The Adama Empire is a small empire notable for developing Vehicle:Battlestar, a large starship type capable of transporting large amounts of fighters and support craft. With these craft, the Empire maintains it's iron grip over it's empty sector of space while beating the Grox and pirates with their fighter screens.

The primary face of the empire is the Adama, bipeds who were united by the Imperious Leader to form the Empire. They often do not speak with outsiders, instead preferring Ballboy interpreters who can speak most languages in order to do business with others.

Though not xenophobic, Adama have a great aversion to talking to those they see as superiors and will use normal methods to communicate with their peers.

Adama TechnologyEdit

The Adama military is notable for it's extensive development and rapid production of starships, including the famous Battlestar ship classes.

While capable of FTL, most Adama civilians instead utilize automated subluminal drones to deliver goods between planets. These vessels have also been repurposed into tug vessels in order to pull larger craft into planetary orbit and back.

A closely guarded secret of the empire is the presence of highly experimental nanite-carrying warheads meant to consume a certain set type of target matter, making them highly useful for destroying starships and vehicles. However, the missiles are quite large and are usually launched by specialized Battlestars refitted for the purpose.

Possibly one of the Adama military's greatest engineering achievements, the Scramble Bases are massive space-based facilities meant for the purpose of decentralizing the vast fleet of the Adama and allowing for easy refit/repair for Battlestars. Though incapable of managing superluminal travel, the Scramble Bases are indeed both heavily armed and mobile to a degree.

Adama Partnership with BallboysEdit

The Adama relationship with the Ballboy species has been compared to symbiosis by outsiders due to most Adama speaking exclusively through their interpreters, to the point where the two species are generally depicted in outsider's art together.

This relationship stems back to a old pact between a pre-imperial civilization's pact with a Ballboy city in order to build vehicles using their mutual resources, eventually resulting in the two civilizations blending together.

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