They are neither man nor elf, but the sons of bastard sons. Their blood impure, they bare the perfections of both.

Ainhelm, otherwise known by its official title as the Province of Ainhelm, is a nation located within the far northeastern reaches of Koldenwelt's main continent. A recent and young nation derived from the civilizations of man and elf, Ainhelm is inhabited by hybrids between the deiwes and have since been recognized as their own race by their progenitor peoples. While their territory is small in comparison to many larger nations, the Ainhelmic people are hardy and skilled, innovative in both the schools of magic and the studies of science.





Ainhelmic GuardEdit

The Ainhelmic Guard is the official military organization of Ainhelm and serve primarily as its defenders, encompassing both land and naval forces. The Ainhelmic Guard possesses a meritocratic hierarchial system based on achievement and is overseen by the Ainhelmic King, although it is directed and led by four Ainhelmic Generals who are experienced within the arts of war and combat. Members of the Ainhelmic Guard can be identified by brandings upon the backs of their hands, with more experienced soldiers gaining more brandings across their body as they raise in rank, such as their forearms, backs, chest, and neck, alongside their tidy hairstyles which can either be kept short or be shaven entirely. The soldiers of the Ainhelmic Guard wear full suits of armour made from durable but lightweight materials, allowing them to be agile and balanced while well-defended.

The Ainhelmic Guard use a variety of weapons in order to accomplish missions and establish tactics and strategy; daggers, one-handed and two-handed swords, bows, longbows and crossbows, and maces are usually seen among the Ainhelmic ranks. Magic and alchemy is often applied to the weapons and armours of the Ainhelmic Guard as per the elvish heritage of the Ainhelmic people, enchanting and arcanising their weaponry in order to deliver both magical and physical damage towards enemies. The boats and ships of the Guard are plated with shields that are forged from the same materials as the armour of the soldiers, as such they are durable to both physical and magical attacks alongside lightweight and fast due to enchantments with magic and general construction philosophy. Guard mounts, such as horses, tend to be large and physically dominating while clothed in plated pieces of armour to defend them while not hindering their ability.



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