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They want as little to do with the outside universe as they can possibly manage, enforcing a ‘buffer zone’ around their space and sterilizing any colonies that encroach upon it.

- Protected Research League

The Abaddon are one of the most mysterious empires in the galaxy. Their bodies consist of an unknown plasma or gas, if not to add even more to their empty historical background. They are actively hostile and xenophobic towards the other empires more than any other species, with their only desire being to remain isolated from the rest of the galaxy and enforcing their own galactic "code" -- to fringe a buffer zone around their natural borders and harshly and mercilessly ridding of any colonies that near towards it.

Having kept to themselves for centuries, the remaining Abaddon colonies call themselves the Shard, intended to remain the apex power in the Xenon galaxy. Under the leadership of emperor Mind-Eater, an inspiring leader and known psionic user, the colonies have continued to operate in full unity, and in a united sovereignty.



Their main gripe towards the galaxy and back is the strict maintenance of their self-imposed isolation. Their ancient rival, the Idraxians, are the only empire to have a known history — more specifically, a justified grudge against them. They both share one thing in common, which is to use their ancient and forgotten tools to bully and dominate the other lesser empires to submit to their respective and desired rules.


Their capital system called Elapse is the residence of their partisan council. Its capital worlds, Rectitude, Infinitude, and Attitude, are all barren planets with a thin atmosphere covered in industrial pollutants and robotic factories that provide the majority of their resouces. Oddly enough, these planets orbit a binary black hole system, which never seem to merge or have any major gravitational effects on its planets. The citadel world Rectitude is where the high emperor resides. This world is incredibly damaged, with its surface cracked open and its fragments orbiting the planet, but strangely still intact enough for its populations to continue living comfortably there.


Society & GovernmentEdit

The empire functions through popular sovereignty, meaning that the actions of the empire are partly empowered by the governors and councilors who represent the colonies and their citizens. Their leader is the lord emperor, who is the main lead of the executive branch of the regime.

Weapons & TechnologyEdit

The Abaddon still use the advanced technologies that keep them in power, although their knowledge and ability to actually create it has been long lost to time. Meaning that the powerful urban facilities and ships all boil down to being an inherited remnant of their ancestors. These facilities can do great things, including fabricators than can transform matter into the desired material, and dark matter power plants that maintain energy through their capital worlds.

Their ships and stations, in the past, had used mysterious energy weapons that exist beyond even the Hydraxians' knowledge. Their ships use weapons such as deadly volts of lightning that can disrupt and melt any object with a sufficient mass. They also use matter disintegrators that theoretically contain trans-dimensional, or even higher-dimensional properties to tear apart ships at an atomic level. Their battlecruisers use a pulsated energy emitter, which are optimized through an advanced lensing that surpasses the Tharon's conventional emitters. The largest known weapon they use is the enigmatic titan laser, which can destroy even the largest and most durable ship in a single shot. It is unknown how this super-laser works, for even the Abaddon had forgotten the workings of the weapon themselves.

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