Our Dynasty is a place of kinship - trust is shared between family and friends, alone. Guess that's how we've survived so long, eh?

- Corzud Tal, Myrio hunter

The Aezal Dynasty is a Narazani coastal kingdom, reigning over the region of Vatisia on Graennarune. The Dynasty's people, the Aezal, are a diligent race of human offshoots, differing from their cousins by the serpentine traits shared between the Aezal. Sealed away from the world by Vatisian Tides, the Dynasty is cut off from a majority of foreign affairs - however, visitors who have overcome the lethal enviroment are free to witness the Dynasty's kingdom.

The Dynasty is encountered upon the fields of Narazen as a duality - the otherworldly, static denizens of Vatisia, and the ambitious, hunter broods of Myrio. Aezal broods reign as judicial forces in both the Dynasty and the Myrio nomads. A defining factor, their existence stems from the Aezal's ancestal folly, a remainder of the bestial union that built the Aezal. Notably, the Aenah Brood expressed dominant control over the Dynasty of Vatisia.

The Aezal Dynasty primarily deal in the alchemical and arcane, with the Dynasty authoring a unique magic school, controlling and taming the Shore's native elementals, and the transmutation of metals into ethereal matter. The Betrothed Shores are home to the esoteric titan Ciddu, who the Aezal portray as an ambivalent entity of change and adaptation. The dangerous region surrounding what is thought to be the titan's dwelling has only scarcely been traversed by the sapient life of Narazen, leaving only the mind to picture the Aezal legend.


All Aezal share the traits of their forefathers, the most prevalent of which is an Aezal's eyes. While the structure of one's eyes differs in individuals, all share the same factor: golden irises, slitted pupils, and a thin sclera. A rare recessive trait colors the irises red. Besides their reptilian eyes, the facial structure of an Aezal is the most fluid trait, something conceived at the division of the Aezal Brood. Depending on an individual's heritage, their resemblance to man fluctuates. One brood shares dominant traits of pure human mimicry, another passes down features resembeling aquatic Mer, while the most common brood gives its kin the "in-between": near-human, save for minor features such as scales, horns, and other markings. Beyond the Aezal's head, few differences rise, although Aenah spawn are occasionally are born with radical bodily features, such as tails, sharp growths on appendages, and severe skin deviations.


Birth of the HuntersEdit

It was an age of prosperity for the [PLACEHOLDER] elves. Some believed this to be their golden age, lightyears ahead of the [PLACEHOLDER]'s primitive neighbors; neighbors clearly devoid of a future as divine as the [PLACEHOLDER]'s. And maybe they were right. But it was in that expression of elven dominance that exposed the [PLACEHOLDER]'s dry, beating heart to the newbloods of Narazen.

Under the course of a century's work, the [PLACEHOLDER] sought to fabricate the bodies of demigods of ages past. Their true goals remain lost, yet one cam assume the [PLACEHOLDER]s intended to graft a new body unto their masses. Their methods of recreating half-divines extended beyond anything considered moral, yet this was uncared for -

Baptism of the ShoresEdit

The Dynasty has built itself upon the Betrothed Shores, a region drunk on the blood of a mystic war eons ago. An ancient empire, purely reliant on their esoteric energy, fell into civil strife above the Betrothed Shores. Writings tell of their clashes amongst the clouds, their sorcerers' blood raining upon the coastline in a horrid storm. The land and seas were baptized. As the apparation of an empire disappeared into time, the Betrothed Shores were transformed into a blighted oasis.

Convergence of EighteenEdit

Territorial DivisionEdit






Ciddu, Aezal Titan of the Shores The arthropodic entity of Ciddu is an enormous Titan residing in the Dynasty territory of the Betrothed Shores. Ciddu appears to those fortunate enough to behold it as a sprawling being of chitinous mass. Scholars conclude that the impossible existence of Ciddu was conceived by the region itself - during a vibrant era of ethereal disorder, brought upon the post-mundane Betrothed Shores by an empire of warring mystics. The pure abnormality of the region's lands, baptized in the blood of a thousand demigods, organized itself into a being of likewise nature. Ciddu's birth withdrew a potent volume of the region's ruinous energy at the time, rendering vast swaths of land partially mundane. These portions of the Shores were adapted to and dominated by the Aezal - known today as the Aezal Dynasty.

Ciddu is neither revered or despised within Aezal pantheons - to them, it is seen as an embodiment of Narazen's change and adaptation. Beliefs are enhanced by the existence of the Shore's native fauna, the Cidducian - astoundingly diverse organisms who are thought to originate from the titan. Cidducian life appears similar to crustaceans and insects, and rapidly branch into countless subspecies, a factor exploited by the Shore's denizens to supplant agricultural, militial, and economic needs through domestication and selective breeding.


Alchemy within the DynastyEdit



"Realus. An Aezal art of tearing the reigns of firament from chaos itself. Masters of the method lead beligerents into bombarding their target with a mountain of power, only to discover firsthand the potency of their attacks. Realus, in Aezal tongue, means Waveweaving: a name grafted upon the art after the school's notable manipulation of waves, such as energy, light, sound, and kinetics. The appliances of this school are most often used by Waveweavers to disrupt attacks, and experienced users are able to redirect oncoming assaults for their own gain, through restoration or reflection.

Alternate uses of Realus can deeply affect athletic strength, a boon utilized majorly by Aezal thieves, infiltrators, and assassins. These branches of the art include Realus-induced noise suppression, movement enhancement, force projection, and more.

Realus is believed to originate from experimentation on the Walkways of Ciddu, and Cidducian breeds are known to have varying levels of sensitivity to the mystic force. Some trainers of Cidducian fauna use Realus to express control over a linked mind between their titan-borne beasts."



The Shore's properties cause numerous anomalies to rise from its womb. Water elementals, known in Dynasty script as Hydrophrosi, are a common product of the rhythmic tide. These elementals vary in intelligence, mostly worm-like actions and neolithic kinesis. Hydrophrosi are hunted for their rich composition, used by Aezal alchemists and brewers to fabricate potent elixirs. Hydrophrosi are more often sought for a more mutual gain: when an Aezal consumes an intact Hydrophrosi core, their two lives intertwine. The individual falls under rest for a brief period, during which they are cared for within Aenah ziggurats. Once the hibernation ceases, the Aezal and Hydrophrosi wake in the same vessel, the elemental now serving as the Aezal's mystic guardian. These hybrids are better fitted for enviromental travel, such as desert scouting, for the traveler's hydration is maintained by their associate.

Foreign AffairsEdit

Aezal beyond the ShoresEdit

Scattered across Narazen's most ancient lands, bands of 10 to 12 Aezal search the world for understanding or domination. Domesticated Cidducians, namely Ishalio, trail their masters and act as pack mules. These nomadic bands of Aezal are usually the only members of their race found outside of the Dynasty, and as such are their race's only conduit to the rest of the world.

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