Aeoneonatrix Anomaly Zone

Extent of the Anomaly Region compared to 2793 Aeoneonatrix borders. The effects spread beyond Aeoneonatrix space, with much of the affect region still uncharted.

The Aeoneonatrix Anomaly Region is the official designation for the anomalous region of space in and around the former territories of the Aeoneonatrix Empire after to its disappearance in 2793. The region spans a large area nearly 150 light-years across at its widest.


After the defeat of the Katar Sector Alliance in the Lightning War the Aeoneonatrix Empire suddenly vanished from the Katar Sector, their worlds and stars transported across space and time. The event, which would come to be known in Farengeto as the "Cleansing of the Aeoneonatrix" would tear apart the fabric of spacetime in their former territory, causing an apocalyptic event that lead many to believe the Aeoneonatrix had been destroyed by their own god. The event caused extreme warping of space and time within the region, and destroyed or altered many stars and planets within it.

The surrounding space became untraversable amidst supernova shockwaves, spacetime anomalies and the sudden massive reorganization of the region. After a series of failed attempts to navigate the anomaly the region was placed under a Quarantine by the Katar Sector Alliance. Unable to penetrate the interior, only the outer light years possess any significant observations. Most stars that remain in the region are stellar remnants, the remains of those destroyed in the cataclysm, including a number of black holes.

The Anomaly appears to maintain an element of retroactivity to its damage, and has been suggested as link to numerous disappearances and appearances around Aeoneonatrix space for at least half of century prior to the cataclysm, with ignorant vessels and other objects allegedly warped across space and time to and from the sector.

Due to the peculiar nature of the affected space, navigation remains nearly impossible. The rediscovery of the Aeoneonatrix in the 2800s offered some understanding through the analysis of "swapped" space, but ultimately proved insufficient to make sense of the anomaly. Further efforts to investigate the Aeoneonatrix space have proven unusually problematic and unsuccessful, leading to some researchers suspecting interference from the Aeoneonatrix deity that created the anomaly.


The Aeoneonatrix Anomaly Region is a quarantined region of space, encompassing the alleged "maximum extent" of the anomaly centered on the former location of Aeoneonatrix space. The region contains a cataclysmic warping of spacetime. The extent and irregular patterns of the distortion renders the region nearly untraversable, and effectively uninhabitable.

Objects approaching the anomaly may find themselves transported across time and space. Though most experience only a small displacement, extreme cases have seen victims warped across significant amounts of spacetime. However the apparent randomness and extreme scale of these confirmed major displacement events render the measurement and prediction difficult, and many suspected cases are presumed lost in space and time.

Despite decades of attempts no known vessel has penetrated the "Shell" of the anomaly, a claimed boundary estimated to be several light-years inside former Aeoneonatrix space. Any vessel attempting to pass this "Shell" has reportedly either vanished, or found themselves directed around it by the spacetime warping. What lies inside this "Core", if one exists, is highly disputed among scientists.

Those susceptible report unnaturally high levels of Essence within the anomaly, possibly as an effect of its Essence-based origin. This apparent effect grows stronger towards the center of the anomaly. This attribute is commonly cited as the cause of the numerous claimed "supernatural" elements within the anomaly, though often these claims are dismissed as justifying fantastic and superstitious reports.

Notable VoyagesEdit

  • A Modian trade convoy was on the border of Aeoneonatrix space during the cataclysm. Assumed to have been destroyed or lost, the ships were instead hit by the anomaly, emerging ten thousand light years away over the span of a hundred light years and two years from 2804-2806.
  • Probe AAR-3G-8X, an unnamed probe to chart the anomaly, surprised scientists with its return in June 2801 - three months before the probe's launch. The probe carried with it decades of observation.
  • One report from the Exploration Ship Paradox told of one of its more peculiar encounters. They encountered a damaged self-replicating probe, pulled through a temporal anomaly. The probe built a new copy of itself, cannibalizing itself in the process. They later observed as the new probe was again pulled through a temporal anomaly. The apparent temporal paradox of a casual loop remained a subject of controversy among many of the crew.
  • The Exploration Ship Destiny made many discoveries in its travels. Its last report claimed to have found evidence of advanced civilization deep in the anomaly, but its subsequent disappearance left the report subject to years of speculation.
  • Perimeter Station 28 made contact with an unidentified vessel exiting the anomaly. The ship was of an unknown design and its crew of unknown species, however when prompted they claimed to be from Farengeto albeit from an unknown point in time. They did not appear to be surprised by their arrival and transmitted a data package to Dr. Akodior, one of the station's scientists. The data was apparently sent by a future Akodior, however after the sudden suicide of his research assistant he has refused to share any information on the encounter or the files. The fate of the ship following the encounter is unknown, any official records having gone missing during a systems failure. Following the incident Dr. Akodior established a program to better catalogue displacement events, with an unusual focus on extreme long term storage.
  • Following the incident with the Exploration Ship Waiting Rendezvous, all sapients entering the quarantine zone are required to submit to Essence affinity screenings. Any sapients above the Anomaly Essence Potential Threshold are required to undergo training. Unless otherwise required the quantity and potential level of a crew is to be restricted. Intergalactic experts have been recruited to perform mandatory training to all command staff on handling essence users.