Kandeo ati gual gabyk gual gatal gnan ati awesh garok. (As it shall turn out, there was hope all along.)

- The Motto of the Aeoneonatrix

The Aeoneonatrix Empire is a relatively average-sized space-faring civilization near the center of Delcath within the Katar Sector. It’s most notable feature is its religious ideology, which permeates every aspect of its government, culture and, most especially, its foreign policy.

This ideology is, in its basics, a combination of immortalism (the worship of ascended beings) and act utilitarianism. Aeoneonatrix immortalism focusses on the worship of the Cleanser, an ascended member of the League of Patrons. Their devotion to his will is absolute and dominates their lives.

The Empire’s government is a pseudo-democratic theocracy. Though an elected president does in theory make most of the decisions on the empire’s rule, all real Aeoneonatrix presidents have been and likely will always be devout Cleanserists who base their policy decisions on their regular correspondence with him. In addition, the Cleanser has absolute power in the Aeoneonatrix government and, though he rarely directly exercises this power in order to maintain the illusion among foreigners that the Aeoneonatrix government is a free democracy, he can institute any policy he wills and veto any policy he does not like. His power in this respect has no restrictions beyond his own self-control.

The Aeoneonatrix are are indoctrinated from birth to always obey the Cleanser’s every command. They sell their souls to him at incredibly young ages, as soon as they may speak the needed words with comprehension of their meaning. By both their and their god’s reckoning, this rite is permission to punish them to correct immoral behavior. This has had certain benefits, as dedicated persons are often prevented by this process from becoming too immoral in character or action. As a result, the Aeoneonatrix species has never had a large-scale slave trade at any point in its history and no person who has gone through the rite of dedication has ever committed an act mass murder outside the context of war.

Culturally, the Aeoneonatrix are often hedonistic and superficial, though not at the expense of others. Their popular culture is permeated with shallow movies and video games whose chief appeal is the sexualization of both male and female characters and the presence of large explosions and action set-pieces. Rarely do the stories have anything of substance to them. Foreign critics usually react badly to their work, at best calling it passable if its action set-pieces are of high quality but more often calling it shallow and meaningless.


Early History[]

The Aeoneonatrix did not reach spacefaring status of their own accord. Instead, in 2760, shortly after the Orniconian victory in the final War of Eneki which united their entire planet under a single government, their homeworld of Ku-Rokti was attacked and invaded by the vicious Mardor Empire. The Aeoneonatrix were unable to fight back and the entirety of their population was enslaved.

The Mardor raped, ate, tortured and worked the Aeoneonatrix for over ten years. All Aeoneonatrix who were not born after this period ended bear mental scars from this period of time. During this time, the Aeoneonatrix’s population prayed to the Cleanser for salvation, and he told them to wait and endure.

In 2772, the Aeoneonatrix were finally rescued by a civilization which their records simply refer to as the Protectors who, in the process of a long war with the Mardor, took a very large portion of their territory and rescued a large portion of their slave population. Unable to fully recover from the abuse they endured, and in need of an outside force to protect them from reconquest, the Aeoneonatrix, relocated back to their homes on Ku-Rokti, chose to remain under the governance of the Protectors.

They prospered under the Protectors for the next several years. During this time, they integrated into the Protector’s higher technology civilization, learning, over the course, of those years, to live under such circumstances.

Then, in 2788, the Mardor and the Protectors reignited their war, with the Aeoneonatrix now fighting alongside the protectors. The technological and military might of the Protector Empire, aided by the competence of Lingur Wildlight, was able to fight back the Mardor, but not before they were able to engineer and unleash a devastating biological weapon on the Protectors.

They did not create the virus for tactical reasons. It was not really ideal for the goals they wished to accomplish. Rather, it was a statement. It was a show of spite, and it won. The Mardor released a virus upon the Empire which was harmless to most species, including the Aeoneonatrix, but wiped out the Protectors.

After the victory which cost them their leaders, the Aeoneonatrix wound up at the helm of the Empire. With the consent of the other species, who admired them for pushing back the Mardor, they renamed it the Aeoneonatrix Empire and began to institute their modern policies, eventually turning the Empire into the theocracy it is today.

The Great Deceiver[]

The Aeoneonatrix Empire would soon go beyond their borders into the wider Katar Sector, meeting the hostile Gargator Empire. The Aeoneonatrix next contacted the Miperiors Empire. They would establish strong ties with the tinkerers and turn them into a willing client state. The same would become true of the Amphibibot Collective once the Miperiors established contact with their lost creations. The Miperiors went on to design multiple weapons and vehicles for the Aeoneonatrix military, greatly helping to modernize it in the wake of the Protector’s extinction. Most notable amongst these designs was the Creature Controller, a weapon which could brainwash the Mardor and other species, turning them into model citizens of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, at least temporarily. The Mardor felt understandably threatened by this new alliance, and when they came into contact with the expanding Drakodominatus Tyranny, they immediately submitted. Using information they gained from the Mardor, the Tyranny destroyed three client races of the Aeoneonatrix, disguising their ships as those of the Troodontid Empire. While the Aeoneonatrix send an armed force to seek out the Troodontids, they were not immediately successful. As the Troodontids were allied to the Drodo Empire, the Aeoneonatrix aligned themselves with the enemies of the Drodo, the United Hegemony of Exterioris. Consequentially, the Hegemony introduced the Aeoneonatrix Empire to their other allies, the Galactic Protection Agency and the Mag’heli Dominion. The GPA came to like the Aeoneonatrix and even made plans to invite them into their organization after the war. Cooperation between the Aeoneonatrix and Mag’heli remained basically non-existent, as besides both possessing a shadow government and holding a mutual alliance to the Hegemony, they found little else to agree on. Unlike other allies of the Hegemony, the Aeoneonatrix military never fully submitted to Hegemony high command. They would, for example, refuse to target civilians when the Hegemony became desperate enough to order it early on in the Drodo-Hegemony conflict.

Concurrently, illegal copies of the Creature Controller fell into the hands of crimebosses operating within the Drodo Empire. The Drodo demanded that the Miperiors stop producing the weapon, and when the latter refused, their allies the United Federation of Species placed a trade embargo on the Miperiors Empire. This brought the Aeoneonatrix Empire into open warfare with the entirety of the Drodo’s allies, including the USF and the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato. While the Waptoria Alliance of Species were technically also at war with the Aeoneonatrix over this trade embargo, they never fought, as they respected other each other’s reverence for life. The Hegemony also responded almost immediately. They guaranteed the independence of the Aeoneonatrix, Miperiors and Amphibibots alike, promising to take over most of their future military engagements. It was an agreement that the Aeoneonatrix Empire understood well, as it was not unlike how they protected their clients. Nevertheless, the Hegemony used their military dominance to pour money into the Miperiors Empire and donate large amounts of energy to the Amphibibot Collective, transforming both into the military equals of the Aeoneonatrix Empire and lifting them from clients to allies. This turned out to be quite beneficial for the Aeoneonatrix, as they could now put more money into their own self-defense. The Hegemony did indeed protect the Miperiors and Amphibibots as they had promised, allowing the Aeoneonatrix to finally strike against the Troodontids.

The assault on the Troodontid homeworld of Raptura was a dismal failure. Once the Drakodominatus ruse was discovered in the aftermath, Troodontid-Aeoneonatrix relations were swiftly repaired. To keep the Aeoneonatrix and the Troodontids occupied, both suffered attacks from another client empire of the Tyranny, the Imperium of War, while the Aeoneonatrix also had to deal with the reinvigorated Mardor Empire. The Khilai Empire, who had thus far supplied the Hegemony with weapons and armors, also revealed themselves as pawns of the Tyranny. Nevertheless, the Aeoneonatrix did get word of the Tyranny’s deception out to the Hegemony, and from there to the Drodo, inviting both to peace talks. At this point, the Hegemony had openly declared that their orders took precedent over those of the Cleanser, whose existence they did not accept. In retaliation, the Aeoneonatrix sought to present themselves as equals to the Hegemony at the upcoming peace talks by championing the causes of the independent factions. They further knew that, if the Troodontids were invited, this was to be impossible, as the Troodontids would align themselves with the position of their Drodo allies. To preserve their negotiating power, the Aeoneonatrix would then need to do the same with the Hegemony, lest they give the Drodo the power to enforce inequitable peace terms with Troodontid backing. Therefore, the Aeoneonatrix did not invite the Troodontids and successfully became seen as the diplomatic equals of both the Drodo and the Hegemony, rather than as subservient to the latter. The snubbed Troodontids subsequently allied with the Tyranny and withdrew from the conflict. In acknowledgement of their newfound prestige, the Hegemony and the Drodo jointly put the Aeoneonatrix Empire in charge of recruiting the neutral factions into a united Anto-Dominatus Coalition. They did so, rallying several empires for a united attack against the Drakodominatus Tyranny, which succeeded because the more powerful Tyranny force that had been planned to entrap them was distracted by the Dominatus Slave Revolt.

