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The Adaisical Technocracy is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

The Adaisical Technocracy is an averagely-sized group of highly-specialised democrats situated in the Cyrannian Galaxy. They place a great emphasis on technology and intellect, shunning most other typical priorities, including military. As a result of their lacking military, they are highly diplomatic and peaceful, even with the most violent of empires.


The Adaisical Technocracy is, as its name suggests, a technocracy[1]. It is run by a board of intellectual superpowers, each with specialities in different fields, known as the Adaisical Parliament.

Adaisical ParliamentEdit

The Adaisical Parliament consists of one-hundred twenty individuals that have proven their worth as intellectual superpowers. To be recognised as an intellectual superpower, you must pass a series of tests known as the Superpower Identification Test, or SPIF, to validate that you are more advanced in your speciality than 95% of the Adaisical population. This five percent, known as the Elite Regime, are the only eligible candidates. It is compulsory to accept candidacy if you are a member of the Elite Regime, unless a particular candidate already carries a position of power or prominence in the Adaisical Theocracy. Elections are held once a year, though members of the Parliament (called Senators) may be re-elected any amount of times.

The elected individuals form the Adaisical Parliament. This board of geniuses holds forums weekly (in addition to emergency meetings). They bounce ideas back and forth, each Senator inputting their own opinion on the matter. After a while (sometimes up to three straight days), the Parliament will have developed a single, polished idea that has been properly inspected by the greatest minds in the world.

This polished plan, called the Raw Proposal, is sent to the Great Lord, who can either pass the proposal as it is, pass the proposal with his changes, or veto the proposal altogether.

Assuming the proposal is passed, it will be announced at the Weekly Update. If it is not passed, it will not be mentioned at all.

The Great LordEdit

Titus Ridley

The current Great Lord, Lord Titus Ridley.

The Great Lord is the elected official that holds dominion over the Adaisical Parliament and reserves the right to pass, alter, or veto any proposals that they send forward. If the Great Lord creates a law on their own accord, they must first pass it through the Parliament before officiating it.

The Great Lord is re-elected every three Parliament terms. While it is not a requirement, the Great Lord is almost exclusively a past member of the Adaisical Parliament, typically in a field regarding politics or international strategics. Any individual who scored 75% or more on their SPIF test may apply for candidacy, though the Adaisical Parliament reviews each application thoroughly and quickly discards those which are not worthy for the position.

The Great Lord may only be re-elected three times, before they are forced to resign. Any Great Lord that wins all three elections consecutively earns the title Overlord; to date, they are very uncommon, as most rulers reveal their points of weakness to the Parliament and the general public within one or two years of office. The Parliament is quick to discard past Great Lords that have made poor choices in office previously, meaning most Great Lords only serve a term of one year, two if they're lucky.

The People's UnionEdit

The People's Union consists of any willing individual who does not already hold a place in the Adaisical Technocracy. They are the mouth of the public, and report issues that they have discovered over the week to the Adaisical Parliament to discuss.

The People's Union began as an unofficial group of unhappy citizens, prior to the Adaisical Technocracy's achievement of Space Travel. They sent in complaints to the Parliament weekly, in interest of a better community (and, on occasion, maliciously). The Parliament, of course, took these complaints into consideration and began holding the first forums to do so. The People's Union gradually picked up speed, acquiring hundreds of new members as its usefulness increased, until it made up 80% of the general public as it does today. After a while, the Parliament began referring to the People's Union as such, and it has been accepted as an official term since.


The Adaisical Empire consists, for the most part, of three races: the acumans, nephrum, and the sklars.


Main article: Acuman

An acuman.

The acuman race consists of biped, orange-coloured sapients with a thirst to learn. They are not very physically capable, but they have quick brains that are eager to pick up new information; as such, they are very quick learners. Their face is adorned with a third eye, which is typically kept closed, to reserve its usefulness. This third eye boasts the ability to see through walls, detect heat, see in total darkness, and, of course, see with perfect accuracy. By nature they are omnivorous, though the Parliament has made vegetarianism compulsory. For more about the acuman race, see here.


Main article: Sklar

A sklar.

The sklars are a minority of small, biped creatures who keep their faces totally covered with a variety of masks. They are hunched over at all times, and they are a dark, grey blue in colouration. They flocked from their homeworld after being threatened by an aggressive empire that the Adaisical Technocracy had effectively allied. The sklars took advantage of this alliance and stayed at the Adaisical Technocracy's homeplanet, Sagacia, so as not to be attacked. The aggressive race has long since imploded due to their own aggressive ways, but the sklars have enjoyed the protection and care of another's government for a while and are loathe to leave its protective blanket so soon.


Main article: Nephrus

A nephrus.

