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Took them long enough.

- Herquie

A Long Time Coming is the story about the wedding of Koluap and Windey Spinkarius. Many friends of different nations were invited to this occasion, however, not everything was going to be good that day...



It was but a normal day in New Draka. However, something would change the routine at the Supreme Imperial Palace. Koluap sneaked into the Palace, making his way to the dining room, where Jerkon and Herquie were waiting.

Herquie - Alright, why did you call us here? You know I have to train the princess today.
Koluap - Nope, no training today.
Jerkon - What?
Koluap - Listen, guys. I've called you here because I'm making something important. I went all sneaky-like at the jewel shop and brough this.

Koluap showed what appeared to be a bright platinum-made earring to his friends. Jerkon, remembering his studies about Spinker culture, quickly got what Koluap really wanted.

Herquie - An earring? What's so important about that?
Jerkon - It's a platinum earring, Herquie. In Spinker culture, platinum earrings are a symbol of marriage.
Herquie - Wait a second. So this means...
Koluap - Yeah! I'm gonna ask if Windey wants to marry me!
Jerkon - That's amazing! But aren't you nervous?
Koluap - If I'm nervous? I can't feel the lower half of my body anymore for god's sake!

Windey Spinkarius had been Koluap's love interesting for about 6 entire centuries. Some time before the Second War of Black Fog, Windey and her empire were killed by Shu'rimrodir, but she had been recently revived in the event known as The Recruitment. Now, Koluap wanted to make their relationship official...

Koluap was scared, Jerkon and Herquie both pushed them into Windey's location, the Advisory Hall. Knocking at the door, Windey herself appeared to greet them. Koluap couldn't talk anymore.

Windey - Hey, boys. What is the matter? We're kind of busy at the moment. Jerkon - Big boy here wants to give you something?
Windey - Oh, cool! What is it, honey?

Koluap tried to give Windey a tiny box, but was too nervous to let go of it. Windey tried to take it but she wasn't strong enough to make Koluap release it. It was then that Mimi floated around the two, giving them both a calming sensation. Koluap felt confident, and opened the little box himself.

Windey - Oh that...a platinum earring?
Koluap - Windey, my little cupcake...would you like to be my wife?

Jerkon and Herquie smiled happily, and all the Advisors in the Hall went "Aaaawwww!" at the scene. Windey cried in happiness and cuddled Koluap, the closest equivalent of a kiss in the Spinker race. The only thing in Koluap's mind at that moment were the words "She said yes".

A week later, the party had been prepared. Several guests were on their way to New Draka to watch the wedding...


The wedding was scheduled to start in a few hours. It was going to happen at the back of the Supreme Imperial Palace. All the workers of the Palace, plus the captains themselves worked hard to make it perfect, and Koluap-proof. Hachiman and Thea'Nhirara added the last details to the pillars around where Koluap and Windey would stay.

Hachiman - This makes me wonder if I'll ever find me a girl.
Thea'Nhirara - It will happen, eventually. But not while you're here.
Hachiman - I can wait. Girls would just distract me right now.

Koluap, in a formal outfit, entered the place with a notepad. Jerkon arrived in his ship, bringing with him the old Klamb leader Macin Xermilin, who wanted to bless the wedding. Herquie checked around with Koluap.

Koluap - Alright. Sound?
Herquie - Check.
Koluap - Decoratives?
Herquie - Check.
Koluap - Snacks?
Herquie - I've eaten a couple already.
Koluap - Stupid, don't do that...without calling me to join in.

Wedding Guests 1

Koluap chats with Tyraz

By this time, the first guests had arrived, Tyraz and Uriel Ultanos. Alessa Ultanos was already at New Draka at the time, as she had visited to planet for a diplomatic visit with Windey. Koluap greeted the guests, expecially Tyraz.

Tyraz - I never expected you to marry, tough guy.
Koluap - Cupid has a bloody good aim, my friend.
Tyraz - Haha. So where's the bride?
Koluap - Preparing herself. Man I have no idea what she's gonna look like. They refuse to let me in the room!
Uriel Ultanos - So you must be Koluap. My daughter has told me about you.
Koluap - Howdy, stranger.

More guests started to appear. Iovera IX teleported into the part, startling Koluap and making him jump scared.

Iovera - Oops.
Koluap - You keep scaring me, damn you!
Iovera - *chuckle* I cannot resist.

At this time, the leader of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, as well as Empress Ramashe reached the party. UNOL and Tyraz were unconfortable with each other's presence, but left each other alone.

