The ash of our past has become the fire of our future.

- Aenoch Colos, Head of Union

The Aekite Union is a federal republic consisting of fourteen planet-states. It is located in Cyrannus Galaxy and is currently made up of only one species. It was formed when the thirteen planets of the former Grivan Empire unified, after the Grivan Civil War and the Era of Independent States.

A new addition to the First Gigaquadrant, the Aekite Union seeks to do their part in establishing peace and granting freedom in all reaches of the Universe. It recently joined the Seven Starr Alliance and its influence is slowly growing. Armed with only a small military and the determination of its citizens, the Aekite Union is ready to face all challenges that fate throws its way.

Etymology Edit

The term "Aekite" derives from the Aekite Empire of ancient casimin history. A loose federation of city-states, the Aekite Empire is considered the first casimin republic to ever exist. It extended over a quarter of a continent at its maximum extent and was a hub of mathematics, science, arts, and other ideas. As Aemeism spread throughout the Aekite Empire, it even began the Continental Renaissance.

The term "Aekite Fever" came to describe the desire for a federal republic during the Grivan Civil War and the subsequent Era of Independent States. When the Aekite Union was formed, popular opinion had already dictated the need for it to be named after the ancient beacon of freedom that was the Aekite Empire.

History Edit

For the history of the casimin species, see here.

Grivan Empire Edit

Grivan Empire Flag

The Flag of the Grivan Empire.

In 1019, one nation stood after a world war on the planet Zaphos. The Grivan Empire held power over the entire world's population and the colonies on Pho, Zaphos's moon. Under this empire, casimins spread through their system until two other planets had been colonized. In this time, the Grivan Empire began to evolve from an open, communist nation to a cruel, authoritarian dictatorship. This government forced a large number of citizens to work on colonization and space travel.

Interstellar Rush Edit

In 1189, the first interstellar colony was founded on the planet Diasto. For most of the Empire, this was considered a miracle. A new era came into play: the "Interstellar Rush". Built on the peoples' dreams and government propaganda, in the next century six new colonies were established in interstellar space.

Three more colonies began in the fourteenth century. The Grivan Empire now governed thirteen planets. In the farthest of the colonies, people began crying out at their corrupt government that ruled from so far away.

Grivan Civil War Edit

In 1387, unrest on the outer colony of Epanat grew into full-scale revolt. Militias took over the military bases and Epanat came into rebel control. It declared itself independent from the Grivan Empire and encouraged other colonies to do so as well. Unable to stop the beginnings of the rebellion because of the long distances, the Grivan Empire was too slow to cut off the revolt.

Other colonies began to follow suit, until nine planets joined this Independent Alliance. Only the three planets of the Zaphos system stayed. Soon, military forces clashed in the first interstellar war in casimin history. Although the Alliance had more planets, the Grivan military had them outgunned. After 14 years of warfare, the end seemed favorable to the Empire. However, on the planet Exapos in the Zaphos system, a peaceful call for reform in the government began. To stop this apparent threat, the Empire ordered military action to stop the protest. More than a hundred civilians were killed, and the shock was widespread. Exapos soon declared itself independent, and the tides began to turn.

Fall of the Grivan Empire Edit

With new found strength, the Independent Alliance battered the Empire until the Battle of Zaphos. In the atmosphere of the planet Zaphos in 1391, fleet met fleet in a final, climatic battle. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Grivan military fell, and their rule was abolished. While joy was rampant in the colonies, Zaphos citizens were dumbstruck and scared. Without government control, looting and other crimes immediately grew in number.

Era of Independent States Edit

In the aftermath of the civil war, the Independent Alliance struggled to agree on dozens of issues, including government, what planet should be the capital, the size of the military, and more. The Alliance split, and soon there were thirteen casimin planet-states.

As each planet grew in size and number, planet leaders worked hard to keep peace between the states. Each planet developed independent cultures as they slowly became more isolated in communication and transportation.

Reunification Edit

With the invention of a new interstellar engine in 1440, transport between the planets became easier. A new push for unification came from the politician Aedro Typir. Backed by a large party of civil war veterans, soon the idea became strong in each nation.

In 1456, the Unification Document was signed on Zaphos. Under this document, a federal republic was formed. The Aekite Union consisted of thirteen planets and one moon. Each planet got two representatives on the Aekite Council. This council then voted Aedro Typir as Head of Union.

In the next fourteen years, the Aekite Union recovered from the destruction of the Grivan Civil War. This era of reconstruction passed by peacefully, except for the relatively minor Lavro Insurrection in 1466.

Golden Age Edit

Fourteen years after the unification of the casimin planet-states, the Aekite Union received its first alien communication. A transmission from the New Cyrannian Republic opened their eyes to the magnitude of the First Gigaquadrant. With kindness and respect, the Republic welcomed them into the intergalactic community.

