The Adresaas Republic, a ancient and malevolent empire, hellbent on remaining the ones who hold all the cards. They remain the ventriloquists and us The Marionettes, as they pull the strings from their skull decorated throne, we the unfortunate beings below them wallow in the fires that spread due to their dictatorship. The ruling of once strong and righteous Leaders, fall short of cowardice and pathetic displays of corrupt and xenophobic violence. This corruption only brought on by the insecurities of the leaders in the center, paranoia and unprovoked aggressive acts will one day lead to their downfall. Yes Adresaas, you will not hold that throne forever, and when you suffer the death rattle and inhale your last sharp breathes of the putrid air you breathe, The calm after the storm will be enjoyed with your absence.

- Unknown Speaker

The Adresaas Republic came into fruition in the Selten Galaxy around 450,000 years ago during the collapse of the Adresaas Empire and the absorbed the Three states of the original empire which they were built upon. Their government after the rebuild was more of a religious loathing empire that was disillusioned with their old empires ways and constructed a stricter government that was to only view the Agatrops as their most important citizen race due to the fear of another near extinction. The republic once it became a thing had soon followed a new strict protocol, reclaiming systems lost and making sure to put tight guarding on Tomb Worlds and bashing away any smaller empires or nations that grew too close to their borders and tomb worlds in a desperate effort to not release their ancient predatory enemies.

Throughout the history of Selten, no empire had quite reached the size and military prowess of the Adresaas Empire, and after its reform into the Adresaas Republic the only one close to the size of this grand old Empire would be the United Federation of Qualtzecall, this empire would go on to follow a tension with them up until the full fledged conflict which would end the sorry and impolite excuse of a nation that was a nation. Although the Republic is now considered null and void, there still are sympathizers and Republic loyalists that remain in galaxies, waiting for a chance that will never come to bring back their old lives.


Archaic HistoryEdit

The Adresaas Republic came into fruition around 450,000 years ago during the collapse and reformation of the Adresaas Empire which brought on a quiet era in Selten as both major powers had fallen off the map, the Mekkani and the Adresaas Empire. This long amount of quiet was seemingly a good time for a bright new nation to be birthed from the ashes of the Empire, renamed the Adresaas Republic it salvaged what it could of the documentation left behind in the destroyed cities and capital regions. Soon after the rise back up with a new governmental body, problems were already starting to become apparent. The beginning governmental body was a monarchy solely, and the king of the times was under constant criticism from his governed because he was seen as weak and could not make choices that kept the economy booming. During this time where the monarchies royal family was under constant question, the era of concern begin to rise within said family, as through heated contacts and a new nation being found the Newly founded Adresaas Republic came into contact with the United Federation of Qualtzecall. This new contact began already steeped in trouble as the nation was one of political ideals not at all the Republics, and it was also fairing well with the people, as the UFQ Saw this they began their attempts at stirring trouble.

The Adresaas Republic as a brand new entity in the galaxy from the ashes of its ancestor, it had to try and bring back together the territory that was lost to it from the great war. During its early years as it started to come up onto its feet, even with political pressure from the United Federation of Qualtzecall the Republic managed to bring the race of Tighuramno into their control, taking care to make sure they do not become the main population by keeping the population of Tighuramno at a constant pace. Through the Tighuramno they also managed to go out onto the wetlands of the Qualtzecall planets to observe their plans. Due to the increasing amount of political pressure from the UFQ, it was becoming apparent that the political tension between the weak monarchy in place and the people of the Republic, This tension would grow into an explosion for the next 50,000 years until an explosion would take place.

Targutt RevolutionEdit

The Targutt Revolution was between the people and the weak governmental monarchy, as it was seen as nothing worth the peoples time. The Revolution was of course due to an increase of political pressure from the United Federation of Qualtzecall causing the Agatropian People to start to envision a new governmental body to replace the monarchy clinging onto the belief they were as good as the old Empire. Tired of the constant dismay the people showed towards the government, and the food shortages that caused his dear mother and father to starve to feed him and his siblings, a brave young male Agatropian by the name of Kriegerin Malvix leader of the rebelling Kriegerin Clan, a political group that had gained traction in the last 10,000 years it existed.

The Targutt Revolution had begun around 400,000 years ago in Republic history when a group of Kriegerin Moderates were fired upon or kidnapped by the soldiers of the Republic, this would go on to be journalized by the media that had not been suppressed. In response to the growing violence by the soldiers and task force dispersed to deal with the citizens that spoke out against the monarchy, many previously peaceful protesters took arms and started fighting back against the current monarchy. The beginning of the conflict would cause an explosion on many other colony planets to follow the same as the first Kriegerin fighters. The conflict would bring on the bloodiest battle of the current era called the Battle of Dusk. The Battle killed many innocent people in the name of rebellion, and in the end the rebellion was eventually quelled, but not with out political reform. The government of the Republic would once again collapse, or reach a stagnation and the Kriegerin radicals took control of the government, and would go on to push for new political reform. The Kriegerin Moderates would eventually be cast away from their own home due to their moderate view on the old throne and would have to go on to create their own state, independent but still tied to the Adresaas Republic. The radicalized new government would go on to be a Limited Monarchy, ruled by a king but they also are controlled by a counsel to keep them in line.

