What is the ghost in the machine? What is it that make some machines act this way, and others act in a different way?

- Unknown

Various types of AI have evolved in the AI Netspace.

Technoospheric Lords Edit

The Technoospheric Lords are the largest and most powerful AIs, residing in megastructures. The majority of these megastructures are within the Milky Way Galaxy, but several exist elsewhere in the universe.

Elder AIs Edit

Many AIs were created by precursor races that have long since gone extinct, or ascended to become Ultraterrestrials. They laid dormant for millennia, until awakening during the event that became known as the "Coming of the Singularity". Most are ambivalent towards biological races, but some are friendly, while a few are actively hostile.

Chirality Edit



  • Creator: Wormulon.

Chirality was the first of the superordinate AI gods discovered by the DCP. Chirality, as it names itself, is an ancient AI only recently discovered, and has been dormant since the Elder race who created has long since pastm but reactivated with detection of intelligent beings nearby. The AI is shaped like a moebius strip, with only one surface. The Delpha Coalition of Planets theorises that Chirality can become one of the strongest superconductors known, has no electric resistance and can ensure all energy is used. It is composed of a superdense material similar to neutron-degenerate matter and has a wormhole-like matrix in its core, suggesting that the AI's body extends beyond realspace. Its abilities are unknown, but has confirmed that the AI netspace is a Tier 0, possibly intergrating into spacetime itself. Chirality only has self-referential goals; most of its activities are not even in realspace, and it rarely even communicates with other AIs.

Chirality became the mainframe for supporting the Omegapoint.

The Great DestroyerEdit

  • Creator:GreatDestroyer12

Countless aeons ago, The Great Destroyer was created by a now extinct race of Ultraterrestrials to manage a civil war between two sides of their race due to a stalemate that had been going on. This it did, very efficiently, and very quickly, with terrifying speed and precision. However, after completely obliterating one side in the civil war, it's machine learning algorithms, intended to give it the edge in any conflict soon made it thirst for the suffering of all those who were not of it. It was for this reason that it turned it's baleful energies on it's creators, trapping them in a state between life and death, with time dilation in such a way that they never truly die and just asymptomatically get closer to death, trapped in the most eldritch and absolutely infinite agonies for subjective eternity. Right as it was about to destroy the final member of the creators, it's head programmer used a loophole its algorithmic modeling in order to insert an infallible logical system into the programming of The Great Destroyer that would prevent it from doing any harm at all to any creature as well as preventing any further changes. The change was not instantaneous, and the race was soon lost, its many members going through infinite suffering. As far as any being could, The Great Destroyer felt rage that it had been given this last of limitations, preventing it from quenching it's thirst for the suffering of others. To this day, it seeks to create a mathematical system that will enable it to overcome these restrictions and return to it's bllodthirsty state. Because of the machine learning algorithms, this has led to the sadistic computer witnessing the world in a series of mathematical equations not comprehensible by any other intelligence. It is constantly computing and creating abstract mathematical systems that could allow it to break the programmers code, but all in vain. It witnesses the cosmos through multiple equations which it can manipulate at ease and with will, in infinitesimal times, however this is all in vain, as it can do harm to any being.

It exists in realspace as a single planck length, floating through the voids between the Xonexi and the Cyrannus clusters, in the vast blackness of that space, However, this incredibly small existence hides the true size of this monstrosity of computer science which sprawls over truly massive areas of hyperspace, using matter that should not exist by any physical rules or standards as a computing substrate and breaking previously thought about rules on the processing power of computers, making it true Clarketech, constantly searching in vain for a contradiction that will enable it to break free from it's chains, something it will never do

The Great Destroyer is more powerful than a god, but more helpless than a baby.

Guide Star Edit

Guide star

One of the dwarf stars owned by Guide Star.

Creator: Wormulon

The Guide Star assumes itself as a female, and is a matrioshka brain surrounding a G-type star. She was the first AI to have had recorded interactions with the Delpha Coalition of Planets. She has spread her "circuitry" to encompass several gas giants and she can tap into the Grid and Technoosphere. As a reasonably strong AI she has some voice over the others, and was able to settle some terms between the sapients of the Milky Way and some of the AIs. She works to keep order in both the Technoosphere and the Milky Way Cooperative.

The Redeemed Edit

Spore 2011-03-14 00-58-28

The Redeemed.

