We have naught but a keen eye for what our kind had become from our former glory to cold, merciless monsters that reaped the benefits from those lives they destroyed. The Agatropian race is no longer honorable but a lie, a lie that shadows what former brightness lay within our heads, and so today, my people, We break off from the place that filthy's our peoples names, today we break off from the Adresaas Republic. We break off from them because it is honor we wish to bring back to our names, and honor cannot be achieved through the cold-blooded and disgusting acts that certain individuals lead our race towards, Today we are no longer part of the Republic, but we are our own branch of freedom, we are.. The Adresaas Xerox, where in our native tongue, Xerox means new beginnings and we hope to honor that name by denouncing the sins of our people, and cleansing them by seeding new life through our people, and bringing about a new name for the once honored race called.. Agatrops

- High Counsel Member Avdenix Marquintus
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