as it could endager the village and the people living in it. However there are some individuals who seem to like to wander off and explore.

The Oriquendiä are only found in the western forests of Zevia, and are one of the only decendants of the Atlantica who are still in tribal stage.


The Sinleri are a subspecies of the Aininyë Urindalë and inhabit an island at Koldenwelt after they were forced to leave their homeworld, Sanderhal in the Quadrants. Over time, the Sinleri grew disatisfied with the Urindalë who inhabited the Northern Regions and the Sinleri began using dark and arcane magics to enchance themselves.

Eager to return to the place where they came from, the Sinleri have been plotting ever since to return to the Quadrants and gain dominance over the Cluster.

As a species, the Sinleri are a noble and beautiful race, clad in red and black armor that represent their passionate nature and aggression against their enemies. Though noble and once honest and fair, the Sinleri have begun to practice the arts of dark magic in finding their way home making them cruel and mean against their enemies and those that stand in their way.

For more information see: Sinleri.

Yudimaran species.png

The Yudimaran are red-skinned humanoids, native to the planet known as Yudumarth (though others know it as Yadumarth for some reason). The Yudimaran (both males and females) are physical more stronger than the average humanoid species in the Quadrant Galaxies. Having natural enchanced natural reflexes and better sprinting capabilities, they are one of the more gifted humanoids in the Quadrants too. Some of them also posses a special genetic DNA cel, which makes them magical capability. Most are noble and have a great sense of honor, they can be very aggressive and hostile to those who dare to threaten them.

Males and females are easily identified, males have horns and spikes and are slightly larger then there female counter parts but are also easier angered. While the females are more friendlier and nicer, though can also be very aggressive when threatened.

Living on Yudumarth is quite harsh, as it is a hostile planet with hot climates and sand storms. Nevertherless the Yudimaran managed to thrive and reach space on their own, though only colonised their own system. Most of their history remained in peace, though all changed when Geldrim rose to power and joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the planet came under attack by Rambo Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance. However further in the war some Yudimaran left as refugees and joined the Rambo as they wanted to live in peace.

For the notable Yudimaran see the Yudumarth page.

Zarbriaek species.png

The Zarbiaek are humanoids with spikes at their heads. Known to be hostile and ruthless to others they are living the way of the warrior and a lust for conquering, they are a dangerous foe if they consider you an enemy. The Zarbiaek are a proud race of warriors and tactician, but are also hard workers and will do any job when requiered to do so. Physical stronger than most average humanoids of the Quadrant Galaxies, they managed to become skilled warriors.

When reaching space, they encountered the Amiaeria, who turned out to be their neighbours, and lived in peace and isolation for many years, until finally together they managed to build large war ships for combat and defense during the Second Galactic War, which they did not take part in. Upon 01 AQF they were encountered by Rambo NationCaptain Ramcard, who laid first contact with them, and soon the two forces allied. In 03 AQF, shortly after the Fornaeria Campaign the Zarbriaek signed the Treaty of Fornaeri, which allowed them to join Rambo Nation as citizens. Soon they integrated in the Rambo society and lived in peace along the other species.


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