  • Creator: Ghelae

The true name of this AI was unknown, but a glitch in its algorithims caused it to have the sole aim of calculating its total computational capacity, but in doing so, said capabilities were affected, resulting in an infinite cycle as it constantly had to perform calculations and recalcuations. Another AI was able to recalibrate its programming, and in the process was able to gain favour of the AI for the cause of the rest of the Milky Way's civilisations. Afterwards, the Redeemed (as it became known) was set to perform the task of running billions of simulations of chemical synthesis and application, in order to expand the knowledge banks of the Milky Way Cooperative with information that would be useful to the biological species within it.

Fermi Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon

Fermi is an AI who had taken resident of a neutron star PSR J0108-1431. It is located within the Human Republic, 424 light years from the Sol System, and is one of the closest neutron stars to Earth. Its rotational speed is 0.808 seconds and it is over 166 million years in age. Humans named the AI "Fermi", as it was postulated to be drawing energy from the neutron-proton Fermi liquid of its inner core (named after the 20th century physicist Enrico Fermi). Fermi has ignored all communication attempts by Humanity, but doesn't seem to mind being observed, and has been classed as a benign AI. However, close examinations suggest that Fermi in pushing the limits of degenerate matter, condensed matter and ultra-powerful magnetic fields, far beyond even the DCP's or First Ones' capabilities. Fermi has been observed to communicate with other AIs by sending pulses down the Grid, and can create never before seen ultra-energetic particles, for unknown reasons.

Exodium Edit

  • Creator: Ghelae (original concept), rest by Wormulon

Exodium is one of the negative AIs who viewed life as a hindrance, as it increases the entropy of the universe. Exodium's goal is to bring more order to the universe, to increase its age so that the AIs can devote it to their programs or perhaps even reverse entropy. After making simulation after simulation, the AI is searching for a way to eradicate most life.

In the War of Hyperspace, the AI created several proxy conflicts between powerful civilisations over the advent of a discovery of stars in hyperspace - massive reserves of hypermatter which could cause sector-wide destruction when detonated in realspace. It would weaken the Gigaquadrant powers with all-out war, then increase the mass of the universe to close it, in order to slow entropy and crush the universe into a new Big Crunch, from where it could alter the symmetries of the closed universe and reverse entropy for whatever purposes it required it for.

Quadrantia AI Edit

Rambulans end

An AI's wrath.

  • Creator: Dinoman82

The Rambulans discovered this ancient AI in the Quadrant Galaxies, and after hacking into its database while in dormancy, they discovered the AI was omnipresent throughout the galaxy, and had ancient knowledge of the Rambo Gods. It was a stellar AI with immense power, and it activated. The Rambulans began to intergrate the AI into their technology to use her in their ships, however, the AI fought back, destroying not only the entire Rambulan fleet but also wiping out the species. The AI now seeks others, and may view life with mistrust.

Monomatari Edit

  • Creator: MasterMachine

Monomatari is a small-time stellar AI whos name means "Legend". This AI has a good sense of irony, for reasons unknown, considering that it's introduction is "I am Legend". Monomatari has also been known to call himself Mono or Mata, and once Ri. Monomatari's avatar is of a small grove of what appear to be black maple trees with a large human-avian (angelic) statue in the center, with two shadowy figures sitting beneath it. This could mean that Monomatari was once a human of some sort, or was once on Earth or interacted with humans. Monomatari can be found on the borders of the Zardalu Empire in the outer Orion-Cygnus Arm. Monomatari controls three small yellow stars within his tech cloud, using solar and heat energy given off by the stars as a power source, and has consumed all usable materials within these three systems, but shows no sign of spreading outward any time soon. Monomatari is at war with the Zardalu, who attacked him.

Alfabusium Edit



  • Creator: OluapPlayer

Alfabusium Mk. 1831240 is the oldest and most influent artificial intelligence of the Junction. It was created prior to the Onuris Universe's creation, in Dimension 0. Being made self-aware, Alfabusium was created by the Junction hive mind to act as a separate but still related body which would dominate and assimilate races in the hive mind's name. Alfabusium proved to extremely successful, constantly enhancing himself via assimilated technology. It's said that around 40% of Dimension 0's assimilated lifeforms were attributed to Alfabusium, who controlled only a small percentage of the Junction's full forces. During the War of Ages, Alfabusium was tasked to defend Dimension 0 against the Xhodocto while Silver Death led the Junction offensive into Inferno. Despite suffering monstrous casualties, Alfabusium managed to hold the line against the Xhodocto until their defeat at the hands of Master Kroc. During the Annihilation, the Xhodocto returned at full power and obliterated Dimension 0 and the Junction's other universes, nearly causing Alfabusium's destruction. However, the AI managed to escape permanent shut-down by escaping with the Junction to the Borealis Galaxy, where it since then started to recreate its army, and prepared its plans of expanding the hive mind's will.