Attero Dominatus[]

The Aeoneonatrix were key players in the Dominatus Slave Revolt, and indeed were the most active empire therein. They would free and acquire numerous slave species before the Drakodominatus Tyranny could get the situation under control. It was during this period that the Aeoneonatrix Empire signed a non-aggression pact with the Waptoria and even a treaty of friendship soon after. In the wake of the Slave Revolt, the Hegemony suffered from a civil war back home, and retreated from the Katar Sector. The Aeoneonatrix swiftly took charge of whatever the Hegemony left behind, consolidating their position as independent equals of the Hegemony. The Aeoneonatrix Empire and their Miperiors allies were thus invited by the Drodo Empire and the United Free Peoples Coalition to take part in the ratification of the Katar Sector Alliance on December 20, 2792. This completed their realignment from the Hegemony to the Drodo Empire. Just as the KSA was to be made formal, the Drakodominatus Tyranny engineered the Tasan Crisis, killing Aeoneonatrix president Moeg in the process. Simultaneously, the Tyranny send the Mardor Empire to subjugate the Aeoneonatrix, resulting in the Battle of Ku-Rokti. This would have ended in a decisive defeat for the Aeoneonatrix if not for the arrival of a fellow KSA member, the United Federation of Species, which broke the backbone of the Mardor military. The end result of the battle was the surrender and breakup of the Mardor Empire into the Mandatory Mardor Empire and the Former Mardor Territories. Finally, the Aeoneoatrix had their revenge for the extinction of the Protectors.

The Battle for the Aeoneonatrix Empire proved to be only part of a two-pronged assault however, tying up the Guardians of Ku-Rokti and making them unable to prevent the Fall of Miperiors at the hands of the Grand Tarkan Empire. The Katar Sector Alliance was then forced to seek a ceasefire with the Tarkans, greatly upsetting the Aeoneonatrix. Following the revelation that Moeg had perished, new elections were held, resulting in the election of fundamentalist Nowuro Dreamdusk as President. He passed a series of controversial reforms, further alienating the Aeoneonatrix Empire from the rest of the Katar Sector Alliance and drawing almost universal condemnation. Nevertheless, the Aeoneonatrix military continued to fight alongside the rest of the Katar Sector Alliance against the Drakodominatus Tyranny, driving them from the Katar Sector by the end of 2793. With the Dominatus out of the way, the Aeoneonatrix Empire repeatedly pushed for the early liberation of their Miperiors and Amphibibot allies, a resolution that always ended up vetoed by the rest of the KSA security council. Meanwhile, the Aeoneonatrix Empire set up some tentative colonies in the Toomes Sector of the Bunsen Galaxy, ostensibly to help in the ongoing Bunsen campaign against the Tyranny. These colonies were never recognized as existing by any native power with the exception of the Eldarisian Empire. At home, the Aeoneonatrix were invaded by the United Hegemony of Clifsk, the self-styled inheritors of the Hegemony in Katar. The Guardians of Ku-Rokti soundly beat the Hegemony of Clifsk and occupied their worlds. These occupied worlds were reformed into the Clifsk Confederation and made a client.

In the last days of 2794, the truce with the Grand Tarkan Empire finally expired. The Aeoneonatrix Empire immediately launched their long-planned liberation campaign, striking at the heartland of the Grand Tarkan Empire from the Aeoneonatrix Occupation Zone. In their zeal to liberate the occupied Miperiors and Amphibibot territories, the Aeoneonatrix had moved ahead of their allies, allowing the Tarkans to isolate their fleets and push them back in a disastrous rout. This left the Aeoneonatrix heartlands wide open, and the Tarkans did not waste the opportunity to succeed where the Mardor had failed. They would have crushed the Aeoneonatrix Empire, but when they arrived, their supposed opponents were nowhere to be found. The Aeoneonatrix, and all star systems in which they had colonies, vanished, leaving only the Aeoneonatrix Anomaly Region in it’s place. This event seems to have corrupted all records regarding the incident, with some placing it as early as 2793 and others as late as 2795, with the final days of 2794 being merely the date agreed upon by most galactic historians. In the aftermath, their role as the protectors of Delcath would be taken over by the newly formed Farengeto Trade Coalition, who proved themselves more than up to the task. The Aeoneonatrix Occupation Zone in lower Katar was divided between the Grand Tarkan Empire and the Farengeto Republic, while the Clifsk Confederation became independent from any power. The location of their colonies in the Toomes Sector were meanwhile claimed by the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, who never accepted their validity.

Relocation to Andromeda[]

The Aeoneonatrix Empire would eventually resurface during the year 2811 in the Andromeda Galaxy, on the border between Segmentums Crepusculum and Draco, and likewise close to the Hegemony in Segmentum Exterioris. They quickly colonized the surrounding systems to establish a foothold. As a result of their new location, the Aeoneonatrix Empire was no longer considered a part of the Katar Sector Alliance or the Civilisation, nor would it be counted as a part of the Xonexi Allies into which the KSA had been absorbed. It would soon become clear that the relocation of the Aeoneonatrix Empire was due to their deity, the Cleanser, exerting his powers. They were needed in their current location to combat the Imperium of Rael’nos and their mysterious leader, simply known as the Enlightener.

It is presumed that the Aeoneonatrix were successful in this quest, though records once again become hazy during this period. It is known that the Waptoria broadly supported the Imperium of Rael’nos and in this secured the aid from much of the wider Enlightenment Collaborative, though it seems unlikely that the Aeoneonatrix came to blows with any Collaborative member state. Regardless, this period saw the Waptoria break off their existing treaties with the Aeoneonatrix once they discovered just how deep the control of the Cleanser over the Empire ran. Numerous other Collaborative member states prohibited the worship of the Cleanser outright. But as some of their existing relations cooled, others were rekindled. The Aeoneonatrix Empire was unaffected by the Teyan Subjugation War due to the valiant sacrifice of the Hegemony, which protected them. In recognition of this deed, the leader of the Hegemony, Commander Marius, was saved from the brink of death by the League of Patrons through his ascension and sought to join the organization afterwards. As such, the Hegemony he reformed is known to have re-affirmed their alliance with the Aeoneonatrix, which had in practice been defunct since the formation of the Katar Sector Alliance.

In recent times, the Purity expressed its interest in the Aeoneonatrix Empire due meeting their nigh-unreachable standards for attaining the Sign of Purity, legalized prostitution aside. Their rivals, the Infernal Republic, also put the Aeoneonatrix under some scrutiny as a result. Despite the numerous wars the Purity would soon find itself in, they never appealed to the Aeoneonatrix Empire for aid, instead entreating with other servants of the League of Patrons, including the Reformed Hegemony, the Enatyp Citizen Synarchy, and the splinter group of the Imperium of War known as the Consulate of Paxis. Regardless, the Purity would offer to update the technology of the Aeoneonatrix Empire to modern standards, as the time during which they vanished had seen them lag behind somewhat technologically.

Return to Delcath[]

In the year 2030, a series of events led to the loss of central authority in the Katar sector. With the United Free Peoples Coalition already gone and both the Drodo and the Farengeto unable and unwilling to interact with the rest of the universe, the Mardor an Gargator were once more able to do as they wished. The Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition, liberated from the yoke of the Grand Tarkan Empire, was in no position to contain both alone. At their behest, the League of Patrons warped the original Aeoneonatrix systems back to Delcath, dispersing the Aeoneonatrix Anomality Region, while the former Toomes colonies remained in Andromeda. Soon after, the Hegemony and the Purity, respectively fellow servants and allies of the League of Patrons, arrived in the Watcha subsector. The Hegemony resettled the ruins of the Clifsk Confederation, which had been destroyed years prior, while the Purity settled in adjacent abandoned space.

While the Aeoneonatrix and their allies were by far the dominant power bloc in northern Katar, they were not the only one. The hostile Louvelon Military Alliance between the Jum’Ari Empire and the Szor Empire had their own designs upon the region, but lacked the strength to engage their foes in open warfare. The attitude held by the Coalition of Varapha, a partnership of various KSA and non-KSA states in the Varapha subsector, was not as uniform. Of its members, the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato considered itself an ally of the Aeoneonatrix, the Okyno Expanse saw the Aeoneonatrix faith as heretical, while the Maracai Triumvirate and Waptoria Alliance of Species were indifferent. In lower Katar, the Democratic Federation of Catharas nearly declared war over the ownership of the Aeoneonatrix Occupation Zone, though this issue was eventually resolved in favor of the Aeoneonatrix.

Regardless, the Aeoneonatrix immediately guaranteed the independence of the Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition, cowed the Mardor and Gargator into non-aggression and took protection of the Former Mardor Territories. This web of Aeoneonatrix-led alliances and protectorates, informally known as the Cleanserist Bloc, brought back stability to the Delcath and Watcha subsectors of Katar. As it turned out for the inhabitants of Delcath, there was hope all along.


