Agent Nu is regarded wildly by the Kicathian Republic's Agency alongside many law enforcement groups as dangerously loose cannon. Psychotic, deranged, apathetic and brutal, Nu has racked up accusations of criminal activity across Borealis and the wider Xonexi cluster. After spending time in Insomnia and being a host to Santorakh, Nu has gained a new lease on life.

That new lease however, involves doing whatever he pleases. With no known way to die and a head full of memories most mundane citizens would rather hide as they go mad, Nu now treats the universe as a personal playground to sate his desires and his interests and stave off boredom. His affiliation with the Agency also making him largely immune to the efforts of local law enforcement whenever he misbehaves. As a new century dawned, he decided to take a vacation to one of the busiest and most sought-after trade hubs and financial destinations in the Andromeda Galaxy: The selenopolis of Araveene

Welcome To The Merchant's MoonEdit

Agent Nu arrived in one of the major spaceports of Araveene, a bustling hive of incoming and outgoing traffic for one of the most cosmopolitan planets among the mid-core worlds of the Draconid Imperium. As was expected for such a busy location, Nu had to pass though the customs department in order to be cleared for entering the selenopolis.

After Agent Nu's vessel landed inside a hanger, several signs directed him towards the moon's customs checking service. Arriving at a scanning unit, a sign instructed him to place any externally held items onto a tray to be sent though an attached scanning unit. Nu, grumbling to himself, relinquished his pistol, and then a blade which was sheathed to a scabbard attached to the back of his armour.

Customs officer - Is that everything?
Nu - Yep. Unfortunately.
Customs officer - Pass though the scanner.

Truthfully, Nu was still hiding a weapon. It was a small dagger of sorts that was hidden within a compartment in his armour. He stepped through the scanner, humming to himself in some dissonant tune but he passed though the alarms went off and a customs officer took out a small device to further scan him. Nu was clearly frustrated at this predicament.

Nu - Oh, come on. I'm made of metal.
Customs officer - Any concealed compartments in that body of yours sir?
Nu - No.
Customs officer - Do you have a military or contractor's permit that validates your ownership of these weapons?

Nu's face contorted. His brow raised, before he leaned his shoulder over and pointed at the insignia of the Kicathian Republic's Agency at them. The customs officer looked at Nu with slight annoyance, but gave a slight nod.

Customs officer - Hm. By the way were you aware of a dagger-like implement stored inside your armour?

He sighed in defeat, swiping his hand over his armour, which deconstructed itself to release the dagger. He grabbed it in his hand and handed it over to the officer, who handed it to a partner to be checked after accepting it. Nu waited impatiently as all this was happening.

Nu - I forget you Draconis have advanced tech sometimes.
Customs officer - Well this is one of the busiest economic hubs in the galaxy sir, we have to be careful.
Nu - Yeah, yeah. Speed up the process.
Second Customs officer - Digital credentials check out, he's legitimate. Everything checks out, You're free to go.
Nu - Oh goodie.
Customs Officer - Enjoy your stay on Araveene sir.

Nu walked out of the scanner, his helmet restructuring itself around his head. He groaned in acknowledgement to the guards, but mostly ignored their words.

The arrivals department was busy with a variety of aliens of all shapes and sizes, speaking many languages. Outside the spaceport's entrance, Nu was greeted by an immense skyline of glass buildings trimmed with polished brass and silver that towered hundreds of metres above. Above all that, looming like a gigantic head in the sky was the gas giant that Araveene orbited, dominating the sky above. The streets were busy with both people and skycars. The district that Nu had arrived in was heavily adorned with holographic signs, projector screens and voice adverts. Quite clearly a commercial hub. The various projectors advertised all sorts of products, locations, services and the like. Gathering his bearings.

Nu walked out to the edge of the spaceport, wondering where he could find some kind of vehicle. Attention was drawing near to him as he was, to say the least, a strange individual. As he walked he noticed three options that were available in close vicinity; skycar rentals, a taxi stand and a nearby maglev terminal. Those that looked at Nu gazed with mixes of curiosity, uneasement and wariness due to the fact that he was both large for a Kicath and fully adorned in high-grade armour. Nu was unsure of what he was doing, but he started waving his arms around randomly in hope of attracting a taxi.

After spending several minutes several minutes flailing his arms, which caused even more people to keep their distance, a taxi-dedicated skycar flew close to him and opened its back door. Nu looked at the open cab and for a moment was confused as to what was going on.

Nu - ...You're not here to kill me, are you?
Taxi Driver - I don't have a death-wish so no, I'm not.
Nu - Oh. Taxi. Right.

Nu leaped inside the taxi, almost bashing himself out of the opposite door before halting himself, shaking the cab as the vehicle adjusted its suspension mechanisms to accommodate his weight. The jerking moetion of the car startled the driver for a moment and he pressed a buttom to close the rear door after he settled back down.

Taxi Driver - Most people use their phones rather than their arms to call a taxi.
Nu - Yeah. Never been here before.
Taxi Driver - I can tell. So what are you after?
Nu - Well...where can I get a nice drink?
Taxi Driver - "Draconis" nice or "everyone else" nice?
Nu - Well aren't we stuck up? Draconis nice.
Taxi Driver - Uhh I meant no offence. But whatever, I know of a club that offers what you're asking.
Nu - Sounds good to me.

Nu stretched his legs out on the back seats, almost casually so, as he was browsing displays within the visor of his helmet. The taxi driver shifted his skycar into gear and joined the aerial highways that criss-crossed the city, slowing down a few times to join lanes above them and towards the more sunlit upper city.

Taxi Driver - Excuse me for asking some kind of black ops guy? Mercenary?
Nu - Both. You never heard of an Agent before?
Taxi Driver - You mean the Royal Intelligence Agency or something else?
Nu - Dál-nyuramadálnarya [Dal'nyur above]...Kicathian Agent?
Taxi Driver - Okay okay. I'm sorry. We've been hearing less and less of them ever since the Kicath Empire decided to break off from the Andromedan Light.
Nu - Well, that's their fault. Kithworto doesn't want us going around in Kicath Empire territory. Says it's suicide. Taxi Driver - Can't say I fault him. The whole region's been dark for years.
Nu - Suppose word got out about that team that went into Andromeda?
Taxi Driver - You mean that group that acted like they could order the Light about? I've never met the guy but I wouldn't be stupid enough myself to anger Highlord Breek like that.
Nu - Trust me. Light covered that all up. Media cover up.
Taxi Driver - All I heard was that a bunch of aliens were summoned to the Seat of Light and inadvertently pushed some of Highlord Breek's buttons.
Nu - Tyraz? Doesn't like Kithworto. At all. Guy has problems. That, and a bunch of demons showed up and caused a few problems.

The driver snickered and shook his head from the mention of "demons". Up ahead was a venue with a front façade decorated in white stone, dozens of expansive skycars were landed and parked on a nearby ledge that was built as a dedicated parking lot.

Taxi Driver - Demons. Yeah, right.
Nu - Well, you weren't there for it. I died, came back to life. Met a few techno-gods...uh...killed a few...uh. Either way.
Taxi Driver - Sounds like a fun night for the right sorts of people. Anyway here you go. The Alabaster Lounge.
Nu - Good. ...What's alabaster?
Taxi Driver - Its a kind of ornamental rock.
Nu - Hah. Rocks.
Taxi Driver - I hear the club gets its name because a good amount of the stuff was used to decorate the place, and the VIP lounge? Pure. Decorative. Alabaster.

Nu stepped out of the taxi, looking at the entrance of the lounge while paying minimal attention to the driver's story.

The Alabaster LoungeEdit

The entrance to the lounge was via a pair of ornate golden doors surrounded by marble etched with dancing patterns inlaid with gold. At the front door was a Drallivian who acted as a doorman. Nu looked up at the front face and, far from being amazed, grunted with a sense of frustration.

Nu - Do they always pay attention to detail?

The Drallivian looked over to Nu and stepped up to him as he approached the club doors. Nu waltzed up to the doorman as the latter approached him, looking down to him casually.

Doorman - Name.
Nu - Eh?
Doorman - Are you heading inside?
Nu - Yeah, probably.
Doorman - Then I will need a name and details.
Nu - Name's Nu. Agent Nu.

The doorman nodded and checked a tablet device he was holding.

