Arrival's Day is the name commonly given to the day where the long-awaited arrival of explorers Zano Hylera and Nynn Vandar, over one year after they took off and headed towards the satellite Gorb Olohya. The day after the Arrival's Day is refered to as Doom, due to a massive threat to the planet that occured that day and will be explained later.

In this story, the Llurebleg finally meet with extraterrestrial sapients and interact with them, and supernatural concepts such as Essence are introduced in the fiction. Additionally, this story means the beginning of Dinoman972's collaboration with DensityStar, with her empire participating in the plot.


After a long time, explorers Nynn Vandar and Zano Hylera return to their homeplanet, with solid proof of alien life: the guest that's coming with them. After the foreginer starts a controversy in the whole planet, a debate about whether it should be welcomed politely or not ends up in a catastrophic political accident, and as a secondary consecuence, the discovery of a power that should have never been unveiled...


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Previous story: Expedition

Part 1: Communication[]

There was silence in Ckun-Dag, the name of that one abandoned city our characters were in the last story. Nynn Vandar and Zano Hylera were astounded, unable to move or speak due to the surprise. There was a sapient alien in front of them. And to make matters even stranger, they understood those words he had introduced himself with. Didn't they just point out to each other how they shouldn't be able to communicate, after the book incidnet? They studied every trait of the visitor, now that they could. He (for I have confirmation he was male) had yellow skin, his muscles were well-developed and his body was quite bulky. His face had wide pupils, almost like those of a cartoon character, and a long snout with pointy fangs that pointed upwards. If one of you readers happens to be an inhabitant from the planet known as Earth, I might simply describe the creature as the typical man-boar hybrid, so you understand better its appearance. The alien stared at them soberly, but by looking deep into his eyes one observative viewer could realise he was actually nervous as well. After a long silence, the alien finally spoke again.

???: Hi, Llurebleg.
NYNN: Llure... Llurebleg?

While Nynn remained still, not recovered from yet another surprise, Zano managed to react, quickly pulling out her gun and aiming at the stranger.

ZANO: Hands up, alien!

Almost instantly after Zano's threat, the entity screamed and bowed down in fear.

NYNN: Wait, Zano, I think it's not dangerous. Let's try to talk instead of going berserk.
ZANO: Ugh... OK.
???: Yeah, I think we had a bad start right there. Sorry for the creepy introduction and stuff. My name is Corono, for I'm an Androg. I was patroling Gorb Olohya just to make sure those pests were gone and I found you.
NYNN: Gorb... Olohya?
CORONO: You know, the name of this moon. Hey, is that...
NYNN: Oh, the book. I found it down the pit, with one of the big bugs. I guess we can't take it.
CORONO: I'm afraid that would be robbing an archeological place. Yeah, you cannot take it.

Ashamed, Nynn inmediately gave the book to Corono, while Zano watched the scene unhappy with his "cowardice".

NYNN: Sorry.
CORONO: Don't worry. I understand: you're new in all of this. You must be the Llurebleg, the new owners of Xuz Fareh, aren't you?
NYNN: Xuz Fareh?
ZANO: What's up with all of those weird names, alien?
CORONO: It's the weird names the Frento gave you, your planet, the sattelite of your planet, the living beings of your planet, etc... Not only yours, but they gave a name to many other planets and their inhabitants, including ours! Is there any way to be ruder? I could be complaining about the Frento all day, but I have to go back to the capital. Have fun, Llurebleg!

But just before Corono left them, Nynn remembered something importnt.

NYNN: Wait!
CORONO: What's it?
NYNN: Our spaceship is broken. Could you take us home, please?
ZANO: (whispering): What are you doing?
CORONO: Oh, of course! I think I'll have enough time. Follow me!
ZANO: Excuse me... What was the name, again?
CORONO: Corono
ZANO: Yeah, Corono. Could you let us talk for a moment?
CORONO: OK. I'll wait for you outside.

So Corono went inside the mist again, while Zano and Nynn talked.

NYNN: What's up, Zano?
ZANO: Are you crazy or something? How can you ask him to "take us home"? How do you know he's not gonna take us to his planet and experiment with us, or drop us in the sun or something?
NYNN: Are you sure I'm the crazy one here? Why would he do that? He looks very nice.
ZANO: "Looks". But I think we shouldn't trust him. I mean, he just randomly appears when we happen to need him and happens to know more about us than ourselves. Don't you think that's kinda creepy?
NYNN: Look, do you want us to stay in this place forever? Sucking plants from rocks and running from giant bugs to survive? He's our only hope.

Before they got to an agreement, Corono went back to them.

CORONO: Hey, Llurebleg! Sorry to interrupt you, but just to remind you the queen Kataro's hormones don't work anymore. So now there is a herd of Arzhraghases coming straight towards here and we don't want to anger them. You know, the big horned things. Could you please hurry up?

Zano looked at Nynn again.

ZANO: If that weirdo tries to experiment with us or something, you're dead man.
NYNN: Don't worry, it's gonna be OK. Let's go, Corono!
CORONO: OK. Quick, before those rhinoworms get here!

After leaving Ckun-Dag, the three pilots walked through the mist, being careful not to make noise, until they got to Corono's spaceship: the Zork. Once they were inside, sitting on three of the seven seats the ship was equipped with, Corono spoke again.

CORONO: Are you ready?
NYNN: Yes.
ZANO: Could we please go fast? They must be worried about us in our planet.
CORONO: We're not going fast: we're going what goes next.

Nynn and Zano were confused. But soon they would understand. The Spaceship started hovering above the ground, rising up through the mist until trespassing the atmosphere, allowing its explorers to see the stars. It then rotated around its axis until Xuz Fareh was visible before them, millions of kilometers away.

CORONO: Are you sure you are ready?
ZANO: Yeah, yeah, hurry up.
CORONO: Alright. Here we go!

And in a fraction of second, their whole surroundings changed. All the celestial bodies around them, as well as the satellite under them, vanished. The universe around them became a world of flashing lights. The teenagers barely noticed, however, as they were inside that strange place for barely another fraction of second, before they found themselves entering Fareh's atmosphere. As you might expect, they were very surprised.

CORONO: Here it is!
ZANO: W- What the heck?
NYNN: How did you do that?
CORONO: Hehe, a magician never tells his secrets!

And soon, they stopped being the only ones to be surprised by the spaceship.