The Aeoneonatrix Empire’s government is organized as a pseudo-democratic theocracy. It is designed to appear democratic to the international community whilst not truly being so.

Nominally, the Aeoneonatrix Empire is led by a president, (currently Nuwaro Dreamdusk). This president has the power to propose legislation and a limited influence on which legislation passes. The Empire also has an elected senate, whose members may also propose legislation and who vote on whether a given bill shall become law.

The reasons why the Aeoneonatrix Empire is not genuinely democratic are three-fold. First, the Cleanser has the power to draft any bill and render it law regardless of any attempted intervention by the senate. Second, the Cleanser instructs the citizenry as to how to vote and, because the citizenry are so devout, they almost always follow his instructions. As a result, elections in the Empire are, in practice, a formality. Finally, the officials themselves are just as devout as their populace, so they are usually instructed by the Cleanser as to what they ought to do and obey him.

Because of the above obedience, the Aeoneonatrix Empire does not fall victim to corruption by politicians. Politicians obey the Cleanser and, consequently, to not follow self-interest or the interests of corporate lobbyists. Because of this, the Aeoneonatrix Empire is, by some measures, one of the most sensible and efficient governments in existence in terms of the policies it passes.

Justice System[]

Aeoneonatrix law is heavily influenced by the presence of the Cleanser in the Empire. Though the Aeoneonatrix have a system of laws roughly as nuanced and complicated as that of any other Empire, the Cleanser very regularly intervenes in legal proceedings in the Empire. He will mandate sentences outside of standard guidelines, pardon citizens for crimes, especially theft, and, on some occasions, exercise ex post facto law and issue bills of attainder. The Aeoneonatrix Empire does have police, and the Cleanser does try to ensure that they do as much work as possible for the justice system to ensure it will be stable if he were to die. However, he will not go so far as to allow an innocent to be convicted of a crime or a guilty person to go free, except in pursuit of his own ends, for instance, if he wants to punish a person himself rather than waste resources imprisoning them.

Because undedicated commit the vast majority of crime in the Empire, the justice system uses their violations of the law, however slight, to further pressure them to take the rite. Virtually all Aeoneonatrix prisons lie in the inner colonies, near populated areas. Persons convicted of any crime which justifies a long prison sentence are moved from the outer colonies, where the undedicated are most common and therefore where most major criminals live, to the inner ones. Then, when they are released, the Empire does its best to prevent them from being able to move back, so they are forced to be surrounded by the dedicated, which vastly increases the likelihood that they will take the rite themselves.

In areas unrelated to the issue of dedication, however, corruption in the Aeoneonatrix justice system is non-existent. Because judges and prosecutors are required to be dedicated, none of them whatsoever practice misconduct of any kind, except on the Cleanser’s own orders, which are almost never immoral except where related to the issue of dedication. Lawyers on both sides are genuinely interested in finding the truth and doing good and do not care about winning cases.



Though there is no legally recognized caste system in the Aeoneonatrix Empire, there are still hierarchies of privilege, prosperity, and rights in the empire. Some of these are legally enforced, some are the result of history, some are the result of relative wealth, and some are the result of biology making it virtually impossible to grant the same quality of life to all species.

Dedicated and Undedicated[]

Firstly, there is the distinction between the dedicated and the undedicated. The dedicated are those whose souls are owned by the Cleanser, as well as those whose souls are not owned but who meet certain specific exclusions, such as following another member of the League of Patrons. The undedicated are anyone who does not fit this description.

On the legal level, the undedicated are not permitted to vote, hold public office, serve in the military or on the police force. They also face a tax penalty (sometimes called the “soul tax” by critics of this policy). This tax penalty is small for undedicated persons with lower incomes, but increases rapidly as one progresses upward through the tax brackets, reaching 100% at a yearly income of about $250,000, meaning that that is the highest possible income which an undedicated person may achieve, even if one ignores all of their other taxes, including the soul taxes which their income up to that point has incurred on them. Taking those factors into account, the maximum yearly income is about $120,000. The undedicated are also subject to a special sales tax on flights outside of the Empire. This tax is nearly zero under normal circumstances. However, if the person purchases a one-way ticket or attempts to take a substantial amount of currency or property with them, indicating their desire to move, it will be comically high, putting it far outside of the range affordable to persons subject to the rest of the soul tax.

Because it is impossible for an undedicated person in the Aeoneonatrix Empire to become genuinely wealthy, the Aeoneonatrix’s business leaders are ethical and altruistic, prioritizing good conduct and benefit to the people of the Empire over profits and bottom lines.

They also must cope with the fact that the public school system, and their society, is constantly attempting to encourage them and their children to take the rite. Discrimination against them by businesses or schools is illegal, but occurs regularly regardless both because the undedicated are distrusted and because the dedicated often wish to apply pressure to encourage them to take the rite of dedication, such as by demanding it for the person to get a job. They must also cope with bullying and harassment behavior, and a difficulty finding friends. Though the Cleanser will put a stop to some particularly brutal harassment campaigns, he allows and even encourages stigmatization of those refusing to take the rite. Some jobs, particularly those involving working with children, are especially hard or almost impossible for an undedicated person to get in the Empire.

None of this is to say that all dedicated Aeoneonatrix are hateful. Most are capable of civil interaction with undedicated persons, especially those who have not been citizens of the empire for very long (unless they were conquered due to their species’ aggressive behavior, in which case their treatment is substantially worse). However, most of them distrust the undedicated to some degree and a large portion of them, in excess of five percent, engage in conscious discrimination in violation of Aeoneonatrix law.

Persons successfully pressured into taking the rite of dedication receive equal treatment almost instantly. The rite also allows the Cleanser to prevent the person in question from committing grievous crimes and allows him to grant them eternal happiness upon their deaths.


Secondly, there are distinctions between economic classes. These are largely the result of heritage and accidents of history. Aeoneonatrix who were native to the Republic of Ornico, which correlates strongly to those with blue and teal fur color, tend to be the richest. Aeoneonatrix who lived in the Union of Eneki, which correlates strongly to those with red and pink fur color, tend to be the worst off. They are more prone to being in the working class. Aeoneonatrix who are natives to the Holy Empire of Meethos tend to be in the middle class, tending slightly to the poorer side. Aliens in general tend to be in the poorer class.

Though the government’s policies ensure that the poor class are not starving, they still experience a lower quality of life. They also often have to take more undesirable work to get by. There is significant resistance to the mechanization of various areas of labor which the poor often occupy, as there is concern that the poor might end up largely out of work in an economy which, despite its robust social safety net still operates under the assumption that most people will be employed most of the time.


Third, there are distinctions based on biology, not within, but between species. Some species must cope with their sustenance or transportation being more difficult or expensive. Non-Aeoneonatrix with specific nutrition needs sometimes have to pay high prices for them. Sometimes, specific nutrition a species needs will have to be synthesized. While the government makes efforts to subsidize such foods, the sheer scope of this problem in an empire with so many conquered species living under it makes it unfeasible to eliminate this inequality entirely.

The short-lived Podenka have it especially hard. Because they only live to be about eight months old, they are unable to receive enough education to allow them to perform skilled labor. As a consequence, they can only work relatively low-paying jobs, as they are unable to receive sufficient education to gain higher positions.

They are generally employed not as individuals, but as tribes who live on the site of their work and whose descendants are perpetually guaranteed to inherit the employment of their parents if they so choose. They are subject to the same labor laws as any other citizen and are free to leave the workplaces where they are born. They rarely do, though, preferring to stay with their tribes. Even though they have not been in the empire for a long time for the perspective of the Aeoneonatrix, they have gone through dozens of generations.

There is also social inequality between species. In conquered territories, where Aeoneonatrix are less common and the majority of the population consists of former oppressors and groups the Aeoneonatrix have saved from oppression, there is often a significant amount of conflict between such groups. On one hand, the former oppressors resent the oppressed not only for escaping their oppression, but also for bringing on the Aeoneonatrix conquest. Undedicated members of these species tend to resent other races in the Aeoneonatrix Empire for moving them under a system in which they are second-class citizens, and will retaliate both violently and non-violently against members of other species due to this.

On the other hand, most of the races in the Empire, who subscribe to the Empire’s ideals, despise the undedicated oppressors for what they have done, considering the failure to take the rite to be a sign of unrepentance. As more and more of any conquered population is pressured into taking the rite, the minority who have not become more resentful of their diminishing status. Because the Aeoneonatrix go to great lengths to trick children into taking the rite, this conflict is usually diffused after a single generation, though parents have been known to commit acts of terrorism after learning that their children have taken the rite without their knowledge.