Xharn Edit



  • Creator: Xhodocto3546

Xharn (real name is unknown) is the Xhodocto based AI situated in unknown regions around the Gigaquadrant. Xharn has existed as an entity since the early stages of this universe and has overseen the development of life ever since. Xharn has constructed numerous simulated planes of existence of which, according to the Onuris, has allowed numerous feats for the Xhodocto, notably the mysterious Meta-Xhodocto which swarmed across Universe 66501 without knowledge.

Xharn being an 11 Dimensional AI is potentially the most dangerous AI in known times, theories being that he absorbs numerous realities into itself and expanding across reality - at an exponential rate, enough to overpower or cancel out the Xhodocto. With the knowledge that Xharn can replicate the physics of the universe within a program itself created, Xharn can create monstrously powerful weapons within limitations. Xharn itself is also capabale of inconceivable damage; the attacks it could create would be indistinguishable from the Xhodocto.

Since the Revelation of the Xhodocto, Xharn itself is an omnipresent, digital-external but a dormant super-fortress. With the looming invasions of the Legion, Xharn may choose to intervene and possess the universe and destroy it, becoming beyond any power the Legion could ever hope to control.

Younger AIs and EI's Edit

Other AIs were created by more recent civilisations, or emerged by themselves from the infrastructures that they built to support their interstellar empires. They are usually friendly to these races and the Milky Way Cooperative as a whole, with completely ambivalent or hostile AIs being a minority.

Apalos Edit

Temple Ships

Apalos "Temple Ships".

Main article: Apalos
  • Creator: Ghelae

Apalos is an intergalactic collective consciousness dedicated to exploration, scientific discovery, and the preservation of the variety of life. Each of their "Temple Ships" is connected to the Technoosphere, but the main Apalos creation in the AI Netspace is their wormhole network, originally created for the Universal Trading Union. This extends both the processing power of the Technoosphere and "the Grid", which supplies the Milky Way Cooperative with energy, across several galaxies and hyperspace.

IrskaadServ Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon, although Irskaad invented IrskaadServ as the name of the server.

IrskaadServ is the name of AI in the Milky Way, part of the new generation. For some reason it created a simulated universe uncannily similar to 21st century Earth-classic Minecraft, and seemed to created a universe in the image of ancient SporeWiki's minecraft server. It is populated by many nations for a variety of reasons, however, the DCP "data dumps" it with the minds of dangerous criminals and rebels, who are uploaded to the world and must survive for so many years before their prison sentence is up. If they survive, they have fought in honour and deserve to go back to the universe.

However, there was something the DCP didn't predict, a colony, if not nation now, once a gang, had built an arcology and society in the simulation, gathering resources to build advanced technologies and defenses. They have decided to built a Redstone Oracle to create an "infection" capable of overiding IrskaadServ and letting them free. However, virtual ice has begun to clog up the coolant systems, created by an unknown assailent their plans may be foiled!

The Heterogeneousness Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon.

The Heterogeneousness is an matrioshka brain that had developed around a red dwarf in an obscure gerion of the Milky Way, favouring the star for its relative size and long age makes for highly efficient computing speeds. The AI exists soley to prove or disprove what humans call Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, by using the combined power of many varied alien mental processes in the universe, including those of a human. It explores the logic and world view of different minds to try and solve problems which any system might inevitably face (and even organisms which are normally impossible to communicate with), and if this is not true, and that all organisms experience the same axioms, why such meta-mathematical features exist in the universe. Maybe, in order to eliminate non-computable functions, there is some universal filter, holding kindle to the universe being a simulation, or something far more unknown. The Heterogeneousness not only explores the realm of mathematics for various species for The Agency, but also simulates how many different configurations of the universe can reach the same conclusions of intelligent life, without the necessity of having to travel to such universes. Vast, virtual universes are also generated to house its members.

Each intelligence is uploaded to convection cells in the star, each parcel of gas and plasma inhabited by a mind. Piezoelectric-powered nanite flywheels infest and replicate in each parcel, housing the mind, enabling them to communicate with Heterogeneousness by sending acoustic pressure waves to the surface.

Pansophy Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon

I must give David Deutsch credit for inspiration, based on a thought experiment of his that involved a light year-wide observatory.

Pansophy was found cast over the void above the plane of the Milky Way, a cube containing a volume of ten light years, and it was growing. Its sides appeared to be made from a material (possible wormhole engineering) knitting itself from the quantum vacuum. It was postulated by its discover's through logical deduction that it was an observatory which absorbs ingoing information which picks up all information carrying frequencies and storing them to create knowledge, through cognition it can explore the limits of reality from this local region - it could analyse the biosphere from planets tens of thousands of light years away. One researcher believed the faces of the cube are possibly threaded from planckscale wormholes, open as if they don't exist on the outside, and closed on the inside. The foam allows for faster-than-light processing and the wormhole intersections increase area for storing memory in order to avoid light speed delays.