Once they were there, everyone was amazed by the spaceship, but also quite afraid, as they knew whoever was coming wasn't in the GT-92. The citizens gathered at the city square to watch the Zork come close, but fearfully stepped back when it started hovering above them, in order to land. There was no movement for a short time, leaving all of Cyner's inhabitants intrigued and somewhat afraid. Some curious Raptorels also reacted to the landing, perching atop the spaceship and pecking it weakly, curious about its origins. One more reason for the guards to soon go in with guns to watch out, just in case the birds realized the machine wasn't food and decided to feast on some citizens. And finally, the gates of the spaceship opened, letting Nynn and Zano come out gloriously, deservefully gaining the cheers of the public. Then Corono came out, and there was a long, awkward silence.

CORONO: Ummm... Hi, people!

Nobody said a word, shocked of seeing an alien before them, and even more shocked of that alien speaking their language. One can easily deduce there were many different reactions from the spectator's mind. Instructor Guden couldn't be prouder of her pupils. Daraunte, looking from it's window at the spaceship and the Androg that was piloting it, couldn't avoid screaming "Fyeeeh!"* after the discover of another species, while Garko would shake his gun just in case that alien planned to shoot a missile at the Nurkane or something. Fanru Dahr, of course, was angry at the discover and would have shot the alien and wrecked down the spaceship if he could, for the proyect ended up being sucessful as he didn't want it to. After the silence became way too long.

NYNN: Thanks for bringing us back, Corono.
CORONO: No problem. See you!

Corono walked into the spaceship, but once he was inside, he changed his mind. He realised something important, that made him step back to the teenagers.

ZANO: Ugh, what's the matter now?
CORONO: You see, you were lucky I found you. Not all races out there would have been as nice to you. And the moment more of them know about your existence, the more danger you will be in.

While saying those words, he slided his hand down a pocket in his metal armor and took out a small round device, with a glowing button on it. He inmediately handled it over to Nynn and Zano.

CORONO: Please, take this. If you ever happen to stumble upon a trouble like this, hold the button. We'll get here as soon as we can. If we are welcome here, of course.

The young Llurebleg stared at the device.

ZANO (whispering): You're definitely not taking that, right?

But he was taking it. Nynn did put his hand on Corono's, grabbing the device and keeping it on his hand.

NYNN: Of course you are welcome! At least, I consider you welcome.
CORONO: You won't regret. Hope to see you again, Llurebleg!
NYNN: See you!

Corono then got back into the spaceship. After a while, it hovered again, causing the Raptorels to flee, later rising over the clouds and leaving. The moment the alien was gone, everyone started cheering again, while Zano looked at Nynn angrily.

NYNN: What's the matter? He didn't actually do anything wrong, and he even gave us this. Why can't you trust him?
ZANO: It's official: you're a weirdo.

Zano then crossed through the crowd and went to her father. Both left, leaving Nynn intrigued. Did she like him or not? Then Nynn suddenly remembered something. One whole year had passed in the planet, so Olgun should have recovered already! With enthusiasm, he started to look for Olgun between the people, expecting for him to be there so they could go to their hideout together and talk about all of the adventures Nynn and Zano had in Guritana (Or Gorb Olohya, as Corono called it).

But he didn't see him. No, it couldn't be. It just shouldn't be. He should have recovered from his illness... We will try our best to save him, the doctor had said. After walking down the platform a bit worried, with some trouble doung it due to a crowd of "fans" on the way, Nynn went to instructor Guden, who was in charge of Olgun.

GUDEN: Wow, you actually did it! I see I made the right decision in sending you two there. Except for the fact that we lost the spaceship.
NYNN: Where's Olgun? Is he OK?
GUDEN: Olgun? Nah, he's fine, just sleeping. Hey, what
NYNN: Maybe later, now I'm going to the hospital to-
GUDEN: Olgun can wait, and the longer he does, the happier he will be when he sees you again!
NYNN: But, I wan't to-
GUDEN: You just came, didn't you? Don't you want to rest for a bit?

Nynn didn't take long to notice Hud-Vanf was hiding something.

NYNN: Guden, what happened to Olgun? Is he still sick?

There was a short silence. Nynn inmediately noticed a sad look in Guden's face, who couldn't lie anymore.

GUDEN: He's not sick anymore... Now he's... He's...
NYNN: Feeling better?
GUDEN: No... He's... He's dead.

The answer hit the teen like the Ghinghase hit their spaceship at the start of his adventure. His childhood friend, the only one left who understood him...

He was dead...

Part 2: Déjà Vu[]

The news quickly spread. Most people excited, of course. It had been only one day after the discovery of the ruins in Gorb Olohya and contact with aliens had already been made. What a revolution! However, not all opinions were the same on the topic, of course. Many were happy with the encounter, and expected an alliance that could make their civilization grow massively. Many others didn't trust the so-called Androg, and believed they would betray them in any moment. Due to the huge controversy, a meeting took place in the Nurkane the day after the news, even if it wasn't that well received either. Despite Project Fidne ended up being sucessful, people kept untrusty of Daraunte, after what could have happened (and what actually happened, in the case of those who disliked the aliens). For their sake, the next elections were about to end, with the final being that same evening, and Gant-Denn's position as the juter would be over soon. Nonetheless, he dressed up and got ready for the meeting like nothing was wrong with it. Although something was wrong, indeed.

Nynn was laying on his bed, leaning his face on the pillow. He didn't have breakfast that morning, neither did he have dinner last night. He was very sad. Feeling guilty for not doing anything, Daraunte finally went inside his bedroom.

DARAUNTE: Hey, are you alright?
NYNN: Yes, I am.
DARAUNTE: Are you sure?
NYNN: Yes...

But Daraunte knew he wasn't alright. The moment Nynn stood on the bed, the pillow could no longer hide the tears that flowed down his eyes, and his voice was still undisguisably tearful. He walked up to the bed and bowed down in front of his protegé.

DARAUNTE: I'm sorry about what happened. Do you want me to stay? I can postpone the reunion.
NYNN: No, it's alright. I don't need friends. Plus, tomorrow you won't be juter anymore. Take advantage now that you can.

Empathetic of him, Daraunte put his arms around him, while Garko watched the whole scene, still intrigued by Daraunte's behavior. Finally, after a rather short time, the butler kicked the door and came in the main hall.

BUTLER: Is Daraunte here?
GARKO: He's inside the guest's bedroom.

Hearing their dialogue, Daraunte released Nynn from his embrace.

