Tips and Tricks[]


  • The easiest, fastest, least skill-required way to kill a flightless Epic Creature and earn this Achievement is to be an Omnivore/Herbivore with high (L.4+) Spit and Jump (A high level of jump is not required. Even the steepest hills can be climbed with only level 1 jump and wings, although a high jump makes things a lot easier and is recommended.). Spit to lure the Epic toward a rugged hill or mountain. Jump (or Glide) to a flat ridge on the hill with a fruit-bearing plant. The ridge should be taller than the Epic, and should have a close-to-vertical drop below. Once on the ridge, continue to Spit at the Epic, replenishing your Hunger Meter with fruit whenever needed. The Epic is unable to climb the hill, but will continue to struggle to do so as long as it remains on-screen. Do not turn your back to the Epic through this process, as it may get over due to a glitch or run away. The process takes around ten minutes.
  • An easy way to kill a epic is to lure it to your nest, as all of the creatures in your nest will attack it. But this method is dubious as another creature could easily kill it.
  • Having Level 5 Spit and firing at the epic creature while walking backwards in a circle works extremely well as long as you stay out of striking range. Fighting the creature near your home base helps as your creatures will attack it also, helping speed up the process. Make sure to NOT get hit as it is a 1-hit kill if you have less than 100 health, or if it stomps on you, resulting in a respawn and the creature regains all its health, too (after the first patch). It is recommended that you are an omnivore or herbivore, as the fight can take at least 5 minutes, possibly 10, but long enough to drain your hunger and grabbing a quick fruit is the safest way to replenish your hunger and keep an eye on the creature. Note that if you lure the Epic to your nest, or fight it near an allied nest, and it begins attacking your creatures (with the exception of the one being controlled by the player), the healing effect of nest proximity protects them from dying from epic strikes, which act as damage over time.

A dead epic.

  • Another way to accomplish this is to have wings and poison spitting, as well as several good melee attacks including charge. Make sure you have no pack members or you will not successfully pull the epic to the nest. Spit at the epic and fly away, heading straight to your nest. Repeat until it gets all the way there. Fly in circles above its reach, spitting at it mid air, and kiting it around so it can't actually attack (it should be moving at all times). Keep at it until your nest mates join in and attack. It should not know who to attack and just sort of stand around with an occasional attack. Then you can fly away, land, charge, melee, and escape. Repeat as many times as necessary. If at any time you get hungry, or low on health, just let the epic kill you. It's a good idea to only do this when you know there will be no migration, such as at the end of the creature phase. When you die, press escape rapidly to skip the intro animation, and return to the fight, fully healed and with a full belly.
  • (It is best not to try this method if you are a carnivore.) Another shortcut that might take some patience is to lure the epic into the thickest brush you can find; the objective is to get the epic stuck. It might not work the first few times you try but keep on trying. Once it is stuck get a fair distance from it, near fruit would be ideal, and keep spitting at the epic until it is dead. It's boring and a bit draining but it's well worth it to see it fall lifeless with a BOOM! Also if there are additional epics in the area be sure to keep a look out for them. Another tip that could really save you if a mistake is made is when you are at a point when you get it stuck and its health is way down save the game that way if you make a mistake you can just click exit to main menu and don't save then you can just go back to the planet and keep on going.
    Dead epic.jpg
  • One more way is to lure 2 epics together and either kill the weaker one or kill the weakened winner after the other dies. Be sure to lure them face to face, otherwise they will ignore each other and keep chasing you, giving you two epics to deal with. it usually leaves the winning epic with 100-300 health, and so it should be easy to kill it. another. on the right, an epic has only 73 health after winning against the other epic

    Killing an epic using the methods mentioned on this page, but with a carnivore. Note that the Epic had already lost over half of its health, and the creature is still starving.

  • There is a trick that will let carnivores kill the epic just as easy as herbivores do. You should get the epic stuck near any nest of weak enemies. They should be aggressive to you. Then you can just Spit the epic, while the smaller creatures will be running to you, recognizing the epic, running away, stopping, and repeating. This will solve the hunger problem for carnivores. The most tricky thing is finding an appropriate nest with a heavy jungle.


  • Make sure that you don't die if you are not in or very near the nest. If the Epic is not within viewing range when the game resets, the Epic will also reset (with full health!), and you will have to do it all over again.
  • Having a high jump (at least 3) and a high strike (at least 4) will give you a good advantage, as you can jump in the air and strike at the epic, which makes the epic unable to stomp on you or strike you.
  • It helps to have been an omnivore in Cell Stage, as the ability it yields in Creature Stage (Summon Flock) can help you defeat the epic even quicker.
  • Bring the epic near your nest so your nestmates can help.
  • Fight between the legs (if it has any); the epic can't get you there.
  • If possible, add three Rogues to your pack, as they have 250 health. However, this is not a sure-fire way to win, and you should also do everything else on the list.
  • Don't let the epic out of your sight unless it's being attacked by other creatures. If you take your eyes off it for more than 10 seconds, it could disappear to somewhere else. Even if you find exactly the same epic without resetting, it will respawn with full health.
  • If you're using the 'walk and spit' method, make sure your creature is fast, otherwise the epic will catch up before you can escape (Unless you're attacking a slow epic).
  • Do not choose an epic with spit, ones that don't are much easier to kill.
  • If you encounter an Epic and you have a spit part, this is what you do: 1, Spit at the Epic and lead it towards your nest(Make sure you have many creatures at your nest. 2, the creatures at the nest will most likely to attack the Epic, when they are attacking the Epic will try to attack you but it will be trapped. 3, keep spitting at it until it dies, then you will have the achievement.
  • You could also get 3 rogues and lead the epic to a powerful ally or enemy, and don't forget about spit. This technique triples the speed of all the above (but note that the enemy might attack you if they don't see the epic).


  • If you ally with a species and encounter an epic of the same species for the first time after you ally, it could also be allied with you, but you can't add it to a pack.
  • Sometimes standing on your nest may not work and you may be killed.
  • A glitched way to kill an epic: First, lure the epic to your nest. Two, stealth when one of your nestmates attack it. If this works successfully the epic will be stuck in a roar loop (it won't attack but will constantly keep roaring at the nestmate attacking it). Grab fruit if you need it. Wait for it to get to 10-30 health, then charge it/ spit it and finish it off. You will get the achievement. Prefer to be omnivore or herbivore.
  • Only occaisionally (and if you are daring enough) can you use strike and/or bite (preferably level 5) on an epic. 1. use charge and jump ( level 4+) 2. once you are "standing" on the enemy, have at 'em. 3. Continue to use spit and charge. Prefer to be omnivore.