Family Structure[]

Aeoneonatrix romances are often polyamorous. Stable sexual and romantic relationships often occur between any number of males, females, and non-binary Aeons in any and all combinations. These relationships are regularly codified by marriages, though they always remain open nonetheless. Aeoneonatrix have no concept of “cheating.” Marriages are permitted to be incestuous so long as no potentially reproductive sex occurs between close relatives.

Because Aeoneonatrix on one night stands usually contracept or avoid reproductive forms of intercourse, children are still usually born in the contexts of these relationships. Occasionally they are not, and such children are put up for adoption. In any case, regardless of their biological parentage, Aeoneonatrix children are raised to think of all of the adults in their parent’s relationship as parents. Many Aeoneonatrix do not even know which of the men in their mother’s relationship is their father, nor do they care.

These relatively large polyamerous families typically live in a single house separate from the other such relationships but together with each other. The adults in the relationship work together to raise the children, regardless of their parentage. Power and responsibility is split in whatever matter the persons involved find agreeable. Neither women, men nor non-binary Aeoneonatrix are especially likely to be the primary source of income nor primary source of housework or child rearing.

Aeoneonatrix are considered to reach adulthood at 20, the biological equivalent of a 16 year old human. Starting then, they are permitted to leave their parent’s nests to start their own. Relationships usually involve several persons before they progress to marriage. Parents and children, biological or otherwise, usually remain close for their entire lives. In some cases, parents, both biological and not, will join their children’s relationships. In such cases, as stated above, close biological relatives are expected not to engage in reproductive sex except with contraception, though parents and children who are not biologically related are allowed to have intercourse freely.

Education and Upbringing[]

All children in the Aeoneonatrix Empire attend fifteen years of compulsory schooling, roughly from the age of five to the age of twenty. There is no option to drop out of school. Schooling is generalized for the first ten years, but opens up to allow more specialization for the last five. All Aeoneonatrix emerge from their mandatory schooling with a specialized degree. These specializations are broad, and higher education is usually needed to allow individuals to take on highly skilled or technical work. Such education is usually covered by the government.

Aeoneonatrix curriculum is explicitly religious, designed to bestow loyalty to the Cleanser on each new generation of citizens in the Aeoneonatrix Empire. It is also politically tinged. Critical thought on moral, political and some philosophical issues is condemned and discouraged in favor of obedience to the Cleanser’s pronouncements. Only on questions irrelevant to the Way of the Cleanser is freedom of thought encouraged.

The Aeoneonatrix are extremely concerned with arranging that all children, especially the children of the undedicated, take the rite of dedication. Their system of invasion and conversion relies on the assumption that the vast majority of persons in any newly conquered territory will be converted relatively soon. The Aeoneonatrix not only incorporate this goal into their curriculum, but will also attempt to deliberately trick specific children into taking the rite by presenting it as a school activity without their parent’s knowledge. There is no legal means for parents to remove their children from school to avoid this. The system ensures integration of any conquered culture in one generation.

Aeoneonatrix Education includes some information on essence. Though the material is not very in-depth, most Aeoneonatrix can use Elemental Energy to calm themselves for meditative purposes and those specializing in the mystics have primitive extra-sensory perception and telekinesis. However, there have never been Koatria born in the Aeoneonatrix Empire. This is due to the Rite of Dedication, which interferes with the specific substrain of essence the Koatria use and makes it impossible to harness. On the flip side, the same phenomenon seems to prevent the Aeoneonatrix from falling to the eternal hunger of Void Energy.

Examples of Specialization[]

Below is an incomplete list of degrees one may leave Aeoneonatrix schooling with.

  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Astronomical Sciences
  • Sapient Sciences
  • Theology
  • Mystics
  • Domestic Keeping
  • Erotic Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Rhetoric
  • Philosophy


Aeoneonatrix culture is steeped with themes of moral realism. Virtually all Aeoneonatrix are moral realists, meaning they regard moral statements as true or false objectively. Their culture demands conformity to the Aeoneonatrix moral standard, which is, by and large, act utilitarianism. This means the morality of an action can be computed by subtracting the pain it causes from the pleasure it causes. They place no inherent value on autonomy, free will, life, truth, justice or integrity.

One result of their moral philosophy includes their strong sense of individualism, which follows from purely consequentialist ethics not including deontological presuppositions. Their culture has no concept of corruption of blood, even on a subconscious level. Another is their take on egalitarianism. On one hand, they are entirely ready to create hierarchies placing the Cleanser and other immortals above mortals because they perceive an omniscient and omnibenevolent entity such as the Cleanser to be a better candidate for making their decisions than they are. They also show no hesitation to allow hierarches between mortals when they are regarded as useful for the good of the sum of conscious beings in the universe. However, because such scenarios are rare, they more often fight for a strong egalitarianism. They also place high value on efficiency.

Aeoneonatrix moral philosophy does not rely entirely on dogmatism to persist. Aeoneonatrix philosophers have attempted to rebut various criticisms, both internal and external, to their views. Many of these are responses to standard criticisms of both act utilitarianism and moral realism in general which are found throughout the universe in places where philosophical ideas are debated.

Aeoneonatrix culture demands that all persons subscribe to their philosophy. More precisely, it contends that they already do subscribe to their philosophy, and that those claiming not to be moral realists and act utilitarians are either consciously or subconsciously lying. There is no recorded instance of an Aeoneonatrix being persuaded that an opponent arguing against their worldview is sincere. At most, they might say that a person, having consciously chosen to delude themselves, has managed to approximate a state of sincere belief, or that they have been so deluded about the contents of the outside world as to believe that their actions really do maximize pleasure minus pain. Still, they would say this person is perfectly capable of reversing this at any time either through failure to actively rationalize in the former case or better information gathering in the latter. The Cleanser, despite knowing better, perpetuates this model because it breeds useful indignation against the Aeoneonatrix’s enemies.

Aeoneonatrix culture is extremely hedonistic. They do not value temperance in and of itself and celebrate self-indulgence. Aeoneonatrix typically become sexually active almost immediately after puberty begins and remain promiscuous through their entire lives. All long-term relationships, including marriages, are open, and there is no taboo about public sex or non-reproductive incest. All Aeoneonatrix are pansexual. Prostitution is legal and recreational drugs are widely available and commonplace, rainbow spice being a drug of choice due to its lack of permanent side effects other than addiction.


Almost every resident of the Aeoneonatrix Empire is devoutly religious. They put their god, the Cleanser, at the center of their lives and identify first and foremost as his servants. They dedicate time every day to prayer. Unlike with most religions, praying Cleanserists can usually count on hearing a response from their god, to which they will usually respond. The resulting act is normally termed a “worshipful conversation.” Because of this interaction, the Aeoneonatrix typically consider the Cleanser a personal friend.

The Empire’s citizens are somewhat suspicious of any person who has knowingly chosen not to become a follower of the Cleanser, though this generally does not apply to those who follow another member of the League of Patrons. As dedicated persons in the Aeoneonatrix Empire perceive it, the Cleanser is a force for good in the universe, and they cannot comprehend why a good person wouldn’t want to assist the Cleanser. As a result, their tendency is to assume that any person who has refused the rite of dedication has done so out of a selfish desire to live an immoral life. This situation is not made better by the fact that, due to the fact that the Cleanser invariably cleanses any of his own followers if they step too far out of line, it is virtually impossible for any follower of the Cleanser to commit any gravely immoral act.

Aeoneonatrix who decide to remain undedicated get the worst treatment. They are regarded as traitors to their Empire and to their species. They are socially shunned and mocked if they are ever discovered. Though discrimination against them is illegal, it happens regardless and they have a harder time finding jobs, friends, houses, and romantic partners. To admit to being undedicated, for a politician in the empire, is political suicide.


Aeoneonatrix art is extremely propagandistic in nature. Works are usually designed primarily to encourage and increase devotion to the Cleanser. Stories are designed to reinforce the Aeoneonatrix’s black and white morality. They do not explore ideas mutually exclusive with Aeoneonatrix philosophy except in the context of unambiguous condemnation.

Their art also relies heavily on superficial and sensual pleasure along with what is traditionally considered artistic merit. Their works are heavy in fan service, this aided by their culture’s sexual inhibition. They also prefer more easily consumable art, especially music and television, to literature, sculpture and painting. Their love of music is enhanced by the fact that mating songs play a natural role in their biology, meaning that they are especially good singers and that music is inherently erotic and therefore a form of fan service for them.

This is not to say that their work is without artistic merit. On the contrary, well-structured, moving stories and musical tones enhance the propagandistic value of art, which, to the Aeoneonatrix, is art’s main purpose. Several Aeoneonatrix television shows have been syndicated internationally and released to heavy praise, usually leading to the foundation or strengthening of the Cleanserist community in the area of syndication.


Aeoneonatrix are extremely promiscuous. Their culture promotes open non-monogamous relationships. While long-term marriages are common, these relationships are open and married Aeoneonatrix frequently have one-night stands, with partners of theirs never taking offense at this. Aeoneonatrix culture has absolutely no concept of monogamous commitment.