Doorman - Nu...Nu...Here we-- Oh. Hmm.
Nu - Lemme guess. Psychotic murdering Kicath with an immense criminal record.
Doorman - Three out of five.
Nu - Wow. The other two?
Doorman - Says nothing about you being psychotic.
Nu - Well that's a start.
Doorman - And...while it does not call you a serial murderer, I suppose your record speaks for itself.
Nu - Let's not call it serial murdering. More like multiple aggravated assaults.
Doorman - Well your record in Andromeda is minimal so I suppose I can let you pass, but security will be watching.
Nu - Well, at least I'm a celebrity.
Doorman - And with that you imply...?
Nu - War hero.
Doorman - This lounge attracts a few veterens. Head inside.
Nu - 'Bout time.

The doorman stood aside, allowing Nu to walk past him and into the lounge.

Entering the Alabaster Lounge, Nu's ears were met with harmonic classical music along with a decorated interior of red, orange and white, with alabaster statues of Draconis in the foyer. As with everything else typical of the Draconis, the lounge itself was clearly designed to be opulent and show off the self-opinion of its designers and patrons. All of it seemed rather strange to Nu - Kicath were not fond of overtly colourful design, nor was the music like anything the Kicath had ever made in their culture. However, he clenched his jaw and walked in, perhaps a little too casually for a place like this. The lounge was populated by mostly Draconis, Drallivians and a few other races. All of them were dressed to indicate they were of reasonably high status. When Nu walked in, some of them looked at him suspiciously as if he had just randomly stumbled into their perfect world from right off the street.

In one of the rooms next to the foyer was a large room with tables, booth seating and a bar counter. Nu took straight to the bar, fully aware that the aristocratic minority took interest in his appearance. A Ryketian was tending to the counter as Nu approached, delicately wiping a wine glass when she saw Nu approach. She became slightly disturbed after taking but a brief glympse of him.

Nu - ...What? You never seen a Kicath before?
Ryketian - No no it's just...forgive me. I forget sometimes that not everyone enjoys strangers seeing beyond their faces. Nu - What's that supposed to mean?
Ryketian - I am...a telepath, good sir.
Nu - Oh really? Usually Kicath are immune to telepaths. What can you see then?
Ryketian - Violence, blood and...guns. Plenty of guns.
Nu - Sounds about right. What drinks do you have here?
Ryketian - A wide variety of Draconis and Terratrix wines, although a few of the patrons are open to the odd Divinarium drink.
Nu - ...Radeon have drinks?
Ryketian - A few, but not very strong apparently.
Nu - Hm. Not like I can get drunk anyway. Gimme some.
Ryketian - You favour taste over strength, I take it?
Nu - Not really. I can't get drunk is all.

The Ryketian nodded and knelt behind the counter, removing from it a bottle that did appear like something crafted by Imperions. She poured the liquid out into a crystal glass and passed it over to Nu. He took a sip of the drink, made sounds with his mouth, sloshing the drink back and forth in his mouth before putting the glass back down.

Nu - Tastes like Andromeda.
Ryketian - An odd expression. Do you mind me asking who is your patron?
Nu - Patron?
Ryketian - Most who come in here are either nobles or affiliate themselves with one of the Grand Houses.
Nu - If you're referring to Kicath houses, well. None. Agents are without family names.
Ryketian - I'm not.
Nu - So what are you on about then?
Ryketian - Vontarion, Corus, Vex, Valocanus, Draconid Grand Houses.
Nu - Ultanos, if anything, I guess. Don't ask me how. My boss knows mister Paragavatus himself.

Nu looked at the cup, somewhat curiously.

Ryketian - Having a connection to the paragavatus is a very certain way to get in here.
Nu - Suppose so. Either that or House Aknatazán. If the name still means anything around here.
Ryketian - Given their connection to House Ultanos. It does.
Nu - ...So. Those áttharujakasat [high-borns] over there. What are they looking at?
Ryketian - Those what, sorry? If you refer to those staring at you...I'd say its the armour.
Nu - 'Scuse me one moment.

The Ryketian nodded and Nu took himself from the bar, holding the crystal cup. His helmet shaped away from his head, him smiling almost unnervingly at the high-borns he was approaching. The group he approached were a trio of Draconis talking calmly and quietly in one of the booth seats, speaking High Dracid they talked over exotic food and expensive wine. As Nu approached he stood with a smug grin across his features.

Nu - Hello, áttharujakasatai [high-borns].

Nu's comment disturbed their talks. One by one, they turned their heads and frowned at him.

Ellenus Varos - Do you mind, alien? I am conducting business.
Nu - Uh, yes. I do mind.

Nu sat down with them, fearlessly picking food from the table. These actions were much to the chagrin of

Nu - You were looking at my armour.
Marissa Varos - Armed mercenaries do not usually visit the lounge.
Nu - Mercenary? Wow. That's just an insult.
Ellenus - And what else would you be, walking around paradise dressed as if you were prepared to hot-drop onto some distant battlefield?
Nu - Tagárai [An Agent], perhaps?
Marissa - Tagá in the Kicathian Republic's "secret" police force?
Nu - Yes. Agent Commander Nu, at your service, ma'am.

Nu giggled immaturely as he mocked the Draconis way of speaking with this phrase.

Galus Vex - Did you interrupt this discussion to simply mock us?
Nu - Actually I was wondering why you were giving me a rather disdainful look as I walked through those doors.
Ellenus - And now you have your answer so please, we are conducting important business and do not appreciate nosy aliens.
Nu - Nosy?
Marissa - What my nephew meant to say was that you now know why we were staring, so can you please leave us?
Nu - I dunno. I feel like I deserve an apology. I detected oxytocin, vasopressin and corticotropin-releasing hormone levels rise slightly, which I thought was quite rude.

Ellenus grumbled with disgust under his breath. Despite an uncertainty on what the chemicals Nu mentioned were for, he had deduced that Nu had somehow measured chemical changes in his and his companions' bodies, something that could only really be done with the aid of mechanical devices. Being a conservative sort of Draconis, this thought of sitting iwth a cyborg disgusted Ellenus as he muttered "damnable cyborgs", to which Nu sharply turned to him.

Nu - I heard that, you know.
Ellenus - Then good for you. Perhaps to clear the air you can explain to us why you are comfortable with walking around a lounge such as this wearing a fully-working battlesuit. And not something more civil, such as what adorns our bodies. Nu - Trouble follows me.
Ellenus - So you are paranoid.
Marissa - Ellenus enough, you are not helping.
Nu - Paranoid? No. Psychotic, apathetic, with a complete disregard for life and tendency to commit trouble wherever he follows? Yes.
Ellenus - So you wear that armour because you have trouble controlling yourself?
Nu - I don't have trouble controlling myself. People have trouble controlling me.
Ellenus - Perhaps you should leave this booth before we consider contacting security.
Nu - I think security has already been contacted, has it not?
Ellenus - We have been patient, but that is wearing thin when you sit here, interrupt our discussion and eat our dinner!
Nu - Don't raise your voice to me.

Nu took an entire plate from the table, eating the food as he scolded Ellenus.

Ellenus - You have interrupted a very crucial meeting.
Nu - Trust me. If it is not to do with the fact that the Dominion have expanded their territories into the millions beyond Andromeda, then it is not crucial.

Galus stood up from the booth and snorted. He had kept quiet for the most part, passively sitting down and glaring at Nu as his companions tried their best to comvince him to leave.

Galus - Merissa, Ellenus, as much as I enjoyed our conversation prior to "this", I do not appreciate having my time wasted. Good day.
Nu - Whoa, where are you going?

Galus picked up his wine glass and took a sip.

Galus - If the discussion we had before you arrived will not progress, I see no point in staying.
Merissa - Wait, Galus the Kicath was just about to leave.
Nu - Was I? ...No. Don't think I was.
Galus - Then good day and blessings upon House Varos. We are done here.

Galus took another sip and turned around, walking away and leaving the three. Ellenus glared at Nu and was now fuming, tightly clenching his fists under the table.

Nu - Not gonna say goodbye to me, then? Rude.
Ellenus - You have no idea what you just did.
Nu - Pretty sure I did.
Ellenus - We were moments away from a corporate merger and you stole it right from under us, blundering over here as if our passive looks towards you were the centrepoint of what mattered in this room.

Nu looked at the cup next to Ellenus, seeing it was still half full. He totally ignored the comment, and asked him;

Nu - You gonna finish that drink?