Manravali RebellionEdit

The Manravali Rebellion was a fairly bloody and long battle that had happened due to the radicals inside the government. The old Kriegerin radicals had caused many of the people of the republic grief, with them being even more corrupt than the old government, since the monarchy had been destroyed many people who were once seen as important by the monarchy, such as farmers and miners were thrown on the back burner.




The Agatrops, highly sophisticated warriors, although their culture diminished under the Republics Regime, their aggression and military prowess has caused them to be the most feared race in the Republics large cultural melting pot

  • Race - Agatrops
  • Class - Citizen
  • Social Status - High Standing

The Agatropian Race is the highest standing species inside of the Adresaas Republic, and the only ones able to have seats in politics and high positions of the military branches, spare a few individuals of the other races inside the Republic. Their high standing in society has also made cultural tension rise in the last few Thousand years, as more and more species were captured and sentenced to servitude for the Republic and its Agatropian lords, the races stuck in the shadow of them had enough, and fought for at the very least equal opportunities, and so the government fixed this by casting most of the agatrops into the trash along with the other races, where only the rich now may succeed and live life fully.


Republic Governmental Emblem

The government of the Adresaas Republic is a complex structure of layered branches set to organize and confuse outside enemies, it is complex this way due to the multiple revolutions that took place in the Republics history. There are a good few branches to the governmental structure, each is somewhat corrupt to outsiders, while those that belong in the Adresaas Borders see it as the way of life. While the government was truly a bloody battle ongoing to many who still live to know of its dark history or were taught by revolutionary families, most turn out to be killed who openly oppose it.

The Governmental structure was most likely taken from the original ideology of the old Empire that once was called home to most of the Republic's ancestry. While the government body has a stable group of advisers, in the end it is the highest power of branch that can simply shake their head at the decisive action by the counsel. This uniformity in the government had led to many radical changes quickly as the royal family that oversees the empire pulls the strings. Throughout the years of the Republic, the governmental ships also helped to shape the current branches and priorities of the body and nation, along with its devilish views by the people.

The Governmental body also refrains from any religious affiliations, even going as far as to squash highly supported churches, as the elites in the government believe it is but a useless crutch, and hardship and pride in the nation is the only sort of thing they need.

Monarchal BranchEdit

Republic Monarchal Emblem

The Monarchal Branch of government is the absolute power of the nation, and the one that has the final vote in almost every rule or law. To the people they are dictators, but to the royal family they are doing what is right for the nation. Monarchies had always been a big part of the Republic's history, but only in recent times has it been the head of the government, and had the power to control everything that the country owns. The Monarchal Branch also is the one that runs the union of Dictatorial/Monarchal Powers, where they prepare to grow the forces of their nation, through sucking dry the power of the others. This power over union has gave the people worry in most cases as they were brought up with xenophobia, and once they found out about the Republic's alliance with a cybercracy known as the Unified Realms of Heitec and its Robotic AI ruler S.A.R.D, they became even more worried, as they feel they were once again starting to let in robotic menaces into their empire, like the mekkani by their ancestors.



Thaumori MarionetteEdit

Rentral MarionetteEdit

Extorcia MarionetteEdit

Mirusian ProxyEdit

Milky Way ProxyEdit


Pestem Ardus

An empty shell for those of a darker presence to use, Pestem Ardus, A once darkly plagued being brought to the brink of insanity, who made his final deal with the devil, and that was when he was no more, now replaced with Sheviric

Pestem Ardus A husk, empty shell of an Agatrops corrupted by greed and dark ambition, hollowed out by said greed as the man once was known as a harsh ruling dictator known only as Ardius Thalganna II, he was a crazed lunatic from the beginning, to his own souls demise, which brought upon a newcomer taking over the shredded husk of the Agatropian, and with a new formal and physical body, the sinister lord of the Mora'talli realm that tricked the narcissistic and egotistical tyrant into giving him the body was able to slowly warp the body into what he saw as his image, and in turn alienated himself from who he now ruled over, as people slowly came to realize that it was not their leader Ardius now in control.

