The Agenany are a tall slender race of amphibian humanoids with composite eyes that are on the ends of stalks from the top of their heads , They are space-faring but only quite recently have they advanced their technology enough to build an empire. Though they are young, They are still recovering from the Milky way blight, Despite their technological inferiority they are still a moderate power in the Orion Arm.

History before spaceflight

The Agenany originate from the Vinor, A planet of many small island continents. Vinor has a kaleidoscope of environments, But the main ones are wetlands and temperate rain forests, Which the Agenany are well adapted to. The Agenany evolved sentience around 934 PA (pre-agriculture) And formed tribal societies and mastered fire and tools. They built their huts out of wood small trees, For they didn't have the technology to fell the large trees that can get as tall as 2 km in height. They hunted mainly Gazette, A docile deer like creature that inhabited the wetlands, And forged for fruit and vegetables which consisted the bulk of their diet.

By 276 PA the Agenany were master ship-builders and built wood sailing ships, slightly reminiscent of ancient Chinese junks, The Ships helped establish contact (which almost always was friendly) between other islands. by the time agriculture was developed three main tribes existed the Hopliians, the Volanese and the Portemeusians. Agriculture was at the time mainly the herding of gazettes for eggs and meat, as well as beasts of burden and the domestication of seaweed and a rice-like plant which was grown in the wetlands. In 231 FA (following agriculture) the three aforementioned tribes became cities. Each named Hopli, Volan and Portemeus respectively. Portemeus being the largest, trade was facilitated between them, but it was not until the invention of the Spice powered Motor did trade increase and the cultures assimilated, in 1987 FA after many technological achievements, Like electricity, flight, mass communication, advances in medicine and a manned mission to Monlyth, Vinor's moon, did Portemeus bought out by economic means all cities on the planet

History after spaceflight

By 2011 FA a united Vinor set it's sights on the planet Typerus, A cold world within the same solar system. So the first inter-planetary vehicle was designed at built, Called "Curiosity" which was powered by Green spice. To investigate, The mission observed plant-life, And conditions that could be survived by an Agenany, Albeit uncomfortably, without an EVA suit the missions success made space fight instantly popular and over the next 10 years ships scrutinized every square inch of the Helios system, And a colony was even built on Tyberus. But the Agenanys quest of exploration wasn't over and they were determined to travel to other stars. Silias was chosen as the main target among others, As it was the closest star, And had 1 confirmed exoplanet in the "Goldilocks zone" 5 automated Ships were built. Each designated to travel to a certain star, The ships were "Bussard Ramjets" a ship that , using enormous electro-magnetic fields (ranging from kilometers to many thousands of kilometers in diameter) as a ram scoop to collect and compress hydrogen from the interstellar medium. High speeds force the reactive mass into a progressively constricted magnetic field, compressing it until thermonuclear fusion occurs. The magnetic field then directs the energy as rocket exhaust opposite to the intended direction of travel, thereby accelerating the vessel. When the ship ship was halfway their the ship would reverse and would stop exactly at the starsystem. One probe named "Discvory" found an destroyed colony. Well anouther named "Spirt" encountered intelligent life: a race called the Hawnassau, A technologically advanced race of the Scientist archetype that were part of an multi-species organisation called the ISSU (Inter Stellar Space Union) which, the Agenany, Having anticipated such an event added an AI with protocol to make peace with any aliens they may encounter. The ISSU sent an envoy to greet them and the Agenany were considered worthy of being inducted into the union. Which resulted in mass celebration.

The ISSU introduced new technologies to the Agenany such as Warp travel, Tachyon communication and Teleportation, And elevated it's tier from 5 to 4. However the Hawnassau received alot of this technology themselves from reverse-engineering the technology of a deceased but advanced race named The Ancients. The Agenany utilized the new technology given to them to a considerably degree, And were colonising many new systems and producing large amounts of spice.

The ISSU as made up of the following races:

Drinols: drinols are dog-sized flying insectoids. They have 4 wings and 4 limbs. They are Traders and the wealthiest empire in the Union. Their government is actually an economic combine. The are Eusocial meaning they are born from a single reproductive queen that produces many biologically non-reproductive female workers, Each Drinol though, is capable of independent thought and expression. Drinols used to have instincts to produce honey, but now they produce spice.