Ellenus twisted his face in a moment of utter confusion

Ellenus - Excuse me?
Nu - I said are you gonna finish that drink?

Ellenus clamboured onto the table table and spread out his wings, thrusting a fist towards Nu's torso. While he was hoping to at least knock Nu back, the fist merely stopped on Nu's armour, as the Kicath just looked at the noble with either confusion or disappointment. Despite the momentum Ellenus had put behind him, Nu had reacted as a solid concrete wall would have, making not even the slightest movement.

Nu - I wanted a drink. Not a fist.
Ellenus - Get out of my sight!
Nu - Right, right. Fine.

Ellenus managed to regain his footing after stumbling, surprised by how easily Nu's armour stopped his punch. He stopped back, rubbing his knuckles. Nu stood up, grabbing Ellenus' drink, and then turned to the Draconis.

Nu - Oh. And don't hit me again. I'll kill you next time.

Nu took the full content of the drink, before walking away from the Draconis.

Ellenus - You do that and you will be staring down a battlefleet before you realise half of what is happening!

Nu turned back, almost jovially.

Nu - Listen, bud. I've died twice. I've had a Xhodocto in my head and now, because of it, I haven't found a way to be killed. If you're gonna make a threat, make sure you know who you're talking to.

Nu put the drink down on the table, before turning to the Draconis. Both of them looked at Nu as if he was something unnatural, something that they did not want

Nu - "Merissa, Ellenus, as much as I enjoyed our converstion prior to "this", I do not appreciate having my time wasted. Good day." Heheh.
Ellenus - No one is beyond death. Kicath.
Nu - Oh, I dunno about that. You're making me want to test that statement out.

Nu walked away from the booth, towards the doors of the club. Along the way, he casually stole drinks and food from the tables of other patrons. Elennus sat back down and huffed as he watched the Kicath walk out, watching as several patrons were clearly displeased at how he stole from others' tables. As Nu left the club the doorman approached him.

From his face, the Alabaster Lounge's doorman appeared a little irritated as he looked up at Nu.

Doorman - I saw everything you did and security is considering barring you.
Nu - Is that meant to shock me or something?
Doorman - Maybe, it just means you're on thin ice if you ever want to come back. Although if you had hit that noble back, you can forget being on thin ice.
Nu - Hm. Sounds like a challenge to me.
Doorman - I wouldn't call it that.
Nu - You've obviously never been to Tauyachon-4.
Doorman - Is getting barred from clubs a sport there?
Nu - No. Killing in clubs is though.

Nu finished off the last piece of food he held in his hand, a small ball of meat topped with spices. As he tossed it into his mouth he and looked at the Doorman.

Nu - Word of advice. If you ever go to the Remnant, stay in Anatezc-ji 0. I don't think you Draconis could handle a culture shock anywhere outside of it.
Doorman - I'll keep that in mind.

Nu walked away from the Doorman, waiting for another cab to speed along. Considering that it had worked the last time and that he never gathered a number, Nu resorted to flailing his arms once again to draw the attention of any taxis speeding past. Several taxis sped by i nthe space of a few minutes, all of them with extra lighting turned off to indicate that they were occupied. After several minutes of waiting a cab stopped by, As it settled down, Nu looked in the window to conveniently see the same driver who had dropped him off.

Driver - Well twice on the same route. Don't get that often.
Nu - Oh it's you again.
Driver - That's not a problem is it?
Nu - No, no.

The cab's back door closest to Nu opened up and he lowered himself to climb inside, rocking the cab a little as he tried to get himself comfortable, signifying he was settled with a collapsing thump. The driver looked behind himself and with a smile looked at Nu.

Driver - So where to next?
Nu - Well, you're the one with the suggestions.
Driver - Alabaster Lounge not to your expectations?
Nu - Actually, some áttharujakasat thought it funny to look at me.
Driver - Oh okay. You didn't kill him did you?
Nu - No. Should've, but no.
Driver - Heh, an hour into your time on Araveene and already you've made an enemy. Listen Araveene's a place where you can buy anything or go to practically any kind of outlet. You name the activity, I take you to what I know.
Nu - Hm. What would you think a Kicath Agent like me would like?
Driver - Hmm, I know this weapon outlet downtown.

A savage smile perked over Nu's mouth as news of a weapon store. The enthusiasm brought out a sinister chuckle as he relaxed himself in the back seat.

Driver - I'd also recommend a local bounty office but I'm guessing you're on vacation.
Nu - There's always time to do things like that.
Driver - So which first? Bounty office or guns?
Nu - ...Hm. Guns I suppose.

The taxi driver tapped in a destination into his taxis' computer and the taxi hovered away from its mooring on the side of the avenue. After travelling for a short while though the traffic it began descending into the city's arterial chasms.

Psycho Kid In A Gun ShopEdit

There was less sunlight down in the middle section of this burgeoning metropolis, and the skylanes were busier, more people walked the avenues that ran alongside the walls of these chasms. Nu spent most of the journey relaxing in the back of the cab, looking out the side windows and though the taxi's windshield at the metropolis that sped past him.

Nu - This reminds me of Tauyachon-4. Except I can see in front of me. Which is good.

The taxi turned at an intersection and entered a district where the cliff-like metropolitan superstructures were heavily adorned and embedded with numerous holographic signs and images for advertising of all kinds - drinks, art, weapons, expensive cars even starships. When Nu saw a few ads for certain starships, holographic advertisements for high-end liners constructed by Domcar Manufacturing, Nu rushed to the window to see the ad, looking mesmerised. The taxi driver took a peek backwards and smirked at Nu's behaviour.

Taxi Driver - Does "starship captain" come under your resume or are you more of a drone ace?
Nu - Drone ace?
Taxi Driver - Yeah you know, One of those guys who pilots attack drones. I spent about three years as one myself.
Nu - Oh. Right. No, I've been trained to use starfighters...except the Polar Crystal Alliance banned me from ever piloting starships...vehicles...anything that moves again.
Taxi Driver - Oh yeah I forgot not every civ out there remotely pilots its starfighters.
Nu - Don't see why. Usually we have some artificial intelligence piloting security drones.
Taxi Driver - Well those stuffs on Alcanti claim its to "provide opportunities". Sometimes I wonder if the Imperium's population only exists to suit its war machine, you get me?
Nu - You're telling me. My nickname is 'War Machine'.

The taxi slowed down in front of a building accomaniedby a holographic statue of a rather brutish-looking Zazane. The hologram itself, despite the modest facade was roughly eight metres in height and easily matched the upper threshold of the building's second level. Nu looked up at the hologram as the taxi slowed down to park.

Nu - ...Who's that? Well I should know, but the Agency denied me from having access to databanks.
Taxi Driver - I think he's one of the Zazane brothers that owns the shop. At least, that's what I hear.
Nu - Huh. Well. Time to pay him a visit.
Taxi Driver - Have fun.

The streetward car door opens for Nu to exit into a crowded street. Nu unfurled himself out of the back of the car, looking around the street. Despite his appearance, he somewhat blended into the crowd. Most of the peopel on the street appeared slightly less ostentatious than in the upper city. However a quick look of their outfits revealed there were still signs this was a middle-class area of the city, complimented by various aliens and tourists who ushed past and walked in large groups that folowed around him. He stormed across the street, almost battering a few bystanders out of the way with his stride.

Upon entering the arms dealer, Nu's ears were hit by the sounds of heavy-set music playing at a reasonably quiet level so as to stimulate but not drown out the thoughts of the listeners. The various racks and cases were adorned inside with a plethora of exotic and effective weapons of Zazane, Val'Kar and Draconis manufacture. Nu's interest was piqued in these weapons, and the music had appealed to him as well. For the most part however, these weapons were foreign to him due to the exotic designs. Most of the items on display ranged from medium-sized swords to daggers, SMGs and handguns and there appeared only a small portion of the shop as dedicated to assault rifles.

After briefly absorbing himself in the atmosphere, Nu walked over to one of the counters, attracting the attention of those there by slamming his fist against the countertop, denting the polished metal surface. Attending one of the counters was a Zazane deep crimson skin dressed in rugged attire, with a leather shoulderpad strapped to his left shoulder and armouring down his arm. After servicing a Draconis his eyes turned to look at Nu with a vague interest. He walked over, looking Nu up and down.