The nephrum (singular: nephrus) are an interesting people, originating on the Adaisian territory of Schaltier. Before Adaisian interference, the nephrum were a primitive race of beach-dwellers. Taking note of their susceptibility to suggestion, powerful physical form, and especial tendency to work with one another, the Parliament adopted the species, naming it "nephrus," as an official sector of the Adaisical Technocracy. After several minor wars fought for independence (always won by the Adaisical Technocracy), the nephrum have become a subjugated race, no better than slaves. Cloning technologies and genetic engineering have been employed to create nephrum that are more powerful, immune to disease, and are especially susceptible to suggestion. They are mainly used as servants or construction workers, and are rarely paid, but small outcroppings of pro-nephrum-rights activists have been congregating recently, protesting the supposed "inhumanity."


Like most extant empires, the main form of currency in the Adaisical Technocracy is the sporebuck. They make most of their money off of their technological advances. Their main partner is the Obeveklig Union, who send military protection in exchange for various elements and technologies from the Adaisical Technocracy. The Adaisical Technocracy draws the majority of its money from three fields: computing technology; weaponry; and medicine.

Computer IndustryEdit

The Adaisical Technocracy is renowned for their prowess in the computing field. They are the creators of the software language DIS*[2] (pronounced disaster risk), which is a risk-calculating machine that generates a list of pros and cons given a scenario that is put into place by the user. It is a simple, yet powerful, political tool, as well as a helpful tool for business or even family use.

The Adaisical Technocracy is also responsible for the computer company "HYPERIUS," which has computers and a respective operating system.

The Empire also creates various proprietary softwares, such as word processors, spreadsheet processors, database managers, image manipulation, games, and more.

Weaponry IndustryEdit

Type-52 Plasma Cannon

A standard-issue plasma cannon.

The Adaisical Technocracy also specialises in weapon production, though they don't use any of these weapons themselves. Their weapons are mostly plasma-based, and range from hand-held pistols to spacecraft-based cannons. After using energy-based projectiles for a time, the Adaisical Technocracy eventually switched over to plasma because it's sticky, and usually requires fewer shots to kill or destroy as a result.

Although the Adaisical Technocracy doesn't have a military, they do program their surplus cannons to detect enemies and destroy them, and place them on Adaisical planets.

Medicine IndustryEdit

The Adaisical Technocracy has made remarkable advances in the field of medicine. While other empires may be further along in the field than they, the Adaisical Empire is advanced in this respect for an empire of their status. Their medicine consists of biologically programmed molecules that, when combine, create a serum that can be injected into the body for myriad reasons. Different serums have different effects, as they are programmed differently. Given any disease, the Adaisical scientists can create an exact converse of it and turn it into a serum, making the Adaisical Technocracy free of disease altogether. Their medicine has been a huge asset to their economy.


As could be expected from an empire of such age, the Adaisical Technocracy has a long history behind it, as a race and as a united empire. They have discovered their prehistory precisely using the Retroscope, though they are certain there is more left to discover.


Main article: Acuman History

The acuman race began in the form of a small, three-eyed primate. Over time, this primate grew to the sentient acumans we know today. Thanks to the acuman's great vision, in addition to its superior intellect, the acumans took little time to create their first civilisations, which were typically (though not exclusively) based by a source of water, namely a river.

The Imperial EraEdit

Adaisical Attack

An attack on an Adaisical settlement during the Imperial War.

The original Adaisical government was much different than the current one. As is the default with most races, leaders were chosen based on their skill in battle. Though the current Aadasians are diplomats, the past ones were a violent race. They believed that the worth of a person was determined by their skill in battle. However, the Adaisians had always been a united people, even if discrepancies broke out. The entire world had always been of a single nation.

The first Emperor was known as Emperor Giddeon. He was a hard-handed ruler, who invested in capital punishment and low wages. The entire acuman race resented him, and rejoiced when he died, eighty years after he took office. The next emperor, Emperor Li'ion, learned from Giddeon's mistakes. He was a much cooler, collected, fair ruler. He taught other possible future-emperors his craft, and they did the same. For several hundred years, the acuman race lived under a fair rule. This was referred to as the Golden Age. During the Golden Age, war was no issue, so the acuman race focused on more practical things, such as art and science.

However, several generations later, a new emperor took the throne. His name was Emperor Hardiette, and he was no soft monarch. He burnt the Golden Age from its foundation, bringing the empire back to war and malice. Brother turned on brother, father on son as Hardiette intentionally rioted his people. It is thought that the only motive he possessed was to watch the empire burn. This bloodbath was known as the Imperial War.

Eventually, the citizens had been so riled that they slaughtered the emperor and burnt his palace to the ground. A new leader, Lord Spire, and his right-hand man, Captain Muse, adopted the throne. However, they had less conventional plans for leadership.

The Technocratical EraEdit

With the new leaders came a new empire. Spire and Muse were unhappy with the current state of government, and were unsure as to how it could ever yield positive results. Instead, they devised a solution that would stick: a government consisting of several highly intellectual individuals. This way, the government consisted of ideals that were not decided by one man, and the split in power meant that no one person could become drunk with their position. They invented the first Adaisical Parliament and founded the name "Adaisia" for their empire. They are considered the founding fathers of the Adaisical Technocracy.

Adaisical Courtroom

A People's Union representative, taking complaints from the citizens.