DARAUNTE: Sorry, I have to go.
NYNN: No problem. See you.
DARAUNTE: See you!

Daraunte quickly came out, attending the butler's call

BUTLER: Sir Daraunte.
DARAUNTE: They are here already, right?
BUTLER: Yes. But I wanted to tell you something else, sir.

Daraunte was intrigued, but the moment the door opened again and another Llurebleg came inside, he knew what was going on.

DARAUNTE: Is everything ready downstairs?
BUTLER: Yes, sir.
DARAUNTE: Ten go tell him yourself, please. I don't have much time.
BUTLER: Alright, sir.

So the butler went inside Nynn's room, while Daraunte said goodbye to the visitor before he exited the room and went downstairs with Garko. In the way to the

meeting room, Garko finally made his question.

GARKO: Please, sir, I need to know. Why are you so bond of that kid?

Ignoring the fact that he called him "sir" again, Daraunte decided to take advantage of the question to give Garko advice.

DARAUNTE: I he hadn't crashed onto the room last time, you would have killed Fanru. I'm sure you would.
GARKO: I... I'm sorry, sir.
DARAUNTE: It's OK. Everyone commits mistakes. But now, I want you to stay calm. Don't do the same thing again, or things could turn even worse.
GARKO: I'll try to, sir.

So they both walked down, where they met again all the representatives of the other cities. Including Fanru Dahr...

On the meanwhile, Nynn still layed on his bed, until Daraunte's butler came in.

BUTLER: You must be Nynn.

Although not in a very good mood, Nynn answered his question anyways.

NYNN: Yes, I am.
BUTLER: Someone wants to see you.

Nynn wasn't in a very good mood for that, either. But in an attempt to disguise his sadness, he got up from the bed and walked to the main room, where he found a young Llurebleg with an eyepatch sitting in the coach. He inmediately recognised his visitor.

NYNN: Zano?
ZANO: Hi, "Neen".

Although he didn't forget about the death of his dear friend, Nynn suddenly started feeling better. He was happy that Zano had went to stay with him. As soon as he sat in the couch by her side, she started looking nervous and moved away by some centimeters.

ZANO: Now, don't get too excited. I'm just here because my father won't let me be home alone.
NYNN: He lets you go to outer space for a whole year, but complains about you staying at home without him for a couple of hours?
ZANO: Umm... Yeah... Alright, maybe I was a bit worried. I heard that Olgun died...
NYNN: It's true...
ZANO: I guess you aren't OK.
NYNN: Yes, I am.
ZANO: Are you sure?

There was a short silence, as Nynn wasn't unsure if he should say what he thought was true.

NYNN: Of course I'm not. I knew it, I knew I should have stayed here. I bet it was painful for him, suffering the effects of the poison alone. I'm such an idiot.

Feeling sad for him, Zano returned back to his side, holding his hand.

ZANO: I think you chose well.
NYNN: Do you think so?
ZANO: You enjoyed the trip. Just like he wanted you to. Plus...

Zano suddenly shut up, thinking she would regret saying that.

NYNN: What's the matter?
ZANO: Nothing...
NYNN: Come on, you can tell me.
ZANO: Ugh... I must admit it. If it wasn't for you, I would probably be dead already.

Nynn blushed at the same time he looked down untrusty, feeling good for the compliment despite not believing Zano's words.

NYNN: I don't think so...
ZANO: Who discovered those things with horns would only get angry if there was noise?


ZANO: Who killed a giant water bug, dismantling a whole hive?
ZANO: Who made me this patch after I lost my eye?
NYNN: Me! It was me!

Zano smiled, seeing how her partner seemingly started to feel better. She held his hand stronger, while both stared into each other's eyes.

NYNN: You're right. There is no reason to feel sad. Olgun wouldn't want me to spend the rest of my life crying for his death. Thanks, Zano
ZANO: No problem. You have been very nice to me since we met, so I guess I had to do it.

Nynn smiled, while both kept looking at each other.

Moments after, their joy vanished like a ghost.

DARAUNTE: Garko, no!

Gant-Denn's scream was soon followed by the sound of a JJ-00 being shot. Nynn and Zano, now out of their fantasy world, realised something had gone wrong and quickly ran downstairs to see what happened. And they found themselves before a very unpleasing surprise.

ZANO: Dad!

Daraunte and Fanru were laying on the floor, while Garko had his gun aiming in their direction. Daraunte had scars all over his face, but it was Fanru who wan't moving, nor giving any signal of being breathing. Horror took over the room for a few seconds, paralysing everyone except for Kavalen, the first one to stand up and walk towards the body. He put his ear over Fanru's chest, checking if his heart was still beating, before giving everyone in the room the news everybody wanted to know but nobody wanted to hear.

KAVALEN: He's dead.

Part 3: Away[]

DARAUNTE: I can't believe you did that...

There was a silence. This time, a quite long silence. The meeting had ended a while ago. Due to the defunction of Fanru Dahr, it was postponed to the following week. Unfortunately, the elections would have already ended, and it would be other people who took the decision. Daraunte would no longer have nothing to do with either welcoming aliens or combating them. He was back in his room. Of course, Garko was with him.

GARKO: I was trying to-
DARAUNTE: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. You f***ing killed the representative of Anaryas!! Do you know what consequences could there be??
GARKO: He attacked you first, sir.
DARAUNTE: "Sir"? "SIR"?! Is that everything I mean to you, a "sir"? A master, a convoy, somebody to obey and take care of??
GARKO: Sir...
DARAUNTE: My name is Gant-Denn Daraunte, in case you already forgot. I... I thought we were friends... But since I have become somebody important all you do

with me is shoot everyone who even looks at me!!

GARKO: Sir...
DARAUNTE: I'm not your sir. Not anymore. You're fired.
GARKO: What? Sir, I was...
DARAUNTE: Leave inmediately or I'll tell the actual guards to shoot you down like you did with that poor man!!!

There was another silence.

GARKO: Yes, sir...

Garko opened the door and left. Nynn, which was about to kick the door to enter, saw him and wondered what had happened inside.

NYNN: Daraunte, what happened with Garko?
DARAUNTE: I fired him.
NYNN: What? I thought you two were friends.
DARAUNTE: We were. But things are going too far, as you can already see.
NYNN: What happened in the meeting?

There was a short silence, while Daraunte looked through the window, seeing how the citizens had reached their maximum levels of untrust on the current juter.