Sharl - Hm. I don't see many Kicath visitors these days. But you.... - the Zazane chuckled to himself - you're something else.
Nu - ...I'm not a Kicath?
Sharl - Oh you definitely look like a Kicath. I just don't see many dressed up to look like they came fresh of some elite special operations group.
Nu - Never seen an Agent before?
Sharl - Sen the news, heard Stories. But a city like Araveene you tend to hear a lot of stories. You're not one of those Kicath who claims to be so rich you "don't need currency" are you?
Nu - Never been to the Kicath territories either?
Sharl - Once. But those types are bad for business for me.
Nu - Anyway. What you got?

Sharl smiled devilishly and stood straight, rolling his shoulders back.

Sharl - All kinds; plasma blades, sub-rifles, hand-arms, electrostaffs. Most of it made to Draconis, Zazane or Val'Kar custom but I might have something to fit your body plan. Nu - Let's have a look then.

Sharl nodded and placed a sheet of digital paper on the table, pushing digital panels on it to bring up a catalogue. All of the products were being sold in Mimidian Credits. Sharl made a few adjustments and the equivalent price in Borealis credits was displayed below before he passed it to Nu.

He spent a few minutes browsing, leaning forward as he swiped the paper delicately to look through the pages. After a while he pressed his finger underneath an image of a rather solidly-built plasma-sheathed longblade, its designs echoing a Draconis longsabre.

Nu - Hmm, how about this one. looks fancy. Specs?
Sharl - Let's see...Blade length 1.5 metres, tungsten-steel alloy, gold-inlaid crossguard, plasma field resonates at 4000MHz with an ice-blue tint. Plasma sheath runs on a 300MW fusion cell installed within the hilt.
Nu - Hm. Hmmmmm. Hm. Price?
Sharl - 9500 mimidian credits. A good deal for a fine blade I'd say, I've seen blades like these sell for 15k.

Nu put his claws to the tip of his helm, contemplating the offer.

Nu - I don't usually go around places buying weapons. You got anything more suited for...let's say...mid-range combat?
Sharl - A few handguns and the odd carbine. But--

Sharl cleared his throat and leaned forward, resting his folded arms on the counter in some casual manner, inviting Nu close.

Sharl - The business does offer an extended range to clients with mercenary and bounty hunter credentials.
Nu - Guess I'm employed in that field.
Sharl - Credentials?

Nu reached behind his back, where a data chip of sorts was stored in a shoulder plate. It was small, small enough for Nu to handle carefully. He handed it to Sharl, albeit hesitantly.

Nu - Don't snap it.

Sharl looked at Nu, somewhat irritated at his comment. While Nu took out the chip, Sharl had repared a reader set withint the countertop. After receiving the chip he rested one side of the chip on the reader for a few seconds before lifting the data chip back up and handing it back to Nu. He then moved over to his counter computer and tapped a few panels, which caused the entries on the sheet of digital paper to change so that it now included battle rifles, sniper rifles and plasma shotguns.

Nu - That's more like it. Any snipers here that offer molecular disruption?
Sharl - Sadly not. Disintergrators are military-only weapons under Imperial law.
Nu - Grr. Hm. Anti-materiel?
Sharl - I might have one in stock, let me check.

Sharl moved back to his computer console and scrolled though his inventory. His features perked up and he digitally transferred what he had found to the catalogue, displaying a large-calibre Val'Kar rifle on the sheet of paper. Nu leaned in close and observed the blocky-looking weapon intently and with interest.

Nu - Ah. This one looks interesting. Gimme the specs.
Sharl - Korkar Industries anti-vehicle rifle, 0.35 calibre rounds propelled via a 300MW superconducting electromagnet series. Can propel to velocities of five-point-two k-p-s, all in a casing finished by the signature style of Korkar industries.
Nu - That could damage an Agent's shield pretty bad. Let's say I was going after criminals on a bounty hunting...thing...criminals around here well armed?
Sharl - Higher-end bounties are but only the very top ones would require a weapon like this.
Nu - Sounds good to me. Price?
Sharl - 35,459 mimidian credits.

Nu spluttered slightly, then chuckling, suddenly appearing a little anxious.

Nu - C'mon, bud. I'll give you 24,000 for it.
Sharl - 31.
Nu - Grr. 28.
Sharl - 29.5.

Nu sighed, muttering to himself in Kicathian. He could see from Sharl's posture and body language that he was unlikely to go lower than that. With his grumbling sigh, he nodded.

Nu - Deal.
Sharl - You paid good money for it, don't worry.
Nu - Do I get free ammo or do I have to buy that separately?

Sharl used the details on Nu's chip to confirm the transaction, digitally retrieving the equivilent value of Borealis Credits from Nu's bank account, all from his clerk's console. A few minutes later a suitcase-sized kit case was brought out by mechanical claw and set upon the counter.

Sharl - Store policy is you get three magazines complimentary.
Nu - Right. Good thing I don't miss. What with virtual accuracy retention modules.
Sharl - Your free magazines are in the case.
Nu - Right. Thanks.

Nu took the kit case, walking out of the store with a slight strut.

Sharl meanwhile watched him, standing back up to full height and smiling as he leaned backwards, feeling confident in himself. One or two customers in the store had seen Nu's transaction as well as overhearing some of the specs, their eyes passed over hi mas he left. Although most of the observers were smart enough that they were better off minding their own business. After he left, Sharl leaned forward to double-check the value he had gained and looked over the transaction amount with a satisfied smirk.

Holding the kit in his claws, Nu looked around to see whether there was another taxi rank in the streets. He held the kit tightly, almost crushing the handle due to the power of the systems in his armour. The nearest taxi rank was several metres down the avenue, outside what looked to be a busy hotel. At this particular moment, a trio of Draconis walked out of the building, followed by the media as they strolled towards an awaiting limousine. Crowds had gathered around the trio with exitement, kept from them by a velvet cordon. Seeing this, Nu contemplated to himself - whether to take a taxi, or to take the opportunity to see the event unravelling. Against his better judgement, Nu strolled down the avenue to see what was going on at the hotel. He clasped the kit on to his back, walking towards the entrance of the hotel.

The draconis were dressed quite finely, the quality of their tailored midnight-blue tuxedos bearing silver trim. Audiences and reporters were kept back with alien bodyguards wearing light body armour alongside the velvet cordons. Despite this, floating camera drones still took images of the trio. Nu took a moment to study the crowd and approached one of the bodyguards, asking them a question. Nu had to talk over reporters jabbering to the trio, asking them questions.

Nu - What's up here?
Bodyguard - Stand back alien, give these three some room.
Nu - I said, what's going on here?

Nu studied the reporters' questions before realising that these were media personalities. Listening further he gained the impression that they were actors and strutted past one of the bodyguards, easily pushing him aside and approaching the celebrities. The three draconis celebrities backed off in surprise and other bodyguards surrounded them, with a pair approaching Nu in a vain attempt to push him back into the crowd.

Nu - Uh...what are you doing?
Bodyguard - Get back into the audience bystander.
Nu - Bystander? Hey, I'm no bystander. All I want is a selfie with those three and then I'll be on my way.
Aurellus - Another one?
Nu - C'mon. Sure you don't know who I am?
Aurellus - If I do I don't care, why do you people keep hounding us?
Nu - Wow. You're not very nice. I'm a celebrity. Sort of.
Aurellus - If you want time with me perhaps see me after the premier.
Nu - You're pushing me off now? I'm a damn intergalactic war hero! Saved people's lives everywhere!
Aurellus - That's nice, really it is and I thank you for it but the three of us need to be prompt because we asked our security detail to not be swarmed by fans before reaching the multiplex.
Salvus - And we need to be at the multiplex in fifteen minutes.
Nu - C'mon. It'll take twenty seconds.

Salvus snorted.

Salvus - Fine.

Nu, considerably taller than the three, wrapped his arm around them, while pulling out a tablet device that was able to take photos. The three actors sucked in their guts and pulled off a convincing enough set of smiles while bodyguards continued to keep reporters and bystanders away.

Nu - Smile!

The device set off a flash, taking the picture.

Nu - Oh boy. This is gonna make Sarec jealous.
Salvus - Satisfied then?
Nu - You're a bit rude. But yes, satisfied now.
Salvus - Apologies, but this evening has been a little stressful.
Nu - Well...I'm off to do some things. If you get interviewed, tell them Agent Nu stopped by to say hi.

