An entertainment building within a colony.

Enternainment iconEntertainment buildings are the cheapest buildings available, and increases happiness when it is placed in your city. When linked to houses, their happiness effect doubles. Likewise, when placed near factories, it will be canceled out, also creating unhappiness. When you place them down, you can hear your citizens cheering with joy.

Happiness is important if you're trying to make money. The happier a city is, the more likely it will be to celebrate, largely increasing funds. Also, if your city becomes too unhappy it may revolt and cut production in half. You can tell if a city is revolting because the amount of sporebucks it is producing will be in red instead of blue.

In addition, unhappy cities are much more vulnerable to religious attack than happy cities. Essentially, entertainment buildings serve as a city's defense against religious attack, like a turret's defense against military attack.

Special parts Edit

Each type of building has parts that can only be put on that specific type of building. The following are the parts that can only be put on entertainment buildings.

  • Lights
    • Little Beam
    • Orbit Shiner
    • Spot Light
    • Fire Fly Beams
  • Plants
    • Daisy May
    • Viking Horn
    • Sagrada Uva
    • Anemone Planta
  • Signs
    • Cublious Sign
    • Mosko Sign
    • Lamski Sign
    • Ginog Sign
  • Stacks
    • Bubble Tops
    • Old Spewie
    • Confetti Blower
    • Little Puffer

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