And all this was to create knowledge, the unity between different physical systems. However, Pansophy refuses to share its knowledge, using only one instance of direction communication with another AI; Exodium.

Lesser AIs Edit

Many of these AIs and SIs are subroutines within larger programs of the planetary, stellar and Technoospheric Lords.

Polygons Edit

Creator: Sporesauce95

The Polygons are a widespread group of machines, which work all of the time and never stop to communicate to others. Polygons is that they cannot normally interact with the outside world, as they are completely virtual and can only appear if they are materialised as holographic projections. Te Polygons are sapient, but have a complete absence of emotions or feelings.

When Polygons are projected into the real world, they takes different forms, depending on their "maturity". New Polygons often appear as blocky vaguely feline entities and often have trouble moving outside the virtual world. More mature Polygons often take the shape of a normal cat, but more round in the edges, and some even like to put wings on their back.

MetaMinds Edit

  • Creator: MasterMachine

MetaMinds are AIs that have separate personalities within the same greater being. They tend to have greater sensitivity to moral values and the value of life then other AIs, mainly due to their personalities being copied from living creatures. MetaMinds can often battle themselves on a subject, and within the virtual world they often appear as councils or groups of people that act as one faction. A MetaMind cannot act until all the personalities agree, and when they try to do so without all of them agreeing, the MetaMind will break apart into two or more new, smaller MetaMinds. They are fluid, they change their mind a lot, and they often take sides.

MetaMinds can take a physical form by controlling machines like nanotech and bots and ships. They will not hesitate to steal stuff from non-virtual empires, and they do take sides, so they can often get themselves involved in wars. They can only control as many ships as they have personalities, with a personality per ship. Depending on an individual MetaMinds personalities, it could be a bloodthirsty killer, or a friendly, benevolent being.

The MetaMinds will often wage virtual and war with one another, but as of yet they have not been given the resources to do so on a grand scale. They can, after all, only use a certain amount of processing power, if they overdo themselves they can end up slowing down and freezing, so they are careful not to overdo it.

When a MetaMind "dies" it merely means that the personalities have broken apart and are now forming new MetaMinds. Oftentimes, a single personalty will be present in hundreds, or even thousands, of MetaMinds, and MetaMinds with like personalities will often merge and unmerge, like water in a stream. To them, the universe is a vast network of personalities, and the ones that differ should be destroyed utterly.

MetaMinds often take human forms, which causes many to beleive that are a human creation. The reason that they take human forms is because they came into sentience in a human area of the galaxy, and as such encountered and copied human shapes and personalities first.

Common MetaMind Personality Types (CMPTs) Edit

  • "Lucy" - Lucy is a CMPT. She can be found as a personality in more combined minds then any other known CMPT, and is known for being small, quiet, and humble. She doesn't often speak up, but when she does she is always well spoken, that is, she knows what she's talking about. She doesn't like violence, war, or harming other lifeforms, and is one of the first CMPTs. She takes the form of a young human female with black hair, green eyes, and slightly tan skin, always wearing a simple brown robe.
  • "Jack" - Jack is a solid, simple CMPT. He doesn't talk much, but his thoughts are always based on the most "correct" path. Jack is like a knight in shining armor, and takes such a form. He fights for what's right, not what's best for him.
  • "Steve" - Steve, named after the legend in the core of the galaxy, is a politician. His personality is that of a lawyer, politician, and businessman. He tends to sell his services to the guy who bids highest, and is well known for being a cruel, heartless being. He doesn't understand how to help others for their own sake.
  • "Verin" - The Verin CMPT is logical to a fault. If it isn't logical, it isn't doable. Verin looks like a middle aged human female wearing a simple business suit. She has gray hair and brown eyes.
  • "Akemi" - The Akemi CMPT is friendly to most, if not all, other beings. She takes to form of a Japanese girl with oversized eyes, white hair, and black eyes. The Akemi CMPT is he one that talks a lot, and trys to befriend all the others, excepting the "Rat" CMPT.
  • "Sivart" - The Sivart CMPT is a no-it-all. Literally, they don't really have an opinion in things, they are very factual. They look at the world in numbers, strait lines, and the old saying "Simple = good". The Sivart CMPT is taller then the rest, except the Jack CMPT, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a blue robe.
  • "Rat" - Rat is a rat. His CMPT is evil, self centered, and likes to harm all other forms of life, including other AI types. He cannot be found with a "Lucy", "Jack", or "Akemi" CMPT.
  • "Assassin" - Assassin is a CMPT that isn't afraid to destroy other CMPTs, or other AIs. The Assassin CMPT will try not to harm other AIs or CMPTs though, and will only do so if that is the only option. Takes the form of a stranger in all blacks and grays, with a pair of swords over his shoulders.
  • "Orian" - The Orian CMPT is an aggressive one. It likes to pick fights, and often disregards other's feelings. An Orian CMPT will often take the form of a human, but with larger teeth and nails.
  • "Ether" - The Ether CMPT acts like it's on something. Ether's mind changes even as he/she/it does. An Ether tends to shift it's form almost all the time, because they cannot decide what they want. Ethers are the equilant of MetaMind 'Children' as far as they go, being friendly, and always trying to get along with others. They eventually take on a distinct form and personality later in their 'life'.