Amazed by their new discoveries, a new golden age has started in the Aekite Union. With openings to new technology, cultures, and ideas, the Union's citizens have become more united than ever as they dive into this new frontier. After joining the Seven Starr Alliance, the technology of the Aekite Union has especially developed, and with it, their military and lifestyle are evolving extremely quickly. For the first time since before the Grivan Civil War, a settlement has been established on a new planet as colonization becomes easier.

The citizens of the Aekite Union have a new goal: to become an integral part of the First Gigaquadrant.

Demographics Edit

Population Edit

Aekite Union Pop.

The division of population in the Union, at the start of the Golden Age.

The Aekite Union currently holds an estimated 49.9 billion citizens. All of these citizens are of the casimin species. Its population lacks a high amount of diveristy, but scientists have noted a growing diversity between planets as generations pass.

Language Edit

One hundred percent of the Aekite Union speaks Casimish, although more than a dozen dialects of Casimish exist between planets. This is a direct effect of the former Grivan Empire's push for uniform culture throughout its territory.

Religion Edit

See here.

Freedom of religion is a right held sacrosanct in the Aekite Union. Contrary to the policies of the Grivan Empire, citizens are free to practice their religion publicly. This freedom is one of many contained in the Unification Document's Bill of Rights.

Dozens of religions exist in the Aekite Union, but the largest is Aemeism. Aemeism has three main denominations, but all hold the belief that casimins are the descendants of gods that came to Zaphos and intermingled with the ancient casimins. Followers of Aemeism make up about 81% of the Aekite Union.

The next most popular religions in the Aekite Union are Veskianity and Poriovhism. The former, Veskianity, teaches beliefs in karma and reincarnation. The latter, Poriovhism, teaches of the dual gods Sohl and Drohk.

Government Edit

Aekite Union Gov. Structure

Aekite Union governmental structure

The Aekite Union is a constitutional republic, made of the federal union of thirteen planets. The outline of the government is contained in the Unification Document, the constitution of the Aekite Union. Government is split between planetary governments and the federal government, which is headquartered on Pho, the moon of Zaphos.

Federal Government Edit

The federal government has the power to make national laws, declare war or peace, and create national taxes. It is run by the Council of the Union, which is made up of two representatives from each planet. These representatives are voted in by the citizens of their planet. The councilors then elect the Head of Union, who acts as their figurehead. In Council votes, the Head of Union has two votes, while other councilors only have one. The Head of Union can be replaced if an 80% is reached in favor by the Council.

Planetary Government Edit

Planetary governments have the power to decide their stance on laws that the federal government declare "Choice Laws", levy planetary taxes, and organize the police force. Planetary Governors are elected by a majority vote on their planet. The Planetary Government can begin a Replacement vote, which replaces a Councilor of that planet if 75% of that planet's citizens vote in favor.

Military Edit

See here.

The Aekite Union military is divided into two forces- the Space Fleet and the Planetary Guard.

Space Fleet Edit

The Aekite Space Fleet is the main interstellar force of the Aekite Union. Its ships are divided into three main classes- battleships, frigates, and gunships. They patrol the territory of the Aekite Union and defend from threats, both inside and out. The Aekite Space Fleet is currently small, due to the cost of making expensive ships. At the beginning of the Golden Age, the total amount of ships numbered about 130. However, with new technology from the Seven Starr Alliance and the New Cyrannian Republic, making ships is easier than ever and the figure is growing exponentially. These ships are armed with particle weapons and deflector shields previously unknown to the Aekite Union.

Planetary Guard Edit

The Aekite Planetary Guard are the terrestrial troops of the Aekite Union. Situated on every planet, they are run by the planetary government and as such have different numbers, enlistment ages, and conscription benefits. The current average number of soldiers on a planet is 404 million. These soldiers operate tanks, ships, planes, mechs, and more.

Intergalactic Relations Edit

Allies Edit

  • New Cyrannian Republic - "As the Aekite Union's first major contact, the NCR openly welcomed the Union into the intergalactic community. We may never be able to repay them."

Friends Edit

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Quotes Edit

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A new friend and ally in the galaxy. I have high hopes that the Aekite Union will eventually become a key player in Cyrannus, and the Gigaquadrant as a whole.

- Apaltar

They may be young, but they have great potential to join the ranks of the truly magnificent vanguards of liberty and democracy, and for that they will have our utmost respect.

- Captain Lorrelas

A new power of peace in the Gigaquadrant, their political and social system seems stable and has some influence in Cyrannus. They are potential allies and have a bright future, although there is not enough information about them now. We must wait and see.

- Vankalian

Trivia Edit

  • The Aekite flag came from a doodle I made in class once.
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