Expanded Travel Radius is an official modification made by Maxis. It was made to fix a glitch in the core game, where some star systems controlled by The Grox Empire were too far away from reach. The mod can be downloaded here or in Patch 1.04.

The glitch Edit

Many players, having gotten most or all of the badges and achievements, turned their attention to possibly the greatest challenge the game presents: destroying The Grox Empire. However, a problem quickly presented itself; there are a few star systems that, because of the reduced maximum travel radius when approaching the Galactic Core, are too far away from any other star to be reached. This means that without a mod, the Grox cannot be completely defeated.

Maxis, under pressure from the community to fix the issue, has released a such a mod that will address the problem of unreachable star systems near the core. Player will have to manually place the mod into their data folders but this does allow players to reach every Grox system.

The player must download the Expanded Travel Radius if he/she wishes to defeat The Grox Empire and get the Badge Outta Heck.

Reply on Sporum from MaxisCactus Edit

Expanded Travel Radius Mod (Maxis Solution)

This mod increases the travel radius when in the galactic core zone to 10 parsecs (a travel radius of 9.8 parsecs is needed to reach all the stars in the galactic core area). This mod will work with your current saved games.

To use it, save it to your Spore Data folder. You’ll need to have updated to patch three in order to run this mod. If you patch your Spore game after using this mod, this file will be automatically deleted. To get the mod after patching, simply download it again.

This mod is available for both PC and Mac.

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