Eses Minnobah is the first planet you arrive at. Your creature's ship crashes here and you get help from Yeedo to get your ship fixed so you can rid the galaxy of the red medals. You collect only 1 blue fragment and 1 championship medal, indicating that the first medal is very weak whereas the others require 4 blue fragments. After defeating all the champions and breaking out of a giant worm-like creature while fighting the champions once again, you return to Eses Minnobah where Yeedo is supposed to destroy the medals. He instead combines them, making both him and the planet corrupt. The planet then fills with lava and explosive magma, destroying most of it. However, the planet seems to return to normal after the final boss battle without a trace of lava.

Items Edit

The following collectable items can be found on Eses Minnobah;

First blue fragment

First championship medal

First battery

Neo-teeny (body part)

Fleurbine (body part)

Bugs Edit

During the final boss battle, it is possible to actually get thrown into the lava by Yeedo's stomps. It slows your creature down, but seems to stop Yeedo from jumping. There's no way to get out of the lava if this happens.

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