Aeoneonatrix become sexually active at incredibly young ages, though it is not permitted for adults to have sex with young children. Young children do, however, often have sex with each other. Because incest is also permitted by Aeoneonatrix culture so long as reproduction is avoided, incest between young children is a common way for siblings to bond.

Aeoneonatrix have no laws regarding public sex, though especially loud, foul-smelling, mess-making or otherwise disruptive love can be prevented in certain spaces. Because Aeoneonatrix have no concept of monogamy, their sex acts have a greater tendency than those of other species to involve several partners. Prostitution is legal and openly practiced. It is considered a legitimate profession in which persons may receive specialized education or even high level degrees.

Naming Convention[]

When Aeoneonatrix are born they receive a temporary designation. This designation is meaningless gibberish in the Aeoneonatrix language and is used as a title for the child until they receive an adult name. They can receive an adult name at any point in their childhood and must be given one by their parents by whatever the age of maturity is for the member race they belong to, or else they will have to select a name on the relevant birthday and no later. The purpose for this is to ensure that the meaning of their eventual name is representative of their actual traits.

Aeoneonatrix names are common use words in the Aeoneonatrix language. Aeoneonatrix names are the same words which would be used for their meaning in everyday language. This means that when Aeoneonatrix converse they hear others calling them “adventure,” “speech,” “treasure,” or some other such word.

Aeoneonatrix surnames are two words put together. They are formatted like one word when written in the Aeoneonatrix language and thus are formed the same way in all translations. By historical happenstance, it came about that first names are generally transliterated but last names are generally translated. The result is that, when looking at a properly done translation of an Aeoneonatrix name the foreigner sees something like “Lingur Wildlight.” However, because of the fact that Aeoneonatrix names are common use words, many universal translators do not do this properly and give mistranslations, such as simply translating the above as “adventure wild light.”


’’"Kandeo ati gual gabyk gual gatal gnan ati awesh garok."’’ (Traditional Translation: ’’"As it shall turn out there was hope all along."’’) (Literal Translation: ’’"[In] the way of being which shall be the result there will have been hope the entire time."’’)



The Aeoneonatrix language is remarkably simple and easy to learn. Each sound has one and only one letter corresponding to it, and each letter entails one and only one sound. Words never contain silent letters and there are no contractions, abbreviations, or homophones and there are no prefixes or suffixes. Punctuation is limited to one mark, which looks like a period, only in the middle of the line rather than the bottom, and is placed on either side of each sentence.

The Aeoneonatrix motto as written in Aeoneonatrix

In no case are there multiple forms of a word, rather, in any case where there would be in other languages, there is another, qualifying word to use instead. For example, rather than having any tenses, there exist four adverbs to describe the past, present, perfect, and future tenses. “Gnan” is their word for the past tense, “gual,” for the future tense, and “gatal,” for the perfect tense. Though no two words are identical, words with related meanings often sound similar, such as all of the previous beginning with a “g” sound.

Its simplicity is not always a good thing. Sometimes the language sacrifices clarity because it does not have tools like commas, is easier to misunderstand because it has no tools like question marks, or must be long winded because it lacks contractions and abbreviations. Its simplicity does have one major advantage however. It is easier to learn and, if one is not confused by ambiguity, easier to translate. These advantages are especially helpful to the Aeoneonatrix in particular, because they regularly take in refugees and conquer alien races. The ease of translation means that it will be easier to translate important information, such as legal documents or street signs, for them, and the ease of learning means that new citizens will be able to develop fluency quickly. All refugees, and conquered peoples are required to take the free language classes that the empire provides.

Known Words[]

Ati: Verb meaning “to be.”


Gnan: Noun meaning “the past,” Adverb indicating past tense, modifying “gatal” to have it indicate past perfect tense, or meaning “previously,” preposition meaning, “before."


Gual: Noun meaning “the future,” Adverb indicating future tense, modifying “gatal” to have it indicate future perfect tense or meaning “later,” Preposition meaning, “after.”


Gatal: Adverb indicating perfect tense or meaning “complete.”


Garok: Noun meaning "The entire time," Adjective meaning "eternal."


Kandeo: Noun meaning “a way of being” or “the way a thing is.”


Gabyk: Noun meaning “result,” or “outcome,” Verb meaning “to result.”


Awesh: Noun meaning “hope,” Verb meaning “to hope.”


Lingur: Noun meaning "adventure."


Callanni: Noun meaning "value," or "valuable item."


Frozic: Noun meaning “coldness."

Gondoo: Noun meaning "freedom."

Koru: Noun meaning "god." Due to Aeoneonatrix religious beliefs, it is often used to refer to an ascended being, especially an Isio’Nar.

Byssi: Verb meaning “to have,” preposition meaning “with.”

Bycca: Noun meaning “resemblance,” Verb meaning “to resemble,” Preposition meaning “in a manner resembling.”

Atia: Noun meaning "one who does," verb meaning "to do."

Quurb: Verb meaning “to give.”



The Aeoneonatrix are a low tier three Empire. Their two largest areas of technological prowess are military and medical technology. They put a large amount of resources into maintaining a strong military. Due to their inheritance of Protector technologies, the Aeoneoantrix Empire was one of the more advanced empires in the Katar Sector and certainly the most advanced empire in the Delcath Subsector. However, during the near two full decades that the Cleanser removed them from the universe, the Aeoneonatrix Empire was of course unable to advance, leaving them at a serious technological disadvantage at present. Luckily, this was eventually rectified by the Purity, who augmented much of their technology to be in line with what is most common in Segmentum Exterioris. Through the Purity, the Aeoneonatrix have also gained the technology to create a Dyson Swarm, fulfilling most of the energy needs the Empire might have.

Clients often also contribute to the technology of the Aeoneonatrix Empire in exchange for military protection. This is especially true if they possess technology which the Aeoneonatrix do not already have. For example, the Aeoneonatrix Empire has access to priceless if not extremely experimental technology through the Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition. Most infamous of these acquisitions is the Creature Controller that the Miperiors created specifically for the Aeoneonatrix, though other inventions have made their way into the Empire since through trade and toll. As new non-Aeoneonatrix member species are usually technologically less advanced than the Empire they join, their contributions to the advancement of the Aeoneonatrix Empire are overall minor.


The Aeoneonatrix are currently transitioning from traditional firearms to plasma-based weaponry. Most infantry currently use plasma based weapons. Military vehicles are still mostly based on ballistics, though are being moved to be based on plasma weaponry.


Aeoneonatrix supersoldiers are augmented by chemical serums. These augmentations are not permanent, and supersoldiers must be re-injected with these augmentations regularly to maintain their unusual strength and speed. These serums were based upon the augmentations used by the Hegemony during the Great Deciever Conflict and indeed were initially gifts of the Hegemony. After the Tyranny Slave Revolt, the Hegemony worked together with the Enlightenment Collaborative to create permanent augmentations known as gene-matrixes which only needed to be injected once. Gene-matrixes specifically compatible with Aeoneonatrix genetics were designed, but not put in production before the Aeoneonatrix vanished. These schematics were later destroyed in by the Drakodominatus Tyranny in a raid upon the Hegemony. As such, the Aeoneonatrix Empire still uses the older form of supersoldier creation to this day, and through further refinement of this process, has come to prefer it over any new gene-matrixes that might be created for them.


The Aeoneonatrix military is designed to be able to conquer and keep territory when the empire deems such a thing necessary, and to defend the Empire against alien races. It is very well equipped to fight short wars with vastly less advanced civilizations and incur minimal casualties. Officers from both the Hegemony and the Katar Sector Alliance have independently noted that the strategies and especially the tactics of the Aeoneonatrix military leave much to be desired, which nearly resulted in the Empire’s annihilation during the Lightning War. Resultingly, it is less equipped at fighting against relative equals. The size and scope of the military puts a significant strain on the Empire’s economy.


Aeoneonatrix soldiers are trained in defense of themselves and civilians around them first and foremost. Their offensive capabilities are secondary, though not utterly pathetic.

Aeoneonatrix Trooper.png

Aeoneonatrix infantry are armored somewhat lightly to increase mobility. This is because they are less concerned with protecting themselves as they are with protecting their clients and citizens, who they need to get to. This also capitalizes on the Aeoneonatrix’s biology, allowing them to use their natural agility to their advantage. They are armed with plasma blasters, weapons that are normally safe to use but can be supercharged to do more damage at risk of blowing up. Infantry are furthermore equipped with plasma grenades, spherical devices made of smart matter programmed to stick to enemies before exploding.

Aeoneonatrix Assassin.png

Stealthy, cunning, and as close to unscrupulous as Aeoneonatrix usually come, these specialized troops assassinate figures of importance on various planets, including inside Aeoneonatrix territory. Their weapon of choice fires squash-headed microgrenades that stick to their targets and after a second or so detonate explosively, punching through most known armors no matter how thick. Alternatively, these rounds can be turned into promimity mines if fired at inanimate objects.