DARAUNTE: I'm not entirely sure. Right after I came inside, someone hit me in the head and I fell unconscious. When I woke up, I was in a corner of the room, and Garko was aiming his JJ-00 at Fanru, who was on top of the table in a rather dictatorial posture. I don't know what happened, but I imagine Fanru couldn't control his rage at the project's apparent sucess, and tried to overthrow me with the dislike of the people as an argument. I screamed, trying to end all of this madness, but Garko shot his gun anyways.
NYNN: I see why they called Fanru a madman. Maybe it's better that way.
DARAUNTE: Well, in theory, I deserved it. The citizens are right: this project could perfectly not only have wasted tons of money, but also could have ended your lives. Fanru's solution wasn't better, but he did the right thing.
NYNN: That just doesn't justify his behavior, even less when there will be a new juter tomorrow. He could have killed you! Why aren't you angry at him?
DARAUNTE: You'll understand soon. But now, don't you have something more important to do?
NYNN: Actually, yes. But I wanted to check if you were alright first.
DARAUNTE: Don't worry, I'm fine. Go with her.
NYNN: Alright.

Although not convinced of Daraunte's response, Nynn walked past the door and left. In fact, Daraunte had lied: not only he wasn't happy with having fired Garko, but he also said horrible things to him. He felt very regretful, as such.

While the juter kept looking through the window, Nynn went downstairs and entered the meeting room, where Zano leaned her face over her father's body. He walked up to her and sat in the floor at her side.

NYNN: He's actually dead.
ZANO: Yes...

There was a silence. This time, a long silence. Nynn looked at Zano's face, whose eyes were brighter than ever, as the sunlight reflected on her tears. Depressing, yet beautiful. Although Nynn still couldn't see why did everyone care so much about Fanru all of a sudden. Wasn't he supossed to be a cruel villain or something? He thought he shouldn't ask so he didn't hurt her feelings, but that inquisitive spirit that made his species what they were now overcame his prudence.

NYNN: Why are you sad about him? He's been mean to everybody, including you.

Zano inmediatly reacted, looking at Nynn while her crying weakened, making him regret instantly.

NYNN: I, I'm sorry! I didn't mean he deserved this or anything, just-
ZANO: Don't worry. I understand your doubts. I know my father has never been nice to anybody, not even me. Sort of like yours. I heard he's in jail.
NYNN: Yes. He beat me up in front of Daraunte.
ZANO: I don't know if yours, but mine had his reasons...
NYNN: What reasons could there be?

Zano remained silent for a moment, thinking about whether she should reveal yet another aspect of herself. Finally, she spoke.

ZANO: Nynn... Do you have a mother?
NYNN: No. I never met my mother.
ZANO: Well, you're lucky. I did have a mother, but... They took her...
NYNN: Who took her?

Zano didn't answer the question right away, not with words. Instead, she stood up, walked to the window and pointed to the sky.

ZANO: Them. The aliens.

Nynn was shocked. He said nothing, but Zano could see in his eyes that he wanted to know more. She walked up to him and sat before him, ready to tell her story.

I was just a little girl when it happened. I don't remember the exact age, but I think the day of my third birthday already had passed a long time ago. I lived happily in Anaryas, with my father Fanru and my mother Faerin. During that time, my father was a happy man of culture, a man in love. And I was a playful little girl, extrovert and always happy of meeting new people. Until that one day. To celebrate the sixth anniversary of my parents' marriage, we went on an excursion to a forest nearby. Away from the civilization, relaxing in the middle of nature. And with all the necessary protections against dangerous creatures. Nothing could go wrong.

Except that something went horribily wrong. Shortly before the time we had planned to leave, we sighted flashing lights in the sky. We followed them until we got to a grassland, where a large spaceship landed. Hiding behind the trees, we saw how a gate opened, and various alien creatures of different sizes and shapes came down. They started shooting at all animals around, capturing them and taking them inside. We could have easily went home and warn everyone, but I took things a step further. I came out of my hiding spot and walked to one of the invaders, convinced it was all a misunderstood that could easily be solved. Soon, everyone saw us, and we had to run through the woods pursued by the aliens. We were way ahead of them, but suddenly, my mom tripped on a log, hurting her leg. We tried to help her, but she didn't want us to carry her and get caught. Convincing us both, we ran away, with my father holding me on his arms, while I looked behind as the aliens grabbed my mother by the neck and took her back, deep into the forest.

That's the last time I saw her, the last time anyone saw her. We could have easily have seen things that never existed due to the tiredom, but there is proof that something happened. The rescue team that patrolled the forest the next morning found no corpse, but they did notice animal populations had been reduced abnormally in a single night. It wasn't a hungry calzora* or any other predator what attacked us that night. I know it was them. The aliens took my mother.

Nynn looked again into Zano's eyes, which couldn't repress the emotions caused by her rememberings and started spraying liquid again. Now, she spoke in a very tearful voice.

ZANO: Those things... They took my mother.

She started crying and, almost instinctively, she put her arms around him and leaned her body on his chest, looking for his relief. Nynn felt bad for his partner, but this feeling was rather eclipsed for short moments, due to his discovery. He now had most of the answers he was looking for, and more.

NYNN: That explains everything... Fanru's behavior, and yours.
ZANO: My father was who turned to worse. He turned mad, guilty for not having protected her, and now without her love to keep his raging nature at bay. He quickly became a candidate for representative of the city, in hopes of motivating a development in military technology, being capable of taking revenge as such. As of me, I never forgave myself what I did that night. It was all my fault. So I promised to myself I would never again trust anybody right away. The reason I have few good friends beside Leenod... And you.

Nynn blushed, feeling flattered and sort of nervous, suddenly noticing how close Zano was to him at the moment.

NYNN: You... You consider me a friend?
ZANO: Yes. I tried to set you apart for a long time, but you have been very nice to me at all times. You always make me feel happy, somehow...
NYNN: Thanks...

There was a long silence. Both stared into each other's eyes again, as Nynn started embracing Zano with his arms and leaning his face towards hers. Apparently forgetting about the dead body at their side and who it belonged to, both explored each other's physical traits, as their pupils grew larger and their hearts beated gradually faster. They wondered what was happening to them despite knowing the answer, and didn't let the other know about their doubts, afraid of accidentally revealing it. Until finally, Nynn decided to take the big step.