Ehre: Ehre are Shamans and are as mysterious as they are weird. They are a race of worms that can conglomerate into one being. Each individual worm emits a weak eletrical signal, that a colony can use to connect their consciousness into one and take the shape of a humanoid. Ehre can, like how humans learn to speak , learn to amplify their electrical signals to communicate with other Ehre colonies, But the signal is to weak to control them and connect consciousness. A by product of this means of communications is that the worms vibrate and produce a grumbling noise, Which Ehre can use to talk to other races by turning that random grumbles into recognizable words.

Hawnassau: Hawnassau are bone-plated reptilians that are Scientist and are among the most advanced race in the Orion Arm examples of their achievements include the ability to store the energy output of a brown dwarf and anti-matter weaponry.

Kiolya: Kiolya are peaceful, nature loving race of Ecologists. They are the smallest race and make a lot of their money for terraforming planets for the other races, which they are renowned for.

Crusadion: Crusadion are 6 limbed reptiles that are Knights. They are the largest military in the ISSU. However they rarely use, Believing in only righteous war. They are extremely noble and honourably. They feel a duty to protect the union from evil sometimes unnecessarily such as in the Khaikilla unrest.

The Khaikilla unrest started in 67 CE (common era, after contact withe the ISSU) when a Hawnassau found extra-terrestrial life near the galactic core. An extremely violent squid like people whom were warriors. The Empire hailed the scout and screamed at them that they had entered a military zone and that they would shot at them. The Agenany warped in a peace fleet to help talk them down, Which failed and the ships fired on them, but the fleet disengaged before one was lost. The Khaikilla were so aggressive because they only had much contact with one other race, A terrible race of cyborgs called the Grox, which had destroyed their homeworld ten times. So they had to be violent to survive, The Crusadions thought that they should attack the Khaikilla for their hostilities. But when the Khaikilla started making demands for unreasonably high amount of money, Something had to be done. The ISSU assembled an elite taskforce of agents of all races to inflict enough damage cripple the Khaikilla war capacity so they couldn't attack the ISSU. The most dangerous threat were the massive planet buster flagships, While most planetbusters of advanced races can be deployed from a general use warship, The Khaikilla didn't possess that technological capacity instead large, dedicated ships were needed to store the energy needed in the khaikilla's primitive batteries. However despite threats by the Khaikilla on the contary the planet busters were never intended to be used on the Union but on the fierce war with the grox that they were losing and the demands for sporebucks were desperatly needed and the Agenany were begining to understand just how savage the Grox were like.

The Grox are a species that are well known by almost every empire in the galaxy. The are technolgical powerful and extremely violent and will not hesisate at shooting and destroying ships that enter their security zone, They have a massive empire around the galatic core. However they are easeily strong enough to take over the entire galaxy, But they are oddly defensive in nature.

An envoy was sent to meet the Grox and hopefully make peace with them. Or at least a non-aggresive pact. But the ships were fired upon, even after hailing the Grox and annoucing the purpose was to greet them. This started the Grox Wars. although the Grox didn't declare war, They invaded the desert colony of Pancona. The ISSU defense force mobilised to defend the colony but found that planet was devoid of life. This was due to a bombardment by the feared Grox eradication bomb, Which on the planet surface fires a pulse of energy that kills all organic life. The Grox wars was very destructive and lasted for 11 years in which 96 union planets were eradicated and 22 more heavily destroyed. Where as only 10 grox colonies were destroyed.

Near the end of the war the agenany intellegence belevied that the Grox were defending the galatic core because something very powerful was there and something they didn't want organic races getting. The Agenany belived it was their only hope for surival. The ISSU assembled 70% of the Union Navy in the largest ever fleet to get to the core though the attack was intially successful and penetrated deep into Grox lines the Grox were relentless and would not let the Agenany reach whatever was at the core. The intestity of the battles elevated and soon the entire fleet was destroyed. Save for a single stealth ship, Which undetected in the thick clouds of intersteller medium. Reached the Galatic core which was so massive it produced a powerful wormhole that the ship was sucked into. To the suprise of the crew they were greeted by a drone, Named "Steve" which was clearly malfuctioning, hinted by an increase in eccentricty. And gave them the Staff of Life. A device capable of terraforming a barren planet into a lush oasis within seconds. It was belived that this was a drone built by The Ancients. However upon return home with the staff the crew of the stealth ship found that they had a much more terrible enemy that was awoken from various formelly Ancient controlled worlds. An enemy called the Plague

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