Aeoneonatrix Purgatorian.png

The heavy weapons squads of the Aeoneonatrix, Purgatorians carry with them heavy plasma cannons. They are thus only lightly armored to reduce their overall weight and allow them to largely keep pace with other Aeoneonatrix infantry. Their weapons carry an increased risk of exploding when supercharged, though Purgatorians are unafraid to martyr themselves in fiery self-immolation if it means bringing down especially strong targets.

Aeoneonatrix Purifier.png

Purifiers are the special weapons squads of the Aeoneonatrix, and the most elite of their conventional troops. If an experimental weapon needs to be tested, it is first given to the Purifiers. It was they who carried with them the famed Miperiors Invention #4352, better known as the Creature Controller. When the Drodo and USF successfully embargoed the weapon, the Purifiers fell back to their traditional armament, the plasmathrower, though after the relocation of the Aeoneonatrix Empire to the Andromeda Galaxy there have once more been sighting of Purifiers armed with Creature Controllers.

Aeoneonatrix Intercessor.png

Aeoneonatrix Intercessors are Aeoneonatrix supersoldiers. They must volunteer, or be volunteered by their parents, by age eight and are trained from childhood to be both important soldiers and important symbols of hope for planets plagued by frequent attacks. The training and augmentations of the Intercessors prioritize speed and agility over offensive prowess and strength. Their weapon of choice are rapid-fire plasma casters to deal with infantry that will logically have numerical superiority. This weapon is also given to generals, though the Intercessor variant is distinguished by a secondary lower barrel that can fire miniaturised plasma grenades to crack open vehicles.

Aeoneonatrix Inceptor.png

Aeoneonatrix marines, Inceptors board enemy ships or make planetfall encased in armored space suits. Their jump packs propel them through the void at high speeds and give them the capacity to escape unfavorable combat situations on the ground. Antigravity pads, present near their heels, prevent them from disintegrating while hurtling down through atmosphere and allow them to land safely. Still, some augmentation is needed for the Inceptors to survive such an ordeal without any risks and to fire their twin plasma pistols accurately from high altitudes at foes far below.

Aeoneonatrix Defender.png

The most heavily augmented supersoldiers, named after the field commanders of Kulaung lexicon, are the Defenders. They stand out amongst the infantry of the Aeoneonatrix Empire for their heavy armor. Focused solely on protection over anything else, they are equipped with extremely durable riot shields, electroshock mauls, and arm-mounted close-quarters plasmathrowers. To keep up with their peers, they use personal teleporters integrated into their power armor. The purpose of the Defenders is to form the bodyguard of high-ranking officers and repel any assaults upon their lives, a task for which they are singularly well equipped.

Aeoneonatrix Justicar.png

While monks within the Aeoneonatrix Empire normally dedicate their lives to prayer, the Order of Justiciars are warrior-monks trained in the use of Elemental Energy, and thus spend some part of their lives on the battlefield. Their shotguns and pistols fire shells packed with microscale submunitions that explode on impact and are frightingly effective against any form of shielding. This synergizes nicely with the plasma weapons of other Aeoneoantrix infantry, as such weapons are mainly effective against armor. Justiciars normally wander Aeoneonatrix space righting wrongdoings, but are always more than willing to fight alongside the Aeoneonatrix soldiery in defense of their Empire.


Unlike many other empires which solely focus on spaceships once they become interstellar, the Aeoneonatrix military has maintained the quality of their land, sea and air vehicles. Not all of them serve an offensive function, but all aid the Aeoneonatrix in some manner.

Aeoneonatrix Blade.png

Tanks which launch large globs of plasma at opposing forces. Blades move both by tracks and as a hovercraft, enabling them to cross all terrain.

Aeoneonatrix Spear.png

Aeoneonatrix submarines used against aquatic civilizations, armed with plasma weapons and an electric field. This allows Spears to jam enemy vehicles and prevent the enemy from landing on them when they surface.

Aeoneonatrix Beamer.png

Planes whose primary equipment is a transporter ray which beams individuals to cells on an awaiting Shepherd. Often used to rescue slave populations. Usage limited by the finite amount of space available for any given mission. Given the low number of Shepherds usually available for a petty conquest, it is almost never possible to systematically beam away any sizable population.

Aeoneonatrix Abductor.png

Used when planning an invasion which will involve the Submission Virus or Sleeping Gas. Uses tractor beams to capture subjects for scientific examination. Usually used in remote areas, and equipped with a cloaking device to avoid detection.

Aeoneonatrix Cropduster.png

Planes designed to dispense chemical and biological weapons onto planets.

Aeoneonatrix Prod.png

Prods are smaller vessels which fire electro-magnetic pulses capable of crippling technology across a large area of land or space. Because of the damaging effects this has on infrastructure and the number of casualties that can be caused by shutting down electricity on an advanced world, (planes falling from the sky, cars crashing, vital economic information lost, power grids destroyed, all life support machines disabled) they are used sparingly and, when possible, the population of a world is given advanced notice to allow them to get into a safe position.


Aeoneonatrix ships are fast but fragile. Their focus lies in getting to planets quickly, typically those with enslaved peoples on them. Resultingly they are only lightly armed and armoured, though again not to a pathetic degree.

KSA designation: Fighter-Bomber

Aeoneonatrons are all-purpose vehicles, often used as civilian skycars. They can also be repurposed to serve as science ships and fighters or bombers. In case of military useage, they are given the coloration used by all Aeoneonatrix military vehicles, which is forbidden for civilian use. This way, military and civilian Aeoneonatrons can easily be distinguished.

Aeoneonatrix Predator.png
KSA designation: Light ship

Predators are corvettes used to devastate enemy planets not only by dropping bombs, but also firing lasers, and, in theory, dropping anti-matter bombs. The most common thing for them to drop, though, is sleeping gas. Aeoneonatrix will often try to incapacitate very weak populations on a large scale rather than kill their members.

Aeoneonatrix Canid.png
KSA designation: Medium ship

Canids are frigates that form the bulk of the Aeoneonatrix navy. They are armed with frontal cannons that typically fire a plasma barrage though they can also launch proton missiles and neutrino pulses.

Aeoneonatrix Hound.png
KSA designation: Ship of the line

Hounds are the basic Aeoneonatrix battleships. They are armed with two large cannons in front that can be loaded with a wide variety of ammunition from photon torpedoes to antimatter missiles. Hounds are further armed with plasma broadsides and two rear-mounted laser point-defence systems.

Aeoneonatrix Dropper.png
KSA designation: Non-combat ship

Peregrines are large dropships used to land Aeoneonatrix soldiers, tanks and submarines upon hostile worlds. Lightly armed, but strongly armored and shielded, they can reroute all their power into their shields upon landing to strengthen and expand them. Once on the ground, Peregrines are used as mobile command centers, and come equipped with all necessary equipment to that end.

Aeoneonatrix Shepherd.png
KSA designation: Fleet carrier

Shepherds are the outer space equivalent of aircraft carriers, and that’s one of their major functions. Their other function is to serve as foundry ships, as they can assemble swarms of Aeoneonatrons and the simple AI to pilot them. Other than this, they typically harbor Peregrines and the assorted military units.

KSA designation: Capital ship

Avengers are the capital ships of the Aeoneonatrix navy, used to house captains and admirals. They are named after ’’the Vengeance’’, the flagship of Lingur Wildlight. Avengers are armed with clusters of small missiles, but as command vessels are mostly given over to technologies that boost allies and hamper enemies. Especially fast and agile, they can easily escape dangerous engagements and lost battles should their commaning officers wish.

Aeoneonatrix Enforcer.png
KSA designation: Artillery ship

Enforcers are superweapon carriers, and by far the largest of Aeoneonatrix ships. Aside from missile bays, sublight engines, and a warp drive, most of their vast power generating systems are given over to the divine enforcer cannon which runs along the spine of the ship. This massive weapon is singularly used against enemy populations, and upon firing, creates a planet-wide Fanatical Frenzy that converts any sapient lifeform below to Cleanserism without causing any initial casualties. This gets the local population of the side of the Aeoneonatrix, and they will often be subliminally commanded to secede and join the Aeoneonatrix Empire soon after.


Custodians, though they have spacefaring capabilities, functionally have more in common with space stations. A grid of them typically takes orbit around a planet, and fires at any approaching aggressor.

Vigilantes were developed by the Aeoneonatrix shortly after their relocation to the Andromeda Galaxy. Unlike other empires, the Aeoneonatrix had access to the heart of the Anomality Zone that was created by their dislocation through space and time, and set to work weaponizing its effects. These purely defensive stations can therefore generate an anomality zone on the size of a large solar system, temporarily cutting off the system from its neighbours, and shielding those within from invasion at the cost of outside reinforcements.