The three of them waved to Nu as they approached the limousine and climbed in, feeling ever-so-slightly unnerved by the experience they had been part of. Following his encounter, Nu strolled again, past the crowds towards the taxi rank. The taxi in front of the queue was occupied in the cabin by a Drallivian who appeared to have his feet on the dashboard while reading a local magasine.

When he approached, Nu tapped on the window, waving at the taxi driver. The driver turned his gaze to Nu, put his magazine down and pulled his feet off the dashboard. The driver coughed as he composed himself and activated his taxi's dashboard, shunting the door oprn.

Drallivian - Where to?
Nu - Got a place for bounty hunters to go?
Drallivian - Uhh yeah there's a bounty office three avenues down.
Nu - Well, take me there then.
Drallivian - Right, right, get in the back then.

Nu approached the rear door and crawled inside, taking a moment to reorient himself to spread himself across the back seats. Once he settled himself, he tilted his head as the taxi driver worked the dashboard.

Nu - You know, I had the same taxi driver twice, before. Happen much?
Drallivian - Sometimes. It often happens if you happen to time drivers' rounds right.
Nu - Right, well, let's go.

The Drallivian nodded and geared up the taxi, coordinating it to fly to the nearby bounty office.

Bounty Hunting In AndromedaEdit

Drallivian - So I'm guessing by your outfit you're a visitor to the merchant's moon. Liking it?
Nu - Seemed pretty good. Got me a nice rifle.
Drallivian - So you're going ot try it out on a few poor saps?
Nu - Hell, you don't need a cerebral enhancement chip to know that one.
Drallivian - Thanks for the compliment...I guess.
Nu - Well. You get many bounty hunters around here?
Drallivian - A few. Araveene's a place for all kinds of opportunity. Although most hunters come here, check in and then fly off to some far-off planet to cash in a kill.
Nu - Get much crime here, though?
Drallivian - Some. Although most bounties are for aliens Domestic Security would have trouble subduing without an armed response unit.
Nu - Well, let's say I like to test myself.
Drallivian - The best bounties are probably offworld if that's the case.
Nu - Nah, I'm good with staying here. I'm not travelling on vacation.
Drallivian - Who knows then, you might get lucky. Araveene's a core worlds planet, so the galaxy's greatest pricks have to contend with heavy ITN presence around here.
Nu - Heh. Sounds fun.
Drallivian - You have an odd idea of fun.

The taxi ride was only a few minutes, and promptly arrived outside the bounty office. From the outside it looked relatively mundane, the only clue as to what was inside was a screen showing the highest bounties in Segmentum Draco. Once it landed, Nu stepped out the taxi. He walked in with a powerful gesture in his movement. He viewed the screen, scrolling up to the top of the bounties. The taxi driver had a point. While there were bounties worth billions on this list, all of the "last seen" entries listed more outward sectors of the Imperium.

Dissatisfied that the billion-AEU bounties were far offworld, he scrolled further down the list, trying to find active bounties in Araveene. Scrolling down the screen displayed one bounty worth 78 million credits. Interested, Nu tapped the screen to look for further details. The board showed A red-scaled Draconis dressed in combat armour. Details mentioned the name "Sorvius Khaxvis" and an affiliation with the Khaxvis Resurgence, along with numerous minor details including a height of 3.2 metres and an affinity with battle rifles.

Nu - Khaxvis, eh? Wonder if I get brownie points with Kithworto if I kill one of them...

At the bottom of the post was a warning: Mark has displayed mentalist proficiencies. Extreme caution advised. Last seen: Ascendancy Nightclub, Emerald district, Northern Araveene. Nu studied the contract and nodded slightly with satisfaction.

Nu - A mentalist, eh? Well I have no mind. Should be fun.

For some reason, Nu was not using a locator system in his armour. Activating it, he set his location to the Emerald District. Venturing out, he made his way there. The locator tapped into the Exonet and searched though Araveene's GPS mapping systems to identify the Ascendancy Nightclub's location.


The Ascendancy Nightclub was a vibrant place, the neon-lit venue resonated with thumping music, and Above the dance floor were several balconies where important dignitaries talked. As Nu looked about he widened his eyes, shock turned into a smile mixed with a frown - exited for the change of scene but disappointed that he only discovered the club just now.

Nu - ...Why didn't the taxi driver send me here first?!

Nu noticed the group. A module activated within his armour, generating a shield over it. On the way there, he had constructed his newly acquired rifle, and stowed it on his back. He stepped through the bustling crowd of patrons, surprisingly silently despite his bulk and size. It was likely that the loud music and distracting mass of bodies had hidden him despite his conspicuous appearance.

Moving over to the bar, Nu took a seat. The environment was far more similar to that of Kicathian enclosures, who often enjoyed such kinds of places. There were already several patrons drinking and talking at the bar, some already intoxicated. Attending the bar counter itself was a Val'Kar, who looked up when he saw Nu arrive. After passing a large drink to one of the other patrons, he walked over and rested his hands on the counter with a friendly smile on his rough face.

Val'kar - Pick your poision, friend.
Nu - Let's see. You got Anvásamnói here? You know, silver drink? Kills people usually?
Val'kar - Might do. Hold on.

The Val'Kar turned his back to Nu in order to look though stocks to see if any of the requested rink was available. While he was occupied, two Kicath, dressed in white and black finery, entered the room. They were particularly young Kicath, walking over to the bar as well. As they arrived, the bartender turned around and had an opaque bottle into his hand. He opened it up and poured a silver liquid into a reinforced glass before sliding it to Nu.

Nu - Ah. There we go.
Val'kar - Never understood what you Kicath enjoy about killing your liver with one drink.

Nu took back the entire drink in one go, much to the amazement of the pair who witnessed it.

Nu - I like the taste. The liver? Well. Haven't got one.
Kicath - ...How did you do that?
Kicath #2 - Don't worry. He'll be on the floor in a minute.

The Val'Kar poured another glass and. Nu took the glass in his hand. The other two Kicath, one sitting by Nu on one side and then the other, looked at Nu with intrigue.

Nu - Heh. You should try this.
Kicath #2 - I'm more of a Jōlalasenasá drinker.
Nu - Pfft. Alright then.
Val'kar - I've only seen one other guy who didn't pass out after the second drink.
Nu - An Agent?
Val'kar - Draconis.
Nu - Draconis, eh? Didn't know their stomachs could handle a Kicathian drink. Last time I saw a kas-at [alien] drink something of ours, his stomach was burned.
Kicath - Yeah. Kas-at are not always smart.
Val'kar - Nasty.
Nu - Anyway. Have fun. Party's gonna heat up in a second.
Val'kar - Come again?
Nu - Oh. Nothing. Just be sure to duck when the time comes.
Kicath - That can't be good.
Kicath #2 - Better move out.
Val'Kar - No gunfights in the club.
Nu - Nanuntarǎz [My friend], not the smartest thing you could say to me.
Val'kar - Sorry but its club policy.

Nu left the counter, slipping away into the crowd behind him. He began to make his way upstairs, towards the balcony.

The balcony Nu intended to access was guarded by two battle droids, hwo instead of having fists, had shaft-like implements that resembled electro-batons that were offline. The droids stood vigilantly and looked at Nu as he approached, wandering casually. He straightened himself and looked at the droids in a mock friendly manner.

Nu - Greetings.
Droid - This balcony is off-limits to unauthorised personnel. Please continue walking citizen.

Nu's voice changed. It became somewhat cascading, machine like, as if a filter within his systems was shut off.

Nu - Check identification for unauthorised personnel. Identification code: 6-7-A-2-7-3. Security Drone 5917-21.
Droid - Identified. Kicathian Agent.
Nu - Personnel authorised. Permission to access facility.

The two droids powered up the electro-batons on the ends of their arms.

Nu - Well, that didn't work.
Droid - Identification. Kicathian Agent: Calibrated stance: Hostile.

Nu grabbed both of the droids heads, pushing them back and severing connections from the rest of their body. The droids' heads exploded gruesomely in a mix of synthetic gel, flexible plastics and ceramic armouring, their voices glitching and their movements spasming as their heads were crushed.

Nu - Hate it when that doesn't work. Stupid next-gen security drones and their identification process firewalls.