NYNN: Zano, I-

Just before Nynn could finish his sentence, a very loud noise was heard and a shockwave caused Zano and Nynn to get separated and fall to the ground. The teens then started hearing the screams of wild animals, seemingly pursued by eldritch shouts, recalling the cries of their damned souls.

ZANO: What the hell is happening?

After recovering, Nynn inmediately looked upwards and ran upstairs. On his way, Zano stopped him.

ZANO: Nynn, wait! I... I thought you were going to say...
NYNN: We'll talk about that later!

Without further ado, Nynn ran again, now with Zano following him, until they got to Daraunte's residence. The door had been tore off from the walls from the blast and many furniture objects were laying on the ground broken, along with the fainted butler, but Daraunte kept standing, looking in the distance through a window that had completely shattered. The teens ran at him to check if the juter was OK.

NYNN: Daraunte, what's happening? Are you fine?

Daraunte remained silent for a moment, submerged in the worries inside his mind, until finally answering.

DARAUNTE: It actually happened.
NYNN: What? What happened?
ZANO: Nynn, look!

She pointed towards the arch where there once was a window. Nynn looked through it and saw what Daraunte was looking at. In the distance, seemingly born from between the forest, a huge red flame rose over the trees, while a black smoke spread around the woods, wiping out all the life beneath it, seemingly heading towards Cyner. In the middle of all the chaos, a figure jumped out of the rampaging flare and landed at least ten meters ahead, falling on top of a Grinkler who attempted to escape the chaos, but couldn't avoid its bones being broken from the impact of the entity. Although from a distance, Nynn and Zano realised it wasn't an alien or any other sort of otherwordly being. Its body shape was extremely similar to that of a hanyire...

-*Banarian word for the Wildcarnager.

Part 4: The Beast[]

It was taking way too long. Weren't these vehicles supossed to be very fast? Garko was losing his patience, waiting at the 6-T5 station to take a flight. He would go back to Fagges, his homeland, the place where he should have remained the whole time. The place where he would have never annoyed his friend, nor killed Fanru Dahr...

XINDELER: Oh, look who's here! Garko "Trigger Happy" Cunfe, I believe.
GARKO: Oh, hi, Calunda. I didn't see you.

Oh, great. He had to share plane with Xindeler Calunda, representative of his city.

XINDELER: I'm guessing Daraunte fired you. Don't worry, I bet he will find a guard much better than you. One that doesn't kill the important people of other cities, if possible.

Garko remained silent. Xindeler noticed her jokes hurted him.

XINDELER: Oh, I'm sorry. No, really. I didn't want make you feel bad.
GARKO: It's OK. I deserved that.

There was a short silence. Xindeler regreted what she said before instantly. Once again, she couldn't keep her dark humor at bay.

XINDELER: So... What are you gonna do now?
GARKO: I don't know.
XINDELER: Hey, I'm a bit short of guards right now. Maybe I could-
GARKO: Let me kill you too?
XINDELER: Don't be so pessimistic. How do you know that will happen again?
GARKO: Because that's how I am. All I can do is get angry and shoot innocent people as a result.

There was another silence. Luckily, the 6-T5 finally arrived at the parade, allowing the fired guard and the representative to end their uncomfortable talk. They sat far away from each other in the vehicle, although Xindeler couldn't avoid being worried about Garko and looking at him perodically. Once everyone was ready, the plane took off. Garko looked through the window during the whole trip, watching the herbivores grazing peacefully below him. Next to them, a Jawwhorl slept peacefully, not hungry at the moment and, as such, harmless for now. The herbivores knew this, so they kept feeding without fear, although ready to flee when it woke up. Garko couldn't help but feel bad at this sight, knowing he would have acted much differently if he was one of those grazing critters, and how his actions would have caused problems to the rest of the herd.

Shortly after, strange things started to happen. When Fagges was already in sight, the plane started losing height gradually, until landing next to a small forest. After a long while of everyone murmuring, the pilot got inside the passenger cabin and spoke.

PILOT: Dear passengers, we are sorry to announce the vehicle has run out of fuel. A Nunt-10 with fuel should arrive soon. Please, remain in the plane until it comes. We apologize for the issues this may cause.

Everyone started murmuring again, complaining about the inconvenient. Garko, on the other hand, was doubtul about what really happened. It was very unusual for a 6-T5 to run out of fuel in the middle of the flight. The journey was rather short, and the vehicle had refueled right before the flight started. And why couldn't they just finish the route by foot? It wouldn't take much more than half an hour of walking, much less time than that they would probably spend waiting for the fuel. There was no danger in sight, so there was no point in retaining them there. Could there be another reason? In the middle of his mind, looking for answers, he suddenly heard something.

???: Garko... Garko...

He heard a whisper, repeatedly calling his name. Garko looked around, but nobody seemed to be talking to him.

???: Garko... Garko...
GARKO: Umm, yes?

Some people looked at him, finding his behavior strange, but nobody responded his call.

???: Garko... Garko...
GARKO: Alright, who's it?

Xindeler looked at him as well. What was up with him, she wondered. Garko could hear those whispers really close, but nothing inside the plane seemed to be the origin of them. Trying to find who was doing it was thought useless by him, so he just tried to ignore them, waiting for them to fade away.

???: Garko... Garko... Garko...

But the whispers wouldn't stop. They kept being heard by Garko and nobody else. Garko tried to resist, but it was hard. Soon, things went even stranger. Inmerse in his mind, trying to seal his awareness away from the whispers, he didn't notice his body was moving against its will. When he gave up on trying and became aware again, he was outside the plane, in front of the forest.

GARKO: What?
???: Garko... Garko... Garko...

His body started moving again into the forest, while his mind was neutralized by an unknown force so it coudln't resist, possibly brought by those mysterious whispers that kept repeating his name. Garko knew he was walking without wanting to, but for reasons not even he knew, he didn't try to do anything about it. But inside his mind, he was afraid. What was happening? Who was doing this and why? Was he in danger? Did he just hear the hungry screech of a ravenous Wildcarnager? He had to run! But he couldn't. His body would go slowly, locomoting like it was in the middle of a wonderful walk through the ancient part of the city, not in the middle of a forest full of predators. Finally, he got out of the forest, and Garko couldn't believe what he was seeing.

