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The Confederacy of Allied Systems has recently begun to expand on fronts all over the Quadrant Galaxies and Cyrannus, making many citizens fear an imminent war. The Confederate Congress meanwhile gave the order to expand in Quadrant 82, which greatly angered the Adelphi which provoked this war.

This war will be short, but important for future stories. It is considered a turning point in the history of Cyrannus and the empires that inhabit it.

First Battle of AdelentiaEdit

Attack on Adelentia

Confederate Destroyers near Adelentia prepare to engage an Adelphi Star Cruiser.

The people of the Federal Republic of Adelphi are strong supporters of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the enemies of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Lamorta, the leader of the Confederacy decided that he would punish the Adelphi for their allegiances. He knew that the URC would not engage in direct combat with the Confederacy so soon after the Intergalactic War, and yet he knew that they would finally become aware of the Confederacys existence. As would the entire universe.

Without warning, a large Confederate fleet composed of many frigates, destroyers and command ships exited hyperspace only 1 AU away from the Adelphi capital world of Adelentia. The capital was placed on high alert and the Adelphi Core Fleet mobilized to engage the enemy. Just as the first wave of Confederate ships attacked, a second wave exited hyperspace just behind the ships of the Core Fleet, surrounding them! Its a Trap! cried Admiral Nagaui as dozens of Star Cruisers were shot down. The Adelphi fleet was in ruin.

Landing Craft

Landing Craft approach Adelentia

It was then that the Confederate ships began deploying land forces in the millions near the major cities of the planet, the majority of the troops were sent to occupy the capital city which was harder then it sounds. The citizens revolted against the invading troops, what was planned to be a quick and clean occupation turned into a crisis on both fronts.

The BombardmentEdit

Launching Missiles

A Confederate frigate launches a strike on the Adelphi Rebels.

After several days of opposition from the Adelphi citizens, the leadership of the Confederacy gave the order to destroy the major population centers to show the Adelphi the price of disloyalty.

Missile strikes were carried out by a fleet of Confederate frigates in orbit over Adelentia. On the surface, towers collapsed and thousands were killed. It was then that the Mortalitas reserved words that the Galactic Emperor had been killed. Furious they unleased terror on the streets of the surviving towns and cities, killing countless more.

Linna escapesEdit

Linna escapes.

The URC rescue Linna just in time!

However, the URC stepped in and in a carefully executed move rescued the Prime Minister and allowed the remaining Adelphi join the URC. The Confederacy was outraged and told the URC that the occupation of the Adelphi was legal. After hours of deliberation, the Confederacy agreed a stop to hostilities, however they would continue to occupy Adelphi worlds...

Final StageEdit


The Republic Navy rescues Adelphi citizens.

The Confederacy allowed the Republic move the Adelphi away from Quadrant 82 and relocate them in Cyrannus. The surviving Adelphi are now full time members of the Republic. However, this was the beginning of the end...

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