Nu stepped past the fallen droids, up to the balcony and shoved the double-doors open. The balcony was occupied by a serving froid and a Draconis who did not fit Nu's target's description. However multi-spectrum scans indicated this was a Khaxvis affiliate. The Draconis was startled and raised a plasma pistol he had holstered to point at Nu's head.

Nu - Oh yeah, like that's gonna work.
Khaxvis - Who sent you!
Nu - ...I did. I sent me. Me.
Khaxvis - So what, you thought you'd get on Ultanos' good side for picking off House Khaxvis?
Nu - ...Yeah. Suppose so. But you're not the one I'm looking for. So you can live.
Khaxvis - I'm not? Well then-- Wait. I'm saying nothing.
Nu - Listen, bud. I have three ways of doing things. You can either tell me, or I can work with chemistry scans to detect whether you're lying to me, or I can hang you out over the edge of the building and scare you into talking to me. What's it gonna be?
Khaxvis - ...You'd threaten with dropping a Draconis off a building to get answers?
Nu - Yes. Of course I don't drop you. I throw you. Hard.
Khaxvis - And if I tell you, he skins me alive or at best confines me to an enclave for telling you everything.
Nu - That's not my problem. Anyway, I'm gonna kill him, so quite possibly he's not going to skin you alive. Unless he's descended or something.

The Khaxvis flinched ever-so-slightly at the word "descended", although Nu barely noticed this twinge. So even if you knew where he was, what is the guarentee you will find him in time.

Khaxvis - Araveene is a big city and I am presuming you only just got here.
Nu - I've been out and about. I know my way around places. But the guarantee is that I am guaranteeing my success in the matter. So you might as well tell me where he is, or I'll bash in your skull, take your details and find him myself. And I know you don't want to die.
Khaxvis - So I have to choose between you killing me to extract what I know or telling you then being thrown before his or even' Lord Volkarus' feet?
Nu - Trust me, 'sir'. If you knew who I was, you wouldn't be contemplating on running right now.
Khaxvis - Looking at you I'd say you're one of those Kicathian Agents.
Nu - Bingo.
Khaxvis - I've heard the exploits of what you people can do, but I also know you can still die!

Out of a state of panic, shouting his final words, the khaxvis fired several plasma pistol shots at Nu's head and torso. The plasma pistol did far less damage than he had hoped, and onlyvaguely damaged Nu's shields, but, it would not have done any damage to Nu himself. Instead of outright killing the affiliate, he walked closer, grabbing the pistol from his grasp and snapping the barrel from the rest of the weapon.

Nu - No gunfights in the club. Club policy.

The Draconis looked at the stunted pistol and extended a concealed blade from a gauntlet on his wrist, growling as he lunged the balde towards Nu's side. However it merely deflected off Nu's armour, slipping off the shield. He then clasped the Khaxvis' weapon arm in his claws, leaning towards him.

Nu - If you know I am an Agent, you know that we're resilient to pea shooters and food cutters.
Khaxvis - That blade was....designed to pierce...Talon Marine armour.
Nu - Do I look like a Talon Marine to you?
Khaxvis - Like the Marine corps would fit its soldiers with armour resilient not to anything more than a can-opener. Nu - You know, you should've at least asked for a compromise.
Khaxvis - So you're going to rip me in two now, isn't that what most Kicath do in these situations?
Nu - Yeah. But, you know what? I'm not a normal Kicath. And how rude are you?
Khaxvis - Says the Kicath who violently forced his way into a matter that should be none of his concern!
Nu - Yeah well, I like to make myself known. Now. Are you gonna tell me where your boss is or will I do this the hard way?

The Khaxvis panted and growled for a moment, stressed. Eventually, after staring at Nu's helmet for several moments, he caved in. A sense of defeat could be effortlessly read off his features.

Khaxvis - The man you look for. He has a mansion downtown, Diamond District, Spirus Towers. 215th level.

Nu - Good good. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a drink on me.

Nu released the Khaxvis from his grasp and walked out of the club. The mentally-scarred Draconis collapsed to the floor, feeling defeated and frustration as failure crept more and more into his mind. After a few moments he tried to stand up, reaching for the ledge of the balcony to pull himself up, looking over the ledge as his head poked itself over the balcony's banister and at the dancing psychedelic lights below.

The Araveene EliteEdit

The apartment where Nu's target was located was a fair distance into the heart of Araveene's primary districts. After using maps, GPS and various instincts, Nu arrived at a building close to the tower Sorivus was using as his residence. Up here in the windswept upper city, towers rose from the city bulk like stalagmites of glass, reaching towards a space of infinite scope beyond them. The particular levels the apartment used were clear to see. Floating around the levels however were hunter-killer probes. Theoretically they served the same function as Kicath sentry drones, only much smaller.

Nu pondered to himself how he would reach those floors. Several towers surrounded the tower block his target resided. However for reasons of security or perhaps personal ego, the closest towers were half the size of this particular spire, the average height increasing after a few kilometres of distance

Nu, thinking it over for a few seconds, or perhaps whatever equivalent runs through his mind, marched straight to one of the smaller towers surrounding the area. Nu's plan was formulating in his head, but it was vague at best. While the destination tower was guarded form the outside, these other towers were not. No guards, no sentry drones save for those marked with the insignias of Domestic Security. In that strange mind of his, Nu formulated a plan.

Nu stepped out to the observational deck of one of the closer towers. He was attracting suspicion. While Araveene's importance made it no stranger to the odd Kicath resident, the population were less used to the sight of an Agent, armed in particular, who was on the observation decks of the tower. Domestic Security droids looked towards him while various bystanders - lovers, tourists, romantics and the well-to-do - backed away from him. After causing some unrest, one of the security droids approached Nu.

Droid - Apologies visitor but your carried items are causing some distress amongst the local bystanders.
Nu - I ain't gonna be here long.
Droid - Very well. We will be observing nonetheless.

Nu stepped past the droid, looking out over the high balcony, at the tower where his target was. He assessed the set-up of the tower; From the outside the apartment appeared to be a regular high-end residential spire with large plate glas windows designed to resist high winds and retain heat. The apartment itself however was several stories above him. With a snappy decisive huff, he turned around, addressing the bystanders and the security droids on the same platform as him.

Nu - Ladies and gentlemen, would you back the fuck away for a few moments, please?

The people around him were confused as to why but complied with his request silently, knowing better than to not pay attention to what he was saying. Nu jumped on top of the balcony's ledge, with his two feet firmly planted. Within his systems, he was creating a path towards the adjacent tower. Without any hesitation, he leapt from the balcony, and, what seemed like a jetpack system activated. Hurtling across the cityscape, he darted for the window, piercing through it at high speed.

As he smashed though one of the windows pressure of the room dropped for a few seconds before a forcefield materialised in the window's place. A pair of hunter-seeker drones had spotted him jumping though and made it though the hole before the forcefield came up. They darted about and began shooting at Nu with their underslung coilguns. With the shots unexpectedly piercing his armour's phasic shielding, Nu leapt back, unsheathing a blade that was hidden within his armour. He swung it with articulation, stabbing the targeting sensors of one of the drones, causing its accuracy to drop immediately as a result of the damage caused by Nu's swing, magnetically-accelerated shots flying everywhere except for Nu. The other drone kept firing, moving back to get out of melee range. Alarms sounded and the room was bathed in a blue light, indicating for the apartment's security detial to go into alert status.

With some effort, Nu shielded himself with his blade, eventually throwing it at the drone, narrowly missing the drone as it darted out of the way. Nu had other tricks and made a gesture with his hand, activating some form of mechanism between his armour and the hilt to return the sword to him. As the blade came back, it smashed though the drone. With its internal systems decimated, the drone felt to the ground with a clang. As the drone hit the ground, Nu could have heard shouting on the other side of the door.

??? - Whoever is in there, throw your weapons to the floor and submit! You are outnumbered and there is no alternative way out!
Nu - And why in the name of all that is wrong with the First Gigaquadrant would I want to do that?
??? - The alternative is certain death.
Nu - ...You don't really know who you're dealing with here, do you?
??? - We could say the same for ourselves.

A smile went across Nu's face; a new plan forming in his head.

Nu - ...Fine. I surrender.

The door slid open and a group of alien mercenaries marched in, one of them approaching Nu and glaring.

Mercenary - Hand your weapons over.
Nu - Only if you promise to take me to your leader.

The mercenary leader looked Nu up and down, before his face contorted into an expression of utter disbelief and he let out a harsh snort through his nostrils and teeth.

