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Aela Bengo'Ra Flett-Ardal (born as Aela Flett) was born on planet Militora in 2722 AD to Soldarian Super Elites Bengo Flett and Norra Ling. As the daughter of two Soldarian Super Elites, Aela spent a great portion of her early childhood training in the Soldarian martial arts with her parents. Her father, Bengo Flett, was considered a legendary Soldarian warrior. Aela always wanted to live up to her father's fame or even surpass it, a sentiment that Bengo actually shared.

Whenever he could, Bengo would take the young Aela with him during his more official business and taught her all he could before she was old enough to join the Pultorian Legion.

Joining the Pultorian Legion Edit

In 2737 AD, Aela joined the Pultorian Legion at the age of 15 years old. She proved herself to an exceptional soldier and eventually a respected leader. By 2744 AD, Aela achieved the rank of captain due to her effectiveness in the field. However, she was partially promoted due to her relation to Bengo Flett, a fact she would actually despise.

Nebulorian-Alpha War Edit

In 2754 AD, the Nebulorian Ascendancy, an ancient power in Tyris Major, had awoken to reclaim their lost territories. As a soldier of the Soldarian Empire, and extension the United Knights Alliance (UKA), Aela was deployed to fight in the multiple ground battles that took place over the course of the war. She would find herself fighting on her homeworld of Militora alongside her father. The Battle of Militora would prove to be the most devestaing battle that Aela would take part in. In 2755 AD, the Nebulorians struck Militora hard, and managed to overwhelm the Soldarians. Aela was recalled from the planet, however her father remained on world in an attempt to take out the Nebulorian leader, Lord Ne'yon. Bengo Flett would die at the hands of Lord Ne'yon and Militora would be lost to the enemy.

While Aela was heartbroken by the death of her father, she was more motivated to see the Nebulorians defeated. Against her better judgement, Aela would defy the retreat orders of Emperor Pulporious V and mustered a legion of UKA soldiers to strike back at the Nebulorians. While her actions should have caused her to be arrested for disobeying the emperor, instead she became a rather popular figure during the war. She represented the spirit of the Soldarian people, and led a massive assault on Militora in an attempt to retake it. After a long battle, she managed to break the Nebulorian occupation and force them to leave the planet. After the battle, Aela and her mother Norra would give Bengo a proper Soldarian funeral.

The war would wage on until 2758 AD, ending in a victory for the United Knights Alliance and its allies.

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In 2758 AD, Aela was promoted to the exclusive rank of Soldarian Super Elite for her actions during the Nebulorian-Alpha War. As a Super Elite, Aela was considered to be among the best of the Soldarian Empire's soldiers. She was the youngest Super Elite in the history of the empire, and would prove to be among the most skilled as her career continued.

In tribute to her father, Aela would call herself Aela Bengo'Ra Flett for the duration of her early military service.

Second Infactant War Edit

In 2760 AD, the Infectant Horde, old enemies of the Grand Republic of Tyris Major, would strike back at the Grand Republic with renewed aggression. The United Knights Alliance would come to the aid of the Grand Republic as the threat of the Infectant Horde could no longer be ignored. Aela would serve as Emperor Pulporious V's personal guard during the war, only seeing combat if the emperor took part in battles personally. Aela would later take part in the Battle of Floo, where the emperor led his Super Elites to victory against the leadership of the Infectant Horde.

The war ended in 2764 AD with a Grand Republic victory.

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