Your master will know the Dark Lord's wrath. But fear not, we are not going to kill you. We have another use for you.

- Agonânghâsh, speaking with the Blade of the Primercer before leaving him for dead on a remote ice field as a message to the Primercer.

Agonânghâsh was the Dark Lord's most dreadful servant, completely beyond all hope and mercy. A spear in the hands of Tyrómairon, Agonânghâsh was considered a shadow of despair to all that dared cross his path. Indeed, he was the Dark Lord's greatest tool and a bane to those who acted against the wishes of the Dark Lord. With a mastery of the mysterious dark energies bestowed by the Mornûnendur, Agonânghâsh was considered the most powerful acolyte of Tyrómairon.

Such is his mastery over Dark Mornûnenduran Energies that he was rivalled only by the Mornûnendur themselves, so much so that he could smite down other acolytes, such as Jiha'Rana should they displease the Dark Lord. His methods in battle varied greatly, though it is believed that he prefered close combat. However, he also served as a mental weapon, as the very sight of him encouraged suicide in even the most deadly foes. In battle, Agonânghâsh often appeared as an amorphous black hole of energy devouring all light and energy around him.

Agonânghâsh served the Dark Lord for over two decades, before finally meeting his end during the Second Great Cyrannus War, when he was destroyed by Ryen, Grandmaster of the Aldárae Order, during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds.

History Edit

Clash of the Gods Edit

Agonanghash Mission

Agonânghâsh's creation.

Always on the search for more and more acolytes to his will, Tyrómairon used his Dark Powers to use ancient Mornûnenduran knowledge to create the greatest of his servants, Agonânghâsh, often simply known as the Shadow. When he arrose, his new master gave him his first task, a test of his abilities, the destruction of Jiha'Rana, one of his fellow acolytes. Fully devoted to his master, the Shadow teleported away to where Jiha'Rana was awaiting. A titanic battle broke out between the two acolytes. However, Jiha'Rana's powers did not match those of Shadow who literally annihilated Jiha'Rana. Pleased that his master's will was done, he returned to his side, awaiting his master's will. Later, when Tyrómairon revealed himself to the galaxy as the new Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Shadow followed his master to Orbispira.

Lord of the Phaedra Edit

Clash of the Gods 09

Barthandel battles with the Shadow

A few months later, while on Orbispira, the Shadow was confronted by an Atlantican agent known as Barthandel who engaged the Mornûnenduran acolyte in a dreadful battle. However, just as the Shadow was about to attack Barthandel, the Atlantica stunned him and warned him against striking the Atlantica again, in response to Ekrillium's battle against Selenyia. Barthandel then left the battle, leaving the Shadow vying for revenge. Two years later, Agonânghâsh became aware of the rise of the Primercer, an ancient Oikoumene leader who was Tyrómairon's ancient nemesis. Under the orders of Mormuadáin, Agonânghâsh led Meketanor and Vandorallen on a mission to the Cognatus Empire to end the threat. Though Agonânghâsh managed to destroy the ancient AI known as the Licent, he was unable to destroy the Primercer. After the battle, he returned to Orbispira to help plan a second offensive.

Vision of Shadow

Agonânghâsh maddens the Blade.

As the conflict between the Emperor and the Primercer continued, Agonânghâsh continued to have a key role in hunting down and destroying the servants of the Fallen One. During one such mission, Agonânghâsh and Venatorius clashed with the Blade of the Primercer on the ice planes of Carthaniapian, with the Shadow of Despair maddening the Blade to the point where he was left on the brink of insanity as a message to the Primercer. After the battle, Agonânghâsh once again made his mark known during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, rallying the Phaedric Order in their devastating battle against the Core of Brezank. Though the battle was difficult, Agonânghâsh and the other Phaedra managed to win the day.

SGCW The Wheel Turns 4

Ryen fends off Agonánghásh.

Agonânghâsh was dispatched, along with the rest of the Phaedric Order, to Capricaerón during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds. There, he began his hunt for Grandmaster Ryen, and ultimately cornered him and his students within the tunnels underneath the city. There, the Shadow faced off against the Grandmaster, and was ultimately destroyed by Ryen's self-sacrifice, obliterated by the cleansing power of the Light.

Personality and Traits Edit

Agonânghâsh was nothing short of a complete shadow of darkness, showing no respect nor pity to those whom he vanquished in battle. He showed no mercy to those whom he has chosen to kill nor his own followers if they angered him. He was absolutely loyal to the Mornûnendur, but especially his master whom he served without question or regret. He would gladly wipe out an entire species if it would follow the path that the Dark Lord has foreseen.

Relationships Edit

Master Edit

Green faceI serve you and you alone


Yellow faceGrr...

Neutral Edit

Orange faceYou shall follow me.

Enemies Edit

Red faceI will break you.

  • Barthandel - You will not defeat me again Atlantica scum!

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

Serve me well and you shall be rewarded.

- Tyrómairon

Friends... we'll be friends... we'll be friends... we'll be friends...

- The Dark Purger

Your power is admirable. I'm sure you will serve the Master well, Agonânghâsh.

- Meketanor


- Gorf

Death... is... close... You... are... all... weak...

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

Interesting creature. My spies constantly fail in giving me information on him. Ah well, I'll just do it myself.

- Dark

Suffer the wrath of my powers!

- Barthandel

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