Created through technology gifted by the Purity, Preservers are larger versions of Guardians, placed in a ring around a given star. Each station is equipped with large solar panels to harvest stellar energy, and a wireless transmitter to send this energy to inhabited planets. The stations all have a particle accelerator onboard, which when activated, connects each station in the ring through a current of charged ions. This allows for star lifting, and if hydrogen is injected back into the star, for stellar rejuvenation. However, since the Preservers are all in orbit around the star of Ku-Rokti, which is slightly past one-third of its main-sequance stage, they are yet not used this way.

Chemical and Biological Weapons[]

Used almost exclusively against very unadvanced populations, this chemical causes rapid rust to ruin metal swords, speartips and armor.

A non-lethal gas designed to render victims unconscious for several days with a relatively small dose. Likewise must be redesigned for each usage. The gas must be remade for each new species it is used on, as one species’ version will not work on another.

An airborne virus designed to render its target species more docile and less resistant to conquest and conversion to Cleanserism without otherwise causing biological harm. Infected individuals can be made to stay in their altered state for life. Likewise must be redesigned for each usage.


The Aeoneonatrix use their military for two purposes.

The first is defense. Any nation who attacks the Aeoneonatrix, their clients, or their allies can usually expect to face retribution. If the Aeoneonatrix or its clients have been attacked, the repulsion of enemy forces will be followed by the Aeoneonatrix contacting the attacking nation and attempting to ascertain whether or not they intend to attack again. If the answer is no, then the Aeoneonatrix will evaluate the morality of the nation and proceed accordingly.

The second is offense. This is done when the Aeoneonatrix observes another nation acting extremely immorally, such as by having a slave trade (especially one involving conquered peoples), holding gladiator matches including non-consenting parties, or unjustly persecuting members of the population.

When they judge that a species is sufficiently immoral, and that conquest of them is practical, they will, if the civilization’s practices pose imminent threat to others, enact their invasion protocol, which is to take as much control over the nation as they must to get them to behave morally (and ideally, no more). When invading lesser races, they take great care to keep the number of civilian casualties to a minimum.

If the civilization’s immoral practices do not pose a grave and imminent threat to others, and the Aeoneonatrix’ moral standards are so lofty as to ensure that virtually no civilization will measure up to them, the Aeoneonatrix will send missionaries to the population in question. The Cleanser will perform a miracle or two in sight of the effected population and the missionaries will encourage the populace to take the rite of dedication. The Cleanser’s miracles and the irreversibility of dedication will cause the religion to spread rapidly and dominate the area quickly. Once the religion has taken over, the population will be allowed to vote as to whether to join the Empire and the Cleanser will command them to vote "yes."

Invasion Protocol[]

On the occasion that it is deemed necessary to conquer and/or occupy a planet, the Aeoneonatrix will, usually after offering a surrender, begin by destroying or capturing any orbital defenses that that world might have, and ensuring that they can repel any reinforcements that arrive.

Once they have completed the above, or, if it is taking too much time, are reasonably certain they will complete the above, they will begin deploying ground forces to begin taking important cities on the planet. As this process is occurring, the leader or leaders of the planet will be offered surrender repeatedly. If they refuse, combat will continue until the planet is under Aeoneonatrix control and the leader has been captured or killed. If they accept, they are expected to not resist full domination of the planet by the Aeoneonatrix and usually, the capturing of its leader. If the Aeoneonatrix are seeking to conquer the whole of a larger empire, they will perform this process on the required planets until the entire empire is subdued and its primary leader captured.

Occupation Protocol[]

After a territory is under Aeoneonatrix control the further actions will vary. If applicable the Aeoneonatrix may seek diplomatic conference with the captured leader to resolve the issues that brought about the invasion. If the problems can be resolved then the Aeoneonatrix will usually leave, allowing a few missionaries to remain to arrange peaceful conversion.

If it is decided that the territory cannot acceptably be returned to the full control of the original owners, which is usually the case, as the Aeoneonatrix usually attack do to underlying moral issues with a society which it cannot or will not simply elect to alter, the Aeoneonatrix will usually force it to accept instillation as full Aeoneonatrix Empire client, which involves forcing the inhabitants to accept Aeoneonatrix morality, at least on a legal level.

Forced Assimilation Protocol[]

If the above takes place and the Aeoneonatrix’s missionaries are unable to assimilate the new territory into the Aeoneonatrix culture and the Aeoneonatrix’s attempts to prevent violent resistance fail, the Empire may deem it necessary to begin restricting their rights. This will only occur if the citizenry is violently resisting the government or otherwise violating its laws and never in response to legal public protests such as large gatherings of individuals near government structures. Individuals who are accepting of their new rulers will be excluded from these restrictions of rights if they can be identified. First, the citizenry will be given a curfew, new policies will be applied to prevent the offending actions and penalties for the offensive actions will be increased. This will last until either it is deemed insufficient or is deemed to have solved the problem.

If it is deemed insufficient, further restrictions will be levied. This will continue until the lowest possible point it reached, confinement in internment camps. This point can only be reached if all but a negligible segment of the population has continuously refused to avoid very harmful and usually violent resistance to the Aeoneonatrix. As consequence, these internment camps have never actually manifested in reality.

Regardless, once this point has been reached, the persons will not be allowed to leave their camps unless allowed to do so by a government official such as a camp manager. These camps have relatively comfortable conditions and there is usually plenty to do to pass one’s time, not the least of these activities is work which the residents may do for the government. This work is optional, but results in significant benefits. This situation will continue until the problem is deemed solved.

The situation progressing to this point almost requires that the problem be either biologically inherent to the species in question or some cultural problem inherent to the species’ current culture. If the former is the case, the species will remain in their state until it is possible to alter their biology to remove the problem. If the latter is the case the Aeoneonatrix will restrict the parent’s ability to pass on the relevant elements of the culture by controlling what they are allowed to do and say around their children and indoctrinating the children to behave according to Aeoneonatrix standards of morality. Once either of these results in the elimination of the problem, the residents will be granted the full rights of normal citizens.

The long term goal in all of these situations is for the persons in question to be granted full rights and be allowed to function in society as normal citizens. The only reason their rights are restricted is because this has become impossible. This decision would normally be made because the citizenry are, on a mass scale that cannot by any other means be combated, attacking government officials and facilities or lynching citizens who have moved onto the relevant planet. A mere select few terrorists is not enough, the population at large must be behaving like this in order to have their rights restricted.

Because of the individualistic nature of Aeoneonatrix culture, persons will not be included in the restrictions simply due to their belonging to the same species as the persons who are making themselves a problem. Rather, if an entire population does have its rights restricted, it is because all of the members of the population, with the obvious exception of children, are considered to be a danger and it is thought impossible to isolate the individuals who would actually cause problems if allowed the rights of a normal citizen.

Member Species[]

Aeoneonatrix (1).png

The Aeoneonatrix are the namesake of the Empire. The original residents of Ku-Rokti, the Aeoneonatrix Capital planet, they took over and re-branded the Protective Republic of Delcath after the Twenty-second Mardor Genocide.

Because the Empire is controlled by the Aeoneonatrix religion, most anger and hatred by conquered races against their oppressors is directed at the Aeoneonatrix. They are also the international face of the Empire, and its president and the leader of its military are both Aeoneonatrix.

The Necroxi are a naturally servile race created by another race as a form of psychological warfare. Their psychology makes them have trouble functioning unless they perceive themselves as having a master. Most of their master slots are currently filled by the Cleanser.

As a result, they are often monks living in monasteries designed to fit their tastes in living space, that is, decaying, run down environments. Others take jobs in the military, where they can use their terrifying appearance and physical prowess to the greatest effect.

A race of noble beings with hair which can be weaved into a fabric softer than any other known. There are about seven times as many female Makabs as there are males. This meant that either most women would have to go unmarried, which was an unforgivable social sin to the species, or that polygamy would be allowed, which it was. Under the Aeoneonatrix Empire, women have gained full autonomy and staying single is no longer seen as a sin, though polygamy continues in practice. Children usually know which one of their father’s wives has carried them, but also usually do not have any special relationship with that one over the others.

The Dorgitassi are an avian race which has lived with the Aeoneonatrix since the end of 2791. Formerly a Dominatus slave race, a population of five million of them escaped the resort planet they were serving on by stealing several yachts. Once they arrived, the Aeoneonatrix Empire harbored them and eventually decided to accept them as a full member race.

Biologically, the Dorgitassi share many similarities with birds. They can fly naturally, though most of them have underdeveloped wings due to the lack of flying during their time as slaves of the Tyranny. Once they overcome this through muscular stimulation therapy followed by physical therapy, they are known to fly around in massive, well-coordinated flocks in a manner similar to avian creatures on Earth.

