The Aekite Union Military is the armed forces of the Aekite Union. It consists of two forces- the Space Fleet and the Planetary Guard.

Space FleetEdit

The Aekite Space Fleet is the main interstellar force of the Aekite Union. It is funded by the federal government of the Aekite Union and is their main fighting force. Parts of the Space Fleet routinely patrol the territory of the Aekite Union and defend from threats, both inside and out. Its ships are divided into three main classes- battleships, frigates, and gunships. The Aekite Space Fleet is currently small, due to the cost of making expensive ships. Before the Golden Age, the number of ships was less that three hundred. However, with new technology from the Seven Starr Alliance and the New Cyrannian Republic, making ships is easier than ever and the figure is growing exponentially. These ships are armed with particle weapons and deflector shields previously unknown to the Aekite Union. The Space Fleet contains around 353 million soldiers.

Battleships are the largest ships in the Space Fleet. They lay down the most fire, can take the most damage, and can carry a large amount of soldiers. They are the backbone of the Space Fleet and are about 1 kilometer long.

Frigates are the second largest ships in the Space Fleet. They are smaller than battleships but are much quicker. They are often used for troop transports but can also deal a large amount of damage.

Gunships are the smallest spacecraft in the Space Fleet, usually holding one to fifteen people. They are incredibly maneuverable compared to other ships but the damage they do is much less than frigates and battleships.

Planetary GuardEdit

The Aekite Planetary Guard are the planetary soldiers of the Aekite Union. As one of the Planetary Rights in the Unification Document, Planetary Guards are run by the planetary government and as such have different numbers, enlistment ages, and conscription benefits. These forces are usually considered to be large militias and not on the same scale as the Space Fleet. They are often thought of as the very last line of defense for the planets of the Aekite Union. The current average number of soldiers on a planet is 54 million. These soldiers operate tanks, ships, planes, mechs, and more.

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