Mercenary - Pah! We're not falling for that ruse even if it could work.
Nu - Well I'm not giving in my weapons, then. I should just say that killing me won't go down well with my boss.

The mercenaries all laughed between each other. Nu laughed with them, almost psychotically, and unsettling them while doing so.

Mercenary - We're being paid by House Khaxvis. Do you think we'd give a damn about your employer's opinion.
Mercenary 2 - Okay I know what he said was funny but...that laugh is getting creepy.
Nu - Well you would if I said my employer was called "Kithworto Aknatazán".

The mercenaries stopped laughing quite abruptly. They didn't know who this intruder was but the name Aknatazán summoned chills among them.

Mercenary #2 - that really as bad as being on House Ultanos' hit list?
Mercenary - Maybe.
Nu - Well, you could find out...Or not.

One of the mercenaries took up the courage to make a gesture as if to shrug off Nu's threat

Mercenary - They'd send the Blood Dragons if they knew our employer was here. What makes this guy any scarier?
Nu - You wanna know why I'm scarier? Cause if you kill me, I'll just get up again. A little bit of a curse, but hey. I'll make my point.
Mercenary #2 - Udulov-dung.
Mercenary #3 - Let's see shall we!

One of the mercenaries drew a plasma sword and plunged it into Nu's back as deep as he could. The sword went straight through Nu's armour, through his back and then through the other side. Despite that, Nu made no cry of pain, almost as if he didn't notice it. No blood or liquids spilled from the wound, as if he had no sensation of the damage. The mercenary snickered and twisted the blade inside Nu's body, hoping to cause damage, and while it did, there was still no response from Nu. Instead, he turned around, the blade still in his body, and looked at the mercenary.

Nu - I'm on holiday. And you're just ruining it.
Mercenary - ...shouldn't he be screaming?
Mercenary #3 - - Bastard's probably got pain suppressors.
Nu - Are you gonna take me to your boss now? Made my point. Just put your weapons down and none of you will die.
Mercenary #2 - So you can kill him? Fat chance, pull back and open fire!

The mercenary yanked the sword out of Nu's back and ran to join the others who drew pulse rifles and fired volleys of plasma at Nu as they retreated out of the room. Nu just did not care and walked towards the firing mercenaries, his armour being damaged and burned with each shot. Their high-tech weaponry was damaging and burning his armour but the way Nu reacted it was as though his body had no idea he was being shot; no twitching, no reactions to the momentum, no change to his confident gait.

The mercenaries broke ranks and ran, firing at Nu on occasion as they ran for the apartment's main hall, they used their communicators to call for reinforcements as they retreated.

Nu - And now, my soundtrack.

Nu's systems within his armour hacked into the apartment's electronics and overrode the alarms in the apartment, changing the music to what sounded like Kicathian club music. He took the rifle from his back and walked further down the hall.

Nu - You could have just peacefully taken me to your leader, but oh no. You have to go and stab me in the damn back. Literally.

The change in music alerted other soldiers, and as Nu entered the main hall he was hit in the shoulder by a rail shot from one of the balconies above. Soldiers called out to fire disabling shots; to hit him in his arms or legs.

Nu - This is for making my vacation the best one ever!

Nu swivelled around, aiming at one of the snipers directly, taking a shot and hitting the sniper in the head, destroying his skull. His body collapsed backwards from the impact but he was not alone as two more marksmen shot at Nu's legs. He stepped to the side, aiming at the next sniper, and then the other. He fired in rapid succession, before marching further down the hall. He was singing manically to the music blasting through the floor, following the mercenaries.

Mercenary - Keep him out of the sanctum!
Nu - This would have been much easier if you just listened to me!

The mercenaries continued to fall back, with three of them approaching a reinforced metal door. While one of them struggled to get inside pushing the door open, the other two joined the two Draconis standing at the door as guards, their armour painted a bold crimson do denote rank or significance. Nu saw the one who was left outside, and aimed at him.

Nu - This is what you get for being silly!

One of the draconis stepped in front of the trajectory as Nu fired, the shot ricocheting of a combat shield that surrounded him.

Guardian - None but his favoured are permitted entry!
Nu - Oh like I give a shit!

Nu walked forward, putting the rifle on his back. His arms arched, ready to grasp the guards if needs be. The guards drew longsabres which hummed with a plasma field sheath. One of them stepped forward and swung his blade in a cutting motion towards one of Nu's arms. Nu dodged and delivered a heavy punch to the guard's head, followed by a knee to his chest. The guard stumbled, but he remained standing while his partner thrusted to stab at Nu's body. Nu was infuriated by the attitudes of the guards, and out of some strange feeling of necessity, he grabbed the wrist of one of the guards and drove the sword into his own torso. Crushing the guard's wrist in his hand, he then pulled the blade out and used it as his own.

Nu - Stop trying to kill me!
Guardian - Your orders mean nothing to us.
Nu - Oh okay.

While one Draconis collapsed out of a sense of pain, the other performed a flurry in order to cut at Nu's legs. Nu turned to his side, shielding himself from the flurry but the guard reacted quickly enough to work his way though the Agent's defences. While irritated that his strikes missed, he caught a glympse of Nu's tail as it rose up and shot forward to hit him in the face and grabbed it in order to stop it, squeezing with the intent to crush it. However he was overpowered by the sheer power within the tail and found himself being pulled by it as Nu threw his tail against the wall, sending the guard into it. Turning back around, he walked past the two guards, still singing to the music.

Nu - ...What day of the week is it anyway?

Both guards were incapacitated and the door left unoccupied. The two mercenaries who had tried to support them had retreated somewehre else, leaving Nu alone in front of the heavy-set doors. Despite the area being clear, Nu looked up to the large reinforced doors, walked back. Grabbing one of the guards by the leg, he started slamming the guard against the door as if he were some kind of weapon.

Nu - Open up! Room service!

It took several impacts to force the doors open. When they were thrown open, Nu was met with a circular room dominated by a panoramic screen displaying Araveene. Standing in the very centre was a large red draconis with the mercenary impaled on the end of his tail. The commotion forced the Draconis - who had his arms folded - to turn to Nu, tossing the corpse aside with a flick of his tail. Nu stopped slamming the Draconis, now dead, against the wall. He held the corpse in his hand, lifting it up. Sorvius - as could be deduced by his presence in the sanctum and his imposing figure, snorted with irritation. He spoke with a reverberation in his voice as he snapped at his uninvited guest.

Nu - Sorry, was this yours?
Sorvius - I suppose you did not understand that I was in no mood to be disturbed.
Nu - Okay, okay. Sorry. I'll be on my way. But you know what? You're a bitch to find.

Sorvius chuckled sinisterly, somehow finding Nu's attitude slightly humerous.

Sorvius - Most do not make it past my outer defences.
Nu - Well...I dunno. I get skilled in these things.

Sorvius turned around fully and stood square in front of Nu.

Sorvius - You thought I would be an easy bounty to claim, did you?
Nu - Yes.

This triggered a boastful laugh to erupt from the bowels of Soervius' lungs as he opened his wings out. Due to the innate modifications he had been bestowed, his wingspan was greater than most Draconis his size.

Sorvius - If I were an easy mark, then please, explain your theory as to how I currently still live. I know the price I have been given. Impressive for a core worlds target, but I suppose it could always be greater.
Nu - I ain't hunting you for money, by the way.
Sorvius - No. You're one of those Kicath who see yourselves as above that sort of thing.
Nu - Actually, I'm on vacation.

Sorvius' mirth was erased abruptly. He responded to Nu's response with a deathly glare and a snort, ejecting a jet of vapour from his nostrils.

Sorvius - So...I am but game to you. Well then, imagine how wanted I will be when rumour spreads I tore out the spine of a Kicathian agent-cmmander!

Nu turned his back to Sorvius, pointing at his own spine.

Nu - Go nuts.

Sorvius chuckled and marched forward, unfolding his arms and reached to grab a firm hold of Nu's tail. As he did so he jerked his arm back, tossing Nu across the room and into the panoramic screen. Nu ended up embedded in the crushed machinery, though, as per usual, it seemed that no damage was taken to him. He was, however, slightly dizzy.

Nu - Is you treat guests? Even what's-his-face is a better host than you are!
Sorvius - You have made it clear that you wish for my head. Unless you came all this way to join the resurgence's cause.
Nu - Man. Kithworto would not be happy if I did.
Sorvius - I know. Therefoere you are only here for one reason.

