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The Affornire Republic is a democratic government run by elected officials. At the highest level of government there is the Senate which governs over the whole Republic. The Senate is headed by the Supreme Senator who acts as the Head of State. Below them is the two Ministries which govern over the Affonire territories in the Milky Way and Mirus. Each is headed by a Supreme Minister who's job is the same as the Supreme Senator, but on a smaller scale. Finally below them are the Councils which govern over a planet and are headed by a Supreme Councilor who, once again, as the same duties as the other Supremes just on a smaller scale.

The Senate, the two Ministries, and the Councils are split into three branches that can, at their most basic, be summed up as the Legislative Branch which makes laws, the Executive Branch which carriers out laws, and the Judicial Branch which evaluates the laws. Councilors are elected by the people to the position from a pool of individuals selected by the Councilors from a group referred to as the Secretaries. The Secretaries help the Council micro-manage and were selected from those who pass the Attache Program, a program that educates and groom those looking to take on a government position. Supremes are elected democratically by the people from the heads of the political parties that vying for control of the Senate, Ministry, or Council. Once their term is up the Supreme moves on to the next level of government. The only place this hasn't applied is the Supreme Senator, the position having yet to change hands in several decades.

The Affonire Republic also has control over several other nations called Periphery States. Periphery States are given no standing in the Republic, but are allowed to govern themselves as long as they fallow certain tenets of democracy. These nations act as the Affonire Republic's military so the Republic can remain pacifist. They are also bound to support the Republic in times of economic crisis as well or any other time the Republic needs a scapegoat. However they are unable to rebel as they are kept complacent due to mass addiction to Affonire pheromones, which being cut of from can cause sever depression, psychosis, and even death. This and the fact that they know no other life, being completely cut off from the outside world and constantly subject to propaganda, keeps the Periphery States compliant. There are government officials looking to change this and abolish such practices, but xenophobic rhetoric from the people keeps the supporters of the Periphery system in power.

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  • The Affonire Republic was created to avert Democracies always being good and deconstruct the Perfect Pacifist People trope.
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