Lingur and Callanni stood in front of a large egg. They had removed it from an incubator only minutes prior. It now sat in the center of a large, soft, pillow-like object on the floor. The egg shook. Lingur and Callanni smiled widely as they saw it break open. Callanni approached it, holding out her arms for the creature when he emerged. Out of the egg stumbled a baby Aeoneonatrix. His mother quickly scooped him up into her arms and began stroking his furless body.

“He’s male,” she said, smiling at Lingur.

Lingur approached. He reached his hand out and stroked the baby. “Hey there little guy,” he said, “welcome to the world.”

The baby began to cry. Callanni reached into her pocket and pulled out a cup containing some mashed leaves mixed with water. In theory, the baby could eat the leaves off the tree, but the conventional wisdom was to soften the food to make it more comfortable to eat. Callanni also pulled out a spoon, and used it to feed the infant.

The baby looked at his mother as he accepted the food. He ate about a fourth of a cup before he was full and wouldn’t accept any more.

“What was it we agreed to name him if he was a boy?” Lingur asked.

“Loil,” Callanni said, “his child name will be Loil.”

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