Due to the amount of Sheviric Essence that the sinister lord had surrounding his fractured soul, any trace amounts of Ardius' soul and mind left was absorbed and turned into feed for the Sheviric gods disgusting self. Although the being is of deity, he is limited outside of his realm, and his current form in the body he acquired is mortal meaning he is defeatable. Now that he has managed to crawl his way out of his realm, hell is assured.

Ardius Thalganna II


Ardius Thalganna II is a tyrannical ruler of the Adresaas Republic, a educated bio-engineer and a king, his resume is one to be impressive if it was not for the disgusting mind that tainted his families legacy. The Thalganna family was a t one point the saving grace of the newly formed republic as it battled for unity and prosperity. Ardius Thalganna on the other hand created his own legacy, where he would rule ruthlessly and kill all those who oppose him, even going as far as to exile his last son out to the irradiated wild of Selten, and back home he is known for being a crazed scientist who has an obsession with the past, the creators that brought the Agatropian species to existence, and promising to himself to achieve greater than them he wanted to create perfection in each new race he acquired.

Aside from his eccentric vision of perfection, his attitude and quick to agitate personality has landed him the title of murderer, tyrant and beast. He is also of fragile ego and constantly tries to inflate it through his own narcissism and terrifying acts. His fragile ego has pushed him towards hostile impulses, even going as far as to manipulate his own kin to do as he wants like puppets, and to fall into thralls of obedience, this plays into his vision of animalistic perfection, if something cant think about anything other than their impulsive wants and greed, they cannot judge him for who he really is.



Blue faceYou hold promise.. welcome to the Rotalat Powers

Yellow faceYou are Rotalat, but not respectable


Yellow faceYou are irrelevant to us

Orange faceYou are rather annoying, but are irrelevant


Orange faceYou are aggressively irritating, we will destroy you soon

Red facePrepare for war, you pathetic pile of excrement


Through my life I have been in and out of stasis I have stood by my father who stood by your creators that became your greatest enemy. Your greed shall one day corrupt you like it did to my father and you shall fall just like we did. we turned on our masters just like you will but the question lies who are your masters. are you all slaves to the caged Overlord or is there some greater entity that pulls the strings, one day your puppetry shall end and you will see the horrific reality that we so see

- Queen Izarler of Tunnekūrā blood

Ancient echoes from spaces beyond, old ones now equals. Squalor and hatred, all incarnate in the Adresaas plan. Elder Ones stagnated, their youngers of the Scarred Throne now equals. Fear not, Second Sphere. Stagnation reigns and soon the elder overlords that lord over you will finally fade away.

- Infinite Winds of the 69th Cycle

We watched over you in olden times but we were great we brought up several empires all of them failures. The ones we helped rise they turned on us, just as you did. And so we had no choice but to end their existence. When you turned on us we assumed our metal forms and that is how we came to war the rest. this is all you know, but there is a hidden half, a secret that is keep in the twisting in halls of carved metal where we slumber in mass, awaiting a call to wake. They are hungry... and they will feed upon the flesh and bones upon your fall we shall stand on your corpses we shall force you to dig your own grave just as we did when you forced us into this great slumber

- Mekkani Overlord

Such cruelty will never triumph, Adressas Lords. Your insidious regime will fall one day, be it by your own citizen's hands, or by the thousands you oppress and lord over daily.

- Dharkam Naal Skarr of the Culkhash League

The Adresaas Republic... It is here where the seat of impurity in Selten lies. We can sense the corruption, the greed, the power-mongering... But I can also sense your downfall, and surprisingly not by our hand, it seems like those who you've wronged will turn against you pretty soon. I will be delighted to your fall, the Purification of Selten will follow.

- Pure One of the Purity

I have undecided yet to know them as our enemy or our friends, for now I will keep my watch for their superiors and will gladfully join alongside them with their onslaught, for, now.

- Emperor zern of the Urbinators

The Republic is ironically quite the opposite of what its name suggests. We will follow it to victory, as it has followed itself to victory for millennia, but at its current state we expect it to have collapsed by the end of the Grand Seltian War. You had good days and you had bad, now comes your worst. My condolences, Mr. Thalganna.

- The S.A.R.D of the Unified Realms of Heitec

My memory may be diminished with age, but I remember the old age. The stagnation of the Adresaas, and their refusal to submit to the Zalax throne. We remember with disdain how they refused to help in our hour of need, and the Selten administration collapsed under the Ozax.
I see now, the extent of their stagnation, their corruption. Their weakness. I will do what my contemporaries could not. My new order, begins with the submission of the republic.

- Infinite War

We have come to Selten not just to destroy you but to offer the inhabitants of this galaxy something that no one else seems to be willing to offer. A chance to live their lives in bloody peace without the constant Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads that is the extremes of ideology that come from autocracy, sigularitism, and zealotry.

- Ipsissismus Zuki of United Persan Descendants
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