Tuolog - Congratulations, Koluap. This great bound for your and your mate's spirits. I can see great future for you both.
Koluap - Heh, thanks.
Valzo - We hope a good life for you both!
Koluap - I knew you guys would bring the big bug with you so I made that to leave him occupied.

Koluap pointed at a table full of pizza.

Koluap - Yeah. I can't afford you stepping on the guests.
Ramashe - Hello, Captain Koluap! It's a pleasure to meet you!
Koluap - Great to see you had time to come, Empress.

Wedding Guests 2

Kithworto and Tyraz about to fight

It was then that the last guests arrived, Warlord Kilnok and Kithworto. Tyraz and Kithworto immediatly started at each other.

Koluap - Hey Kilnok! Great to see you could come!
Kilnok - Luckily I had some spare time today.
Tyraz - Come on, why did you invite HIM?
Kithworto - Oh, excuse me? You have a problem with me being here?

Tyraz and Kithworto growled at each other, until Koluap and Herquie pushed both awa from each other.

Herquie - Hey, no fighting! This is supposed to be a party and not a brawl!
Koluap - You cause trouble, I'll kick you both out!

Tyraz and Kithworto looked at each other, grumbled but decided to leave each other be. The guests were now waiting for the bride to come in, and she was almost ready...

A Surprise GuestEdit

Herquie - Everyone take a seat, the bride is coming!

From inside the Imperial Palace, Windey came out, wearing a short, white dress common to Spinker marriages. Princess Maryah held the platinum earrings and followed her until she approached the altar. A tear come out of Koluap's eye, and fell on his hand. That was the happiest day of his life.

Windey greeted the guests on her way to the altar, and as she reached, she looked closely at Koluap's eyes. She was just as happy as him. The guests all look admired at her.

Tyraz - She is kinda cute-looking, yeah. Koluap has a good taste for women.
Kithworto - Yeah, unlike you.
Tyraz - Hey, shut up, okay? I'm not liking to be here next to you either.
Kithworto - I've not killed you already because I'm trying to be polite. But if you bother me, I'll just screw politeness and kill you like I should have done before.
Tyraz - Oh yeah? Think you can take me on?

Before Kithworto and Tyraz could begin fighting, the skies of New Draka turned red. The guests were all confused, and a dark shadow appeared on the altar. Windey screamed in fear and Koluap backed up slowly. The shadow slowly took a familiar form: the form of Khazurhal Angazhar.

Angazhar - Not inviting me to your little party? I feel offended by that.

The guests all gasped. Angazhar himself had appeared before them. And he appeared angry.

A Surprise Guest

Kitoruka emerges into the altar

Koluap - You again...Why are you here!!!
Angazhar - If there is one thing I absolutely HATE about mortals is their feeble little relationships. And you...I refuse to let you feel happiness, worm!
Koluap - No! You will not ruin my greatest moment!
Angazhar - Me? I do not have time to waste with insignificant pests like you.

A dark portal appeared next to Angazhar, and from it, what appeared to be a descended Kicath emerged. Kithworto looked at the creature, startled.

Kithworto - cannot be...
Angazhar - Kitoruka! Dispose of these mortals.

Angazhar disappeared and the portal closed. Kitoruka was the deceased brother of Kithworto, who was slain in battle over 20 years ago. It seemed like Angazhar had brough him back to life and made him his servant. Kithworto, Tyraz, Thea'Nhirara, Hachiman, Tuolog and Zr'Ahgloth all prepare themselves to fight off the intruder. The day was not going as planned...


Koluap, in a furious rage, jumped on Kitoruka's direction in an attempt to claw him, but the demonic Kicath smacked the Spinker captain against the ground, heavily damaging him. As Kitoruka prepared to step on Koluap and kill him, Thea'Nhirara and Mimi fied their Thoi Themek energies at him. The damage, however, was negligible.

Kitoruka - Your power sapping abilities do not work on me, bird.

In a large blast of Demonic Energy, Kitoruka exploded Thea'Nhirara and Mimi into pieces. Hachiman attempted to attack as well, but the energy knocked him against a wall, incapacitating him.

Herquie and Kilnok both attempted to fight off the demon with their blades, but were no match for his power. Kithworto sneaked to behind the pillars, while Tyraz attacked Kitoruka with his Firesword. The demonic Kicath evaded the attacks and knocked Tyraz's Firesword off his hands, before slamming him against the ground and knocking him out. Macin Xermilin also attacked with her massive agility, but was eventually caught and knocked out as well.

