Fanatical Frenzy is the unique socializing tool of the Zealot archetype.



On use, the projectile flies quickly towards the ground, leaving a yellow trail behind. Upon impact, the cities on the planet convert to your empire and white lines with notes spewing out of them fly in all directions. At the point where the projectile was shot the lines form a spiral that continues until the weapon stops. As the lines of notes travel across the planet, above the converted cites appear extremely large holograms of your creature. After several seconds the hologram shrinks and disappears.


Fanatical Frenzy being used on a planet

Power can be used to take over a star system, leaving the cities intact saving you the cost to rebuild.

The use of this power on a planet breaks the Galactic Code and will cause negative relationships with nearby empires. When using this consequence ability all empires (except the Grox empire) within 10.5 pc of the location where the weapon was deployed will give the player a -100 relation penalty.

Ability Ingame Summary Effect
Fanatical Frenzy
"Converts alien owned systems to the one true way."
  • Transfers control of all cities on all planets in a solar system to you without destroying them. This leaves cities intact, saving you money rebuilding and allows you to have more than 3 colonies, if used on a home planet.
  • Gives you +14 with the Grox, and -100 with all empires within 10.5 parsecs.
  • Only conquers space stage empires cities, cannot be used on civilizations or tribes.
  • Deploying the weapon anywhere within the walls of a colony will apply the negative relation bonus, "using harmful tools".


Ability Ship Tools Tab Cost Damage Cooldown
Fanatical Frenzy Socialization No Cost None 30 minutes from use


  • It is recommended to use Fanatical Frenzy on homeworlds.
  • Using this at an alien's empire near Grox territory can both help you gain a base inside of the Grox Empire and gain respect with them.
  • You can use it on Grox planets, which adds the relation bonus by up to +50 for breaking the Galactic Code and is not considered "capturing" their systems.
    • Avoid deploying it anywhere inside a colony, as doing so is considered "Using harmful tools", causing either a huge setback or even war.
  • Although the time to recharge this ability can take more than half an hour, the recharge time can be shortened drastically without delay by saving and exiting the game after using this ability and resuming the game thereafter. Upon loading the game file, the ability should be fully recharged. This can be useful in taking over an enemy star-system quickly, especially one with several T-3 worlds, though empires within 10.5 parsecs away from you will be furious, so you would need to either take over their empires or make them friendly again by giving them money.
    • Another way to cool down quickly (if you don't mind cheating) is to use the cheat SetConsequenceTrait Space_Zealot, and the cooldown timer will automatically reset so then you may use Fanatical Frenzy again.
  • If used on a Grox colony that has multiple cities with maximized turret space and the planet is still T0, leaving the planet will cause all the extra cities and special turrets to be removed, leaving behind only 1 randomly selected city to be left standing, stripped of all its vital economic and defensive infrastructure. Therefore, it is best to terraform the planet to T3 before exiting the exosphere to avoid this collateral damage.


  • Fanatical Uprising is closely related to this weapon. They use the same animation when activated and their effects are exactly the same - convert the planet. Differences are that Fanatical Uprising has to be paid for and Fanatical Frenzy has to recharge.
  • When the cities are captured, notably large holograms appear over the city once a wave of notes flies over the city, and the hologram laughs until the ability ends completely.
  • It is possible to get this ability as another archetype with the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack if you obtain all 4 parts of the "Faithful Zealot" set.
  • Using Fanatical Frenzy to convert other planets is not considered "capturing", therefore, this ability cannot be used to obtain or advance the Conqueror badge. If this ability is deployed anywhere inside a colony, it will inflict the "Using harmful tools" relation penalty on the target empire.