It's a place of kinship. Everyone there only trusts themselves. Guess that's how we've survived so long.

- Corzud Tal, Aezal wanderer

The Aezal Dynasty is an isolated monarchy that reigns over the Betrothed Shores, an ankmalous region its Aezal have succeeded to adapt to. The Dynasty's populace, the Aezal are an agile race of vaguely reptilian Deiwos - identical to Man, yet desecrated by the by remnants of their ancestors. A peculier folk, the Aezal are noted to be extreme skeptics of "outlander honesty" and express distrust, save for certain nomad broods.

Currently, the Aezal Dynasty resides upon the Betrothed Shores, a region afflicted by Elven mystique, where their living homes root on hallowed ground and buoyant huts follow a rhythmic tide. Nomadic offshoots of the Dynasty, however, are found in any environment, their motives a duality.


All Aezal share the traits of their forefathers, the most prevalent of which is an Aezal's eyes. While the structure of one's eyes differs in individuals, all share the same factor: golden irises, slitted pupils, and a thin sclera. A rare recessive trait colors the irises red. Besides their reptilian eyes, the facial structure of an Aezal is the most fluid trait, something conceived at the division of the Aezal Brood. Depending on an individual's heritage, their resemblance to man fluctuates. One brood shares dominant traits of pure human mimicry, another passes down features resembeling aquatic Mer, while the most common brood gives its kin the "in-between": near-human, save for minor features such as scales, horns, and other markings. Beyond the Aezal's head, few differences rise, although Aenah spawn are occasionally are born with radical bodily features, such as tails, sharp growths on appendages, and severe skin deviations.


Birth of the HuntersEdit

Baptism of the ShoresEdit

The Dynasty has built itself upon the Betrothed Shores, a region drunk on the blood of a mystic war eons ago. An ancient empire, purely reliant on their esoteric energy, fell into civil strife above the Betrothed Shores. Writings tell of their clashes amongst the clouds, their sorcerers' blood raining upon the coastline in a horrid storm. The land and seas were baptized. As the apparation of an empire disappeared into time, the Betrothed Shores were transformed into a blighted oasis.

Convergence of EighteenEdit

Territorial DivisionEdit






Aezal have domesticated a species of arthropod known for its rapid adaptive abilities, noted to fiil in the niches of Aezal civilization.

Alchemy within the DynastyEdit



The Dynasty's blade on the battlefield of arcana is a diverse practice. Realus is a school of [MAGIC NAME] that highlights manipulation of waves - oscillations in nature, be it through sound, light, or force. A practitioner of Realus deeply understands the rhythmic forces of Narazen, and applies it to a wide arsenal of abilities. While Realus is not known for offensive superiority, the boundless applications of the energy are strikingly effective defenses. Many Realus attacks focus on the halting or redirection of oncoming forces, for example, a jet of flames fired towards a Realus mage could either be reflected away, or fall to the whim of the intended target.


The Shore's properties cause numerous anomalies to rise from its womb. Water elementals, known in Dynasty script as Hydrophrosi, are a common product of the rhythmic tide. These elementals vary in intelligence, mostly worm-like actions and neolithic kinesis. Hydrophrosi are hunted for their rich composition, used by Aezal alchemists and brewers to fabricate potent elixirs. Hydrophrosi are more often sought for a more mutual gain: when an Aezal consumes an intact Hydrophrosi core, their two lives intertwine. The individual falls under rest for a brief period, during which they are cared for within Aenah ziggurats. Once the hibernation ceases, the Aezal and Hydrophrosi wake in the same vessel, the elemental now serving as the Aezal's mystic guardian. These hybrids are better fitted for enviromental travel, such as desert scouting, for the traveler's hydration is maintained by their associate.

Foreign AffairsEdit

Aezal beyond the ShoresEdit

Scattered across Narazen's most ancient lands, bands of 10 to 12 Aezal search the world for understanding or domination. Domesticated [BUG STEEDS], bred diversely for likewise purposes, accompany their wandering masters. These nomadic bands of Aezal are usually the only members of their race found outside of the Dynasty, and as such are their race's only conduit to the rest of the world.