The place of the party was ruined by the battle. The guests who were no fighting run for cover, while Tuolog used his Gyronic abilities to slow Kitoruka. Zr'Ahgloth punched him right in the jaw, but Kitoruka returned merely flinched a little from the attack. Charging his fist in Demonic Energy, Kitoruka punched Zr'Ahgloth back, making him fall into Tuolog and knock both out. Thr'aloy also tried to attack, but was thrown away by the demon.

Koluap crawled to Windey, who had fainted from seeing Angazhar. He held her into his arms and attempted to wake her up. As he looked up, Kitoruka was preparing to step on both.

Kitoruka - Die, fool.
Kithworto - Not while I'm here, brother!

From behind a pillar, Kithworto appeared and tackled Kitoruka, knocking him away from the Spinker couple. Using his Death Energy, Kithworto battled with Kitoruka furiously until he held his demonic brother by the arms and teleported both away.

With the two Kicath gone, the sky slowly came back to normal. The knocked guests slowly woke up as well, and Thea'Nhirara and Mimi reformed their bodies. Jerkon, who had helped the rest of the guests, ran to Koluap, who was badly injuried.

Jerkon - Someone call the doctor! They are both in danger here!
Macin Xermilin - That won't be necessary.

Wedding Happy End

"Just married"

Using her Thoi Themek, Macin healed both Koluap and Windey, who slowly woke up. Koluap hugged Windey while crying.

Koluap - Everything went terrible! I though this was going to be our best day...but it was ruined by that blasted demon and...
Windey - Ssssh. It doesn't matter.
Koluap - Huh?
Windey - As long as I'm with you, nothing else matters, my honey...

The two smiled and cuddled each other. Macin Xermilin climbed the altar and fixed the damage caused by Kitoruka while chanting:

And I declare these two beings as one, let the powers of the sky and beyold smile upon their souls.

The guests all cheered and went to cumpliment the couple. Except for Kithworto, who was nowhere to be seen...

The End.

Or is it? Edit


Kithworto vs Kitoruka

Kithworto awakened. His vision was blurry, seeing an incomprehensibly black backdrop, and spectacular colours whizzing through the sky but at a terrifying rate. The horizon seemed broken, and at him stared an impossibly red eye, breathed in flame and with an incomprehensible black like the backdrop. Kithworto new he was in the presence of a being beyond his imagination - Angazhar.

The breath of Angazhar caused the reality to shudder. Kitoruka rose from the somewhat rocky surface, and slumped in position. He blinked and saw the figure of his demon brother Kitoruka - also breathed in flame alike that to Angazhar's eye.

Angazhar - "Finish him, Kitoruka..."

Kitoruka remained silent and approached Kithworto. Kithworto felt increasingly weakened with each step Kitoruka neared - he new that Kitoruka was far more powerful than Kithworto could fight in this existence. Kithworto let out a bolt of energy of which Kitoruka deflected and hurled Kithworto to the near edge of the platform. Kithworto looked down and saw something out of description, akin to that of a million toothed mouth like flame and lightning. Kithworto turned to ascend from his position and saw Kitoruka stand over him.

Kitoruka readied his fist, only to see Kithworto disappear - Kithworto reappearing behind him and attempting to kick him off. Kitoruka instead phased through his crimson body like a phantasm, and, with a thunderous punch, sent Kithworto flying into the hellish abyss.

Kithworto fell. He only looked up and saw a faint outline of Kitoruka's spirit and then the demonic eye of Angazhar overhead. Kithworto begun to hear conflicting voices in his head, one of which he heard before and a new voice.

Xi'Arazkha and Verezuon.

It was in a language he could not understand, hissing at each other and talking in voices that had atmosphere of power that superseded Kithworto and Kitoruka combined. Kithworto then glowed a gold in which all the other colours of the realm exploded in terror. Kitoruka was puzzled - Kithworto disappeared from sight, and, looking behind him saw a huge column of light - obliterating the ground but not Kitoruka. Both Kitoruka and Kithworto fell into the mouth of Chaos.

The wedding after party continued - everyone was eating snacks, and enjoying the ambience. Macin Xermilin was perplexed as to where Kithworto and Kitoruka were sent to - she felt a slight sting of Chaos. She then looked at the sky and saw a gleaning red comet fall and hit the ground - ruining the seats and then dust ruining the food. Koluap went over with Windey close behind grabbing on to his arm. He saw the glowing red body of Kithworto on the floor, slowly reassuming a mortal body.

Koluap - "Oh my god! crushed the snack table!"

Kithworto - "You have NO IDEA what I just went through."

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