Whereas time is linear and constructed, the decision in what time you have is arbitrary.

- Aeropagus quote

The Aeropagus, known in modern times as the Shka'Tun were an immense extrauniversal precursor hailing from the neighbour universe of Universe 66501. Tasking themselves with the evolution, propagation and simulation of all life in Universe 66501, the Aeropagus held dominion over their universe.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Tharaqím notes that the age of the Aeropagus was 'not able to be deciphered fully' from the Shka'Tun language to the common languages of the First Gigaquadrant - however, estimates the age of the Aeropagus, or at least the earliest maintained record of their history at well over four hundred million years old before its eventual dissolution. It is believed that the Vi'Navitum, a known precursor to the First Gigaqudrant and perhaps nearly all life ever recorded in this universe or any other, had quite possibly uplifted the Aeropagus into a precursor race hundreds of millions of years before any other race were to. Because of this, the Shka'Tun were free with their devices to construct life forms as well as evolve lesser forms of life for the continuance of Universe 66501. The earliest examples of their technological marvel were immense megaconstructs that were long forgotten into misuse as soon as life began to evolve beyond the need for such simulation.

Whether the Aeropagus had ever entered this universe is only theorised; if so, they may have had some form of contact with the Oikoumene (of whom some claim to draw similarities between the two), who were the precursor race of this universe whose influence and legacy remains almost intact within the Cyrannus Galaxy, extending to Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxy. Any influence from the Aeropagus in this universe if it were to have actually occurred has been forgotten over the millions of years since their first contact.

According to most, the Shka'Tun were the race responsible for the creation of the Mahanayan race, where there are many visual similarities between the two races.

Sphagarzi-Shka'Tun War Edit

The Sphagarzi, believed to be a Xhodocto-created race, began to spread throughout Universe 66501 and present an massive threat to the Aeropagus circa sixty million years ago. To further combat the threat, the Aeropagus had formed colonies within the Andromeda Galaxy in the event of the Sphagarzi eventually overrunning the Shka'Tun in Universe 66501. Within Universe 66501 itself, megaconstructs were created by the Shka'Tun which were to wipe out the threat, eventually dwindling the numbers of the Sphagarzi and heavily damaging the numbers of the Aeropagus. At that time, the Sphagarzi were a greater, almost parasitic threat, and was possibly one of many races who formed an ancient version of the Legion of the Deathmarch.

Further Influence and Decline Edit

With the rise of numerous, powerful civilisations within Universe 66501, the Aeropagus eventually faded into legend from around five million years ago. The Shka'Tun themselves became a rare sight in the universe, as their history began to heavily influence the later politics of their Gigaquadrant. The Mahanayan race, alarmingly evolved into near godhood with the gift of Vi'Navitum (and perhaps Xhodocto) technology accidentally, however for many millennia beforehand, wars were waged upon the desire to control the Shka'Tun's megaconstructs. The Sphagarzi threat further became present, eventually beginning to take over much of the Shka'Tun's territory.

Numerous beacons were activated in the mid 2760 ADs, however, when the Xhodocto threat during the Tigris War became intensely dangerous for all life within it, including the dormant Aeropagus presence in Andromeda. The Delpha Coalition of Planets, one of the most influential authorities in the universe further investigated the presence of the extrauniversal precursors, and the Aeropagus offered safe passage as the Xhodocto were to eventually render the universe into dystopia.

For a number of years, the Aeropagus played host to the Seven Starr Alliance, where the Xhodocto had followed them, rising the Sphagarzi presence for a third time. Eventually, the combined efforts of the Shka'Tun, as well as strange, unexplained behaviour of the Xhodocto, repaired the integrity of the universe, in which the Seven Starr Alliance returned. After this time however, the Shka'Tun began to degrade radically as the Xhodocto had slowly destroyed their presence in their native universe, and eventually doing away with the Aeropagus come the Annihilation. This, however, sent the ancient Andromedan presence to become Gigaqudrantic knowledge, however the formed Dominion of the Xhodocto were quickly destroying their territory, thus ending the Aeropagus by 2791.

With their immense technological advancement, however, the Aeropagus may still exist within pocket dimensions or even other universes, where they lie fragmented from their origins.

Legacy Edit

Since they were a dormant power within Andromeda for nearly sixty million years, the knowledge of the Aeropagus was mostly unknown until recent years. They were responsible for vast amounts of life evolving in Universe 66501 and quite possibly the creation of numerous races within this universe. Many megaconstructs transported from Universe 66501 still exist scattered all over the Gigaquadrant, which contain hidden technologies believed to be unique.

Records of any contact with the Oikoumene, however, have been destroyed, and thus nothing has been nor able to be recovered within the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Technology Edit


Cenescarae, an Aeropagus megaconstruct

Technologically, the Aeropagus in modern terms would have outperformed any other modern race, in contemporary terms a god-race. As precursors, the Aeropagus were masterful over all forms of technology, quite possibly being able to manipulate the mathematics and logic of the universe to further support whatever they had created. With the sizeable creation of most life within Universe 66501, the Aeropagus were also advanced in the creation of artificial intelligence.

The only known megaconstruct, situated far from the Shka'Tun's territory is a megaconstruct named Cenescarae - yet unexplored, is believed to have been a life-simulation device where the Aeropagus were able to freely form life.

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Their efforts in the wars against the demons will not be forgotten.

- Jerkon

Ancient souls. Delicious.

- Shu'suvreca
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