Tips and Tricks[]

  • When starting, immediately put all tribe members on food. Have your Chieftain domesticate some animals (Unless you had a full pack)
  • Have a lot of practice.
  • Attack or befriend as soon as possible. (When attacking, don't let rival tribes prosper!)
  • Later, have 2 or more gatherers so food is plentiful for gifts, babies, and if necessary, defense.
  • Try to adapt your creatures from the creature stage (wings would be nice) so they can get to places faster.
  • Try to enter the tribal stage with maximum posse members of a species other than your own, these will become domesticated.
  • Once you have a decent amount of food, take your whole tribe with you when visiting or raiding other tribes, even if they don't have instruments or weapons. It could be a 12 vs 10 if you don't.
  • Every single tribe member in a band or raid helps, even if only a little bit.
  • Remember you can also get achievements on easy mode.
  • Being an adaptable creature helps as you will be balanced in both combat and social.
  • Try to ally other tribes rather than destroy because when destroying other tribes, you must destroy the tribe's hut which may take a while.