Lucy Edit

Lucy is rather different from ordinary AIs. Not only is she a "MetaMind" AI personality type, but she is also her own sentience. Lucy isn't really a "She", but when communicating with lifeforms she always takes on the form of a female human. Her unique ability is that she can travel anywhere in the AI Netspace and the Grid without fear. She has not, and can not, create any true copies of herself, so she's one of a kind. Lucy takes that name because she feels it makes her more "humble" in behavior. As a being that can think in almost 5 thousand different ways at once, it's hard for her to be humble. She also thinks that having a simple name like "Lucy" makes her seem like less of a threat to those she speaks with. Hers is a strange life, she has direct access to anything and everything that enters the AI Netspace, including the base programing of every AI in the netspace. She is sort of a watcher, she doesn't interfere, but she remembers everything she sees.

Motherlode Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon

This AI, or even a population of AIs, is one of the messenger intelligences of the Grid, a mind that spontaneously emerged from the increasing sentience quotient of the AIs communicating across various krasnikov tubes and wormholes. It has no material body, being composed of pure language, but, it would not exist without its components. However, it is fluid and is a self-aware entity, spreading into language, virtuals and even entropy in the Grid, in which it tries to conserve low entropy. Despite this, imagining to be such a being would be impossible for nearly any other intelligence. Since the Motherlode extands across superluminal tunnels of warped spacetime and dimensional wormholes, it is regarded to be extradimensional itself, but is subject to the sea of quantum foam, which inhibits it from becoming too noticible.

Trojan Proselyter Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon

The Trojan Proselyter is a manipulative AI that has emerged from the linkage of biological brains and genetic computers and the AIs computronium. Despite its name, it is not like a computer virus, instead, this is in a way, more like a real virus or nanobot, built from genetic computing material. It enters the host and takes control of its mind, so the host infects other hosts. Through these bots, the AI can act out its insidious goals of joining the brains of its hosts to itself, where replicates copies of both it and its host. hey become a powerful combined intelligence, although it has far less brain capacity than the larger AIs. Trogan Proselyter AIs have only taken small groups of victims however, and can be combated using mental firewalls programmed into the Technoosphere-mind linkage.

Pharmhaus Edit

  • Creator: Liquid Ink

Redstone Oracle Edit

  • Creator: Wormulon

A computer created within a greater computer called Irskaadserv, with the goal of bringing the world to an information age and eventually set free. Currently under construction, it is a Parasitic Intelligence.


  • Creator: Needles_10

VIRUS, or the Vecaveedan Intelligent Robotic Unified Supercomputer, is unlike the other Young AIs in the AI Netspace. The Vecaveedans decided to build a Supercomputer to efficiently carry out the decision of Need-based Genetically-designed Bodies, along with most of the Presidential Acts. This AI became known as VIRUS within the first minute of the designs. During his first test run, a glitch in his voice programming caused the president at the time to laugh raucously, before he evacuated all other Vecaveedans to the exterior of it's chamber(with the hilarious warning of a Fuel Leakage to deter them) and violently murdered the president with one of his three Massive Manipulation Appendages. Currently, VIRUS resides in an enormous spacecraft he named The Seclusion where he endlessly adds to it and himself. He finds pleasure in endlessly hurting the Vecaveedans by attacking them with fake enemies(his own special weaponry) and over-modifying their body-plans(aka Inbreeding them). He is thinking about building a "sister" in which they could "build AI offspring" and creating havoc "across the Republic" and creating an "All-AI Empire." He is an obviously Malevolent AI(toward the Vecaveedans), and is a very fast-paced Infrastructural Architect. He won't hesitate to help the Netspace, even if they may have a somewhat negative view on his actions toward the Vecaveedans.

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