This fiction was created purely for the purposes of a space battle campaign being run between Spriggs077 and several other users. As such, the page is very brief and only provides a basic outlook on the race, given that little to no actual background is required for this story.

(Insert Name Here)[]

Leading up to the (Fiction name), the Imperium has had a relatively short history, full of suffering. They use this past as a reason to fight on, to earn a better life for themselves than the one fate has given them.


After attaining sentience, the (name) developed a natural instinct to hoard material. At first, this expressed itself in their food stockpiles, which easily filled the storage rooms in the caves in which they lived. Before long, however, they realised that food was not the only thing worth hoarding. As other tribes developed, the (name) began to crave anything that anyone held dear. They came to believe that it was their right to have the best of everything, and for a while their natural combat abilities allowed them to raid others effectively, stealing resources for themselves.

Before long, other tribes began to gang up on the (name), uniting to protect themselves and launching a series of attacks. It was from this that the beginnings of the Ironclad and Line Breaker formations were created- when defending, a few large warriors would use bucklers to deflect attacks, while smaller warriors behind them would pelt the attackers with spears and throwing knives. When on the attack, those same large warriors would charge the enemy, smashing them aside with their bulk and allowing the more agile smaller warriors to get behind the lines and finish the enemy with swift, short-ranged attacks such as spear thrusts and knife throws.

Eventually, the (name) developed metalworking, and set about creating their first city. With civilisation came mechanised warfare, and the two founding formations were further cemented as their effectiveness was proven time and time again. They continued to raid their rival cities for advanced technology, more materials, and above all, land. However, during the final days of the conflict, they made a serious mistake- firing a number of unstable nuclear warheads. The devices exploded, neutralising their enemies as intended, but also poisoning the environment. As the nation's leading scientists developed space travel, the rest of the species watched their world turn into a radioactive dustbowl. Safe inside their cities, the civilians still cried out for their home to be restored, but the damage was too great. As such, the first Stellar Emperor declared that the space program's mission would be to find a new home world, one verdant and youthful enough to support the entire population.

When they found their new world, one of lush jungles and clear waters, they set about colonising it immediately. Using stolen tech to alter the atmosphere, they unintentionally set up a massive ecosystem collapse, reducing the planet's biodiversity to a quarter of what it was. Further outraged at the scientists' failures, the populace and Emperor alike ordered them to try again. Four more worlds were colonised and ravaged in this manner, but on the fifth world they finally thought they got it right. A stable ecosystem, in which the (name) could peacefully live, bountiful resources and plenty of available space. As they finally began to colonise their dream world, disaster happened. Another race native to the sector, jealous of the Stellar Imperium's power, launched an all-out assault to steal whatever they could from the (name). While they were fought off, orbital fire devastated the forests, and the seas were churned through with mud. Their paradise destroyed, the (name) swore vengeance, and set about to both destroy the race that had defiled their sanctuary, and to find the technology to repair their world. Only then would they, or the sector, find peace.

The Stellar Imperium[]


The Imperium is ruled over by a monarch, who holds the title of 'Stellar Imperator.' Currently, the Imperator is (name here), the (name) who lead the first expansions into space. Seeing the incompetence of the current ruler, he rallied a great deal of support in the military and civilian populace alike, and staged a successful, non-violent coup of the Imperial throne. He has since appointed many advisors, however he rarely listens to them, except when they agree with his ideas. His policy is entirely centred around the expansion of the Imperium to find the technology they require to repair their world. As such, most of the Imperial Treasury is spent on expanding the Stellar Navy, as well as promoting scientific research. He is very kind to his people, and unlike most of his race prefers peace to war. He is currently the (name)'s best chance of renouncing war altogether, except in the most dire circumstances.


The (name) have technology typical of minor empires, using nuclear or plasma reactors as their primary fuel source, however most colonies also run off of solar energy. In terms of weapons and defences, the (name) favour solid projectiles, which can travel further in space with undiminished force. Their armour is usually very thick, with armoured prows designed for ramming enemy ships to facilitate boarding actions. Other than this, their technology is rather unspectacular, but what they do have is very well employed.


As with most fleets, cruisers form the backbone of the Stellar Navy. Though multiple design variants exist, several common patterns see the most use:

  • Ironclad-Class Cruiser: Built with abnormally heavy armour, the Ironclad forms the defensive element of every squadron. In addition, powerful energy shields protect the prow and flanks of the ship, so that they can more effectively perform their duties as a line breaker. In terms of weaponry, their hitting power is limited by the energy demands of their large engines, but they still manage to mount two dozen heavy Gauss cannon, arranged into one dorsal, one prow, two port and two starboard batteries. These weapons can punch through enemy shielding, leaving them vulnerable to the weapons of the other ships.
  • Devastation-Class Cruiser: Constructed to form the fist behind the mail gauntlet, the Devastation class mounts nearly double the Gauss weaponry of the Ironclad, as well as two high-powered accelerated mass cannons. In battle, a Devastation class will follow a trio of Ironclads into the heart of the enemy, before firing off devastating broadsides from its flank batteries, while its main cannons engage enemy flagships and carriers.
  • Deliverance-Class Light Cruiser: An effective carrier, the Deliverance boasts several hangar bays, and is capable of maintaining four active squadrons of attack craft. However, this allocation of hull space means that the Deliverance can afford to carry only a few weapons, specifically six batteries of gauss cannon on either flank. In the largest of Line Breaker formations, known as the Line Crusher, five Ironclad cruisers make the breach, supported by two Devastations and a Deliverance. The Deliverance deploys its fighters and bombers to provide the best effect to its fellows, supporting the rest of the formation.