Sorvius walked up to Nu and grabbed his tail again, pulling him from the shattered screen and slamming him into the floor with all his might. Enough to shatter the floor and send Nu into the floors below. Falling through the floor, Nu made a slight grunt as he collided with the marble floor below, shattering the polsihed stone and leaving an imprint within it that conformed to his shape, surrounded by brittle cracks.

Nu - ...Did...did I just crush a family? You know what? You're taking this outta context.

Sorvius jumped down the hole and descended to crush Nu's torso under his foot butefore he could, however, Nu somersaulted backwards, delivering a kick to Sorvius with his two feet, towards one of the windows. Sorvius stumbled back as Nu's feet collided with his face. Unlike most who received such a blow, the worst Sorvius got was a dislodged jaw, which he promptly snapped back into place. Nu stood up and looked at Sorvius with a slight look of disappointment, but the Draconis' behaviour was definitely inciting a challenge.

Nu - Oh, so you're gonna be like that, then?

Sorvius grunted and charged forward, his head low to tackle Nu and send him backwards. Nu did not fall to the floor, but much rather his head was snapped out of place from his neck, yet Nu was far from dead. SOmething about his makeup did not allow him to die as others would. Within the tackle-lock, Sorvius used his free hand to repeatedly pound Nu's body, the armour he wore absorbed a great deal of damage, shutting off the shields. Nu, however, in Sorvius' grasp, contorted his body so that his feet were clenched to the ceiling. Using the momentum, he took Sorvius off the ground and launched him into the floor above. As Sorvius ascended ot slam into the ceiling, He took the opportunity to shift his head back into place, followed by many cracks within his body.

Nu - Alright, I'll admit. You're tougher than most guys I've fought today.

Sorvius had weathered the impact of his body against the ceiling. As he regained composure, black vapour surrounded his fist as he pushed himself out of the hole and delivered a bone-breaking punch into Nu's stomach, stranging the armour's integrity at the damage taken. Nu himself however was essentially still unhurt by the attacks. He doubled over from the force, but took a few moments to stand back up.

Nu - Listen. Can't we just get along?
Sorvius - You're forgetting you invaded my home!
Nu - Learn to share!

Sorvius wrapped a hand around Nu's leg and pulled on it. He dragged Nu to the floor, smashing his helmet against the ground. As the helmet shook and cracked from the impact, the systems which overrode the broadcast system stopped working, causing Nu to groan in disbelief as the music blasting throughout the apartment stopped abruptly as anti-hacking software overrode the program Nu's armour had inserted. Soredus stood up and plodded t olook over Nu, looking disgusted.

Nu - Did-- did you just stop the music?
Sorvius - I never liked that Kicathian racket.
Nu - Alright. Now I'm pissed off.

Nu shot himself forward, using his jetpack to grapple Sorvius. The force behind the jetpack both sent them flying out of the window, into the cityscape. Surprised at this daring and poorly-thought move, Sorvius opened his wings in order to stabilise himself as both smashed though the reinforced window and flew though the city which rushed past them below. As they soared, he head-butted Nu several times, any injuries he sustained began slowly mending themselves. Nu returned with crushing punches, delivering them to Sorvius' head and putting strain on the Draconis' skull. As the punches collided with Sorvius' head he growled further, the injuries he sustained, plus some older scars began glowing yellow.

Sorvius - ...enough of this.
Nu - You know, I don't like it when you say that.

As Nu's fist approached for another punch, Sorvius grabbed Nu's fist tightly, his eyes now burning with a demonic light as he spun himself around, throwing Nu towards the city below. As he fell towards the bulk of the megapolis below, Nu took the opportunity to use his rifle again. Aiming a Sorvius' head, he took numerous shots at the demonic Draconis. However, while the shots did impact Sorvius' body, they only succeeded in embedding themselves in his head as he began to transform, his muscles expanding and his wings stretching outward in a greater span than before.

Nu - Seriously?

Nu altered his aim, this time, going for his eye. As he was aiming, Sorvius altered his trajectory and propelled himself like a massive bullet towards Nu, the response was for the agent to manically fire at the demon's face, hoping that at least one of them would hit his eye. Only one shot managed to embed itself in Sorvius' eyebrow as he collided with Nu, the two bodies impacting mere seconds before both collided with a city street. The crater which they caused almost spanned from one side of the street to the other, with Nu struggling to move within the crater itself. In their descent, they had fallen though one of the city's smaller avenue canyons and smashing into the road at the bottom, half a kilometre down.

Sorvius stood up from the impact side and a sinister grin stretched across his snout as he looked down at Nu. He was furious, but also ecstatic fro mwhat he had been put through. It was quite obvious now that he was not normal, he was no longer a Draconis as the universe had known, now a twisted, rage-influenced monster fuelled by hate.

Sorvius - No one has ever irritated me...this much...before.
Nu - Feeling's mutual. Well. No. Someone has irritated me more. A lot of people have irritated me more.

Nu shook himself out of the rubble. He brushed some of the dust off his body and, assessed the damage caused to him and almost ignoring his enemy. The fight and the impacts had almost shattered his armour, plates were cracked and underlayeers exposed. Sophisticated circuitry and frameworks could be seen sparking and malfunctioning exposed by protective plates that had fallen from their fixings or obliterated by the numerous impacts they had been dealt.

Nu - Man, you gotta pay for that one.

Sorvius cricked his neck. Around them, bytstanders screamed in panic and cars swerved off the skylanes to evade the demon that stood in the middle. The street was quickly flooded with the cacophony that accompanied chaos and dread as everyone fled this scene fresh from a nightmare. Nu looked around and looked at everyone with disbelief. He spread his arms out and shrugged, completely confused and a little unhappy that these peopel were running.

Nu - Oh, come on. I'm not that scary.

Sorvius responded to Nu standing up by stamping on the Agent several times. For some strange reason, Nu's body was not even responding to the damage this time as he was looking around, almost as if he was completely ignoring him. He was spread across the floor but he appeared to show no reaction to being repeatedly stomped on. There was no sound of cracked bone, no sound of ripped flesh, it was like crushing an impenetrable statue, so Soravius stopped.

Sorvius - What are you.
Nu - In the most basic definition? I'm a Kicathian Agency Commander-Agent IV Mark II, Designation 13-1. More obvious definition is that I'm a Xhodocto's plaything.

Sorvius clenched his fists fists and lowered himself, a foot still pressing down on Nu

Sorvius - Then I suppose you will make an excellent trophy. or better yet, why work for Kithworto?
Nu - Honestly? You're asking me that question?
Sorvius - Even the most durable or mortals are stains of flesh with the punishment I put you through, and yet you live.
Nu - Wow. Must suck for you.

In a rageful retaliation Sorvius slammed his foot down again. Again, Nu did not care. He panted heavily as he looked down to Nu, scolding.

Nu - Alright. I'm getting bored now.

Black mist enveloped him and the demon vanished, replaced with a more Normal Sorvius, although he lacked the fine clothing he wore when they first met. Nu grabbed Sorvius' foot, lifting him off his torso as he picked himself out of the Agent-shaped hole in the ground. Unbalanced, Sorvius stumbled back, weakened from the period he was a Demon. he bent forward as he panted, still giving a deathly look to Nu.

Sorvius - Since I cannot kill you...and... considering the punishment you delivered upon me... perhaps we out an agreement.
Nu - what?
Sorvius - You...let me live... and I leave Araveene. In residence is yours. When I leave Araveene...I will declare it yours.
Nu - ...Yeah. What about that bounty on your head?
Sorvius - You said you were not interested in currency.
Nu - Oh. So I did. ...Drat.

Nu contemplated for a few moments, perhaps one too many moments. Sorvius reached out his hand, mild shaking in his movements as his body was still worn down.

Nu - Alright, deal.

Nu cheerfully slapped Sorvius' hand, almost in the fashion of a high-five despite the Draconis holding it out to be shaken in an amicable fashion. With the agreement concluded, Sorvius took a step to the side in response to Nu's gesture, and nodded once he found his footing. With a nod, he vanished in a cloud of black smoke. After taking a moment to breathe a moment of relief, something daunting dawned within that strange thing that was Nu's mind:

Nu - Crap. Where do I get the money to pay for this place, anyway?


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