After the Adaisical Technocracy had been firmly in place for a few centuries, a few members of the general public became unhappy with the lack of citizen representation. Indeed, the Senators were in a seat of power, and showed little concern for the matters of the lessers. These unhappy individuals met a day before each forum, and discussed issues they faced themselves. Then, they sent their own proposals into the government. The Parliament began sparing a glance to these complaints, and the People's Union began to pick up in popularity. Eventually, it would come to consist of 80% of the population. Now, citizens are encouraged to submit their complaints to the People's Union, so they may be considered by the Parliament and hopefully fixed.

About a hundred years after the Adaisical Technocracy's ascension to space, what is frequently referred to as the Sklar Crisis occurred. The acumans housed the sklars temporarily to protect them from their enemies (with whom the Adaisical Technocracy was, incidentally, an ally), forcing the sklars and their aggressors to remain at a stalemate. Eventually, the sklar's assailants collapsed on their own, but not before wiping out every aspect of sklar existence. This purge resulted in the sklar's permanent residence in the Adaisical Technocracy.


The Adaisical Technocracy, above all, values the wellbeing of its citizens, and their education.


Adaisical Campus

A typical Adaisical campus.

Education in Adaisia is compulsory until age twenty-four. They enter school at age four. The first fifteen years regard general studies. At the end of these fifteen years, each student is required to take a test known as the Aptitude Identification Test, or AIT. The AIT picks out the student's strengths and weaknesses, and suggests fields of profession based on this. The student may pick any field of profession they wish, though the ones suggested by the AIT results are recommended.

The latter five years of school are designed for specific fields of profession. Students learn about the careers they choose in these five years, and are considered experts by the time they leave. At the end of these five years, students take the SPIF test. If they score 95% or above, they are selected for Parliament candidacy.


Biological familial relationships in the Adaisical Empire are brief. Parents spend four years to groom their children into the sort of person they wish, and then the pupils are shipped away to school. They may visit their parents if they so wish on rare occasions, but because of the brevity of their relationship, this is rarely the case. Most never see their parents after age four.

Romantic relationships, however, are important. Divorce is strongly discouraged and in some planets, illegal, so choosing the perfect partner is somewhat of an exhaustive task. Fortunately, Adaisians are typically grouped with individuals who share interests and mindsets, thanks to the education system.

Platonic friends play an important role in Adaisical society. They are often used as study or research buddies, and promote the intelligence and welfare of their companions.



Planet Claustrum

The Adaisical Technocracy is a just empire. They take laws very seriously. Though most acumans are typically very intelligent and stay away from lawbreaking, there are occasional perpetrators. Moreover, sklars have been shown to exhibit covert criminal behaviour somewhat frequently.

Intensity of punishment depends on intensity of crime. Those who commit minor crimes are forced to work as a public servant for variable amounts of time. Those who commit moderate crimes may be forced to work in factories for prolonged amounts of time. Those who commit major crimes may be shipped to planet Claustrum, a hollow world where criminals are treated poorly and are forced to perform grunt work. Mortality rates are high.


Main article: Acuman Culture

The Adaisical Technocracy boasts a large amount of relative geniuses, including musical geniuses. Adaisical music is sophisticated and elegant, though many outside of the Adaisical Empire dislike it. Adaisical filmography and art is usually deep, meaningful, and symbolic. Adaisical comedy tends to be sharp, stinging, cold, and extremely witty.



Green faceWe stand together, and we think together. In these respects, we are one.

Obeveklig UnionEdit

At first, the Adaisical Technocracy was too timid to contact the Obeveklig Union, in fear of attack or war. However, as the stalemate progressed, the Adaisical Empire eventually gave in and cautiously contacted the Union, resulting in a mutually-beneficial alliance before long. Now, the two empires share an economy, and the Adaisical Technocracy provides technology and resources in exchange for military power.

New Cyrannian RepublicEdit

Sworn to peace by the Mou'Cyran Accords, the New Cyrannian Republic and the Adaisical Technocracy have been on good terms almost as long as the Adaisical Technocracy has been considered a space-faring empire. They are considered allies, though they have not yet seen many days of intimate cooperation. The Adaisical Technocracy hopes that this relationship will blossom to a long and mutually beneficial one.

Algolurn Popular RepublicEdit

After admiring the great nation from afar for quite some time, the Adaisical Technocracy eventually stepped up and confronted its fellow technocracy, in hopes of an alliance more intimate than that set into place by the Mou'Cyran Accords. Fortunately, the Popular Republic was glad to accept the offer.


Blue faceYou are on the path to a long, unwavering relationship.

The Mou'Cyran AccordsEdit

By joining the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Adaisical Technocracy is sworn to remain on good terms with the other members. However, most members of the Accords otherwise unmentioned are not considered intimate allies, as contact has been too little to say.

Fellow Space-FarersEdit

Yellow faceYou are of little consequence to our empire.


Orange faceYou are pushing your luck, and we are loathe to stand for it much longer.


Red faceYou have entered war with the Adaisical Technocracy. We hope you did not cherish life much anyway.

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