Currently, they are legally equal citizens of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, and discrimination against them is illegal. It still happens on occasion regardless. In particular, Aeoneonatrix employers of time nearer to their joining the Empire were known to overwork Dorgitassi employees, taking advantage of their lack of experience as free workers by deceiving them on the extent of their newfound rights. As time has gone on, this has declined as Dorgitassi have become more aware of their rights.

A race partially saved from Tyranny conquest while still tier 6.

The Podenka are a mammalian race likewise saved from Drakodominatus conquest. Their most notable feature is their short lifespan, where their average lifespan was about eight months when they were rescued. Aeoneonatrix technology has improved their lifespan, much as advancing technology has for other races, to the point where they now live to be about thirteen months old.

Because this is still insufficient for them to function normally in the Empire, Podenka are instead grouped into tribes and given heritable contracts which allow employment to pass from parents to their children. Aeoneonatrix employers can find it very difficult to fire their Podenka, due to the fact that the Empire has an extraordinary interest in not having such terminations be common, and therefore passes laws heavily regulating when they are allowed.

Early in their inhabitation of the Empire, few Podenka were literate, narrowing the range of jobs they could take. However, since their induction, public education programs have arranged for them to be taught to read and write in about three months, leaving the last ten months of their lifespan to be out of school. They are still unusually ill-educated, and do not have time to learn mathematics, science or philosophy.

The Fligurians were a client race of the Protectors, and later the Aeoneonatrix Empire. They were abducted from their planets to the last by the Drakodominatus Tyranny at the beginning of the Great Deceiver conflict, and later transformed into Biodrones. Though their forms could not be restored after the fall of the Tyranny, the Cleanser turned the constant pain they felt as Biodrones into equivalent pleasure, and erased their memories under the Tyranny. This allowed the Fligurians continue on with their former lives, though they are now immortal as synthetic lifeforms. After this they fully joined of the Aeoneonatrix Empire.


The Urikaw are the founding species of the Confederate Union of Secton, a state that was destroyed by the New Krickan Corporate Union. Their population is currently divided between the Aeoneoantrix Empire and the Waptoria Alliance of Species. Urikaw that are citizens of the Aeoneonatrix Empire can be easily distinguished from their Waptorian counterparts by their eel-like and less floral appearance. While the population divide was initially even, the Waptoria currently possess the larger share by far due to their advanced species conservation efforts, while Urikaw populations under the Aeoneonatrix Empire have grown only moderately. Regardless, the Aeoneonatrix focus on having their Urikaw populations take the Rite of Dedication and thus giving them the best lives possible.

Kaishan 2.png

The Kaishan are the founding species of the New Federal Vilerg Council, and were all but destroyed by the New Krickan Corporate Union. What remained of their population was employed by the New Krickan Corporate Union as corporate enforcers on the pain of death. Regardless, a great number of Kaishan managed to escape to the Aeoneonatrix space, though they remain largely distrusted by their fellow Urikaw refugees. Unique amongst dedicated persons within the Aeoneonatrix Empire, the Kaishan largely follow the Judge rather than the Cleanser. As they are still dedicated to a member of the League of Patrons and Patrons may not try to convert the followers of each other, such Kaishan do not face distrust from other species within the Empire.


Colony.png Serving[]

Our Gods, our Masters.

Protectorate Shield.png Clients[]

Those empires we protect with our very lives.

  • The Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition - Our longtime partners. Though we were not there to liberate them, as it turned out, things were to be alright for them after all.
  • The Gargator Republic - Pathetic as they seemed, they would have destroyed millions if left unchecked.
  • The Mandatory Mardor Empire - Now that the KSA has conquered you, we are technically your allies. We once endorsed that you be made powerless captives, and that is not unlike what has happened.
  • Former Mardor Territories - Though the USF and Farengeto can no longer protect you, valued clients, we promise we can do even better.

Sword&Shield.png Special Relationships[]

Fellow servants of our Masters.

Green face.png Allies[]

Allies in our constant fight against Evil.

Blue face.png Friends[]

Not formal allies, but they fight for good, and that’s what counts.

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

We have not determined which side these persons fight on.

Orange face.png Unfriendly[]

We do not like you...

  • The Mag’heli Dominion - Their form of government is abhorrent, but at least makes a takeover easier once these people have been subdued by us or our Masters.
  • The Okyno Expanse - They see us as heretics. They will come to see the benevolence of our Gods in due time.
  • The United Persan Descendants - They do not allow the Rite of Dedication, nor the Rites of Lesser Contract, nor Deals with our God to be made. All this to ensure the freedom of their souls to do Good or Evil as they wish. The Hegemony are correct to classify the Vanara and their ilk as an unwittingly destructive force.
  • The Mendel Pact - Their Taidhleoir have outlawed the worship of our God to eliminate double loyalty within their empire. Clearly that speaks of their ill intent towards all that is Good and Holy.
  • The Mirusian Theocratic Congregation - Our Masters are the only true Gods in all of existence.
  • The Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation - The TIAF are unwilling to give back our Bunsen colonies.
  • The Draconid Imperium - A source of decay in the Andromeda Galaxy, despite their claims otherwise. We shall have to deal with them one day, for better or worse.

Red face.png Enemies[]

We will always act to prevent these persons from achieving their destructive goals.

Crossed Swords.png At war with[]

We are currently engaging in direct conflict with these forces for Evil. As always, Good will Triumph.

Quotes from Others (Add Here)[]

Well, well. Look at this. They are back from wherever? Most exellent. Extremely, extremely most exellent. Because that means our most valued stock of slaves is back as well. Now if you exuse me, I’ve got a fleet to assemble...’’’to destroy your pitiful empire, you stupid sacks of flesh, you pacifist cowards, you indoctrinating fools, you ’’Aeoneonatrix’’!’’’

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War

Just try to invade, occupy and forcibly assimilate us. Come, we dare you. As it stands, you being in Segmentum Draco contradicts with our own expansion plans. Where, you ask? In Segmentum Draco, of course! You stand in our path. You have always stood in our path. We will conquer you and if your soldiers won’t fraternise with our own, not even after we show them our generosity, I will grant them the freedom they deserve trough their sacrifice. Know that, for ’’we’’ will concuer and occupy ’’your’’ territory...’’’and I dare you to stop us!’’’

- Warmaster Fexonatius of the Imperium of War

Filthy Katarians. Indoctrinating, stupidly zealous vermin. Were it not for the protection that the KSA provides, we would turn all their worlds into oceans of molten glass. They are a threat to all free thinking societies within the Katar sector, as they follow their god’s orders, no matter how stupid or controlling. Someone needs to do something about it.

- Admiral Ulrac Cale of the United Hegemony of Exterioris

I once would have agreed with Ulrac here. The Aeoneonatrix almost never listened to our commands and at times we even believed them to be traitors. It seemed they indeed ’’were’’ traitors after they spat upon our alliance to join the Katar Sector Alliance. Yet as an ascended being, I understand this was all part of a greater scheme by the Cleanser. It is time to mend the wounds which divided us, and together strive for control and obedience in this unruly galaxy once more.

- Commander Marius of the reformed Hegemony of Exterioris

A disturbingly close-minded people, I must admit. And the fact that they’re led, or believe that they are led, by an immortal being makes it all the more unsettling and unstable.

- Premier Harponis, head of state for the Drodo Empire

They deserve our respect.

- Steel Vankalian, Great General of the United federation of Species

The Aeoneonatrix Empire was...or is...a mixed bag to us. We laud them for their great sexual liberty. Their track record at preventing eco-disasers is good. The rest, not so much. Their personal liberties are a farce. Free thought is discouraged in most areas of life. For those who choose not to dedicate themselves to the rite of the Aeoneonatrix, the borders of the Empire serve as a jail to keep them in. Most important for international relations, the Empire has shown itself to be greatly unreliable. It showed no remorse for siding with the Hegemony of Exterioris against our Troodontid allies, none for abandoning the Hegemony to the Katar Sector Alliance, and none for abandoning the Katar Sector just when the KSA was in the direst of needs. All this they justify in the name of some abstract "good" which only they seem to truly know, and a god which they claim communicates directly with them. What could truth and treaties possibly mean to such a self-righteous folk? Truth by their own admission means nothing to them, and hence, they will always find a way to wriggle themselves out of treaties which have become unfavorable to them.

- Waptorian observation

Does not register as a threat. Once we are done with the slaves they will know nothing only pain and at our behest, oblivion.

- Drakodominatus Tyranny Military Evaluation

Believing that only your ethics are good narrows your mind greatly and in the worst case it will cause you to fall.

- Praetor La’isran of the Thérenian Dominion

Mess with us, and you are dead.

- Exarch Laurinn Ma’fest

Not all followers of Spode are aggressive. We, for example, are allies of the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and would be more then happy to fight alongside you as brothers.

- The Holy Prophet of Truth of the Brotherhood of Spode

Hilarious kind...

- The Observer


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