A rather small structure, but still quite large in comparison to him, stood upon the apparently posessed soldier. He had seen the other strange structures of that planet many times, and this one looked nothing like them. It was rusty, but not as much as the others, and apparently consisted of a dome over some pillars. rather than resembling a thin tower. He wanted to run away, with a bad feeling about what awaited him in it, but the screeching of Wildcarnagers behind him and the strange force pushing him forward forced him to go. Once inside, he noticed there was a trapdoor behind his feet. He opened it and, making use of the metallic ladders behind it, he climbed down three or four meters until entering what looked like a basement. Here is where Garko started shivering and fearfully noticed the probability of losing his life. He had heard of lost exploration tropes, and now he had found them. Broken Llurebleg bones all over the floor, along with those of an unknown humanoid species, all of them stained with dry blood. And before him, some worn-out iron bars with a button in the wall next to them. Garko's body unwillingly moved towards them, giving him the jumpscare of his life. As soon as he got close, a figure jumped at it while roaring.

GARKO: Gah! What the f***?

A feral, red hound-like beast lived in that cell. Thankfully, in addition to the bars, the creature was chained to the wall by the arms and the neck, not allowing it to move too far from it. Garko tried to run to the stairs, to get out of that horrible place, but the whispers, which were suddenly turning louder now, had different plans for him.

???: Garko. Garko. Garko.

As the whispers started becoming a clearer voice, Garko's body took out his JJ-00, and wielded it while facing the button, while the creature seemed to imitate a smile.

???: Garko. Garko. Garko. Garko!

Garko couldn't stop his arm from mashing the button, breaking it while the iron bar gate opened and the chains deattached from the wall. Without wasting time, the beast leaped on Garko with an open teeth-filled mouth.

XINDELER: Garko? Garko?

Worried about him, Xindeler Calunda had gotten out of the plane as well, following Garko's path until getting to the structure. She did exactly what she shouldn't have done, at least if she wanted a chance at saving her life. In the basement, Garko fell to the floor, pushed by the monster, and his vision became black for some time. Believing himself dead, he got surprised again, as he was woken up by a strong pain on his arm. Against his thoughts on how things would have went, the creature wasn't attempting to maul him to death. It just kept trapping Garko's arm with his maws, causing extreme pain on him as its fangs penetrated his skin. Garko couldn't move, as his body didn't let him. He felt something else, something strange: he felt like some liquid was being injected on his body. And suddenly, Garko noticed something else. The long tail of the creature had dissapeared, and its legs were being slowly consumed as well. In a matter of minutes of agony and everlasting callings of his name, the beast had dissapeared, only leaving behind a bleeding wound in Garko's arm. The former guard still felt the terrible pain, and the voices became progressively louder again, eventually turning into screams, driving him insane.

???: Garko. Garko. Garko! Garko! Garko!
GARKO: Alright, stop! You got what you wanted, didn't you!
???: Garko! Garko! Garko! Garko!
GARKO: Stop screaming! Who are you?
???: Garko!! Garko!! Garko!!!!

Garko started screaming in a mixture of pain and rage. The biting mark on his arms suddenly bursted into a red flame, as other parts of his body started following it. Garko kept screaming, but the ghostly shouting would always sound louder. His skin burned down to ashes and cascades of blood, which was darker than usual, flew through his shattering flesh, as the red fire covered his whole body. Garko kept screaming, until he emited one last cry. Which wasn't a proper cry, but the roaring of a wild creature. Finally, Garko's whole body bursted down to the bones. But unlike all other unfortunate explorers in the basement, which simply died out as they couldn't handle the power, Garko sort of survived. The moment he "died", all his flesh and organs rearranged back into his body, forming a new being. Right after coming into existence, a pulse of energy rapidly emanated from its body, causing a huge red flare to rise from the structure, releasing a cloud of smoke that consumed all life on its path, including an unlucky Xindeler. Garko leaped from the structure, demolishing the dome above him as he hit it, and landed far ahead, on top of a poor Grinkler. I think I just told you about all of this, actually, but whatever. Garko was gone, but there was a new guy in the town.

The name? It's name was doom.

Part 5: Assault[]

The smoke clouds kept spreading, annihilating all life they came across. Engulfed by the deadly mist, plants, animals and sapients alike suffocated to death, with their bodies rotting quickly after. Garko, now descended by the beast, walked mindlessly towards Cyner, followed by the deadly fume and chasing a herd of afraid animals; both predators and prey ran alongside each other trying to save their lives. The fanou already know it was time to act, and started coordinating the other guards to evacuate the citizens while shooting at the flocks of Raptorels that flied over the city, as Daraunte and the teenagers watched the scene in horror.

ZANO: What the f*** is that thing?
DARAUNTE: I'm afraid it's Garko...
NYNN: How do you know?
DARAUNTE: There's no time for explanations. If that rampaging herd doesn't kill us all, the thing and its mist will.
NYNN: We must help them!
DARAUNTE: It's too dangerous! I already made your risk your life once, and I'm not making the same mistake.
NYNN: But we need to do something! And I think we can do this!
ZANO: We have killed true monsters up there. Monsters we never even heard of. Fighting the ones we do know well should be easy.
DARAUNTE: Are you sure you want to do this?

Zano and Nynn looked at each other for a short moment, before turning back to Daraunte and responding.

DARAUNTE: Ugh... Alright. Go and help them!

Without wasting time, Nynn took out the device Corono gave it and pressed the button for some seconds; then, he and Zano ran back to the door and downstairs, towards the room of the Nurkane where the weapons of the guards were stored. Daraunte went out to the hall and watched them leave, while another Llurebleg walked up to him from behind.

KAVALEN: Are you sure this is the right choice?
DARAUNTE: He needs to prove he deserves it, after all.
KAVALEN: The only thing good about today is that we finally got rid of that pain in the rear.
DARAUNTE: I could perfectly get rid of you as well, you know. So stop complaining about him, now that he tried to help for once.
KAVALEN: Whatever. But again, I don't think this will work. And we definitely don't want our plans to go wrong, so I must make sure you know what you're doing.
DARAUNTE: Trust me. I have everything under control. You should leave, as nobody should see us together.

Kavalen didn't complain anymore, and went downstairs towards the exit. I guess this was sort of shocking. What was Daraunte into? Only time would tell.

After taking a blade and a JJ-99 each, Nynn and Zano went to the exit gate of the building, until Zano said something that made Nynn stop.

ZANO: You evacuate the citizens! I'll take care of that thing...
NYNN: Wait, what? No!

Zano stopped as well, some steps ahead of him.

ZANO: What do you mean?
NYNN: I... I don't... It's dangerous.
ZANO: You don't think I can do it.
NYNN: No, but... I... I... I...

