The A'rein are a very young but clever people with a will to learn and understand the universe. They are a very recent addition to the Galaxy, only having reached interstellar space flight 10 Earth cycles ago.


The Origin[]

A people of intelligent vaguely humanoid, the A’ren’s origins start on their home planet they call “Aier Taearn” a mostly humid & wet planet with areas of desert and plains. Their ancestors were semi-isolationist, social omnivores that overtime grew with intelligence until eventually they became smart enough to become more than simple hunter-gatherers. They became sentient with all the perks that come with intelligence.

The Shattering[]

They developed a primitive tribal society ruled by a group of elders called the A’arata which translates roughly to “The high parents”, who were rumored to be stranded or exiled aliens of an unknown race. For decades they ruled multiple tribes of the A’rein, but eventually the seeds of rebellion rose and the tribe shattered into six major factions they were:

A’Rai (Fire People) A’Vec (Shadow People) A’Ven (Metal People) A’Aiv (Light People) A’Lai (Plant People) A’Leic (Lightning People)

Each faction aligned themselves with one of their gods of elements. This divergence of the tribe would later be called the Shattering.

The Reemergence[]

After a long and bloody war with no true winners the factions spread out across the planet isolating themselves from one another for centuries. Each people developed willingly isolated from the each other until the fateful cycle 1874 AS (After Shattering) when true long range communication was independently invented.

This time is known as The Reemergence old feuds were reawakened and the six factions merged into 3 and a second bloody war ensued this time however the nuclear-powered nature of it nearly caused the extinction of the A’rein as their systems are especially vulnerable to radiation.

Eventually the A’Aiv and A’Lai prospered and won the war and finalizing a peace treaty that reunited the A’rein again under one banner, also banning inter-cultural violence, nuclear weaponry and allowing each people to follow their own culture and to have a form of semi-autonomy. Over many generations the cultures became less and less separate and started to let go of their separation.

They still divide their planet into faction separated districts if only to honor the traditions of their ancestors. In unity their already relatively advanced technology for the young age of their society skyrocketed they soon discovered space travel and only 30 years after the Reemergence they launched a colony program to colonize one of their moons.