Down with the Empire!

- Imperial Policy

The Ahsokr Empire is an empire located within the Cyrannus Galaxy. The empire was formed in the year 2794 by Jekad has part of his plan to destroy the Mornûnendur.


Twenty Eighth CenturyEdit

The Ahsokr Empire used to be the Ahsokr Republic from 2777 to 2794. During the years of the Republic it is unknown who ruled, but it is certain that the current ruler, Emperor Jekad was secretly controlling him and made him do as Jekad pleased. Then one day in 2794, Jekad was bored with the leader and thought it was the right time to kill the leader and make himself an emperor. So after the leader was killed and the Republic became an empire. Jekad started preparing the Ahsokr Empire for any attacks. By this time they have entered their golden age. They have become more militaristic, their economy is improving and they are becoming stronger than they have ever been so far. As the New Cyrandia Wars started, the Emperor arranged a meeting with the leader of the Cyrannian Imperial State, Imperator Tyermaillin and Zillum to discuss a possible alliance and the merging of military forces. The century ended on good terms for them as Jekad prepared his fleet for war against the Empire.

Beginning of WarEdit

As the year 2801 dawned the Ahsokr's fleet along with the CIS's fleet united to invade Onderthon and succeeded, though the Ahsokr fleet suffered heavy losses. Jekad was also severely injured. The empire spent a few months in recovery, though they managed to colonize more planets and acquire a larger fleet.

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