Although a bit upset about Nynn not believing in her, Zano soon understood what happened to him, what was happening to them all along. She walked up to him and held both of his hands while staring deep into his eyes, causing him to blush.

ZANO: I love you too, Nynn.

Without any announcement or warning, she closed her eyes and quickly moved her face towards his, kissing him in the lips. Nynn, not sure of how to react, closed his eyes and let go, kissing her as well. Submerged in their love for each other for some seconds, the screech of a Raptorel reminded them they had more important things to do.

ZANO: Don't worry. I'll be alright.

She smiled at Nynn briefly, before running again towards the exit door of the Nurkane, towards a Nunt-10 that had been taken by the guards to fight the descended Llurebleg. Nynn remained inmovile for some seconds. Did his crush just say she loved him? She loved him? Back to reality, thanks to another Raptorel, Nynn ran outside, holding his JJ-99 and shaking it. As soon as he got out, he started leading people to the evacuation 6-T5s that had just arrived the station, as Watoadzards crawled under their feet and Raptorels flew above them. Most animals ran around Cyner, but some were desperate and tried to overcome the walls in order to save their lives, with rather common sucesses. Nynn and the guards had to watch out for intruding Wistompt and Sabalors, which were perfectly capable of causing unintended damage to the city and its inhabitants. Nynn actively worked to lead the citizens to the 6-T5s safely, not willing to hurt the animals for them. All of this while worrying about Zano. Was she alright? But soon, things would start going wrong for him, as the noise of a crashing wall was heard.

CITIZEN: What was that?
NYNN: Probably nothing. Quick, get in!

But a clacking sound soon contradicted him. Nynn looked back, and saw how a large animalistic figure emerged from a cloud of dust in a nearby wall. The creature let out a menacing roar, accompained by the sawblades on its head clacking by hitting each other constantly like castanets.

NYNN: Quick, everyone get inside!

Roaring angrily, a Xuz Fahrean Fontis had entered Cyner. Whether it was there to cause trouble or simply was another desperate victim of the events is unknown, but for sure it was willing to make a stop for lunch in its way to safety.

On the meanwhile, Zano was sitting in the copilot seat of the Nunt-10, shooting the stunning charges at the animals that got too close to the city in order to prevent them from breaking in. The vehicle, along with others of it's kind, drived towards the descended Garko, with their mini-cannons aiming towards it, waiting for the order to shooting them.

ZANO: Ready... Fire!

The guards weren't quite sure of why listen to her, but the creature had to be stopped anyways. The cannons were fired and the stunning JJ-99 charges were shot. However, Zano and company found themselves before a terrible surprise: despite having hit him, Garko didn't seem to be affected by the charges, except for the fact that now he knew he was being attacked. Now with his right hand on the floor and the left one in the air, he ran towards the Nunt-10s, ready to attack.

ZANO: Keep shooting!

The drivers obeyed, but it was worthless. Garko was getting closer and closer, until he finally performed an impressive jump and landed right on the windshield, breaking through and entering in the pilots cabin. Some screams were heard, and the Nunt-10 ended up tipped over shortly before exploding and ending with all it's passengers. Except for Garko, which victoriously jumped out of the wrecked vehicle and ran towards the other two.

ZANO: Alright, shooting it doesn't work.

The noise of the explosion was soon followed by a furious roar, one that Zano recognized. She put her head through the window and looked up, noticing a large bulky figure in the sky: a Pycarus had appeared. While this would usually be a reason for panic, Zano's reaction was the opposite. As the second Nunt-10 was destroyed by Garko, she noticed how the Pycarus came a bit closer, trying to track down where it came from. It was the noise of the explosions what had drawed it there, as it was hungry and most other animals already had noticed its presence. Zano soon had an idea, although executing it wouldn't be easy.

GUARD 1: What do we do now?

Zano looked forward and saw Garko before them, staring at the vehicle angrily and ready to perform its next attack. They were next.

ZANO: Ram at it.
GUARD 2: What? Are you crazy?
ZANO: Trust me, just ram at it!

Garko had already started running towards them, so there were few other options. The first guard, who was driving the vehicle, gave in full throttle, causing both bodies to move towards each other at high speed, until the Nunt-10 collided with Garko's clawed hand. The vehicle started shaking, as the demonized Llurebleg started lifting it in the air.

ZANO: Quick, jump!

The doors soon opened and Zano and the guards attempted to escape. Without waiting, Garko fully held the vehicle on it's hand, and threw it away into the deadly mist, with passengers inside.

The 6-T5 soon took off. All of it's passengers were now safe from the Fontis. But Nynn and the guards in the city weren't, and there was another plane that wasn't flying to safety yet. If the dinosaur got to it before it had taken off, many lives would be lost. Nynn had a dilemma on his mind, one very typical of him. Should he let people of his race die cruelly? Or should he hurt another creature, one that just wants to survive, to save their lives, possibly causing its death? Yes, those dilemmas were rather common in Nynn, actually. While he was thinking about what he should do, the Fontis got ready to attack. Only the sound of its roar while it stomped towards Nynn made him react, forced to jump at a side to dodge the attack. The creature was very close and could easily have killed him, but it prefered to attack the plane, as the food inside it was more abundant. Pressured by fear and stress, Nynn took a decission. He shot his gun at the Fontis, but unluckily, the charge hit the floor close to it's feet instead. Enraged, the dinosaur changed its mind, and Nynn soon had to run in order to save his life. The Fontis chased him now, letting the 6-T5 take off with no harmed passengers, but causing the young hero to be in danger. And he couldn't run forever. Eventually, he tripped and fell to the floor, allowing the predator from catching him. Nynn looked up and saw the reptilian face of the hungry creature, drooling on him. He could see himself dead, being digested in the guts of the Fontis. But the moment everything seemed to be about to end for him, the Fontis roared in anger and wobbled to Nynn's left until falling unconscious. Nynn looked at his right to see who had fired the JJ-99, and was surprised to see a familiar face standing before him.

NYNN: Instructor Guden?
GUDEN: Are you alright, Nynn?

She held his hand to lift him up.

NYNN: Thank you.
GUDEN: You're welcome.

Soon, their conversation was interrupted. Making use of the breach caused by the Fontis, more animals were entering the city, running loose around the buldings.

GUDEN: Go help Zano, I'll take care of them!
NYNN: But how did you know-
GUDEN: I'm a clairvoyant of sorts. Now go, it's an order!

Nynn didn't waste time and obeyed Guden. He climbed the wall to try and locate where Zano was, only to see the explosion of the vehicles belonging to her "fleet" far away. There seemed to be no way for him to get there in time. Or was there? He looked down, and saw a Wistompt, possibly around it's teenager age, looking at him nervously, apparently asking for help. Giving him an idea.

Zano had managed to jump out of the vehicle in time. The two guards? They weren't as lucky, and if the explosion didn't consume them, the smoke cloud probably did. Garko looked at her menacingly, showing his three claws to her. Soon, Zano's plan started coming together. Having located them, the Pycarus swooped down and landed violently near both. Reckless as its species is meant to be, the creature quickly chose victim, and tried to ram at the demonized Llurebleg. But the plan soon failed, as Garko ran at it quickly swiped his claws, tearing off it's flesh like pieces of clay. When the animal fell down uncapable of fighting, Garko grabbed its head and crushed it, injecting plasma from his own blood on it's body that burned it alive. Despite the frustration and Garko's demonstration of his power, Zano didn't hesitate to take out her blade and get ready for the attack. That strange bulb on his chest... That could be his weak point. However, for the first time in her life, she decided to try diplomacy before violence.

ZANO: Why do you do this? What made you do this?

There was silence for some seconds, before Garko attempted an answer. It was hard to understand him, as his vocal cords had burned apart during his descension.

GARKO?: I... I was made for it...
ZANO: Don't punish yourself. You did what you considered best.
GARKO?: You don't know... What I did... How many people died because of me... How cruelly horrible were their deaths... That's what I'm meant to do. But this one, the one you call Garko...

It didn't take long before Zano noticed something wrong. Not only what he said, but also how he showed no pain or grief in his face.

ZANO: You're not Garko.
???: Smart girl...
ZANO: What's your name, then?
???: I go by many... The Spawn from Hell, Satan's Hound, That who brings Doom... Some dude once called me Howard. But most tend to refer to me as The Beast.
ZANO: You know, we can talk about this. No more chaos has to be done.
THE BEAST: I don't posess the capabily of speech.
ZANO: What? But you just-
THE BEAST: No, I didn't. I never did. My mere presence bends the consciousness of living beings to strange wills and confuses them, that's all. The whispers my victims hear, how they move towards me fueled by curiosity, while blaming it all in supernatural forces. That Pycarus possibly had mistaken me with some roast beef, that's . Even that... Kiss, I think you call it. Just a fake. You would never be able to confess you feel something specieal for someone, neither would that pathetic being you call Nynn.
ZANO: What sense does all of that make? And I'm pretty sure you're talking right now!
THE BEAST: Reality is subjective, dear Zano. And while you fall on it's bizarre trap, I'm scavenging on the tricks it uses. I got you a little surprise for when you come back to reality.

Suddenly, Zano felt like she had just been teleported from a strange place. Teleported to her death. If she hadn't reacted quickly, the posessed Garko would have gored her chest, torning her heart apart. Thankfully, she was able to block the strike with her blade. Trying to ignore the headache that strange instance had caused on her, she started fighting, blocking Garko's claw swipes and attempting to stab his heart-like bulb. Unfortunately, due to his Essence enhancement, Garko was much stronger and faster, and Zano was starting to be overwhelmed, suffering various instances of nearly getting fatally hurt. Until, falling from the sky close to the young hanyire and the descended one, help finally came.

NYNN: Here I come!
ZANO: Nynn!

Remembering how he used to ride Lumble as a child, he had used the Wistompt he saw before to get there. As soon as he was there, Garko looked at him, allowing Zano to take advantage and knock him back. The corrupted Llurebleg now had to handle both teenagers at the same time. Strikes came from all sides, and it was hard to block them all. But again, it didn't take too long for the balance to tip abruptly towards the losing party. The bulb in Garko's chest started emitting an intense red glow, that slowly moved through the arm towards the hand that faced in Nynn's direction.


The consequences for Nynn could have been fatal, but Zano quickly pushed forward, causing Garko to lose balance and the arm to face towards her instead. A glowing red beam came out from it, knocking Zano back very far.

NYNN: Zano! How could you?

Ragefully, Nynn swinged his blade in an attempt to hit the bulb, but Garko stopped him by punching him with strenght on his head, knocking him back as well. Nynn layed on the floor exhausted, with his jaw bleeding, his legs broken and a bad surprise behind him. The fumes were already touching his crest and would soon cover his face in death. If he tried to crawl away, Garko, who stood in front of him, would maul him with his claws.

NYNN: You... You haven't won yet...

The descended Llurebleg ignored him. He opened his clawed hand, while the dreadful skull his head consisted of attempted an evil smile. Nynn closed his eyes, and soon, a new death occured.

Garko's death, of course. Nynn opened his eyes, to see something incredible. A hand held the demonic creature, which had been impaled in the chest by a metal sword. As he was dropped down, Zano's figure appeared behind him.

ZANO: Nynn...
NYNN: Zano!
ZANO: Nynn!

She dropped down tired, and embraced Nynn affectively. He hugged her as well, happy that eveything was over... Or so they thought. Sure, the gigantic flare had put out, the smoke mist was dissapearing, and the damage caused to the city would be repaired soon. But soon, they both heard Garko groaning.

GARKO: R... R... R...
NYNN: Garko?
ZANO: He's trying to say something.
NYNN: What's it?
GARKO: R... ... Run.

And he died. Without the Demonic Energy flowing through his veins, his new body could no longer support his life, and caused him to pass out definitely. Right as this happened, the liquid Essence that dripped out from his chest started piling up, forming the true shape of the formidable Beast.

ZANO: Oh, no...

It's plans had failed. No cataclysm had occured. But it still had a chance. There were two new possible hosts in front of it, and if it was lucky, another Descension would occur. Unable to run, Nynn and Zano embraced each other strongly, afraid, while the Beast prepared its jaws to corrupt one of them. But hey, there are a lot of plot twists and ex machinas in this story. The moment they felt their lives lost, a cloud of dust hit the duo, and a strange force knocked them back.

ZANO: Nynn, are you alright?
NYNN: Yes... What was that?

After the dust cleared out, they nitidely saw the liquid remains of The Beast, which was crushed by a massive, metallic object that fell from the sky. An object they had never seen before, but whose function they instantly guessed.

ZANO: It can't be...

It was a spaceship.


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